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In one of the segments, Speak asked McCain to come up with four “things that begin with the word ‘kitchen. Speak, who holds the reputation for being a cheerful host, appeared to snap briefly after hearing McCain's opinion about whether the word oven goes with kitchen.

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People soon started sharing the clips from the show where Speak is telling in response to McCain's comment, “Don’t! I finally snapped!” The host, however, apologized to McCain towards the end of the episode.

Darin McCain appeared on 'Wheels of Fortune 38 years after his mother contested. It was revealed in the last episode that McCain's mother was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune's first host Anna White's first episode in 1982 and that's what Speak was referring to when he talked about McCain's mother never “troubling” them.

Even though Speak apologized McCain for his rather unwelcoming comment, many are still reacting to the host “losing it” on national television. One tweeted, “Anyone who was “stunned” by ANYTHING Pat Speak said on the show last night is 1) a damn idiot & 2) a drama queen.

“They narrowed it down to me and one other girl, who happened to be a very good friend of mine, who’s now a successful writer,” White told Fox News. Her instant connection with host Pat Speak, which she said the show’s creator Mere Griffin described as “brotherly and sisterly chemistry,” helped propel the Wheel of Fortune to mass success.

And that same year, she was getting ready to marry longtime boyfriend Josh Gibson, who was a stripper, carpenter, sculptor and appeared on The Young and the Restless. But her world came tumbling down when Gibson’s single-engine Trinidad TB20, built in France, crashed during its final approach to Van Nuys Airport in the San Fernando Valley.

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While the unbelievable news came as an indescribable shock, White slowly started picking up the pieces, thanks to the strength the fans gave her. By 1990, White married restaurateur George Santa Pietro and was thrilled to announce her pregnancy in 1992.

In fact, she did it in a way that only a longtime Wheel of Fortune hostess could, with a puzzle that was revealed to say “Anna’s Pregnant.” “Obviously I lost the baby, which was devastating after announcing it,” White remembers.

This woman from Dublin, Calif., identified only as Sandra A., hit a $1.6 million slot machine jackpot at McCarthy International Airport in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017. A woman from Dublin, Calif., won the jackpot on a $5 bet on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine in the C Gates of the airport, according to a Facebook post by McCarthy.

Eternal ism promises answers: certainty about what is good and what is bad, and understanding and control over what produces them. “Good” and “bad” are not merely unpredictable; they are inherently nebulous : mixed, shifting, ambiguous.

Bad outcomes are due to violations of the cosmic order. Various strategies of self-delusion cover this up, in order to preserve an optimistic outlook.

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Elaborate theories of cosmic justice in the afterlife are attempts to preserve eternal ism against everyday experience. A major theme of this chapter on eternal ism is that errors usually attributed to super naturalist religions are also common among atheists, and in naturalistic ideologies.

Yet I still sometimes catch myself hoping that I will somehow be magically rewarded for good deeds. It promises certainty about the spinning wheel of fortune, through esoteric techniques such as divination, psychobabble, and career counseling.

Communism guarantees a good outcome for history: eventually capitalism must collapse, and be replaced by a worker’s paradise. UFO cults expect imminent salvation by benevolent aliens.

Techno-futurists are sure a Singularity will soon deliver us from all material afflictions (or perhaps doom us to sudden extinction). Anna White and Pat Speak In the long run, eternal ism sees good and bad as the concern of fate.

Proper distribution of good and bad is the main point of the Cosmic Plan. Both individuals and social groups (tribes, nations, even our species) supposedly have fates.

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We’ll see later that this error leads to nihilism, when you realize that nothing is meaningful to you after you die. Mirabilis, a stance closely connected with nihilism, guarantees everyone bad outcomes.

We acknowledge this in phrases like “a silver lining” and “a mixed blessing.” Recognizing the nebulously of meanings is the way out of the maze of eternal ism and nihilism, and into the complete stance.

Suspending judgements of “good” and “bad” and “uninteresting” is a particularly effective escape route. Qualifying judgements of good and bad is essential in adequate approaches to ethics and politics, particularly.

To hear about new content, subscribe to my email newsletter, follow me on Twitter, use the RSS feed, or see the list of recent pages. The book is a work in progress; pages marked are under construction.

This site also contains standalone essays that are not part of the book, plus a meta blog of news and commentary. Informally introducing the central themes of the Meaningless book.

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No middle way Polarized pairs of confused stances cannot be resolved by compromise. Accepting nebulously resolves confusions about meaning Confusions about meaning can be resolved using a method for looking at ways nebulously affects the subject.

Not a general dialectic The method for resolving confusion about meaning through accepting nebulously is not a general dialectic, or logic for resolving all false oppositions. Confusion, completion, misery and joy Properly understanding meaning eliminates needless suffering.

