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He had a quiver of arrows across his back, completed with a bow during the Hunter Exam, but he stopped using after replacing them with his newly developed NEN ability. Depicted as fairly skilled in his own right, Pole had a strong drive but was not exceptionally talented when compared to other characters.

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He also seemed to have a lot of pride and was disappointed that he became a Hunter only due to his opponent refusing to fight him. During the Fourth Phase of the Hunter Exam, On spots Pole stalking examinee #105 KYU in a field of grass.

At an undisclosed location, Hetero reveals that the final exam will be a one on one duel that's arranged in a pyramid chart. After the discussion Pole apologizes to Turnpike for his suspicions, claiming the end of the exam seemed anti-climactic and admitted that he was dissatisfied with his own “default” win.

He gives his home code to Turnpike, Leonid, and On before departing to become a successful Hunter of Fantastic Beasts after obtaining his license. During On and Killed's training in the Heavens Arena, Wing reveals that Pole learned NEN after the Hunter Exam.

During the Chimera Ant crisis, Pole leads a small expedition group consisting of Ponzi, Hecuba, and Bald in NFL. Pole and his colleagues happen to stumble upon a gun-wielding Ant murdering humans with his pistols.

After asking a lightly injured Ponzi how she is, he concludes that they do not stand a chance against the Chimera Ants by themselves. Ponzi attempts to contact the other five Hunter groups they had built a network with, to no avail, so Pole speculates that they have died.

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Therefore, he decides to retreat out of NFL and contact the Hunter Association about the problem at hand. At that moment Hecuba panics and gets ambushed by a tunneling Chimera Ant that chops off his head in a single swipe.

Pole in a fit of rage takes action and attacks the Chimera Ant with his Red Arrow NEN ability setting its head a flare. He then tells Ponzi and Bald to run, as a bald human faced-spider Chimera Ant named Pike approached the group while scaling a wall.

Pole becomes nervous at the fact that Pike caught his fastest arrow so easily. Pike then shoots out a web aimed at Pole who dodges it but hits Bald.

Pike regrets his actions Pole shoots 2 more arrows at the Chimera Ant, who easily catches both of them. Enraged Pole charges and throws enhanced punches at Pike and the moment he was about to shoot another arrow at point-blank range, he became paralyzed by being injected with a neurotoxin through Zazan's tail.

Thanks to an antidote serum hidden in his mouth, Pole regains his ability to move and manages to hide underneath a pile of leftover skulls from the Queen's food. Though he realizes that he must escape somehow as he is at his limits, Nefertiti appears, smelling Pole hiding in the pile of bones.

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After divulging the information, Pole is butchered and killed by Pig to be eaten by the Chimera Ant Queen. Paralyzing Poison: Pole is one of the five candidates who used chemicals during the Fourth Phase of the Hunter Exam.

Specifically, he soaked the tip of his arrows in a liquid that could paralyze the target for a week through a simple scratch. In the Hunter Exam, he proved to be an accomplished archer, which, together with his use of paralyzing arrows and skills in stealth, allowed him to defeat his target and pass the fourth phase.

He also managed to survive for a while after being captured by the Chimera Ants, hiding in a pile of bones, until he was eventually found by Nefertiti. Pole is resistant to poison to some degree, as he quickly recovered from Kazan's powerful neurotoxin enough to use the antidote hidden in his tooth, while her victims usually sleep for a month.

He seems to be an expert in paralyzing substances, weaponizing them and possessing an antidote capable of countering the effects of the poison of a Squadron Leader. Advanced Agility: Having passed the amended Second Phase of the Hunter Exam, Pole proved more nimble than many other applicants.

Advanced Stamina: Pole was able to run for more than 80 km on different terrains during the First Phase of the Hunter Exam. Proficient Archer: During the Hunter Exam, Pole employed a bow and arrows as his weapons of choice.

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Pole was an Emitter * and had the ability to separate the aura from his body and shoot it against the enemy. He was probably not a powerful Enhancement user since his punches failed to inflict any significant damage to Pike.

His NEN ability is called Rainbow ((), Seven Spectrum Array) . Taking aim using the pointer finger on his left hand, Pole can then emit the arrow by releasing his hold.

Pole's NEN Type: Emission×Type: Emission and Transmutation Red Arrow (()()()()()()()()()(), Aka no Yuri)Red Arrow s burst into flame on contact, causing Pole's target to catch fire. In this version, he is a substitute for Cherry in the scene where Turnpike and Leonid attempt to escape Asoka's rampage in the swamp.

In the Bonus Phase of the exam Pole was shown to be a knowledgeable mechanic by fixing the old battleship's steam turbine engine. In the 2011 anime adaptation: Pole's appearances are expanded during the Chimera Ant arc : he is first seen with Ponzi and his friends in a park discussing the attack of giant insects in NFL.

HunterxHunter In the same Hunter exam as On, Pole ends up passing. He pursues his dream of becoming a Wildlife Hunter, discovering new types of animals and plants. In the Hunter exam Pole uses a bow and arrows tipped with a paralyzing poison.

