Kingsroad Best Wizard Build

Elaine Sutton
• Monday, 17 January, 2022
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It is generally recommended for a Wizard to have Celerity and Treasure Hunter at maximum capacity. For active skills, the more popular options are Blizzard and Fireball, for their area of effect and crowd control capabilities.

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Blizzard is often considered a must-have due to the fact that it slows down any enemy it encompasses, including bosses. Compared to the common notion that Wizard is a nuke in other MMO games, the KingsRoadwizard is more or less a support role with buffs that can seriously enhance the monster killing and item grinding efficiency.

The Wizard’s main strengths lie in dealing damage to groups of enemies at the same time. However, the wizard itself does not have the armor nor the HP to tank many mobs at the same time.

These two skills will save yourself tons of grinding time by letting you level up and gather items faster. However, consider maxing out Drake for boss killing and blizzard for mass AOE damage.

Wizards can kill mobs same as an archer but some times (with bosses) it's a bit slow. It’s gotten comparisons to the Diablo series and in terms of gameplay and mechanics, you can choose from three different classes, customize your character in thousands of different ways and enjoy “console quality graphics” on your mobile device.

Whether you’re playing as an archer, knight, or a wizard, you can get yourself somewhere in Kingston by grinding, or by replaying levels. Completing a level for the first time earns you one mastery point and five gems as a reward.

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This may sound like a no-brainer since you always want to avoid enemy attacks, but we’re referring to those powerful ones that have some lead, or wind-up time before they hit you. As you can create your own equipment to begin with, it wouldn’t be worth it to splurge on a rare chest.

While in this form you will continually lose health, but your spells cost no MANA and will always CRT. The primary skill of use is Heat Wave and stacking Fire damage really makes it worth it.

Frozen Orb is by far the most requested Wizard build at the moment and Low shared his, and it seems to work pretty well. Magier556 aka Box salesman has created a nice Frozen Orb build that he has managed to sustain from his first day at level 70 and is still using after upgrading his gear quite a bit.

Even though builds are getting more and more gear dependent, some are really worth it: MeatHead Mikhail showed his Meteor Spam Fire Wizard in a video that includes the build itself, gear, ideal stats per slot, toughness requirements, fire/elite/meteor damage % modifiers, a very strong 2-hand variation with Smoldering Core, and solo T4 Rifting. The guide is based around Frozen Orb and includes Stats, Paragon Points, Gear, Several Builds, and Leveling.

Here you can see one of the several builds, but if you'd like to be sure you're not missing a more suitable one for your specific goals and gear, check the full guide. Even my Glass Canon Wizard can’t kill anyone here in this test server with simple Storm Gust + Jupiter Thunder combo.

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Anyway for skill builds, please wait for a while since it will take time to write that article. Instead of making skill templates, it would be a better idea if I’d tell you the combos instead.

With no defensive Equipment, you would want to grind on enemies that move slow If you used to play prerenal before, glass canon wizards, even newbies are a threat and very dangerous if you don’t do switching, or you have low MDF. BTW to achieve an effective Glass Canon Wizard, I would like you to remember that it is very expensive and very dependent to a Devo-crusader.

You’ll die like hell if you’re bad at it, and it’s not really easy to use especially if you don’t have the Fire Wall skill. And compared to its pre-renewal version, the Glass Canon could deal the same damage with only a Rod equipped.

PVP: 3/5;PVM: 4/5;Woe: 3/5;Recommended for: People who want to level alone with a Wizard. During Mage-stage, we know mages don’t need a Priest to level up since there are Geographers and Greatest General.

It gets hard to find a good leveling spot where you don’t die a lot. A total of 90 INT (100 in the picture) for an exact additional 15 SP recovery per 3 seconds sitting.

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Suggested Stats: It 100 Total; Int 60-90 Total; Ex 60-80;My Plan Stats: It 96; Int 62; Ex 76;Pros: You could level up alone; You can stay longer in PVP; If you go with a Crusader, the Crusader will last longer. Cons: Almost half the damage a Glass Canon could deal;Required Equipment: Ribbon of Bride or Poopoo Hat, Wand of Occult, Cranial Guard, Blush of Groom, Gentleman’s Pipe, Immune Hood, All in One Ring or Then/Smoke/Vita ta Clips; But wait for the skill builds article because it’s definitely a long one.

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· Page 85: In the barbarian's greater juggernaut class feature, change the last sentence to read “When you roll a failure on a Fortitude save against an effect that deals damage, you halve the damage you take.” This removes confusion about how to handle critical failures on saves against damaging effects. · Page 112: Add tenets of good to the Prerequisites of Smite Evil.

Remove the paladin prerequisite from Blade of Justice, and the last sentence becomes “Whether the target is evil, you can convert all the physical damage from the attack into good damage, and if you are a paladin, the Strike applies all effects that normally apply on a Retributive Strike (such as divine smite).” · Page 121: Deadly Simplicity had a benefit for unarmed attack favored weapons, but such clerics did not actually qualify.

· Several classes were accidentally missing an important limitation for 10th level spells. · Page 139: Heartfelt's Power wasn't supposed to have the prerequisite of legendary in Nature; it's a holdover from the play test.

