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The symptoms include obsessive compulsive behavior, paranoia, multiple personality disorder, and in his case professing his love to Holly Short. Rather than a cure, this retrovirus was designed to kill aces, jokers, patents, and wild card carriers.

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Dr. Tachyon's original Trump virus was designed to turn wild carders back into NATO (a slang term for naturals), those who do not carry Adenovirus Lakisha in their system. Blood fire Blood Nation A virus that gestated in wolves two thousand years ago.

The virus can cause extreme mutation, for example the snake's tail present in the Khan's head scientist. It causes nightmares, fever, chills, runny nose, encephalitis (brain swelling), and herpes -like boils in the mouth and genitals, followed by a short period of aggression and autocannibalism preceding death.

It is deadly because as the body fights off the disease, it mutates into different strains of influenza, making immunity next to impossible. Chisel Dray Prescott series by Kenneth Bummer Victims suffer premature extreme aging.

Its creator, Volt Rail Than, is captured by Republic Commandos before her research is complete, however. In later books in the series, it is revealed (though not to any of the main characters, but to the reader through both Palatine's and Dr. Than's private journals), Chancellor Palatine secretly chooses not to completely destroy all evidence or research of the virus, but rather opts to hold onto it as a back-up plan, should the clone army ever be turned against him.

Collins' Syndrome The Legend of Death walker by David Smell A mutating disease that often starts with pain and sensitivity in the victims nipples, then forms a temporary tumor in the brain as it feeds upon the genetic material of the brain cells, sapping away the victims critical thinking skills and intelligence, once it reaches its critical density, the tumor disbands into the bloodstream, the virus going into a form of hibernation, leaving its victim in a state of near absolute uselessness. Once the virus detects that it has entered a new host due to differences in protein markers of the victims cells, the process begins again.

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Gray brittle death The Color Out of Space by H. P. Lovecraft A disease caused by infection with an alien entity called The color by characters in the story, the disease affects anything living, including plants, insects, livestock, wild animals, and humans. Symptoms in plants include either stunting or growing abnormally large with much tasteless fruit and growing abnormally-shaped flowers and leaves followed by glowing in the dark with an indescribable color and finally losing their leaves and crumbling to gray dust.

In humans, the disease causes its victims to slowly go insane and see things that are not there, talk incoherently, suffer memory loss followed by walking on all fours. The victim then begins glowing in the dark with an indescribable color and becoming increasingly weak and thin before crumbling to gray dust.

Corpses is actually the name of a genus of flowering plants native to North, Central, and South America. Curse of the Warm bloods The Underhand Chronicles by Suzanne Collins A disease created by Doctor Never in the city of Regalia.

Narcosis For by John Norman Narcosis is a virulent, horrible, wasting disease and is similar in many ways to leprosy. Death Stench Go by June Ito A virus designed by the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII, it was designed to be paired up with mechanical walking machines to carry infected hosts further towards enemies to be sickened.

Desolate Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card A quasi-conscious self-modifying organism capable of infecting any form of life. In the context of the book, this refers to the Desolate virus's effects: it breaks the link of the DNA double helix (angling it) and induces mutations.

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It is characterized by increasingly nonsensical speech and writing patterns and an obsessive insistence on trying to repeat previous statements out of context. However, in addition to leaving the victim's skin pockmarked, dragon pox causes a lasting greenish tinge.

Simpler cases present with a green-and-purple rash between the toes and sparks coming out of the nostrils when the patient sneezes. Guild of Gorse moor developed a cure for dragon pox, but the disease has not been completely eradicated, as is evidenced by the fact that it is still treated by the Magical Bugs ward at St. Mango's Hospital.

Dry ditch Fever Salamandastron by Brian Jacques A deadly disease causing weakness, hot flashes, chills, and dizziness. It is similar to mad cow disease and was the result of feeding ground-up sheep to carnivorous dinosaurs.

In order to combat DX, Inge scientists released animals into the wild of Islam Lorna. Ian Malcolm said at the end of the novel that, because of the imbalance of carnivores and herbivores due to DX, the dinosaurs were doomed to die out.

It was released by the President of the United States of America to start the world over, killing almost all adults within 2 weeks. The cure will only be discovered when cowards find courage and rain falls over all Bizarre.

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The disease is contracted by touch and slowly turns the skin (small patches in children and the entire body in adults) of the victim to into a gray, stone-like form. Shanghai Disease, or Shanghai You Japanese, Korean, and Chinese pop band, anime, and manga fandoms Shanghai Disease ( (Japanese); (Korean); (Chinese)) is a fictional disease where the victim of unrequited or one-sided love begins to vomit or cough up the petals and flowers of a flowering plant growing in their lungs, which will eventually grow large enough to render breathing impossible if left untreated.

In some literature other symptoms can be fever, uncontrollable shaking, loss of appetite, low body temperature, and hallucinations. Housman Virus DC One Million Created by the living star Polaris, this plague was caused by nanomachines.

Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration (IRAN) The Darkest Minds Trilogy by Alexandra Bracken Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration (IRAN), also known as Ever hart's disease after its first victim, is a fatal disease affecting children between the ages 8-14. In 98% of the cases, the disease will cause the victim to lose all motor and cognitive skills.

It was released by the terrorist group the Consortium to kill off half of humanity and reproduce with only a third of ten individuals who were immune. Originally, its creator, Bertrand Tourist, planned to have it as a waterborne virus, but changed it to airborne because it could infect faster.

Konebogetvirus The Next Big One by Derek DES Ages A long- latency man made virus which since its creation has mutated multiple times. A notable symptom is the alteration of an infected person's behavior to increase the likelihood of transmission to others, comparable to toxoplasmosis in mice.