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After discovering NEN, he creates a hats called Rainbow.” It can shoot 7 different arrows, every color of the rainbow.

Only his red and orange arrow have been seen: flame element and the highest speed, respectively. Rainbow Diamond (, Rein boo Died) is a card found in the Greed Island game.

Type: Designated Slot Card Name: Rainbow Diamond Number: #079 Rank: Award Effect: A diamond that shines in a rainbow of colors. How to Obtain: This card can be won as a prize for winning on a slot-machine in the gambling city of Doris.

This rare diamond reflects light in a multiple rainbow of colors. No.079 :: Rainbow DiamondDiamond sparkling in seven colors.

He attacked On and Killed but was defeated by them, with Ram mot eventually seeking revenge on the pair. Ram mot was a Chimera Ant mixed with the genes of a human, a rabbit, and a shrike.

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He appeared to look like a thick-thighed humanoid rabbit with feathers on his arms and large feet. Ram mot also had a thin mustache, long hair, a dark spot on his left eye, and wore a thong.

Despite his initial proposition to kill him slowly, when Killed started to cry during their fight, he enjoyed the scene so much that he could no longer wait and decided to deal the finishing blow. After nearly dying at the hands of On and Killed, he began to harbor a strong hatred towards them, wishing to kill them and then feed on them despite this going against his orders.

In fact, unlike most soldier Chimera Ants, Ram mot was very self-centered, obeying his superiors only because he was afraid of them. After his aura nodes were opened, he became extremely egotistical and planned to use his power to become the king, but the appearance of Nefertiti put an end to his short-lived ambition.

Following his leader's orders, he only feeds on horses and other animals found in the area, which he impales on branches. He beats back On and Killed, but hesitates before launching an offensive against Kite, sensing his power.

Paralyzed, Ram mot is unable to avoid On's Rock punch, which throws him into the air. Back in the nest, he writhes on the floor in pain, vomiting blood as he curses On and Killed.

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Contrary to Colt's desires, Ram mot swears he will kill and eat them, until he is intimidated into submission, which prompts him to remark that Cheetu's and Hagya's squads hunt down, kill and devour humans for fun. He calls his Squadron Leader a mindless drone for being one of the few who fully obeys the Queen's orders.

After a period of agonizing suffering, Ram mot becomes aware that the Hunters attacks have awakened a mysterious power in him. When Peggy resolves to learn more about his power to turn it into a weapon for the colony, Ram mot remains silent.

He accompanies Peggy to search for the rare brought back by Zazan's squad. When they cannot find him, Ram mot dismisses the possibility of his having escaped on account of the venom he was injected with.

He immediately lays down his dream, and enthusiastically follows the Royal Guard to figure out how to use his powers for the sake of the King. By probing Pole's brain, Nefertiti extracts secrets about NEN.

Nefertiti then summons all Squadron Leaders and Officers for a “conferment ceremony” where Ram mot punches them to open their aura nodes. Ram mot, alongside many other Chimera Ants, decides to leave the nest in NFL after the King mortally injures the Queen in uteri.

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Around the town of Nine, his aura is detected by Killed, who rushes to confront him to protect On while the latter is unable to use NEN. He recognizes him and promises to give him a quicker death if he tells him where On is, then resolves to simply bait him after killing him.

He begins to beat down Killed, whose full efforts are focused on resisting the influence of Illumi's needle. When Killed stands up with tears in his eyes, Ram mot becomes unable to contain his desire to kill him.

He produces some blades on his arm and rushes to sever his head, but Killed disappears from right in front of him. Killed offers to spare him if he tells the other Chimera Ants not to come close to them, which elicits Ram mot's wrath.

However, he is even stronger than a normal Chimera Ant soldier, since he gave Killed and On a fair fight. In particular, he briefly bested the two boys in strength and speed, and was shown to be durable enough to take two powerful NEN abilities and remain conscious.

Peggy speculated that he managed to survive thanks to his mental strength, which is fully manifested in the form of blinding anger. His power was close enough to Killed's, which tempted him to flee due to the influence of Ilium's needle.

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Ram mot also has a good eye to gauge the power of his opponents, as even before learning NEN he realized the gap between himself and Kite. Enhanced Strength: Ram mot can lift adult barn animals and impale them on trees.

One of his punches caused Killed's arms to shiver after the latter blocked the blow, indicating it was rather powerful. Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Ram mot's reactions are so fast that he can fight off two very quick individuals like On and Killed without trouble, also moving swiftly enough to cover the distance between himself and the two and strike On full in the face before the boy could defend himself.

Although he suffered critical internal damage, his body exhibited only minor injuries. He acquired a remarkable control over his aura in less time than On and Killed, who are considered prodigies, although this is a trait shared by most Chimera Ants.

Thanks to his natural NEN category, he developed a healing factor that allowed him to recover from wounds that were thought to be fatal. He swiftly achieved a working command of Ten and Men, and of Go shortly afterwards.

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