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When asked this now mandatory question in the age of interconnected cinematic universes, Hawley responded with two bullet points: Yes, it’s connected. This doesn’t mean Legion takes place between X-Men : First Class, set in the ‘60s, and X-Men : Days of Future Past, which included time-travel shenanigans that sent Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) back to the ‘70s.

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This is not to say Legion is in an alternate reality, but that the “rules are flexible enough” that Hawley feels free to do what his team desires with the show. Hawley brought up his other FX series Fargo which until its fourth episode bore no connection to the 1996 Joel and Ethan Coen film of the same name.

But Hawley offered one final nugget that might reward the audience no matter what: “Just watch it, and experience it, and then we’ll talk.” Publication information PublisherMarvel ComicsFirst appearance New Mutants #25 (March 1985) Created by Chris Claremont (writer) Bill Sienkiewicz (artist)In-story informational ego David Charles HallerSpecies Human Mutant Team affiliations Muir Island X-MenX-Men Notable aliases Daniel Haller, Hindi, Rodney, Ian, Lucas, Tanya, Jack Wayne, Boris, Zachary, Sylvester, Email KaramiAbilities This section needs expansion.

In 1991, Legion was assigned to be a co-starring character in the newly revamped X-Factor, as a member of the eponymous super team. However, writer Peter David was uncomfortable with this, and ultimately editor Bob Harris independently came to the conclusion that Legion should not be used in the series.

While working in an Israeli psychiatric facility, Charles Xavier met a patient named Gabrielle Haller. In the process, he unintentionally absorbed the mind of the terrorist leader, Email Kara mi, into his own.

Being linked to so many others at their time of death, David was rendered catatonic for years. As he slowly recovered, he was moved to the care of Moira MacTaggert at the Muir Island mutant research facility.

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The trauma (possibly in conjunction with the nature of his reality-altering powers) had caused David's psyche to splinter into multiple personalities, each personality manifesting different mutant abilities. The Kara mi personality, which manifested telepathic abilities, struggled for years to separate his consciousness from David's.

Some of the personalities resisted Kara mi, most notably Jack Wayne, a swaggering adventurer who was telekinetic, and Hindi, a temperamental, rebellious girl who was psychokinetic. Ultimately Kara mi, Wayne, and Hindi continued to exist as David's most prominent alternate personalities.

During his time at Muir Island, David saved Moira and Wolfs bane from a fatal accident by accessing the telekinetic abilities of his Jack Wayne personality. However, this allowed Jack Wayne to take control of David's body, and he left the island.

The New Mutants tracked him down and, after a struggle, convinced Wayne to allow David to again assume control. While under the Shadow King's influence, David killed the mutant Destiny and destroyed 2/3 of the island.

Years later, David awoke from his coma believing his psyche fully healed. When he had killed the mutant Pecos Destiny, David had absorbed her psyche.

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Destiny gave David vague prophetic guidance about the great world that could exist “if only, years ago, Professor X had been given a real chance to fulfill his dream.” David, who despite his belief was not sane, understood these words as a directive to travel back in time and kill Magneto, Xavier's greatest adversary, to allow his father Professor X achieve the dream of human-mutant coexistence.

As several X-Men attempted to stop him, Legion traveled twenty years into the past, accidentally dragging the X-Men with him. David appeared in the past in front of Xavier and Magneto, who at the time were orderlies in a mental hospital.

After overpowering the X-Men, Legion readied his fatal blow for Magneto, but Xavier leaped in front of the lethal psychic attack and was himself killed. By accidentally killing his father, the horrified David prevented his own birth and ceased to exist.

The death of Xavier created a catastrophic alternate timeline, the Age of Apocalypse. Ultimately, Bishop managed to fix the timeline by enlisting the aid of the new reality's X-Men to travel back in time to the moment of Xavier's murder.

Ultimately Megan used her empathy to calm their rage, convincing them to go “towards the light.” David had in fact not died; rather, his mind manifested in Other place, a timeless interdimensional limbo.

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When Bishop had turned Legion's psychic power back on him, it devastated David's mental landscape, undoing all the healing efforts of Kara mi and Professor Xavier. David wandered through Other place for an untold period of time, trying to make his way back home.