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Legacy Virus Marvel Multiverse A disease that targets only mutants, causing genetic and biological degradation and eventual death; shortly before death, the virus effects will cause a violent, uncontrolled flare-up of the victim's superhuman abilities. Leukosis The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer Also known as the “Blue Fever”, a worldwide pandemic that is compared to the plague.

In the short-story anthology Planet kill, an updated strain goes after the soul, turning the population into zombies, created by a Tech priest inhabited by a daemonic Unclean One. This disease has killed many previous empresses, and is currently a threat to Boa Hancock, who pursues Monkey D. Buffy to avoid the symptoms.

Maternal Death Syndrome (MDS) Testament of Jessie Lamb by Jane Rogers The Testament of Jessie Lamb by Jane Rogers Latent in everyone and triggered upon pregnancy, it causes rapid progressive brain degeneration and is invariably fatal to both mother and child. Designed for controlled delivery, it is turned into a plague by a curious retriever's cutting the vessel with a hacksaw.

Pale Mare (also known as the bloody flux) A Song of Ice and Fire This is a cholera-like disease transmitted through water. This plague, originally coming from the northern Indian kingdoms in La Guajira (Colombia), is identified by the symptoms of wide-open, glowing eyes like those of a cat, and the impossibility of sleeping.

Those infected (in the novel consisting of the entire town of Macon do) feel no tiredness or sleepiness whatsoever and hence can work all day and night. However, as time advances, those infected begin to lose all their memories and knowledge of the world ; ultimately leaving them in a state in which they have forgotten the names and uses of all things and their own identities.

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The plague is generally seen as one of the most prominent demonstrations of magical realism in García Márquez's literary works. The exact unleashes are unknown, but are implied to be a terrorist group due to numerous theories in the novel.

When an outbreak occurred, the plague sirens sounded to signal all citizens to return to their homes, and the officers of the stopwatch to report to their designated stations around the city. Thwarted made this up to amuse Roald and the other friends, but he says his dad told him about the disease, which is apparently contracted from eating licorice bootlaces.

Both adult and young aliens have a mouth consisting of a slit on the underside of the head that goes down the length of the worm. The virus attaches itself to a victim's DNA, enabling the host body to instinctively rewrite their own genetic code.

Typically, a host relies upon primitive instinct when affecting such a change, rendering them capable of shape shifting into a wide variety of forms (usually animals). Sakura victims suffer from one other noticeable side effect: their hair and skin turn permanently green in hue.

The host eventually loses their humanity and becomes violently hungry, seeking the salty blood of others. Meet involves personality disorders and dementia; series usually leads to blindness and other sensory loss, along with degeneration of muscle control.

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Severity of onset and the length of the course of the illness vary: major damage leads to non-viability in the womb (with a quarter of all children in the Valley being stillborn due to series); minor damage might not show up until old age and lead to death in a decade. Shiva Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy A genetically modified version of Ebola created to help a group of eco-terrorists to annihilate mankind.

The Sickness/Imperial bioweapons project I71A/Project: Blacking Death Troopers, Red Harvest A virus artificially created by the Sith Lord Darth Drear thousands of years ago in order to achieve immortality. Centuries later, Darth Scabrous successfully completed Drear's unfinished work, but accidentally modified it into a semi-sentient hive mind that creates zombies.

Thousands of years later, Darth Vader commissioned the Empire's bioweapons division to recreate the virus. Upon completion, the virus was loaded onto the Star Destroyer Vector for transport to a testing site.

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson A dangerous drug that is both a computer virus capable of infecting the brains of unwary hackers in the Met averse and a mind-altering virus distributed by a network of Pentecostal churches via its infrastructure and belief system. Solarium symptoms include dementia, paralysis in the extremities, and discoloration of the wound, which increase as the virus replicates itself.

Once Solarium has fully replicated, the victim awakes from the coma, with an unquenchable desire for human flesh. Space plague Alisa Selena books by KIR Bulychov A lethal, extremely contagious virus responsible for destroying numerous inhabited planets.

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Difficult to combat due to the virus being very good in mimicry, as well as capable of forming a hive mind that could direct its own mutations. Earth had narrowly averted destruction in the mid-21st Century thanks to the ship carrying two infected being quarantined on Pluto.

The only known cure, according to the portrait of a Healer in St. Mango's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, is to bind the liver of a toad around the victim's throat and stand nude in a barrel of eel's eyes under a full moon. Ron would later use this disease in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as an excuse as to why he was unable to return to Hogwarts, when in actuality he and his friends were out searching for Lord Voldemort's Hercules.

If the person infected has enough willpower and survives, they earn a stand ability that is a manifestation of their soul. As the flight ships are carried aloft by the rocks, this puts an end to business and trade, resulting in a brief societal collapse followed by a gradual rebuilding of society when the Edge's inhabitants become accustomed to life with Stone-sickness.

Some say that the sky pirate captain Cloud Wolf who perished in the Mother Storm somehow infected her and the Stone-sickness is a result of his pestilence. It is only at the end of the series that it is revealed the Gloamglozer created the disease, and it had been incubating inside the Stone Gardens ever since he fled the city of Sanctaphrax almost a century before the sickness.

(The girl in the story loves Lima beans, but won't admit it for fear of being “weird”.) Super-smallpox Storm breaker A genetically engineered version of the smallpox virus that Iraq made in the Gulf War.

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Implied in Snake head that Style acquired the virus (apparently the R-5) from SCORPIO, a SPECTRE-like criminal organization that sponsored his project. It wiped out a large percentage of humanity, along with the elves and several other species that had been secretly coexisting.

