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They've got everything in common; the speed, the edge, the loyal-heart, and they're awesome friends. The Wonder bolts have been on tour since the events that occurred in Manhattan.

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That is until a certain headline comes out involving Soaring, and Rainbows starts to believe that giving her heart to the Won... RainbowDashX reader: I made this story for boys who like Rainbows ....

This story includes pony romance... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Rainbows, element of Loyalty, the fastest pony in Equestrian, and a reserve of the Wonder bolts.

As a surprise to this cyan Pegasus, her friends take Rainbows to Manhattan, to see one of the Wonder bolts’ biggest shows! Kill off the “failures” of Clouds dale for failing their final flying tests and create rainbows from them (Succeeded until the factory's closure). Apologize to her friends and come to terms with what she's done (Unknown).

“ ~ Quote from Rainbows. RainbowDash is the main antagonist of the infamous My Little Pony “grim dark” story Rainbow Factory” and the sequel “Pegasus Device”. But everything changed when her younger adoptive sister, Scrotal, failed her flying assessment which attracted Dash's attention while in the factory.

The Rainbow Factory is said to be a part of Clouds dale's darker history that is kept hidden from most in Equestrian but, once chosen, a “failure” is destined to die while having no means of escape. For much of the story there is no mention of Rainbows herself, but she is revealed near the end as the authority behind the Factory and in contrast to her heroic nature in the show she is seen as a sadistic, genocidal Social Darwinist who wants nothing more than to continue the Factory's bloody “cleansing” of Clouds dale, seeing the mass-murder of “failures” as a part of keeping order and ensuring things stay as they should.

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In the sequel, Rainbows is struggling to maintain the Factory's order and has begun to lash out at her employees, although at times she seems to feel genuine remorse for her actions. Atmosphere kicks her firmly with her hind legs, knocking her out cold, however, she isn't dead, as Hide states that he would “catch hell for it later”.

Rainbows returns again in the same room, prancing around, as her technology had been destroyed, knowing full well that she would have to reveal her secrets. Rainbows appears identical to her regular counterpart, she's usually depicted as a wearing black uniform, her rainbow mane has also turned slightly gray over the years.

In the original story, Rainbows is seen as nothing but a merciless, genocidal, psychopathic sadist who seems only focused on what is “best” for the factory and Clouds dale. In the sequel, she shows more signs of delusions and egoism and is rather impatient, although she is more remorseful of her crimes, especially when she snaps out of her villainy after witnessing Scrotal killing herself.

It is unknown if she was executed, imprisoned, or simply had to face what she did and confront her friends about her crimes, as Princess Celestial has not yet decided the fate of the factory's workers. The story consists of Rainbow Dash having nightmares about Pinkie Pie becoming like her Creepy pasta form Lineament leading to the events within her dreams starting out in reality exactly like the beginning before the story ends with Rainbow Dash murdering Pinkie Pie and finally turning insane, believing the nightmares were indeed bound to come true.

In the second episode, they are shown to both represent Elements of Harmony, Applejack being honesty and Rainbows being loyalty. They are judged by fellow friends Twilight Sparkle and Flutter shy, and as the competition continues on, more and more ponies show up to watch.

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At the end of the episode, they run back through the woods together to take care of the leaves that got left behind. In episode 21 of season 1 , Applejack is delivering an apple tree named Bloomberg to Appaloosa, a town to the west where her cousin, Brae burn, lives.

She and Pinkie Pie later decide to go after the buffalo to rescue Spike and Bloomberg, and they learn that because of the trees in Appaloosa, they're unable to travel to their traditional stampeding grounds. Rainbows is sympathetic, and she, Pinkie Pie and Spike return to the town to tell the other ponies about the situation.

When she went to Manhattan to live with her aunt and uncle, she missed life on the farm, and one day she saw a gigantic rainbow leading back to Montville, and realized that's where she belonged. In episode 15 of season 2 , Applejack's family is making their famous cider, which Rainbows is extremely excited to try.

Everyone is enthralled and excited to get more cider, but Applejack's family is upset that the Film Flag brothers are stealing their business. As Applejack's family begins to slow down, Rainbows and the rest of the Mane Six help out, and even though they made less cider, theirs was better, and they got to keep the farm.

Applejacks say she likely has a loving, loyal relationship, while RainbowDash's says she'll have a good honest life, referencing the opposites Element of Harmony. They have similar interests, personalities, and traits which lead to them being very good friends and thus, popular ship candidates.

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Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe live-streamed a conference call by CNN’s Jeff Tucker, in which O’Keefe dialed in and then announced his presence on live video. It’s been viewed more than 1.6 million times on Twitter, since Project Veritas shared it on December 1.

“… We’ve compromised the dial in.” He then told Tucker he believes people should be an informed populace. He claims in the video to have calls featuring CNN leaders, including Tucker, Vice President David Chadian, Stephanie Becker, and Marcus Mary.

Getty Conservative undercover journalist James O’Keefe (L) is photographed by Project Veritas Action Senior Communications Strategist Stephen Gordon during a news conference at the National Press Club September 1, 2015, in Washington, D.C. According to Source Watch, Project Veritas is run by O’Keefe, who the site describes as “a right-wing provocateur known for a series of deceptive videos attacking targets like Planned Parenthood and ACORN, a community organizing group.” He’s known for his controversial undercover stings, some focusing on the mainstream media.

“ Jeff Tucker was named Chairman, WarnerMedia News and Sports in March 2019. “Prior to coming to CNN, Tucker spent more than two decades at NBC Universal, where he rose through the ranks to become the company’s president and CEO from 2007 to 2011.

Kind Couple This article covers the romantic pairing between Limestone Pie and Rainbows. The two quickly become friends, both confining in each other their dreams (Flutter shy to go to the ground below and Rainbows to join the Wonder bolts), and the fact that they're both outcasts in Flight School.

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Eventually, summer comes to an end and the two are forced to go their separate ways, but promise to meet again. Book-Ends : At the beginning of the 'Wonder bolt Letter” arc, Flutter shy has a nightmare that Rainbow Dash has joined the Wonder bolts but doesn't remember her anymore.

At the conclusion, she has a dream where she encounters Rainbow Dash who recognizes her and invites her to join her teammates for dinner. Erotic Dream : At the beginning of “How We Planned”, Flutter shy had one where she found Rainbow Dash in her bed who passionately kissed.

It ended up becoming a Crashing Dream when it turned out she was kissing Angel Bunny in reality. Immediate Sequel : Many of the chapters occur after actual episodes: “How We Hurt” followed “Sonic Rain boom”.

Noodle Incident : Apparently, the last time Pinkie Pie 'helped' Rarity at Carousel Boutique, it resulted in Rarity chasing her through Montville with a pair of scissors in her mouth and a mad look in her eyes. Shipper on Deck : Pinkie Pie and Rarity fulfill this trope after Flutter shy reveals to them how she feels about Rainbow Dash.

Turns out she's Properly Paranoid when they hear that Flutter shy ran away to the Ever free Forest. They Do : The story ends with Flutter shy and Rainbow Dash entering a Relationship Upgrade.

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Vomit Discretion Shot : When Flutter shy accidentally eats mushrooms and hurls on a poor waiter, the only words we see are BBBLAAAAH!! This is Rainbow Dash's reaction when she finds out that Flutter shy sabotaged her chances of joining the Wonder bolts early.

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