Ivan Zaytsev Best Moments

Maria Garcia
• Monday, 17 January, 2022
• 9 min read

IvanZaytsev (Russian: , born 2 October 1988) is an Italian volleyball player of Russian origin, a member of Italy men's national volleyball team and Italian club Modena Volley, a bronze medalist of the Olympic Games London 2012, silver medalist of the European Championship (2011, 2013), bronze medalist of the World League (2013, 2014), Italian Champion (2014) and silver medalist of the Olympic Games Rio 2016. Show preshow less Loading...

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I waited months praying for the ballet to come back, and when the theaters reopened I came running Kira said, taking the tickets out of her purse. We met her in the cloakroom of the Margins Theater, where she came to see The Bayadère, one of the favorites of the classical ballet repertoire and one of the cornerstones of this cultural institution in Saint Petersburg.

Russians have been deprived of their arts for five long months, this spring and last summer, as theaters have had to close due to the first wave of COVID-19. Obviously it’s risky, but our life is a big risk these days, said ballerina Renata Shakira with a smile.

The week we were at the Margins, in early December, at least eight dancers were in isolation and had to be replaced at the last minute. It’s hard to believe that she has just overcome the virus when we see her at the top of her form in what is one of the most beautiful scenes of the show.

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Renata Shakira, dancers From the top of his majestic golden balcony, the director of the Margins ballet company observes the third act of The Bayadère. With folded arms, Yuri Father moves his head to the rhythm of the music.

When I ask him, once the curtain falls, what the pandemic has changed for ballet, he responds without hesitation that his dancers are more dedicated. They know that their situation is unique, that theaters are closing all over the world and that only in Russia are they still performing.

It is the same passion that animates the maestro Christian Knapp, an American who since 2011 has directed the greatest operas of the Margins. He respects and understands the decision of theaters around the world that have canceled their seasons, although he admits that there is no ideal solution to an unprecedented epidemic.

Christian Knapp has also had to give up sacred repertoire pieces that require too many instruments, such as Richard Strauss’s grand opera. And if you look at the orchestra today, for an opera by Verdi, you see that there is only one musician per section, explains Christian Knapp.

But he considers it a very small price to pay for having the luxury of playing in the midst of a pandemic, while his colleagues in New York, Rome or London have been performing on the Internet for months. Theaters continued to entertain the people even during the siege of Leningrad in 1943.

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He is the artistic director of the Mikhailovsky Theater, another St. Petersburg institution that survived a revolution and two world wars. He told us that if it weren’t for the pressure exerted on President Vladimir Putin by big names in the arts, the theaters would probably still be closed.

The famous conductor and musical director Alexander Vedernikov died of it on October 30, at the age of 51. However, getting back on stage is a consolation and a source of comfort, explains lead dancer IvanZaytsev.

I think it’s fate that drives us to come back on stage, it’s what we do best, give ourselves to the audience and sow joy. Our team was invited backstage hours before The Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky, where he rehearsed with his partner.

He says the months he spent in isolation last summer were a nightmare, both for his body and for his morale. It’s an antidote to the general depression Lila said during intermission, holding her six-year-old’s hand.

It is a tradition to come and see a ballet with her daughter and even more important, according to her, to continue her in these uncertain times to encourage artists. Because the more the pandemic progresses, the more the threat of containment hangs over the theaters of Saint Petersburg, which had to reduce the number of tickets sold to 25%, at the request of the city authorities.

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It is a shock for me to see a theater as prestigious as ours half empty, when all the shows are normally full. Cayuse came back to Series A1 and joined Sir Safety Conan Persia, the overall dominating Team of the 2017/2018 season in Italy.

Despite failing to reach Champions League final, after losing to Zenith Kazan again, the team managed to take the bronze medal. Zaytzsev moves the following season to Modena Volley as Persia announced that Wilfredo Leon would join the team, taking his spot.

Cayuse was the main scorer and team leader during World League 2014 and Italy achieved bronze medal. In the World League, he and his teammates won two consecutive bronze in the 2013 and 2014 editions, the latter played in Italy in Florence.

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