Other species unaffected by the virus, such as witches, vampires, and werewolves, soon equaled humanity's depleted numbers and began living openly. The symptoms that occur before the victim's clinical death, include fever, headache, fatigue, confusion, hallucinations and paralysis.

The disease leads to society's collapse and results in a world stricken by a zombie apocalypse. The transmission of TS-19 has been variable and inconsistent in the media: A person that dies of asphyxiation will become reanimated by the virus, implying an airborne capability, yet it does not affect living humans.

A pregnant woman that recently gives birth to a child will most likely succumb to the virus due to less-than-sanitary conditions and a weakened immune system. And walkers can transmit the virus through scratches and bites but not through blood and other bodily fluids making contact with a living person's skin.

Vampires I Am Legend by Richard Matheson A bacillus (rod-shaped) bacterium that causes photosensitivity, hysterical blindness near mirrors, over development of canine teeth, and production of a bulletproof adhesive. Can be treated, but not cured, with a pill containing a fusion inhibitor and dehydrated blood.

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The particle, which was named for its resemblance to the symbol of Venus and femininity, causes rapid mitosis and apparent cellular differentiation in its host. Wanderer's Folly The Night Parade by Ronald Mali An inexplicable virus with symptoms of delusions, hallucinations, paranoia, and ultimately death, which affects humans and birds and brings the world close to the brink of extinction while allowing insects to overpopulate.

Wells A product of biological warfare, the disease in its final stages causes victims to wander about in a zombielike daze; with civilization reduced to that of the Dark Ages the only effective response is to kill any infected before they can spread the contagion to others. Wildcard coccus A Certain Magical Index by Karma Karachi It is a highly virulent killer bacterium.

Simple organ transplants inevitably fail, due to the mechanisms by which the disease alters the lung tissue, slowly dissolving it into a thick white mucus, so that the patient drowns in body fluids even as the lungs themselves stop working. It has been theorized that the process is guided by the victim's own subconscious, influenced by the person's desires or fears.

In 90% of cases, the victim's body cannot assimilate the extreme changes, and the person dies horribly. The miraculous 1% of infected are changed for the better and become aces, gifted with superhuman physical or mental capabilities while still remaining human.

The Joker town Clinic only uses the trump virus as a last resort, in the most severe cases where the victim has nothing to lose. Infects fertile women of child-bearing age (including Dr. Tip tree herself), making them pregnant with a dinosaur.

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Contrary to most vampire diseases, hemoglophagia drastically shortens the lifespan of an infected individual to little over a decade. In actuality, there was no virus ; the government claimed the monster was spreading a disease just to save face.

ID-7 “Red Eye” Mayhem The virus infects neural pathways, removing all inhibition and moral integrity, resulting in people acting out their darkest impulses, which may include murder. However, the story involves a woman who secretly turns out to be pregnant and, as a result, holds the only hope of survival in her child who is immune to the epidemic.

Infected humans who did not die began exhibiting early symptoms of rabies and degenerated into a state driven by rage. A major symptom is that the adrenal glands are “permanently open”, giving victims increased strength, speed and agility but also a faster metabolism.

This results in increased body temperature, heart rate, and breathing speed, making those infected hyperventilate constantly. Pupils became permanently dilated and skin became hypersensitive to UV radiation, forcing infected hosts into a nocturnal life cycle.

Amanda virus Wolf Warrior 2 “Symptoms include the sudden onset fever, hallucinations, lesions, cold sweats. It is explained as a recently discovered condition, described by and named for Sir Trevor Washington, a character who also appears in the plot.

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The virus is stolen and is found in East Germany, and during an attempt to steal it back it is released accidentally after the plane carrying it crashes. Eventually wiping out all vertebrate life on Earth except for a grouping of Antarctic scientists and submariner's from various nations, the survivors set up a government council at the various research stations at the time of the devastating global pandemic and attempt to survive; however, the air worldwide is contaminated, making Antarctica the only safe place for the roughly 800 or so survivors.

Malignalitaloptereosis The Sword in the Stone A rare disease which causes the victim to break out in spots, followed by hot and cold flashes, then violent sneezing. Meningoencephalitis Virus One (MEV-1) Contagion A highly contagious and lethal paramyxovirus that infects both the lungs and the brain, causing coughing, fever and severe headache, progressing over the period of a few hours to seizures and ultimately death.

Methuselah Syndrome Blade Runner A genetic disease resembling program that causes faster aging. Montana Outbreak A deadly, virulent Ebola -like virus from the jungles of Zaire, which later infected a fictional California town within a few days.

Nerve Attenuation Syndrome (NAS) Johnny Mnemonic AKA “The Black Shakes,” Progressive seizure disorder prevalent in society due to the overabundance of technology and the use of cybernetics. Neurological Degeneration Syndrome, or NDS Solon A highly-contagious airborne virus, released into the atmosphere from the destruction of the Amazon rainforest causes quick and painful deaths.

The only way of controlling the virus is expensive, daily, painful injections of the drug Solon. A detective Christopher Lambert searches for the killer who murdered the scientist who has found a cure for NDS, potentially making Solon worthless.

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NRS and BT Demolition Man These are the names of two STD epidemics that occurred during the thirty-six years Spartan was incarcerated via cybernetics, and both were presumably just as bad as the HIV outbreak, both of which made sex, kissing, and even touching each other both illegal and greatly feared by the populace. The Panic The Last Days (Los ultimo Dias) The virus causes people to have extreme agoraphobia.

It is not clear in the film whether the virus was supposed to have been harvested from the wild (such as Ebola) and then grown as a weapon, or whether the laboratory first engineered it in some way. A local doctor of Indian (Native American) ancestry fights to find a cure for it.

