Kings Of Wild Frontier Lyrics

Paul Gonzalez
• Monday, 17 January, 2022
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No method in our madness Just pride about our manner Ant people are the warriors Ant music is the banner! I feel beneath the white There is a redskin suffering From centuries of taming...

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“No method in our madness Just pride about our manner Ant people are the warriors Ant music is the banner!” In 1956, a calculated move or two by the Disney company launched a major Davy Cricket fad.

Davy Cricket merchandise of every kind was seen for a summer or so, and millions of otherwise rational kids started wearing coonskin caps all over the English-speaking world (in her book on British culture, THE LANGUAGE AND LORE OF SCHOOLCHILDREN, Iowa Pie notes that home-made caps outnumbered “official” one's by a ten-to-one ratio). The fad ended as quickly as it had begun, leaving in its wake a whole slew of parodies of “The Ballad of Davy Cricket,” some of which had spread through Australia before the real song was even released there.

... raised in the woods, so he knew eV'Ry tree, killed in a bar when he was only three... okay, for some reason, as a kid I imagined young Davy Crockett involved in loads bar fights... are there any lyrics you guys can remember to have misheard, misunderstood or misinterpreted? The most famous one I can think of is from Credence Clearwater's “Bad Moon Rising” at the end of the chorus : “.

Bill Hayes reached #2 in the British 'pop' charts with his version in January 1956, so he would have recorded it sometime in 1955, however Tennessee Ernie Ford had his version on the American Country Charts in April 1955, Others to record 'The Ballad of Davy Crockett are Fess Parker Eddy Arnold Mac Wiseman And there is a LONG list of them at Kissthisguy.com Some are just dumb, but some of them will have you on the floor rolling.

We don’t grow them this big in Tucson, AZ. December 21 was my first full day of London sightseeing unhampered by either urgent housing concerns or concert logistics. Since it’s impossible to see everything, I decided to limit myself to galleries and museums, and to skip anything more modern than the Victorian era.

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It’s possible to buy an excellent toasted cheese sandwich, and to eat it while sitting on an elegantly carved bench, in the shade of said pillars. I’ve seen pictures and read descriptions, but I actually got teary-eyed standing in front of the first panel of the Parthenon Frieze.

A section of the frieze depicting the Battle of the Faiths and the Centaurs, an episode that I studied for my qualifying exams. The sprawling public buildings drip with ornate, lovingly rendered, lifelike details.

As I walked by some public building near Parliament Square, I noticed a series of little panels about 20 feet up, each depicting a different animal in relief: a squirrel, a snake, a little wren of some kind, each one nestled in marble branches and leaves. The sheer weight of beauty is oppressive, and there are constant reminders of one’s ignorance, and of the impossibility of mastering anything more than tiny corners of history.

Most of the little shops that cater to commuters and tourists are firmly closed, not unlike Wall Street or San Francisco’s Financial District. I hurried into the darkness to find dinner, circling the block and then spiraling outward until I found a little take-away shop featuring curry and damp-looking British sandwiches.

The shop was empty except for an East Indian woman behind the counter, and an earnest, cheerful young man engaging her in conversation. He was so animated and sweet that I assumed he was looking for a date, but after a time I heard them discussing her husband and their plans to relocated near his family.

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I tried to describe the actual location of Arizona, how I’m just East of California and an hour from the Mexican border. He told me he has to wear a posh overcoat because he works for a government ministry, and that he’s always taken for younger than he is, and business contacts are surprised and disconcerted to meet him in person.

He unhesitatingly asked me what I thought about the proposed border wall, and I said, “I will lay my body down in the desert to stop construction. When I was standing in line for the cloakroom after the Adam Ant concert, a man explained to me in poignant terms what it meant to hear punk music when he’d grown up in a wretched, dying seaside town.

That lively, instant sympathy is a rare pleasure, and it was one of the sweetest moments of my London trip. A quick check of my phone and laptop showed that Airbnb had taken no action to house me, so I extended my stay at The Hub St. James.

My sightseeing for the day consisted of the Sir John Shane Museum, the former private residence of a famous and wealthy Georgian architect. He had an impressive collection of sculpture, paintings and architectural details, including a capital taken from the Parthenon.

