Micro Led Whizzers

Christina Perez
• Saturday, 27 November, 2021
• 7 min read

STAY COOL WITH SAFETY IN MIND Easy to click on Suitable for Mini or Maxi Micro (120 mm wheels) Not suitable for Maxi Pro fat wheels Bright white LED lights, 5 per wheel Set for 2 front wheels No batteries needed! These MicroLED Wheel Whizzes are a fun and safe accessory for your Mini or Maxi Micro scooter.

micro wheel led whizzers monsters eenhoorn step
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INSTRUCTIONS: Make sure that the hexagonal shaped pin is placed in the hexagonal shaped hole in the center of the wheel bolt. Then press the Wheel whizzed on to the wheel and double-checked if it is clicked in to all the spokes.

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Micro Scooter Unicorn LED Wheel Whizzes. Personalized YOUR SCOOTERS WITH OUR RANGE OF ACCESSORIES MICRO HELMETS are designed with safety and comfort as priority and are made of high quality, thick layer of foam padding with adjustable chin-strap.

MICRO HONKER GRIPS Personalize the look and sound of your Mini or Maxi with the new Micro Honker that acts as a colorful handlebar grip and a scooter horn all in one. Push the black cylinder (the noisemaker) all the way into one end of the handlebar Add a few drops of water to the inside of the new “speaker” grip and twist it on to the same end as the noisemaker.

(Micro Bags) ( ) - 3 3 : (Blue Rucksack) (Pink Purse) (Pirate Rucksack)Price : 700 baht Sale: 350 baht Each bottle holder comes with a special mounting clip which fits on to all Micro Scooters.

BAG-IN-BAG CARRIER This lightweight, strong and durable scooter carrier bag makes keeping and/or transporting your micro scooter very easy. The carrier bag folds up into a pouch which can be hung on the scooter handle.

whizzers rocket micro wheel
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Now your child can bring along a friend with them on scooting adventures ! MICRO WINDMILL A beautifully designed, durable scooter accessory.

Make your scooter stand out from the crowd with this whimsical windmill. Bundles of fun for riders of Mini, Maxi and Sprite scooters.

(Micro Windmill) : Price : 450 baht (sold out) MICRO BIGHTS These LED lights are cool gadgets to accessorized scooters.

• For any age Bright LED white bulbs.• 3 setting, constant, flash and rapid flash Water-resistant flexible silicon body Quick-release feature They easily clip onto a Mini Micro scooters.

Resupply hand-pics LEDs from Cree, Niche, Seoul, Lux eon and more. This guarantees our customers only receive the most bright and vibrant colors.

(Source: www.georgesbikeshop.com.au)

Resupply is an authorized distributor of Mean Well LED power supplies, and other industry leading electronic manufacturers, like: Phishing, Magnitude and more. Click now to view our full-line of constant voltage LED power supplies.

A driver fixed current and varying voltage help to maximize efficiency and increase the lifetime of an LED. Click now to view DC and AC constant current LED drivers.

No matter your skill level or project, we have the perfect product and guarantee satisfaction. Meet our most popular LED strip light; preferred for its 'no hassle' installation and extra long runs.

Resupply is serving the needs of developers exploring the utility of UVC for sterilization. Resupply specifies high CRY 5050 LEDs, strong 3M tape and offers custom lengths, easy-to-use accessories, helpful guides and advanced product support.

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