Because of this extreme contagiousness and very short incubation time, a crowd of hundreds could be infected by one single individual in a manner of minutes. A graphic novel based on the films purports that Rage is a recombinant strain of Ebola, though its symptoms are similar to that of rabies.

The infection soon spread to eliminate the entire population of Britain save a few lucky individuals who managed to survive. Infected organisms die out in a few months, succumbing to starvation, since they do not actually eat their victims.

They also seem to drool blood constantly, due to the virus causing massive amounts of adrenaline to be pumped through the body, giving the infected heightened strength and endurance, to the point where they are able to completely overlook devastating injuries, such as loss of limbs. Rage Plague Brain dead A disease carried by Sumatran Rat-Monkeys, found only on Skull Island, that kills victims and then reanimates them as zombie -like creatures that desire human flesh.

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Red Death Osmosis Jones Thorax, the film's main antagonist, was a strain of this disease. This disease was thought up on the spot by Ace after he realizes that the people in the bar think poorly of Ray Finale.

ALZ-112, ALZ-113, “Simian Flu” Planet of the Apes reboot series A genetically engineered retrovirus that was created in Genesis Laboratories in San Francisco. The ALZ-112 increased intelligence in apes and cured humans but only for a temporary period because of their immune systems creating antibodies to fight the virus.

ALZ-113 was a stronger version of the drug, but it developed into a viral airborne and contact strain that wiped out most of the human race leaving only 1 in 500 immune to the virus. In humans, it developed symptoms including sneezing, headache, sore throat, fever, vomiting, red eyes, coughing and finally death.

SP-43 Derailed (2002) SP-43 is a modified form of smallpox (various) that has an extremely short incubation period. Its development is part of the backstory, which is not completely clear, but given the fact that it appears to have been stolen in Slovakia and is being transported to Munich by a NATO agent, it appears to have been developed by the Czechoslovak government or some other Eastern Bloc country during the Cold War.

St. Mary's V for Vendetta A biological weapon engineered and released by the Norse fire party as a means of clandestinely gaining control over their own country. The Genetic Opera A disease of unknown origin that killed roughly ten million people at the beginning of the 21st century in the Repo!-verse.

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Named for Lt. Reginald Barclay who first contracted the disease when he was administered the synthetic T-cell due to a genetic condition which when left on its own was inactive. Bendix Syndrome Star Trek: The Next Generation A degenerative neurological illness that occasionally afflicts some elderly Vulcan's.

Ambassador Park of Vulcan is diagnosed with this illness, so he preserves his memories through a mind-meld with Captain Picard. Park later dies from this illness while Picard is deep in Roman space in search of his friend's son, Spock.

After the disease has run its course it disappears, allowing those then reaching puberty to survive, although there is a constant threat of it returning. Bliss Virus Doctor Who : Gridlock Appeared around five billion years into the future on New Earth.

The world became addicted to it and, in Novice Have's words, “A virus mutated inside the compound and became airborne. Eradicated prior to the Clone Wars, it was recreated by the insane Separatist scientist Dr. No Hindi as a weapon against the Republic.

Symptoms include muscular weakness, cough, and fainting, and if not cured in time, the victim will die. Benefits Fukuyama In the Future Stock episode, “80's Guy” suffers from benefits and cryogenically freezes himself in order to sustain his life until a cure is found.

Chen-7 Doctor Who : The Girl Who Waited An airborne infectious disease that only infects species with two hearts. Circuits' symptoms include red nose, swollen feet, orange hair, extremely pale face, and sneezing handkerchiefs which make all look like a stereotypical clown.

After almost every Muppet catches it, guest star Roger Miller (who claims to have had it once) assures Kermit that it goes away by itself in a few days. The incubation period of the virus was initially 14 hours but decreased significantly as a result of a weaponized variant added.

Cosmic rust Transformers A disease which affects Cybertronians and possibly other mechanical lifeforms caused by a microorganism that feeds on metal. It disappears on its own, but can be quickly cured by consuming a flower sprouted from the Seeds of Truth.

Apple Bloom accidentally infected herself with Cutie Pox when she used a magic plant called Heart's Desire to create a potion that would give her a Cutie Mark; she confessed to stealing the Heart's Desire from Record in order to sprout the Seeds of Truth and gain the cure. Chronic Plague Transformers: Prime A virus developed by Megaton as a biological weapon.

Optimum Prime falls victim to the plague, and Bumblebee persuades Megaton to give him the formula, allowing Ratchet to develop a cure. Dave's Syndrome Black Books A condition which is known to affect Many, it is triggered by being exposed to a temperature of at least 88° F (31° C).

A rumored alternate cure is to soak the hands and feet in buckets of a substance called kyphotic acid, which can be found in lizard urine. The name of the disease does not come from the victims' state, who seem to be communing with something metaphysical, but rather, from their families who despair of trying to wake them.

Diminished Gluteal Syndrome (DGS) King of the Hill A fictional genetic disorder characterized by a person being born without buttocks, forcing them to sit on their tailbone and cause pain in their back. The disease has no cure or treatment, although fake silicone buttocks are able to relieve pain caused by sitting on the spine.

In the second stage, the victim's body heat will go up dramatically, followed by loss of movement in the legs and furious chills. Draft Plague Babylon 5 Destroys cells that produce neurotransmitters in the synaptic gap, thus inhibiting nerve signals from the brain to the rest of the body.

Without such signals from the brain, the organs lose their ability to function correctly, much like ALS in humans. Initial symptoms include dizziness, numbness & tingling in the extremities, sore throat, followed by progressively worsening ascending paralysis, euphoria, memory issues, then death.

