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Word lists shared by our community of dictionary fans n. The western United States during the period of its settlement, especially with reference to its lawlessness.

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The western United States during the 19th-century era of settlement, commonly believed to be lawless and unruly. A place or situation in which disorderly behavior prevails, especially due to a lack of regulatory oversight or an inadequate legal system.

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The back cover photo of the album featured West wearing her infamous Spandex pants. The front and back photos were by renowned Hollywood photographer Harry Landon who subsequently shot the album covers for all of West's 1981-84 albums on Liberty Records.

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The government's plans pervert the planning process and could make England's landscape a wild west for whatever cowboy wants to start drilling and digging up our countryside. We have kind of defined the boundaries, but within that we have allowed for a lot of flexibility.

We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe. If by any chance you spot an inappropriate image within your search results please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. She still puts her heart into her songs, including the one Elton John sings on.

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In principle, the given situation in Gaza is that 1.35 million people live in a restricted area, which is expected to become more crowded in the near future. In Israel, defense officials have talked about a wildest scenario following pullout, regarding property belonging to settlers and the possibility of Hamas or other armed factions gaining control of the area.

Marshall Virgil Earp, having deputized his brothers Wyatt and Morgan and his pal Doc Holiday, is having a gun control problem. The laws of Tombstone at the time required visitors, upon entering town to disarm, either at a hotel or a lawman's office.

(Residents of many famed cattle towns, such as Dodge City, Abilene, and Deadwood, had similar restrictions.) But these cowboys had no intention of doing so as they strolled around town with Colt revolvers and Winchester rifles in plain sight.

Earlier on this fateful day, Virgil had disarmed one cowboy forcefully, while Wyatt confronted another and county sheriff Johnny Behan failed to persuade two more to turn in their firearms. When the Earp's and Holiday met the cowboys on Fremont Street in the early afternoon, Virgil once again called on them to disarm.

According to Stephen Aron, a professor of history at UCLA, the first law passed was one prohibiting the carry of guns in town, likely by civic leaders and influential merchants who wanted people to move there, invest their time and resources, and bring their families. Laws regulating ownership and carry of firearms, apart from the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment, were passed at a local level rather than by Congress.

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“Most were adopted by municipal governments exercising self-control and self-determination.” Carrying any kind of weapon, guns or knives, was not allowed other than outside town borders and inside the home. The practice was started in Southern states, which were among the first to enact laws against concealed carry of guns and knives, in the early 1800s.

“Having a firearm to protect yourself in the lawless wilderness from wild animals, hostile native tribes, and outlaws was a wise idea. Published in 1903, Andy Adams’s Log of a Cowboy, a “slightly fictionalized” account of the author’s life on the cattle trails of the 1880s, was a refutation against the myth-making dime store novels of the day.

… Most cowboys think it's an infringement on their rights to give up shooting in town, and if it is, it stands, for your six-shooters are no match for Winchesters and buckshot; and Dodge's officers are as game a set of men as ever faced danger.” Although barely legible in this photo, the top sign to the right reads “Carrying of Fire Arms Strictly Prohibited” (Kansas Historical Society)Aron agrees that these debates rarely went on, and if they did, there's scant evidence of it today.

He found a combined 45 murders from 1870-1885 in Kansas' five largest cattle towns by the 1880 census: Wichita (population: 4,911), Abilene (2,360) Caldwell (1,005), Ellsworth (929), and Dodge City (996). The worst years were Ellsworth, 1873, and Dodge City, 1876, with five killings each; because of their small populations, their FBI homicide rates would be high.

Another historian, Rick Sherman, found Tombstone's (1880 pop: 3,423) most violent year was 1881, in which also only five people were killed; three were the cowboys shot by Earp's men at the OK Corral. The settlements that came closest to unchecked carry were the railroad and mining boom towns that tended to lack effective law enforcement, a functioning judicial system, and firearm law, says Aron, and it reflected in higher levels of violence.

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“The smoke of battle almost never clears away completely in Bodies,” wrote a young Mark Twain on assignment for the Virginia City Territorial Enterprise. As the contemporary paper Sacramento Union called it a “shooter's town,” Bodies by 1880 had acquired a national infamy.

“These Wildest towns, as they developed and became more civilized and larger, there was an effort to promote their Wildest heritage very aggressively, and that became the identity of the town,” says Winkler, “but that identity was based on a false understanding of what the past was like, and wasn't a real assessment of what places like Tombstone were like in the 1880s.” You ride into town, sliding down off your horse, dust rising from your footfalls, spurs jingling at your heels.

We're talking the real deal, not Donna's Wildest Town amusement park outside of Chicago, Illinois (although it is pretty cool you get to pan for gold at the Sweet Phyllis mine). Public Domain What it's like now: Watch daily Wildest Show shootouts on Main Street or re-enactments of Wild Bill Hickok's slaying.

What it was like back then: Cripple Creek was flooded with prospectors looking to strike it rich and burning down pretty much everything in the process. Public Domain What it's like now: Cripple Creek, which is roughly 100 miles from Denver, has legalized gambling and is home to casinos in many of the town's historic buildings.

What it was like back then: The mines at Tombstone pumped out somewhere around $50 million of silver bullion in a little more than 10 years at the end of the 19th century. The Earp brothers tried to keep the drinking, prostitution, gambling and carousing at bay.

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If you've ever had to “get out of Dodge,” you may understand what this wildest of Wildest towns was like back when Wyatt Earp and Bat Master son were patrolling the streets. What it was like back then: Dodge City served as a rail head for longhorns coming up from Texas to be put on a trail and shipped west.

It also boasted an alarmingly high number of gunfighters, brothels, and all other manner or Wildest shenanigans. Public Domain What it's like now: Dodge City's economy is centered around meatpacking, not too far from its Queen of the Cow towns origins.

Though there is a healthy historic district and tourism trade, the number of brothers and gunfights has plummeted. Public Domain What it's like now: Santa Fe has preserved much of its unique cultural heritage and is a UNESCO Creative City, earning the award for its support of the arts.

It is a popular tourist destination and consistently ranks as being one of the U.S.'s best places to live. Flickr/Kevin Armstrong You might not have heard of Virginia City, Nevada before or consider it an important Old West town.

But the single richest deposit of silver and gold ever struck in the continental U.S. was found here in 1859. Even Samuel Clemens (we know him as Mark Twain) found his way to Virginia City.

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Though somewhat of a ghost town, it is nearly entirely devoted to tourism and preserves its historic character. TheConduqtor Sheridan, Wyoming lies smack dab in the middle of traditional Sioux and Crow hunting grounds on the Bloody Bozeman Trail.

The area was home to such legends as Red Cloud, Sitting Bull, and Crazy Horse. What it was like back then: General Custer was busy getting his entire regiment killed at the nearby Battle of Little Bighorn.

F.J. Bartholdi What it's like now: Sheridan is home to over 17,000 residents with 10 sites on the National Register of Historic Places. What it was like back then: The Barbary Coast, near Portsmouth Square, was a lawless shanty presided over by criminals and vigilante justice.

Ships of British convicts meant for the Australian penal colonies landed and set fire to San Francisco six times in four years to distract residents while they looted and pillages. Flickr/Greg Pounds What it's like now: Portsmouth Square is a pleasant plaza on the edge of Chinatown.

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