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Maria Johnson
• Monday, 17 January, 2022
• 4 min read

Hello friends, the title doesn’t make much sense but when do they ever? Today I’m bringing out the big guns, here're some songs that are really majorly synth based.

wilde kim america
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Not much else occurring, just synthesized sounds parading through your ears and directly into your noggin. NFL this song is kind of scary sounding, yes I am that easily scared.

The chocolates fucking grim as well, I think Kim should stick to making beaters such as this and leave advertising dark milk to Jason Donovan. It was the song that set them off as being one of the big players in 80s pop.

A flag bearer for The New Romantics, this really encapsulates that whole sound well. Also keeping with powerful voices, you can hear your boy Tony Hadley getting good use of his vocal cords on this one.

But I can assure you my mind is perfectly intact despite 50 miles of Jingle bells up to the border in July. So, I think I pronounce both Depeche Mode and Dave Mahan wrong, so when you’re reading this just factor that in.

This is from my far Depeche Mode album, it’s from 1983 when Alan wilder got involved. It sounds really futuristic, basically as if they got an alien to fire its lasers in time with the song.

wilde kim album coa signed record pristineauction enlarge
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Martin Gore really worked himself when he wrote this song to include alien lasers as an instrument. Additionally, Dave Mahan has such a cool voice, and it works so well with the lyrics.

Speaking of the lyrics the beginnings definitely like a rip off reimagining of that song you know where it goes like “and do those feet in ancient times walk upon English mountains green” which is exciting. It’s got these really high-pitched synths that basically sound like someone was texting on their old Nokia phone during recording.

They were originally in the human league but split out of there and went on to make this with Glen Gregory. This is like some OG new wave, the tube way army and Gary Human were absolute pioneers of this sound.

It’s got this really iconic synth hook that repeats through the whole song underneath Gaza unique vocals. It’s those two really strong notes that come as the patterns ending and is about to loop again.

Regardless of my pointless explanation of that, it’s a banger and a real classic. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my selection of songs that are pretty synth Based.

wilde kim albums very 2001 album sleeve cd cambodia
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