Magic, a mutant able to travel across dimensions, reached out and contacted one of David's personalities, “The Legion, ” who could alter reality at a cosmic scale (this incredibly powerful personality claimed to be the “real” David, although it was distinct from David's core personality). As the rest of the team fought a losing battle against various personalities that seized control of Legion's body, in his minds cape Karma and Magic destroyed other hostile personalities.

Eventually they found the Marci personality, who led them to David's imprisoned core self. By freeing David and helping him reassert control, Karma and Magic saved the rest of the team and were restored to their bodies.

David was detained by the X-Men and put in the care of Professor X, Doctor Nemesis, Danger, and Rogue. Weeks later, Magic managed to bring the Elder Gods back to Earth, planning to have her revenge on them.

The Elder Gods manifested, causing catastrophic destruction, and appeared ready to lay waste to the world. The Legion, who Magic called “The God Mutant,” appeared and altered reality to wipe the Elder Gods from existence and reset the world to a time before they had manifested.

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After this, David's core personality returned, and he was taken back into the care and treatment of the X-Men. Believing that David's psyche would be healed if his alternate personalities were quarantined, Doctor Nemesis began to catalog and contain these personalities within David's mind.

Unbeknownst to Doctor Nemesis and Professor Xavier, however, David's mind subconsciously perceived this intervention as a threat and created a “psychic antibody,” a powerful new personality, to defend itself. The new personality had access to a degree of David's underlying ability to alter reality and time.

Assuming the appearance of the deceased Moira Stagger (considered a mother figure by David due to his time under her care at Muir Island), the personality attempted to 'protect' Legion from the 'assault' on his mind by creating a pocket reality where Legion was the hero that he always wanted to be. Many members of various X-teams were also brought into this new reality, which existed separately from Marvel's primary continuity.

Legion himself remained unaware that one of his personalities had created this world, and most of the mutants who had been brought into the reality by 'Moira' believed that they had always been there. Within this pocket reality the 'Moira' personality was practically omnipotent, creating and controlling random soldiers for Legion and the other mutants to kill.

Eventually, Legacy, the alternate Rogue, discovered that 'Moira' had in fact created this reality. Confronted with this truth, Legion spoke to 'Moira,' who tearfully offered to create as many universes for him as he wanted.

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Instead, David absorbed 'Moira' back into himself and erased the Age of X reality, restoring its participants to Earth-616 reality; ultimately, this entire timeline had lasted seven days in their normal continuity. With the Age of X incident underscoring the potentially apocalyptic scope of David's power, Professor X proposed a new approach to help Legion retain control of himself.

Instead of isolating David from the other personalities in his mind, Professor X suggested that he learn to co-exist with them. To this end, Doctor Nemesis, Madison Jeffries and Reed Richards designed a Neural Switchboard Wristband for David.

This switchboard assigned unique numbers to different Legion personalities. When David entered a number, the device stimulated cells in his thalamus and neocortex, creating a one-way link between David's core personality and the alternate personality he had selected.

This allowed Legion to access the power of that personality for several seconds without being overwhelmed by it. While testing the device, Legion discovered that six of his personalities were no longer in his mind, but had “escaped,” manifesting separately from him in the real world.

Rogue stated that, while she was inside Legion, she was connected to thousands of types of powers and there were more being born all the time. To aid his recovery, Professor X left Legion with Merman the Mystic, a powerful empath and telepath who ran a Himalayan monastery.

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While at the monastery, David gained much greater control of himself, and he stopped using the Neural Switchboard Wristband. Under Merman's tutelage, David learned to visualize a facility in his mind where his alternate personalities could be kept and controlled.

When Legion sensed this, the mental shock caused a catastrophic release of energy that killed Merman and everyone else at the monastery. In addition, without knowing it, David subconsciously created a new personality, The Fiend.

In the final issue of X-Men : Legacy, Legion, reaching the full extent of his powers, decided to erase himself from existence. For unknown reasons (perhaps elements of his own psyche working against him), Legion's attempt to erase himself from existence failed.