Characterized by sparks coming from the Pokémon's cheeks, a red face, and uncontrolled bursts of electricity. Epidemic Red Dwarf An intelligent virus, originally devised as a smoking cure.

Epidemic steals the knowledge from every host it consumes, which has crafted it into an extremely smart, eccentric and deadly virus. Fried Chicken Flu (KFC virus) The Fried Chicken Flu (Boondocks) Actually salmonella, but initially believed to be something far worse, causing the collapse of several governments before the real cause is revealed.

Geodesic granitizes Look Around You A disease that attacks the central nervous system, fooling it into calcifying the bodily tissue, eventually turning the victim into a pile of rocks. Cyberbrain Sclerosis Ghost in the Shell: Stand-Alone Complex A disease characterized by a hardening of the brain tissues precipitated by the cauterization process.

Groat's Disease Curb Your Enthusiasm A neurological disorder presumed to have a high mortality rate through a slow, painful process. Rob Racer describes it affecting “kids and adults who have a tough time controlling their hyperactivity.

Induces extreme paranoia and aggression in the infected, causing them to strike out against anyone or anything in an increasingly maddening desire to destroy. The only curative is intense logic and wisdom, which presumably counters the extreme irrationality the disease causes in its victims.

First appearing during the Autobot-Decepticon wars (which necessitated the second resurrection of Optimum Prime), a relatively milder strain is seen again during the events of Beast Machines; Megaton triggers a pre-planted virus in Silver bolt, infecting him and the rest of the Maximal. Harvester Virus Star Trek: Deep Space Nine : Armageddon Game Described as a “anxiogenic weapon”, the Harvesters were developed by the T'Land and Keller from a small synthetic virus that was, itself, very lethal; the deadly and much feared weapon used during their centuries-long war killed by disrupting the victim's genetic structure, and had completely devastated the entire population of T'Land III.

Burma creates a cure for this virus so that Trunks can take it back in time to save Roku and stop the androids. Ms. Bitters also implied the disease was contagious, ordering ZIM to leave before it spread to the other Schoolchildren, although this seems unlikely.

Hinamizawa Syndrome When They Cry/When The Cicadas Cry/Hiroshi no Baku Moro NI A mental disease similar to schizophrenia. It is often referred to as “The Curse of Ayrshire samey” by the townspeople who have no knowledge of the disease and instead relate it to a supposed curse on the town by its guardian god, Ayrshire samey. Through history the villagers imposed rules to prevent the populous from becoming “demons” or in reality, stopping the symptoms from progressing.

In the case of the character Each Barbara, it caused his friends' humored laughter to seem maniacal, and their tone of voice more threatening and sinister than it was. Eventually, he hallucinated a marker held by Moon Sonora to be a syringe, having heard that a murderer in the town was on drugs.

In most cases, the end result of the disease involves suicide, which Each did by clawing his throat out. It is revealed later in the series that Hangul, the incarnation of Ayrshire, was responsible for some paranoia, mostly that one is being watched or followed.

Norovirus Red Dwarf : Quarantine Discovered, contracted and possibly created by viral researcher Hildegard Angstrom, this nasty condition can only be passed between holograms. Suggested treatment: A remote link to the hologram disk projection system, a detachable power transfer adapter capable of holding spikes of up to five million volts, and a B47/7RF resistor.

In humans, symptoms include wiggling of the fingers, temporary paralysis of the lower half and hallucinations of bats. It can be cured in humans by pinching the ear of the infected, causing them to sneeze the virus out, and in computers using a debug script.

Symptoms may include red spots on the skin and a purple tongue, followed by violent bloating and then an explosion. Carly contracts the disease several times in her life, however, she is declared a healthy carrier, causing a doctor to advise her to avoid contact with other infected persons and cute boys.

Luck Virus Red Dwarf A positive viral strain that makes the infected person lucky for a temporary time. Symptoms include: bloodshot eyes, messy pants, untrimmed toenails, ticklish rib cage, and loss of balance.

Infected snails show rabies like symptoms, including irritability, foaming at the mouth and aggression. Mad Cow Disease/Mad Zombie Disease The Simpsons Boston Legal Similar to the virus shown on Zombie land this plague is non-canonical in The Simpsons universe but nonetheless appears in Treehouse of Horror XX.

In this segment, Rusty develops a new burger from cannibalistic cows and the effects of this mutate into a virus which turns the victim into a zombie in a matter of seconds. Symptoms include drooling saliva at the mouth, blackened bags under the eyes, pale skin, and psychotic behavior like paranoia.

On the David E. Kelley series Boston Legal, William Shatter as Denny Crane blames his outré behavior on Mad Cow Disease. Eponymously named for the character Donny, from the sketch comedy TV series Upright Citizens Brigade.

It seems that the disease leads to death (or, as said in the show, “expiration”) There are four symptoms: puffy rash where infected, sweaty palms, loss of appetite, and irritability. Mono Diagnosis Wizards Of Waverley Place A disease Max made up to get sympathy from a girl.

Montana The Pretender The Virus Among Us” episode borrows its center plot disease from the film Outbreak. Pararibulitis Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (TV series) Todd's sister Amanda suffers from pararibulitis, a hereditary disease invented for the show that causes her to suffer vivid and painful hallucinations Pentagon Avatar: The Last Air bender A fictional disease.

The inhabitants of Omaha pretended to be infected with Pentagon to escape the Fire Nation-occupied city. Petrified Regression Doctor Who : New Earth A condition that causes the sufferer to turn to stone (similar to certification).

Its symptoms are greenish pale skin, a craving for human flesh, and several other zombie -like behaviors and characteristics. Polaris extremes Hogans Heroes Episode: Up In Link's Room A rare disease found only among Eskimos.