The Greek vases in his personal collection rival anything in the Getty Museum, and he owned several large-scale Hogarth paintings, including “The Rake’s Progress.” I’m planning to use elements of his home to add detail to the fictional town homes I describe in my novel, Man Raised by Spiders. The opening band was Ten Fe, a handful of earnest millennials in beards and long hair.

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I felt a bit sorry for them, playing to an audience of skeptical ex-punks wearing everything from homemade hussar jackets to feathered tricorne hats to bondage pants. They wore reproductions of various outfits he’s sported, and I spotted more than one Ant Music for Sex People tattoo.

As roadies moved equipment around onstage and checked the mics, the crowd began to buzz and let off random shrieks. If I were a roadie, I would have been very tempted to take the center mic at five to nine just to see if I could spook the crowd into cheering me as Adam Ant.

They opened with “Plastic Surgery,” moved to “Dog Eat Dog.” I’d planned to keep my shirt on for a while, but was drenched with sweat right away. There are lots of clips of the concert on YouTube, some pretty good, but none of them captures the full sound and mad revelry of it.

“Prince Charming,” notable for its chorus of war cries, and for a strange, stylized dance move that many audience members mimed. A woman in front of me turned around and yelled with blazing urgency, “God, that man is so hot!” A few audience members threw clothing at the stage.

If I’d been wearing a skirt I would have tossed my panties; I was too prudent to throw my shirt, since I had to take the tube back to St. James. “Puss and Boots,” with the chorus, “I’ve been to London / and now I’m queen!” I belted it out with the same woman, who spoke for all of us when she begged Adam to take off his shirt, as well.

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The entire audience screamed as one, “A new royal family / a wild nobility,” and writhed to the combined impact of two drummers, bass, and rhythm guitar. “Whip in My Valise” and “Beat My Guest,” particularly the way Adam glared out into the audience, pointed and belted out the famous question, “Who taught you to torture?” Reader, Dirk Wears White Sox was one of the first albums I ever owned.

My shuttle driver from Tucson to Sky Harbor was a retired Air Force meteorologist who had amazing stories about briefing weather to F-15 and F-16 pilots. The flights to Minneapolis and London Heathrow were two not-unpleasant stretches spent re-reading Phil Play’s Redeployment (it’s still excellent) and dozing fitfully.

The gentleman who checked my passport apologized for the wait and questioned me closely about my plans, seemingly out of amiable curiosity. I wasn’t sure if that means Adam Ant just went through passport control at Heathrow (presumably using the fast-moving line for UK and EU passport holders), or if London is a small town much like Tucson, and one of his coworkers ran into Adam Ant on the street near Abbey Road Studios or whatever, and enjoyed a little chat with him.

The passport clerk seemed to regard Adam Ant with the same casual pride that my neighborhood of Dunbar-Spring accords to Brad Lancaster, an international expert on water harvesting and hometown boy made good. There was a disconcerting mix-up about my Air BNB, which led to hours scouring a small section of St. James on foot, with all my luggage in tow.

The staff there were shocked and sympathetic at my dilemma, and kindly instructed me to get some free coffee, charge my phone, and sit in the warm, plush lounge while I decided what to do. I booked a room for the night, took a shower, secured my luggage, and decided to take a little walk around Westminster.

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You can’t cross the street without fetching up against a statue of a Waterloo field marshal on horseback, typically a royal duke best known during his lifetime for gout and a ruinously expensive whist habit. I was reduced to joyful hysterics just reciting the street names: Haymarket, St. James, Downing, Grosvenor.

I finally made my way back to the Hub, and collapsed onto a seat in the lounge to contemplate my good fortune and take a call from and Airbnb representative. When I told her I was in London to celebrate my 50th, she brought me a candle and insisted that I make a wish, and that we sing Happy Birthday together.

In London, I am precisely the person who drives me nuts in Tucson, except instead of exclaiming over the sunsets and saguaros, I’m struck by all the evidence of wealth, history and culture. My Dragon companion, Lynn, calls him The Most Beautiful Human Being Who Ever Lived, a truth that’s obvious to anyone with taste, sensibility and eyes.

Adolescent sexual attraction plays a role, but it’s actually the least interesting part of the story. I came of age during the era of “Goody Two-Shoes,” “Strip” and “Five Le Rock.” Like a lot of kids, I adopted New Romantic dress as a way of expressing queer gender.