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· Page 145: The adjustment to the Aid reaction after the play test caused Assisting Shot not to do anything. If the strike hits, the next creature other than you to attack the same target before the start of your next turn gains a +1 circumstance bonus on their roll, or a +2 circumstance bonuses if your Strike was a critical hit.

The description of familiars didn't define any Strikes but also wasn't explicit that they couldn't make them. Add “It can't make Strikes” to the beginning of the third sentence.

· 248: To reflect the clarification on healer's tools allowing you to draw them as part of the action if you're wearing them, change the Requirements to “You are holding healer's tools, or you are wearing them and have a hand free” · Page 249: Add “Drop Prone” to the list of basic commands you can tell your animal friend to lie down.

For each additional action spent, add your Speed to the limit on how far you can Leap.” · Page 260: The Connections feat requires a great deal of improvisation and adjudication on the part of a GM, more in line with an option that has uncommon rarity due to the narrative load.

Change the effect to explicitly state it doesn't occur on a critical failure. · Page 268: Because the word “action” could have broad or narrow scopes, it wasn't clear exactly when you could use the Unified Theory feat to substitute Arcane for the other magical skills.

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Worn items are tucked into pockets, belt pouches, bandoliers, weapon sheaths, and so forth, and they can be retrieved and returned relatively quickly. Stowed items are in a backpack or a similar container, and they are more difficult to access.

This allows you to draw and replace the tools as part of the action that uses them. Fine clothing reduces that limit to light Bulk worth of tools.

· Page 278: In critical hits, “When you make an attack and roll a natural 20...or if the result of your attack exceeds the target's AC by 10” was too broad a brush and thus slightly inaccurate for how to determine a critical hit, in an attempt to state the conditions succinctly. Replace the first section with “When you make an attack and succeed with a natural 20” so that it is clear the natural 20 must succeed based on the total result in order to get a critical success.

· Page 283: In Critical Specialization Effects, it uses the generic term attack but should specifically refer to Strikes. · Page 288: Change the price of the adventurer's pack to 15 SP and the bedroll to 2 CP.

Poster's note, I had to remove all the class kits because I went over the character limit after the update. · Page 300: The text on can trips was confusing and implied that they might use spell slots, even though they don't.

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Remove the ability to target or damage objects from acid splash, acid arrow, eclipse burst, polar ray, sunburst, fire ray, moon beam, force bolt, and the horn of blasting. · Page 330, 358, 377: Add the attack trait to disintegrate, polar ray, and tangle foot.

In flaming sphere, implosion, unfathomable song, impaling friars, and storm lord add “the first time you Sustain this Spell each round” · Page 339: Once flesh to stone has completely petrified you, the spell ends, but you still remain petrified, meaning you can't remove the effects with dispel magic or similar abilities that counteract active spells; you need stone to flesh.

· Page 358: Polar ray left out what happened on a critical hit with your spell attack roll. · Page 381: In visions of danger, there's no description of what the Will save does, other than the critical success allowing you to disbelieve.

· Page 385: In zealous conviction, add the emotion and mental traits. · Page 393: In healer's blessing, boost the additional healing from the base spell from 1 to 2.

How to run disabling a hazard with skills other than Thievery wasn't completely clear. For example, you might upgrade a bag of holding from a type I to a type II bag, but you couldn’t upgrade a clear spindle eon stone into an orange prism eon stone.

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Increase the basic shield statistics to Hardness 10, HP 60, BT 30 and add a frequency of once per minute on the activation. Increase its basic shield statistics to Hardness 10, HP 40, BT 20.

· Page 594: Greater staff of necromancy has enervation, a spell that's in Advanced Player's Guide instead of this book. · Page 597: Wands become broken when you overcharge them and succeed at the flat check, and you need to know their statistics to Repair them.

· Page 612: Healer's gloves' activation was unclear whether it was a healing effect. · Page 620, 631, and 454: In the definition of fatigued, the intention is that it prevents the exploration tactics you take while traveling or exploring an area, but you can still stop and Refocus, Treat Wounds, and so on.

Change the last sentence to “You can’t use exploration activities performed while traveling, such as those on pages 479–480.” When combined with still being flat-footed, it allows you to hunker down for a net of 2 more AC against ranged attacks.

Remove Administer First Aid as an example of assisted recovery, as it's a separate action. This makes it clear that you need to use spells like remove curse to remove a curse, even one put in place by a spell, as opposed to dispel magic.

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Page 71: Alchemists should have proficiency in medium armor to make things easier for mutagenizes who pursue higher Strength and lower Dexterity. Page 72-79: Alchemist DC scaling is highly dependent on the feat Powerful Alchemy, so we decided to make it an automatic class feature instead to free up more feats.

Add to the end “and you automatically stow one of these new items as you create them.” The wording has been adjusted to prevent unintended interactions with other abilities while keeping the same benefits.

Change the text to “Physical obstacles can’t hold back your fury. Page 91: Sudden Leap is missing the two-action icon from the fighter version, leaving the action cost unstated.

EDIT: now including battle medicine changes, which I accidentally cut. Page 287, Worn Tools: Worn tools should only take 1 hand to use, as you only draw the things you need from the kit and not the entire kit... What this means for Battle Medicine is that you only need one free hand to perform it with worn healer's tools, you don't need both hands.

They are used for Strikes and spell attacks, and traditionally target Armor Class. As it says later on in the definition of attack roll “Striking multiple times in a turn has diminishing returns.

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