Symptoms are pains in nerve endings in fevers, craving for greens in the diet, and articular rotary vascular spasms. Protomolecule The Expanse A highly-infectious extraterrestrial agent created about two billion years ago that infects life forms upon contact and causes unpredictable changes over a period of time.

Proxyglossariasis Duck man A condition which causes someone, while speaking, to occasionally use the next word in the dictionary instead of the one they wanted. Poly water intoxication Star Trek : The Naked Time “, Star Trek: The Next Generation : The Naked Now A mutated form of water from the planet Psi 2000 that spreads by perspiration (or small cuts in the skin) and causes its victims to act in a way similar to intoxication.

However, the effects do not wear off and eventually will cause victims to make foolish and dangerous decisions. Dr. Leonard McCoy isolated an antidote, and once it was administered, patients had to be forced to use willpower to combat the symptoms.

While Commander River is able to learn about the previous incident from the ship's records, McCoy's cure proves ineffective this time, Dr. Crusher believing it may be “mutated”. Despite falling victim to it herself, she manages to modify the old antidote into a new one that cures the affliction and administer it to the rest of the crew.

He regards Michael Jackson as a “lucky bastard”, as his skin turned from black to white. Red Flu The Last Ship (TV series) A virus that wipes out over 80% of the world's population, leaving the crew of an unaffected U.S. Navy Areas Burke-class guided missile destroyer, the fictional USS Nathan James (DDG-151), to find a cure, stop the virus, and save humanity.

Rebellion Fever Star Trek : Requiem for Methuselah A disease originating from the Rigel system, the only known cure for which is the rare mineral retain. Ruiz Star Wars: Droids A deadly germ used by forces of the Galactic Empire during the Marian Conflict.

Governor Kong of Tattoo uses an aerial form of the virus to devastate the rebellious province of Um boo, but a leak in his ship's containers results in his becoming infected. Um boo healer Nile OMM devises a cure, but Kong dies of the virus after his deal with the Empire falls through.

Sexual Magnetism Virus Red Dwarf A positive viral strain that makes the infected person irresistible to the opposite sex. At least one strain exists which affects humans without superhuman powers, which is shown to have killed 93% of the world population in a possible future.

Spectrum Toxemia Doctor Who : The Caves of Androgen A fatal condition caused by touching the raw form of Spectrum, a residue from the saliva of bats found on the planet Androgen Minor, that contained a chemical similar to nitrogen mustard. The lifespan of the sufferer is then reduced to between two and three days; symptoms include a rash and/or cramp, followed by spasms, paralysis and finally Thermal Death Point.

Spider pox The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (Spider-Man) A disease that can be spread to humans from spiders and once they have it, they will become highly aggressive spider-like creatures with human heads sporting the spots seen in spider victims, and they will become very hostile towards others. Spontaneous Dental Hydroplosion The Office : Health Care A disease that makes one's teeth turn into liquid and then drip down one's throat.

Super AIDS South Park A disease invented by Mr. Stitch to scare Butters from being grounded. Tor sonic Polarity Syndrome (TPS) South Park A genetic condition which causes humans to be born with a set of buttocks over their facial organs.

Toxins developed into a parasite as a side effect of a home remedy made by Grim's grandmother. The disease causes black spots to appear all over the victims body and eventually results in death.

Intentionally a cure for cancer, but later it was used as a deadly bioweapon instead, wiping out the population of Denmark and South Sweden. It seemingly causes seizures with convulsions and vomiting, and after that, an infected person dies, though not immediately.

It is now visualized as some sort of black gas; it can infect plants and trees; hosts, such as Rasmus and Sarah, have connection with the infected plants, and the hosts can release the virus upon being irritated, angered, scared, or if there is a threat to the virus. Tumorsyphilisitisosis Family Guy, (If I'm Dying', I'mL yin') A fictional disease, the symptoms of which include the growth of extra nipples.

Xenopolycythemia Star Trek (The Original Series) From Season 3, Episode 10 (For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky), the USS Enterprise's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Leonard McCoy, is diagnosed with this disease, which is rare, incurable, and fatal. A cure is eventually found (same episode) by the Enterprise's First Officer/Science Officer, Spock, when he finds vast amounts of medical knowledge that had been preserved on an ancient Cabrini computer.

Xenopolycythemia is also mentioned on Star Trek: Enterprise, Season 2, Episode 19 (Judgment) and was used as a ploy against the Klingons when Dr. Phlox claimed that the disease was contagious. Symptoms and abilities of the player pathogen can be selected to enhance inactivity, severity and lethality.

Certain abilities also include drug resistance, to avoid being eliminated by AI-controlled cure research while wiping out humanity. A disease that spread in Cant ha, causing victims to become hulking, aggressive, pained creatures known as 'the afflicted'.

Ancient virus Resident Evil series A rare viral strain found in queen ant genes. Angel Silicosis Tales of Symphonic The name given by Raise Sage to symptoms of Cruxes Crystal parasitism.

Causes victim to eventually lose ability to taste, sleep, cry, feel pain, and talk. Also increases the victim's hearing, strength and sight abilities, as well as eliminating the need to eat and sleep.

In early beginnings it allows the victim to gain crystal-like wings and fly until the disease is destroyed. The final stage of these diseases causes the victim to give up their heart and memory, and ultimately their life.

The disease lasts for an unknown time, those afflicted are slowly “given” the symptoms via blessings of a person with a mounted Cruxes Crystal. Carriers are immune to Cuvier Syndrome can transform into a demonic reflection of their inner personalities, referred to as ATM.