Adam Ant’s work explores masculinity in all its forms, from 18th century dandy ism to Plains Indians counting coup. In this sense, Adam Ant has played a role similar to that of David Bowie: He showed many of us how to be ourselves, and how to survive as exotic creatures in a drab, pinched, gray world.

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It takes real physical courage to flaunt that complexity and beauty, and to do it with grace, humor and self-reflection. For me, the most moving part of the Queen of the WildFrontier project was seeing that Adam Ant is still making art and performing, and that, if anything, his work is deeper and richer than it was in the 1980s.

I reacted badly to the medication, and quickly spiraled downwards into increasingly dire diagnoses and treatments. As I came back to life, I naturally revisited intellectual and artistic influences from the time, including Adam Ant.

I know the indignities of being institutionalized, of being unable to work and love, of feeling doped up, sick and fucked up all the time. I listened to Dirk Wears White Sox for the first time in 20 years, and played KOF and Prince Charming pretty much nonstop, just like I did in high school.

I thought I knew the costume and the work, but the more I researched it, the more I was impressed with its elegance, depth and complexity, and by the dynamic role it played in performances. In the weeks leading up to Dragon, I knew that Adam Ant had toured the U.S. in 2018 performing Kings of the WildFrontier.

But I scrupulously avoided watching new concert clips, and I’d never heard Adam Ant is the Blue black Hussar Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter. The nudity in KOF emphasizes masculine bravery over striptease, but the entire show relied heavily on Adam Ant’s lithe, muscular, exposed body.

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The gorgeous, shy, idealistic polymath of KOF had grown up, and was still sharing lovely, risky secrets. After two hours of making up and dressing, I watched what is, for me, the classic 1980 performance of Kings of the WildFrontier live in Manchester.

Adam and the band are less polished than they will become later, but in terms of sheer, violent, fuck-it-all authenticity, the clip is unmatched. I felt my usual despair because, damn it, at the end of the day he’s a man, and I’m not, and I’ll never wear the costume the same way he does.

It’s a whole different kind of courage, basically a gesture of fuck it, this is who I am, this is what happened to me, and there’s still a redskin suffering from centuries of taming, motherfucker. When I dug further back, to 2010, I found a performance of “Physical (You’re So)” that was sexy, demented, disturbing, depressed and fascinating in an entirely different way.

I’ll spend the rest of the time researching art and architecture for the novels I’m writing. Through his albums and performances, he’s taught me a true, defiant, uncompromising bravery in the face of illness, despair and loss.

But I dislike shopping on the internet, and I love the rich diversity of small local businesses in Tucson. Danielle at Tangled Salon painstakingly taught me how to reproduce the curls, tiny braids and love lock that Adam wore; on her advice, I bought a clip-in length of human hair in Manhattan and used that to create an impressively lavish curl that kept getting caught on my collar and gold braid.

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We also had long, rambling talks about the importance of live performance, and how fandom feeds our creativity. It’s hard to find leather pants in Tucson in any season; a size 00 in August was pretty much going to be impossible.

I got a swashbuckling leather belt at Posh, along with a simple white silk shirt and a pair of thigh-high boots. A Pierce at Sacred Art Tattoo helped my to find my old ear-piercing and guide the Jolly Roger earring into it, and she didn’t charge me a cent.

SAS Fabric by the Pound was my main source for ribbons, gold cord, random feathers, and scarf or three. My traveling companion Lynn introduced me to her friend Ed Sylvia, an actual New York stylist.

Silver Sea Jewelry and Gifts supplied the bulk of my skull-themed rings, and a Jolly Roger earring that I’m wearing right now. Now I know what Adam Ant was asking for when he wore a red handkerchief in his right pocket while on tour for Five Le Rock.

I also bought my first Native American bone necklace there, and wore it around obsessively until I had Adam Ant’s reproduced exactly. I finally got my fill of feathers at Tucson Thrift Shop, both turkey and ostrich alike.

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I also bought a pirate shirt there that I ended up giving to Ed in exchange for styling my hair. I also bought a black men’s tuxedo shirt, which was useless from an Adam Ant perspective, but which I wore happily for the next three days, and still hate to surrender to the laundry.

I spent the next several months in the grip of a deeply pleasurable obsession with the work, life and appearance of a childhood hero.

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