Jumanji Werewolf Boy

Maria Garcia
• Sunday, 09 May, 2021
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Jumanji the movie featured one of the characters, a young boy named Peter, turning into a monkey. The animated series followed up on this by turning Peter into all sorts of things (that's the glory of animation--transformation scenes don't require an FX budget).

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But now you can watch nearly every episode to your heart's content, thanks to a kind fellow on YouTube. Well, here's a little TF guide:EP.01: Peter turns into a monkey.

Jumanji In the future Eric and Maggie play Jumanji in the attic, uh and something involving Jews. The title gag is the three eyed crow, nothing special.

There is a lovely overview of Evergreen Terrace showing its beauty. The young boy with blue hair wearing a red sweater, birch shorts and blue sneakers ran about like a whirlwind nearly knocking his mother over as she carried a basket full of laundry.

“Eric there is nothing cool in the attic...” Mooch Bart in his eye searing Hawaiian shirt sighed. Come on Mags!” Eric jumped up and down eagerly.

You are full of beans today...” said Maggie trying to calm him down while texting her friends. “Now Eric... the Attic is also your older brother’s laboratory.

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He growled annoyed as he heard someone come up to the attic disturbing him during crucial research. “This!” said Eric picking up a small dusty box and blowing the dust at Maggie.

“Well I haven’t heard of this one... and I know all the board games, Chutes and Ladders, Monopoly.... Mammal! Tiny green plastic houses...” said Maggie drooling while thinking about tiny green plastic monopoly houses.

However, as he went to touch his playing piece to move it, it pulled itself forward two spaces. Writing is appearing in the orb in the middle!” said Maggie.

“I hate riddles...” Maggie sighed, but they were dragged into the orb in the middle of the board by wisps of golden light and pulled and stretched like taffy as they screamed and vanished. Maggie and Eric were terrified and huddled, shaking like jello.

“Mags, I don’t think we’re in.Kansas anymore...” said Eric frightened. Suddenly a roar made him jump and nearly soil himself as he saw eyes of some beast.

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“Uh... Mags...” then a Minotaur leapt out roaring but Robin Williams with a beard wearing smelly furs and leaves as makeshift clothes saved them by tackling the beast and wrestling with it. “Uh thanks, I guess...” Eric said to Hairy bearded Robin Williams as Alan Parrish.

“ Jumanji ...” Alan rasped in an eerie manner. But before he could say anymore a bullet whizzed past, and he fled frightened.

He had an old-fashioned mustache and Eric thought he looked like a dork. You can’t hide from me forever Parrish!” yelled Van Pelt.

Then Van Pelt saw the two children they were obviously not Parrish, so he did not feel inclined to shoot them. He scolded the children for being in the middle of the jungle at night.

“Do you want to go with the crazed hobo jungle guy Oz?” said Maggie to the fourth wall. Because unlike you two, I know this franchise like the back of my hand...” said Oscar.

samuji fw
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Very soon Eric and Maggie followed Van Pelt as he barked at them to hurry up or else be left behind. Eric Maggie and Van Pelt crossed a river by a big boulder in it.

Because their first impression of me despite me saving their lives was speaking quietly and in an eerie manner...” said Alan Parrish. “Yeah, maybe if you shaved and didn’t go around rasping Jumanji ... in a creepy manner and were a lot more talkative they might have trusted you...” said Oscar.

How the monkeys were more interested in tormenting Van Pelt and angering him. Eric blushed but dared not provoke the monkeys as the spiky haired monkey was tugging at his Happy little elves diaper and hooting and laughing.

Meanwhile, Alan and Oscar were making their own way to Van Pelt’s lodge. At the lodge Van Pelt scared away the monkeys and ordered Eric and Maggie inside.

The two children huddled and quivered like jello, frightened. Then Van Pelt asked questions such as how did they get here and Maggie answered them clearly.

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However, when she mentioned the clue Clear as Ice, but worth the price, Eric pretended he didn’t read it to start an argument. On the roof now, Eric found their savior was the bearded wacko from earlier.

Right away he was a far more gentle person than the angry Van Pelt. However, Van Pelt shot through the roof at them and a stray bullet grazed Maggie’s leg.

Then the roof collapsed under Maggie, Eric and Alan, and they fell on Van Pelt. Alan in canon tries to sacrifice himself and order the deuteragonists to leave while they still can.

Before Maggie could admire Alan’s makeshift bandages tied round her shin, they heard what sounded like Orthodox Jewish men chatting and going “Of Day!” Told you there’s Jews in this story! Sometime later some Orthodox Jews arrive chatting about how they thought they heard voices.

This is my favorite bit because Peter gets eaten by a plant! Alan was busy lecturing them about the dangers of Jumanji and people to avoid.

“Eeeeeeeugh!” Eric groaned in disgust at the purple goop dripping from him. Turns out the main characters don’t trust Alan still, so they lie and say they are Bonnie and Clyde.

They land in a river, thankfully not infested with crocodiles or other dangerous creatures. On land, they continue their journey and Eric whines his diaper soaked up water from the river.

Because babies, toddlers and incontinent children are supposed to wear swim diapers in water. He also squeezes water out of his blue spiky over grown hair that makes him look like a troll doll.

Witness the marvel of Robinson Crusoe bamboo technology as a lift made of jungle materials, works via man power alone! Then Eric asks why there is a tiny axe hanging around the pulley system.

Suddenly a monster vulture Jumanji sought to make more terrifying to remind them this is Jumanji, not Oz or Narnia or Oomph Loom pah land... attacks! Alan beans it with the axe and the vulture never bothers them again.

