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ZULU ZOMBIE 8 Results; ZELMA ZOMBIE 10 Results; ZELMA ZOMBIE 9 Results; 7min read1,713 views and 20 sharesPosted July 2, 2020Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

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44 South White Oak Street Caitlin M. Singer to Micheal L. and Aiken P. Keck for $105,000. 309 Chestnut Hill Road Lot 2 Paul Bauer, Samantha Grubs to Jon B. and Lori A. Morley for $319,900.

597 Blueberry Lane Lot 3 Sharon L. Firestone Estate, Margaret A. Inner to Diane L. Martin for $146,000. 518 Light Avenue Robyn, Keith H., and Robin Volker, Anne Irisher to Street Properties LLC for $21,250.

304 East Maple Street Lot 29 U.S. Bank National Association, Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Moustafa and Shaman S. A. Man sour for $130,000. 15 Walnut Mill Lane Lot 54 Promise Land to Patrick J. Elliott, Sabrina L. Ray for $118,900.

237 East Chestnut Street Rachel M. Last, Jose V. Cellos to Joshua D. Gates for $186,000. 15 Bullfrog Road John M. and Chris Graybeard to Jonathan C. and Elizabeth L. Yeager for $215,000.

SS Blacks Bridge Road Thomas J. Carney to Anthony R. Alvarez for $37,000. 128 Fawn Hollow Road Justin D. Markov to Jason B. and Laurie A. Suavely for $675,500.

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54 East Rosebud Road Joyce A. Stauffer to Isaac and Geneva M. Martin for $200,000. 7 North gate Avenue Lot 20 Raymond W. and Patricia W. Spoon to Matthew and Melissa Schmidt, Jessica N. Stagecraft for $197,000.

503 West Main Avenue Carl M. and Mae G. Zimmerman to Angel J. and Jennifer Rodriguez for $155,000. 10 Grey stone Crossing Lot 79 Narrows Glen Inc. to Jessica Ames, Trevor Jose for $278,800.

1325 Grader Street Marie Buehler Estate, Kim L. Shay to Jason R. and Hillary J. Leeds Sr., Nora S. Fraser for $173,000. 2128 Acorn Court Lot 44 Bandit Singh, Ballet AUR to Roselyn Beaten for $140,000.

628 Pond side Lane Lot 188 Matthew D. and Amy S. Store to Lori A. and Douglas L. Corcoran for $258,000. 68 Creekside Drive Lot 100 Narrows Glen Inc. to Odette A. G. Ramos, Pedro O. R. Rodriguez for $287,226.

1597 Colonial Circle Lot 20 Jeffrey L. and Amanda L. Arnold to Kenyatta and Tatiana Young for $299,900. 1792 Ashton Drive Patricia A. and Herman W. Dunmore to Yokels P. Susana, Laid D. J.

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411 Orchid Circle Unit 147 Landmark Homes at Sweetbrier Inc. to John G. and Paula S. Patella for $74,400. 2 West ford Drive Lot 194 Susan and Vincenzo Lowell to Base and Sushi la Dhaka for $520,000.

105 Barrington Court Plot 128 Jacqueline M. Dandy to Lesley A. and Michael B. Rollins Jr. for $145,000. 818 West Elm Street Lot 37 Michael R. and Shannon M. Patterson to Range L. and Sumatra Hum again for $276,000.

15 Augusta Drive Lot 9 Edward C. and Michele Graph to Emil Mania, NEA Sin ha for $383,000. 48 Brunswick Lane Lot 76 Myra J. Hosteler Estate, Donna L. Bright bill to Herman W. and Patricia A. Dunmore for $163,000.

950 East Maple Street Lot 53 F Jason and Anastasia M. Stencil to Landon K. Muster, Kendra M. Shaffer for $140,000. 63 Bartlett Circle Lot 105 Matthew D. and Ashley R. Grams to Thomas M. Blaze, Christine M. Rhodes for $325,000.

131 College Street Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dale Albertville to Jeffrey Kennedy for $75,000. 328 Quit tie Park Drive Lot 76 Richard M. and Kaitlin L. Goldener to Stephen J. and Katrina A. Medici for $249,995.

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Lot 3 (UPI #29-2312580-363128-0000) German Builders at May apple LLC to Ten Chimera, Maya Katarina for $216,331. Lot 4 (UPI #29-2312559-363117-0000) German Builders at May apple LLC to Ten Chimera, Maya Katarina for $210,737.

811 South 1st Avenue Lot 15 Adam D. and Rachel M. Ulrich to Tori B. and Miles Kissinger for $199,900. 1626 Cambridge Drive Reading Road Corporation, German Builders at Lebanon LLC to Luis D. and Diana Hernandez for $617,518.

1630 Cambridge Drive Reading Road Corporation, German Builders at Lebanon LLC to James H. and Christine B. Everett for $383,129. 505 Adam Drive Seth M. and Carolyn M. Ravinder to Randy M. Ferret, Jessica A. Loiter for $194,900.

609 Spring brook Drive Unit 59 River Bend Limited Partnership, Mill field Construction Company to Jeffry W. and Mary J. 9 North Village Circle Unit 134 Quinn and Lindsay Gable to Strüth Kim for $204,500.

8001 Cole brook Road Bryon L. and Julia M. Beaver to Aaron and Amy Drips for $369,900. 349 Stone Harvest Way Lot 38 Winston L. and Elsie M. Casey to Amanda M. and Debra K. False for $1.

87 Harvest Hill Lane Unit 56 Christine M. Rhodes to Emily Scicchitano for $185,000. 19 Manor Circle Lot 34 Block C Nathan J. and Courtney C. Lehman to Troy D. and McKenzie K. Murphy for $300,000.

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