In a desperate attempt to save himself, David sought out the help of renowned young psychotherapist Hannah Jones to delve into his fractured mind and fight back this dark personality. While Jones was ultimately able to help Legion defeat Trauma, she remained trapped in David's psyche (her body in a vegetative coma).

To thank Jones, Legion placed her psyche into a dream state/alternate reality where she achieved her biggest goals. As the X-Men race around the globe to fight the temporal anomalies that have been springing up and to corral the hundreds of Maddox duplicates wreaking havoc, Legion arrives at the X-Mansion, seemingly in control of his powers and psyche.

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While the young X-Men try to ascertain what he wants, elsewhere Jean Grey and Locke team up to psychically purge whatever force is controlling the army of Maddox duplicates. Finding the prime Maddox imprisoned below the area where the army of duplicates is congregating, he explains that Legion imprisoned him and implanted his numerous personalities and powers across the hundreds of duplicates.

However, with his control broken, Legion goes berserk in the mansion, attacking the young X-Men and ranting about a vision of the future. The rest of the X-Men arrive to help but Legion single-handedly takes on the whole team until he and Jean Grey go head-to-head.

Fundamentally, he has the ability to alter reality and time on a cosmic scale at will, but due to his multiple personalities, in practice his abilities vary depending on the dominant personality: each alter has different powers enabled by David's subconscious manipulation of reality. Other prominent alters include Jack Wayne (telekinetic) and Hindi (psychokinetic).

Legion has over a thousand different personalities (the exact number is unknown), and his mind can create additional alters in response to external or internal events. Since the abilities of his personalities stem from his subconscious alteration of reality, Legion is theoretically capable of manifesting any power he can imagine.

In two instances David has manifested the full extent of his ability to alter time and reality: in the first, he wiped the Elder Gods from existence and reset the universe to a state before the Elder Gods first appeared on Earth, and in the other he observed the entirety of spacetime and mended damage his personalities had done to it. Legion can absorb other people's psyches into his mind, either intentionally or, if he is next to them when they die, unintentionally.

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Conversely, in several instances Legion has had personalities manifest and act separately from him (or even against him) in the physical world; in most instances Legion has ultimately reabsorbed these personalities back into himself. Presumably, both his absorption of other psyches and the physical manifestations of his own personalities are enabled by Legion's underlying ability to alter reality/time at will.

This personality was often quite dangerous and would not hesitate to hurt or kill others if it would allow him to remain independent/free from David's control. Eventually, Jack Wayne was subsumed by a different, malevolent Legion personality, Lord Trauma.

David considers this manipulative personality his most dangerous, because it is clever, cruel, and extremely ambitious. Legion, using the power of his Chain personality, managed to trick and reabsorb Styx.

Absence, an alien / demon creature with its eyes sewn shut who claims to have traveled through different realities and who can siphon off heat and love. Bleeding Image, a living voodoo doll who can redirect and amplify the pain from any injury he inflicts on himself onto his victims.

This malicious personality was able to become independent of David, but he was eventually found and stated to have been destroyed by Magneto. Chain, effectively a human virus who turns anyone he touches into a copy of himself with a new weapon.

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Based on its name and appearance, it can be assumed that it can manipulate time in some way. The Delusional, a train engineer with a billow stack for a head who uses the smoke that he exudes to create illusions so convincing that they fool even powerful telepaths such as Emma Frost.

He manifested outside of Legion to help him at one point, and eventually was one of the personalities that volunteered to meld together to form Gestalt. Endgame, huge and aggressive armor that instantly manifests the perfect counter to any attack executed against it (for example, becoming intangible, manifesting super strength, transmuting its material from metal to wood to defeat Magneto, etc.).

The Fiend/”Charles Xavier”, a dangerous personality David created following the mental shock of the death of his father, Professor X. The Fiend manifests as either a yellow goblin -like creature or in the guise of Professor X; it has significant psychic abilities, including precognition and possession, and can kill other Legion personalities in Legion's mind, absorbing their power.

Eventually, the Fiend became independent of David and tried to help him retain more control of himself. Legion created Gestalt to successfully repel an attack on his mind.

