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The exposed LEDs on the key switches amp up brightness of the RGB backlighting which can be customized with the easy-to-use Hyper Ingenuity software to make your stream really stand out. The Alloy FPS RGB has a small footprint geared for space-constrained setups, so you’ll get room to maneuver without having to ramp up your mouse sensitivity.

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It also features a convenient USB charge port and a braided, detachable cable that is resistant to wear and allows for easy portability. The solid steel frame ensures that your keyboard feels stable and stationary while you’re frantically pounding the keys to reload, loot downed foes, or fast-swap weapons.

Durable Kiel Silver Speed key switches are rated for 70 million key presses and feature an ultra-light actuation force making it ideal for gamers looking to get every extra split-second of advantage over their rivals. Once you've got your keyboard ready to show-off, you can save up to 3 customizations to your onboard memory and take your own personal light show and macro settings on the road.

KeyswitchKailhTypeMechanicalBacklightRGB (16,777,216 colors)Light effects key RGB lighting{{Footnote. N41374}} and 5 brightness levels. On board memory3 profilesConnection type USB 2.0 (2 USB connectors)USB 2.0 Pass-throughYes (mobile phone charging only)Polling rate1000HzAnti-ghosting100% anti-ghostingKey RolloverN-key mode Media controlYesGame Modelers compatibility Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7 Switch:Kiel Silver SpeedOperation Style:Interoperating Force:40gActuation Point:1.1mmTotal Travel Distance:3.5mmLife Span (Keystrokes):Up to 70 million TypeDetachable, braidedLength1.8 m Width442.26mmDepth129.81mmHeight35.59mmWeight (Keyboard and cable) 1100g Here are some easy upgrades for your PC to meet the minimum requirements.

Hyper Aqua vs Cherry MX Brown switches: Which is for you? The similarities and differences between Hyper Aqua and Cherry MX Brown switches.

Take a look a guide and try out the Alloy Origins to make it happen! Click here to learn how to make your gaming set up as ergonomic as possible.

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Here are some easy upgrades for your PC to meet the minimum requirements. Here are some easy upgrades for your PC to meet the minimum requirements.

Here are some easy upgrades for your PC to meet the minimum requirements. What is Video Game Live Streaming Everything there is to know about video game live-streaming including its rise in popularity and how some gamers used it to become a profession.

Some units were shipped out with an error stating that this product is a Mechanical Keyboard. To clarify, the Hyper Alloy Core RGB is a Membrane Keyboard.

By Featuring HyperX’s signature radiant light bar and smooth, dynamic RGB lighting effects, the Hyper Alloy Core RGB™ is ideal for gamers looking to enhance their keyboard’s style and performance without breaking the bank. Crafted with a durable, reinforced plastic frame, the Alloy Core RGB was constructed for stability and reliability for gamers who want a keyboard that will last.

It’s spill resistant, tested to withstand 120ml of liquid, so beverage accidents won’t put an end to your game. The Alloy Core RGB is stylish, well-featured and durable, making it a great all-around multimedia keyboard for gamers.

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Signature light bar and dynamic RGB lighting effects Durable, solid frame Quiet, responsive keys with anti-ghosting functionality Spill resistant{{Footnote. N46575}} Dedicated media controls Quick-access buttons for brightness, lighting modes and Game Mode Keyboard Lock Mode. Signature light bar with smooth, stylish RGB effects Stunning radiance paired with six effect presets: Color Cycle, Spectrum Wave, Breathing, Solid, 5 Zones and Aurora.

United States Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Italy Netherlands Poland Spain Sweden United Kingdom Global Set button bindings, program and store macros, and customize lighting; Hyper INGENUITY gives you as much control as you want.

Powerful customization at your fingertips Easily set up lighting and effects. Advanced DPI Customization Tailor your mouse control to be exactly as precise as you need.

Hyper Cloud Stinger Core Wireless Gaming Headset + 7.1 Stunning RGB splendor with dynamic effects in a compact package.

Compact keyboard featuring custom Hyper mechanical switches. Tentacles keyboard featuring custom Hyper mechanical switches.

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Alloy FPS Pro is available with reliable, responsive CHERRY® MX Blue or Red{{Footnote. N40862}} key switches, and its tough solid steel frame ensures you’ll have a stable platform during the most important parts of your games. The ultra-minimal design and detachable cable make the keyboard supremely portable, but it’s still packed with features; Game Mode, 100% Anti-Ghosting, N-Key rollover, and Hyper red lighting and dynamic effects to accentuate your system’s style.

Ultra-minimalistic tentacles (TKL) design Solid steel frame CHERRY® MX mechanical key switches Portable design with detachable cable Game Mode, 100-percent Anti-Ghosting and N-key rollover functions Hyper red backlit keys with dynamic lighting effects Minimalistic compact design ideal for FPS gameplay{{Footnote. N41093}} Maximize your desktop real estate for rapid mouse movement.

Hyper red backlit keys with dynamic lighting effects Showcase your style with a keyboard that is lit both figuratively and literally. ©2021 Kingston Technology Corporation, 17600 New hope Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 USA.

Gamers now have two new switch options and textured red WAS keys for the tactile feel and performance needed for FPS gaming. The keyboard also offers dynamic red LED lighting profiles without the need for software.

Hyper has added Dolby Headphone™ technology into a new USB dongle that delivers immersive audio with the push of a button. Cloud Revolver S is designed for comfort and competitive performance with crisp sound and wide sound stage for CS:GO, FPS and 3D games.

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The Kingston Hyper Alloy RGB keyboard aims to offer the full mechanical package for a reasonable sum without sacrificing quality. While the Hyper Alloy RGB won’t be the first full-color keyboard with Cherry keys (that would be the Corsair Gaming K70), it will probably not cost as much as competing models.

Hyper tends to make streamlined, efficient gadgets that eschew fancy physical designs but deliver reliable quality. Provided the RGB features don’t add too much to the cost, the Alloy is already one of the better inexpensive mechanical keyboards out there; adding colored lighting could only improve it.

Barring any kind of disastrous software malfunctions, the Hyper Alloy RGB has the potential to bring full-color mechanical keyboards into a slightly cheaper price bracket. Solid steel frame provides durability and stability, CHERRY MX mechanical keys for reliability.

Customize your keyboard or individual keys with RGB lighting which is simply set up using the Hyper Ingenuity software. The solid steel frame helps ensure you'll have sturdy, stable controls in the midst of the most frantic action, while the Game Mode, N-Key Rollover, and anti-ghosting functions keep all your key presses on point.

The Alloy Elite RGB comes built to satisfy any user's needs with dedicated media buttons, a USB 2.0 pass-through, quick access buttons, and your choice from a variety of reliable CHERRY MX key switches×. Alloy Elite RGB also features a comfortable, detachable wrist rest, and optional Hyper textured, titanium-colored key caps designed to help you find the most important keys faster when every millisecond matters.

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