Jelly Wobbles

Daniel Brown
• Monday, 17 January, 2022
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Today we were at the Angel Kindergarten on the edge of the Kiera Slum. Here Tilly & Michelle are teaching 'Friends with Jesus' to the kids for the first time.

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Gelatin is processed from the protein collagen found in skin and bones, so we wouldn’t advise eating jelly if you’re a vegetarian. As they are mixed with hot water their bonds break, unraveling and becoming long stretchy wiggly lines.

Has chef Raymond Blanc bitten off more than he can chew with five-year-old Gracie's jelly -based puzzler? When you get the gelling agent, it's solid, but when you add hot water, it melts and the molecules become like long strings.

When gelatin molecules are warmed in water they are the shape of long wriggling worms, but when the solution is cooled some of these individual molecules become intertwined with another to form bits of triple helix, and the net result is to form a still bigger molecule, which also becomes branched like a tree. Eventually, as this process continues, the result is that some of these new 'super molecules' are so big that they span from one side of the jelly to the other and form a three-dimensional 'net' stretched across the material.

Actually the mechanical behavior of jellies is not so different from that of a car tire, which is also made up of gigantic 'cross-linked' rubber molecules, but luckily the links for these are more permanent, otherwise driving in hot weather would be hazardous. The problem is familiar to the engineer who designs large buildings to resist earthquakes.

This is the condition of resonance: the ball and rubber band are acting as an amplifier of the hand's motion. The jelly acts similarly, magnifying the tiny motions of the table as it shakes under the movements of the people sitting round it.

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Try putting the dish on a thick cloth laid on a concrete floor. The jelly becomes static (unless you live near a busy road or railway).

A new mechanical model explains why the pupil wobbles for a while after the eye completes a scanning motion known as a arcade. A new mechanical model explains why the pupil wobbles for a while after the eye completes a scanning motion known as a arcade.

When we read, our eyes don’t scan a page smoothly but perform a series of jumps, darting from one section of text to another. These arcades are essential for perception, as only a small part of the retina is sensitive to color and details.

As a consequence of these variations, says vision expert Ralf Ebert of the University of Potsdam in Germany, “there is currently no broadly accepted standard for defining acidic eye movement and, consequently, no generally accepted procedure for detecting arcades.” The problem is further complicated by postsaccadic oscillations (SOS), tiny wobbles of the pupil, lasting a few tens of milliseconds, that occur after a arcade.

(Of course, the pupil is empty space, so it doesn’t actually push on the tissue; its motion is a result of the iris’s inertia.) Since SOS can last a substantial fraction of the fixation time, which varies from about 180 to 330 milliseconds (ms), they can interfere with the definition and detection of arcades.

jelly mould winchester auctioneer wobbles its way
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Researchers have generally taken them to be a consequence of the eyes’ mechanical properties, rather than a neurologically caused motion, but they have not proposed a quantitative model that reproduces the phenomenon. Biophysicist Sebastián Boat of the Brioche Atomic Center in Argentina and his colleagues have now developed a model that replicates and quantitatively defines SOS, making it possible to distinguish them from arcades.

Ebert calls the model an important step toward understanding how acidic behavior varies among individuals. The difference in average fixation time for disparate cognitive tasks, like reading or searching a scene, can be as little as 5 ms, he says, so even a small amount of uncertainty in defining the start and finish of arcades can make a critical difference in measuring them accurately.

Biological Physics November 5, 2020Researchers find the conditions for when a cell membrane will wrap around a plastic bead, providing insight into how living things interact with viruses, microplastics, and other objects. The research is reported in the latest edition of the Royal Society of Chemistry's journal Soft Matter.

The end applications of the research will be in helping substitute ingredients in foods, so that nutritional value can be improved without the loss of texture or consistency. COLESLAW RELISH & TOMATO PICKLE with sweet vinaigrette dressings.

They now have a mind of their own and are slowly ambling southwards dancing along to one of my children’s favorite made up songs… Little horrors! As a nice comfy pair of foggy bottoms isn’t quite what I can get away with in the pool this summer I had to get looking for a swimsuit that would work a little magic.

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I was delighted with the range of bright and modern swimwear they had on offer, I think they’ll have something for everyone. Online I spoke to Luke, and he seemed really cheerful and helpful and very understanding about my wobbly wobbly situation.

Luke asked me about color preferences and sizes and then picked out a couple for me to have a look at. I think this wraparound style would help emphasize curves in all the right places.

I like the short style bottom half of this one and the cute cut away back. We went on to talk about rankings and sarongs too but I actually really like these first two choices with their tummy control panels to help even out my lumps and bumps.

It can be really useful to have someone’s help and guidance sometimes when buying clothes and I felt a bit like I had my own personal shopper. I teamed up with Little woods to write this post, but my thoughts and opinions on their products are all my own.

When a child is learning to ride his bike for the first time and is moving unsteadily forward, this is an example of when the child wobbles. When a politician says different things and changes his mind multiple times on an issue, this is an example of when he wobbles.

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The definition of a wobble is an unsteady movement, or a quiver in the voice. The nervous shaking in a person's voice when he has to give a public speech and doesn't want to be an example of a wobble.

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