Hugh Davidson, a stereotypical Brewster with a long prehensile tongue. Hypnobloke, a gentleman with flashing swirls for eyes who wear a top hat and carries a pocket watch.

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Joe Fury, an angry young man who can generate flame and other types of energy, and whom David struggles to repress. Kirby the Radar, a demonic creature that can fly and generate electricity.

Ksenia Nadella Panos, a Muscovite heiress, discus-throwing champion, caviar exporter, and torturer of puppies. Size the Conduit, an android with the ability of far-field, concentrated wireless energy transfer (or WET).

Max Kelvin, a crotchety old man whose eyes protrude when he uses his powers of plasma tic flame generation. Moira Across/X, a mother figure created by David's mind to protect his minds cape from tampering.

Mycolojester, a plant -like entity with the attire of a jester, who can emit toxic spores from his skin. These spores act as a powerful nerve gas, but their effects can be dissipated by water.

Non-Newtonian Annie, a skinny purple woman dressed in pink clothes and cloaked in a “zero-tau null skin” that does not conform to the law of conservation of energy (e.g., kinetic energy that hits it is immediately amplified and reflected directly back on its source). Origami st, one of the most powerful personalities in David's mind, is a reality warping sumo wrestler who can fold spacetime, allowing, among other things, instant teleportation of any object to any location.

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Protozoan Porter, a large green leech -like being who can teleport by disassembling himself into minuscule ameboid-like parts that reassemble after reaching his destination. Pupates Jr., a small cherub -like demon who flies and can vomit an acidic substance.

Specs, a nervous young man with large glasses who can see through solid objects. Tami Hear, a nightclub singer who is a friend and companion to David; she appears to have a master knowledge of David's minds cape, which among other things allows her to manifest in the real world.

Tyrannic the Hominoid, a small and hapless Cthulhu -like creature with telepathic powers. Tyrannic was the first personality to volunteer to help David by melding to create Gestalt.

The Weaver, probably Legion's most powerful splinter personality, a large arachnid creature whose massive limbs are connected to a main body wreathed in bright light. When David and the Weaver united, he could observe and alter all time and space at will; David, aware of the extent and implications of this godlike power, attempted to unmake himself by erasing his own birth.

For unknown reasons his attempt failed (it may have been undermined by other aspects of David's psyche), in the process creating the Lord Trauma personality. The White Witch Doctor, a murderous white man dressed as a witch doctor who killed Marci Sabot and absorbed her psyche into Legion, creating the Marci Sabot personality.

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Mari Zap, a young punk woman with short, spiked hair who can manipulate electricity. Bar, a personality that likes to call himself “the Airstrike” and has the power to levitate himself.

Legion's name is derived from a passage in the Christian Bible (found in Mark 5 and Luke 8). His mother is Moira MacTaggert and his father is Charles Xavier.

He possesses Proteus' reality warping power and is named David Xavier. He escapes his mother's facility, looking for his father, and murders hundreds to discredit him.

In the Age of X reality, Legion leads the Force Warriors, a select group of telekinetic who rebuild the “Force Walls” (telekinetic shields that protect Fortress X) on a daily basis to protect mutants from human attacks. It is ultimately revealed that the Age of X reality was unconsciously created by Legion himself.

Nemesis regarding the latter's containment and deletion of Legion's other personalities in an effort to stabilize him. Nemesis claimed that everything was going according to his plan, Professor X was unconvinced and entered Legion's mind.

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There he found the other personalities dead and their rotting corpses left in their containment units. To overcome Professor X on the psychic plane, this personality took on the face of Moira MacTaggart and claimed that it would make a world where Legion could be happy.

The 'Moira' personality then reshaped Utopia into Fortress X and inserted itself as Moira and the supercomputer X. When finally confronted about its actions, the personality made the Force walls fall, allowing the human armies to attack.

'Moira' announced her intention to destroy the 616 universe as well as the Age of X and to create a new safe place for David to live happily forever. Instead, David absorbed her and reverted the Fortress X to the normal reality, with a few modifications.