Keep Out!” Yeah, I’m sure Van Pelt is terrified of red paint and strongly worded warnings... Maggie was changing Eric’s soggy diaper for a dry one.

Eric blushed as he’d rather she waited until they got home, but he was whining about it being uncomfortable and soggy. Once his big sister taped up his diaper he admired the pictures of Bubbles, Vendor and the curious bear cub.

Unfortunately despite Bart’s insistence Eric does not get into sappy little elves he did and loves it. However, he does have a naughty streak towards him like Bart’s as he smirks and pees his diaper.

“This is the last one Eric so try to keep it clean and dry...” Maggie sighed. Eric made a face at her and pulled up his shorts.

“I carry a zillion diapers anyway in my hammer space.” said Oscar. Then they find in a smaller chamber a tile puzzle globe and Judy won’t shut up and stop being a little miss know it all...

“I get the feeling you dislike the character I am representing this episode...” said Maggie. She made our journey far harder than it needed to be...“ said Oscar.

We’re about to be eaten by a giant spider!” Maggie whined. Then it will paralyze us with a bite and then drink us alive...” said Oscar correcting her.

At home where for the sake of crossover continuity Bearded Robin Williams as Alan lives in Springfield. Eric you turned into a monkey!” Maggie gasped.

No!” Alan headbutts the fridge despite wrenching its door off to eat Crunchy Munchies. “Well too bad, looks like Jumanji is coming to us...” said Alan as vines grew on the staircase and a stampede of jungle animals ran down the stairs and out the front door crushing Hans Coleman along the way.

Alan and his new friends went upstairs which no longer existed as they soon found themselves back in Jumanji’s world. He then hands gagged Maggie and Eric and his because the Mantis were roaming about.

The Mantis being a race of living tribal masks with arms and legs. Then Van Pelt ambushes them and clobbers Alan, knocking him out.

Then for some odd reason he wants the jade puzzle globe but doesn’t explain why he needs it... how would it help him? Then Peter and a Judy admit they are not Bonnie and Clyde.

Peter argues it should be handed over as the Kanji seem to be the rightful owners and totally won’t use it for evil... Helps Eric solve the puzzle properly.

The puzzle globe flies into the sky and explodes as fire works and the spelled out is “Go Home.” They go home, and now it is Alan’s turn to cock up things and threaten Jumanji, so it sucks him back in.

Ace bites Jungle, the Jewish kid. Like Tween light, we are in first person as Edmund dashing and leaping through the forest, arriving at a docks and buying and eating a grilled cheese sandwich.

“Come on, let’s set up camp before it gets dark.” said Oscar. I’ll set up the anti vampire security devices, Hugo will light the fire and Jungle, you’re in charge of gathering supplies and scouting...” said Oscar.

“And don’t pick any poisonous mushrooms or purple berries...” said Oscar as he left. Jungle wandered the spooky forest, encountering Yogi bear along the way as he saw Yogi bear holding someone’s head he ripped off.

Vampires arrived out of the woods because the harsh sunlight couldn’t penetrate the canopy. “You know who we are...” said a vampire that looked like Will.I. Am of the Black Eyed Peas.

Meanwhile, Lisa was hanging about with Edmund and being all soppy and in love.... yeeeeeuck... But Edmund was trying to remind her how Treehouse of Horror XXI ended.

I’m a killer!” Edmund snapped ad he had green eyes trying to hold back his blood hunger. But somehow this doesn’t phase Lisa, and she is still smitten with Edmund.

“I just hope those crazy kids don’t find us and blabber about saving some guy called Alan. Oh wait, we’re supposed to counterparts of them but in our universe...” said Maggie.

They watched as vegetation and ivy grew out of Jumanji and across the old log cabin they were in. “ACK!” Maggie ducked as the mosquitoes buzzed and flew about trying to sting or bite.

As well as a mosquito’s mouth parts or styles, they had stingers on their abdomens for some reason. Maggie and Eric as the ducked to avoid the swooping insects saw some shovels and golf clubs.

Meanwhile, Edmund took Lisa to see his family she got a paper cut while there. “Ouch!” said Lisa getting a paper cut that drew blood while at Edmund’s mansion.

However, Edmund at supersonic speed pulled her away and Ace slammed comically into a wall like a cartoon character and was flat as a pancake. “Hello!” Jungle was there with his spiked ginger hair, thick rimmed black glasses, freckles and wearing a Star of David round his neck.

Edmund grabbed him and pulled him inside and threw him to his hungry parents and younger brother. “Yeah because a vampire story really needs werewolves...” said Bart bored.

“Vampires and werewolves are natural mortal enemies...” said Oscar. Meanwhile, Kyle and Maiden in human form were camping with their parents.

“Oh no... Arooooooooooo!” said Kyle before transforming into his anthropomorphic work form and howling. Amusingly Maiden was a little baby gray wolf wearing a diaper.

Meanwhile, Vampire Will.I. Am was stalking the forest for prey when he came across a chihuahua. Will.I. Am as a vampire hissed and bared his fangs as he heard growling as very sexy muscular werewolves in denim hot pants appeared from the darkness and gathered around their chihuahua friend.

By the Weather Girls played as the gay werewolves started dancing. At one point in the dance two of the gay werewolves were French kissing deeply.

I. Am screamed like a girl as the was torn apart by gay werewolves. Then Lisa was lost in the forest and was accosted by a werewolf in their wolf form.

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