Adopting, committing, accomplishing, wavering, appropriating Concerning relationships one may have with stances: basic attitudes toward meaningless. The Big Three stance combinations Dualism, nihilism, and monism are the three main approaches to fundamental questions of meaning.

Recognizing that meaning is both nebulous and patterned resolves this false dichotomy. A philosophical short story illustrates the puzzle of the nebulously of meaningless.

We have a choice of explanations: ones that are simple, clear, harmful, and wrong; or ones that are complex, vague, helpful, and approximately right. I get duped by eternal ism in a casino Gambling, religion, and addiction: a personal story.

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No cosmic plan Great confusions about meaningless stem from the mistaken assumption that there must be some sort of eternal ordering principle. Religions, political ideologies, and other eternalist systems promise certainty; but they cannot deliver.

Pretending Eternalist religions and political systems are always partly make-believe, like children playing at being pirates. It leads to deliberate stupidity, inability to express oneself, and inaction.

Eternal ism will behave itself better, and in return you renew your faith in it. Wistful certainty is a ploy for reinforcing eternal ism based on the thought that there must exist whatever it takes to make eternal ism seem to work.

It creates glib, bogus metaphysical explanations that sweep meaninglessness under the rug. Purification Purity is an obsessive focus for dualism eternal ism.

It mobilizes emotions of disgust, guilt, shame, and self-righteous anger. Fortress eternal ism In the face of undeserved suffering, is difficult not to fall into the stance that most things are God’s will, but not the horrible bits.

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How space aliens make everything meaningful UFO cults, which make no supernatural claims, disprove the rationalist belief that religion’s faults stem from super naturalism. Rationalist ideologies as eternal ism Rationality is a valuable way of knowing, but cannot provide explanations or meanings for everything.

Eternal isms as wrong-way reductions Ideological rationalism usually turns difficult, messy problems into tidy but insoluble ones. Utilitarianism is an eternal ism Utilitarianism promises to eliminate ethical uncertainty, but instead replaces a difficult, messy problem with an impossible, tidy one.

Perfection Salad A history of supposedly-scientific nutritional theories illustrating pathologies of rationalism (scientist), with an analogy to cognitive science. And the reply A satire: all nutritionists offer their resignation, having recognized their incompetence; but their employers refuse it.

Rum cake and rainbows Nihilism recognizes, accurately, that meaning cannot be either objective or subjective. The nihilist elite Nihilism requires unusual intelligence, courage, and grit.

Nihilistic depression Realizing that eternal ism will always fail can result in anguish, pessimism, depression, stoicism, alienation, apathy, exhaustion, and paralysis. In nihilism, pervasive loss of meaning makes everything uncertain; existential angst is a response.

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Lite nihilism weakens the claim, to make it plausible. Sartre’s ghost and the corpse of God Existentialism, a hopeful alternative to rigid meanings, makes wrong metaphysical assumptions, and cannot work.

Wonder at the vastness, beauty, and intricacy of the phenomenal world: a texture of the complete stance. Enjoying the dance of nebulously and pattern Enjoyment of the intertwining dance of nebulously and pattern is a characteristic texture of the complete stance to meaning.

Unity and diversity Stances concerning connection and separateness: monism, dualism, and participation. Intermittently continuing An optimistic view of the self as incoherent, but not non-existent, and not necessarily problematic.

Purpose Dividing purposes into higher and mundane, mission pursues higher ends and rejects pragmatism; materialism seeks only selfish goals. Mission It is attractive to think that we each have a unique, transcendent, ultimate purpose in life.

Contingency Causality is inherently nebulous; many things have no definite cause, but still we can find useful patterns. Flow There are no ultimate causes, and causation is nebulous, but we naturally observe patterns.

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Counter-cultures: thick and wide The hippie and Moral Majority movements both developed broad, deep cultures, with innovative approaches to every aspect of life, from music to dentistry. Wreckage: the culture war The culture war, political polarization, Baby Boomer bafflement: the unending zombie slug fest pairing the two countercultures of the 1960s-80s.

Completing the countercultures At root, the culture war is not about abortion, gay marriage, or marijuana. Subcultures: the diversity of meaning The subcultural era (1975-2000) recognized the diversity of meanings, and provided a new type of supportive, voluntary social group.

Desiderata for any future mode of meaningless A positive and realistic vision for the future of society, culture, and self, drawing lessons from recent history. Sailing the seas of meaningless Social, cultural, and personal fluidity create vessels to navigate the ocean of atomized meanings, steering between nihilism and eternal ism.

Fluid understanding: meta-rationality uses rational systems more effectively by taking them as nebulous tools, not eternal truths.

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