Live action Legion, a live-action television series, premiered on FX in 2017. Produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Marvel Television, the series takes place in a warped reality (depicted as perceived by the titular character) and runs “parallel” to the X-Men film universe, with further connections to take place in season two.

In February 2016, Dan Stevens was cast as the eponymous lead character. In the series premiere, David is captured from the Clockworks mental facility, where he has been since a suicide attempt, by an anti-mutant government unit known as Division 3 which wants to harness David's abilities for themselves.

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David is rescued by a team of rogue mutants and taken to the “Summer land” training facility, where he develops a romantic relationship with body-swapping mutant Sydney “Syd” Barrett (Rachel Keller). In “Chapter 7”, David learns that his biological father is a powerful psychic mutant whose nemesis the Shadow King has lived in David's mind like a mental parasite since he was a little boy.

In the episode “Chapter 8”, Shadow King is able to leap from David's body and ends up possessing the body of fellow psychic mutant Oliver Bird (Jermaine Clement), and promptly drives away from Summer land. In the episode's coda, a sphere-like drone traps David inside it and absconds with him.

In the second season, David is found by his friends, and it is revealed that the drone was sent by Syd from the future. He also begins to pursue the Shadow King during Summer land's alliance with Division 3, but learns that he must work with him due to a plague in the future.

In the last couple episodes of season 2, the more psychopathic nature of David is explored, and he is revealed as a villain. Showrunner Noah Hawley later revealed that he has always looked at David as a villain.

The episode “Chapter 18”, features a prologue of sorts depicting the David Haller of Earth-616 (also portrayed by Dan Stevens) viewing the events of the show from a crystal ball. Luke Koestler portrays a young David Haller, later reprising his role (credited as “Cereal Kid”) in Deadpool 2.

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In the third season, David starts a hippie like commune while also trying to evade Division 3, now composed of his former allies. He recruits a mutant named Jay, nicknamed Switch, who has the ability to travel through time.

He tries to use her ability to travel back and warn his parents, Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller, but only succeeds in driving his mother back into a catatonic state. David does finally manage to go back in time and confronts his father face to face with the intent to go after and kill Small Farouk for ruining his life.

Instead, David is stopped by the present day Farouk and Charles who make a truce with him and the past Farouk, thus preventing the end of the world, as previously predicted. A new timeline is created with David realizing that a new version of himself and his friends will be made.

Animation Legion appears in the X-Men : Evolution episode “Sins of the Son” voiced by Kyle Sabine. Legion's backstory remains mostly unchanged, although David Haller is a fairly normal blonde teenager with no visible mutant powers.

The mechanism behind this ability is never fully explained, although it is possible that David is using strong psionic abilities to alter people's perception of his appearance rather than actually changing as Mastermind had done when first trying to avoid being discovered. As David has no obvious powers of his own, Lucas possesses telepathic and telekinetic powers, as well as pyrokinetics while Ian, the third personality, is a young mute boy who is also a psychokinetic.

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It was never explained what Lucas's goals were after this, as the show has stopped production before his storyline could be further explored. It should also be mentioned that one of the main antagonists of the series named Take Safari (voiced by At sushi Abe in the Japanese version and by Steve Stanley in the English Dub) is the son of Professor X and Yew Safari (a scientist in mutant research).

He attended his mother's school for mutants where he was a classmate of Hispano Chili and an incident with Take being picked on by the other children resulted in a fire that burned the nearby neighborhood and had included a small burn on Hispano's hand. Mastermind planned to use a near-comatose Take to warp reality so that the mutants can rule the world.

Take's powers go out of control enough for him to kill Mastermind and for the entire facility he was in to collapse as he emerges as a colossal energy being. Professor X then prepares to destroy Take's mind and kill him, fully intending to die along with his son.

Jean's presence manages to revive the X-Men and give them courage to fight on against. Her feelings cause her armor to generate a brilliant light, reaching Take and bringing him back to his senses.

' X-Men Marvel TV Dramas Set: FX Orders Legion Pilot, Fox Developing 'Hellfire “. “Simon Kin berg Talks Star Wars Canon, Teases FX's 'Very Different' X-Men Series Legion “.

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