If this hunger is resisted for too long, the carrier will eventually enter an irreversible state of mindless bloodlust, losing the ability to return to human form. Amadeus Terrarium Many ages before Ark's adventure to the surface of the world, the previous generations of Humanity were decimated by an airborne virus with an estimated mortality rate of 90%.

Amadeus was later utilized as a bio-weapon to completely depopulate a city, save for one child survivor who was seemingly unaffected and hid underground. As a retrovirus, it contains both RNA and the reverse transcriptase enzyme, allowing it to insert its own genetic codes into living cells.

More often than not, these changes are too drastic and 99.99% of subjects die from massive organ failure and cell saturation.However, some variants have yielded other beneficial results; endowing the infected organisms with incredible superhuman genetic prowess, that greatly increase their natural abilities to levels far exceeding human capability. The disease corrupts all living organisms which either go mad, develop physical afflictions, and/or perish outright. The longer an infected creature 'lives', the more it will manifest hair loss, aggressive or even rabid behavior and numerous deformities, protrusions, boils and sores.

Chronic Angeles Crystals Unofficial Tales of Symphonic A progressive disease caused by a Cruxes Crystal mounted upon a Key Crest. The wearer's body gradually crystallizes, starting with the skin, into the same substance that forms Exospheres.

Chrono-displasia League of Legends A mystical disease that grants immortality but detaches the sufferer's consciousness from the present time, making his mind drift through time, from any point he has already lived to the present, unable to impact the events which unfold. People infected with blight are often sent to a special institution called the Corprusarium, which was made for researching corpus.

Corpus is caused by the volcanic ash that emanates from Red Mountain, but, as a positive side effect, grants 100% disease immunity. Highly infectious, with an incubation period of two seconds and can infect any person in the immediate area.

Creeping Deranged Advance Wars: Days of Ruin An artificial virus that is revealed to be a failed Bio-Weapon created by Dr. Calder to test the extent of IDS technology. Due to its inherent flaw of photophobia, creeping deranged is only able to thrive when the sun was effectively blocked out by the vast amounts of dust that were kicked up into the troposphere and stratosphere by the apocalyptic meteor impact events.

Symptoms include headaches, paranoia, and a black diamond on the skin called “the mark”. Developed by Neo-Umbrella, it is responsible for creating the highly evolved, more intelligent J'AVO, as well as being used in the worldwide bio-terrorist attacks.

Cuvier Syndrome Digital Devil Saga 2 Caused by exposure to corrupted sunlight, this noncommunicable disease petrifies the bodies of its victims, literally turning them to stone. Desert Herpes Wasteland A sexually transmitted disease that the player's character contracts if he sleeps with the three-legged prostitute he meets in the game.

Its effects depend on the person it infects: NATO Comedy's symptoms caused him to impulsively lie, Kane Award became a coward, Kabuki Mid became emotionless and gullible, and it caused Milan Tsunami to remember the events prior to having her memory erased. Diathronitis Learn Afflicts daughter of player character; serves as primary motivation for gameplay.

Salvador Adhara tries to do an undercover investigation regarding Doll Syndrome in especially young children for his show “Online Jack”. The virus is named after Shiva, the Hindu God of death due to the dance-like convulsions that it causes its victims The Filth The Secret World A biological weapon willed into existence by the Dreamers in their attempts to free themselves from captivity, it manifests in a variety of forms, including poisonous gas, parasitic fungi, radio waves, and even words.

Exposure to the Filth results in nightmares, respiratory difficulties, paranoia, delusions, violent behavior, and eventual insanity; mutations gradually set in, resulting in victims manifesting glowing red eyes, tentacles, and exuding Filth from their skin. Sufferers ultimately fall under the influence of the Dreamers and are devoted either to releasing them from their prisons or continuing the spread of the disease.

Further mutations may occur following this stage, and more exotic forms of the Filth can result in more unusual symptoms, one rare case transforming the victim into a disembodied intelligence migrating between infected individuals. Forced Evolutionary Virus Fallout Originally known as the Pan-Immunity Iron Project, FEW, along with radiation, is responsible for many mutations in the wastelands.

The most visible of these are the super mutants, former humans granted incredible strength and endurance as result of being infected. Foodie is given to protagonist Solid Snake by Dr. Naomi Hunter, only it is engineered to go off at an indeterminate time.

Foodie was also the cause of death of Liquid Snake, Decoy Octopus (impersonating DARPA chief Donald Anderson), and the Armistice President. Symptoms of the Frenzy Virus in monsters include heightened aggression, increased physical prowess, and a significantly shortened lifespan.

Player controlled hunters can also be infected, which gives them a limited amount of time before the virus activates and temporarily removes their natural regeneration. If a hunter manages to show enough aggression before this activation occurs, they overcome the virus, avoiding all negative effects and gaining a short-term increase in physical ability.

G- Virus Resident Evil series A mutagenic pathogen which causes the host to become a big, constantly evolving, practically unstoppable killing machine, with exceedingly high attack power and immense vitality, in addition to the ability to regenerate and mutate so quickly the carrier virtually loses its mortality. Gagné Michigan: Report from Hell An experimental bioweapon that was developed in a consortium by the Aka Conglomerate, the U.S. Government, and the U.S. Military.

Gagné takes the form of a thick fog that has covered the entirety of Chicago, Illinois and is causing animals and people to horrifically transform into grotesque monsters with large maws that can spawn leech-like larvae. Stage 3: Subject undergoes horrific transformation and becomes aggressive and sensitive to nearby sounds.

Gangliated Strophic Immune Latency Toxin (GUILT) Trauma Center: Under the Knife A series of eight parasitic pathogens created by the medical-terrorist group Delphi. Despite its in game introduction as a toxin, GUILT is referred as a “moving tumor”, but behaves more like a parasite.

The plague causes most brogan pregnancies to end in stillbirth, with most fetuses never even reaching that stage of development. It is based on the adverse and ultimately lethal effects of nanotechnology on an unmodified human body.

Symptoms include the aforementioned discoloration of the skin, coughing, physical pain and death. Only a small percent of humanity is fully compatible, who retain personality, intelligence, and psionic.

Neuritis Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney A rare, but lethal disease, curable only through the use of a medicine made from the Virginian Cocoon. The cure is very difficult to make, and if made incorrectly, it is a deadly poison, and thus the exportation of such a cocoon is illegal.

It is noncommunicable, and there is currently no known cure, though its progression can be slowed through exposure to warm, arid environments. Early on, the player's PDA and Life pod will make note of the high levels of bacterial infection in the water.

It accomplishes this by shutting down the immune system (already making the infected host susceptible to other diseases) and causing genetic mutation to the host's DNA, and causing alterations to the body structure, eventually leading to a total shutdown of the organism due to its inability to keep functioning properly. Las Plazas Resident Evil series A parasitic organism which can infect a variety of hosts, including humans.

It has the ability to control its host's behavior, inducing a hive-like mentality among the infected and extreme hostility towards uninfected individuals. She conducted secret experiments of the virus but was discovered by the Agency and was kicked off the Agency-sponsored medical program.

The virus spread across Unity Heights very quickly and soon made its way into the two other boroughs of Pacific City. Manticore Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare A bio-weapon that was devised to target specific genotypes, and would kill anyone not in the Atlas database.

Marker: DNA sequence Dead Space After the human colony, on planet Aegis discover an alien Marker, that contained complex and powerful DNA sequence, that enabled dead cells to revive. Unfortunately, one of the scientists working on this DNA sequence, dropped the dish containing these engineered cells.

The cells, eventually infected one scientist, which then lead to altered mutations of the human body. The host increases in size and strength; and become hardy enough to survive multiple gunshot wounds.

The parasite's tentacles become threaded throughout the host's entire body; and can be utilized as a weapon. Inc A parasitic worm that burrows into the brain, which controls the host in everything they do by altering the production of various neurotransmitters.

Symptoms include insanity, mania, memory loss, coma, adoration, devotion, and transcendence (which causes the humans to worship the worm as their eternal god by overdosing them with Oxytocin and Vasopressin). 'S request for him to discover the secret to immortality, his granddaughter Maria contracted N.I.D.S., causing Gerald to reconsider and begin Project Shadow.

This caused Le Chuck to be stripped of his voodoo powers, releasing a pandemic that transformed many pirates into green-skinned, foul-mouthed monsters. It also spread to Guy brush's hand, giving it a life of its own (even after being cut off by Morgan Delay), as well as infecting his wife, Elaine Marley.

The only known cure is La Estonia Grande, which Guy brush embarks on a quest to find after speaking with the Voodoo Lady. Radical-6 Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward Radical-6 was a virus developed by the apocalyptic cult “Free the Soul” to destroy human civilization.

A highly infectious virus, it causes the human brain to experience time at a 40% slower rate, and eventually drives its victims to suicide. The global pandemic eventually leads to a desperate (and hinted to be Radical-6 induced) plan to detonate 18 anti-matter generators simultaneously, initiating a nuclear winter.

Roberta Mega Man 10 A virus that affects humanoid robots, causing flu -like symptoms and eventually homicidal tendencies. Some theories hold that it is related to the Evil Energy from Mega Man 8 and the Maverick Virus from the Mega Man X series Rotten World Gas Lollipop Chainsaw A poisonous gas from the Rotten World (Hell) which leaks through interdimensional cracks caused by the Necromancer Swan when he cracks open a gate between Earth and Rotten World.

Rustling/Lambency Gears of War series A fictional underground substance known as Emulsion was refined by the humans of Era and used as a limitless fuel source. Miners of Emulsion and their families became sick with Imulsion-poisoning which would be called Rustling, a pneumonia-like condition that expels rust-colored phlegm.

The government attempted to hide and resolve the issue by imprisoning the children sick with Rustling in the New Hope Research Facility in order to cure the disease. However, the scientist in charge, Dr. Nile's Samson, went mad and genetically altered the children with the DNA of indigenous creatures from underground, resulting in the creation of the Locust Horde, the main enemy species in the game.

The government learned of these unethical experiments and Dr. Nile's Samson took them underground to continue his work. While underground, Rustling, later evolving into Lambency in which the host becomes possessed by the Emulsion, began to overrun the Locust Horde, forcing them to emerge on the surface and wage war against humanity in order to escape the Lambent.

All Lambent inherit Imus lion's qualities: golden glow in the dark and explosive properties. Rustling continued to infect the human population, especially during the war against the Locust Horde, in which the Emulsion evaporated and polluted the surface with fumes due to bombing the underground.

Inc A playable, sentient disease tied to vampires in the game Plague Inc. Its symptoms in humans include increased strength, the urge to bite others, paler skin, hypersensitivity, dark cysts and higher pheromone secretion. “Green Flu” (Previously Unknown) Left 4 Dead, Payday The Heist: No Mercy The Green Flu, commonly referred to simply as The Infection, has caused most humans who come in contact with it to change into homicidal, zombie -like beings.

These carriers seldom realize they are spreading the virus, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. It also causes the soil beneath and around Undead structures to change into a substance known as Blight, which is poisonous to most plants.

Rosalie Virus Trauma Team A variation of viral hemorrhagic fever, capable of killing patients in days. The virus was originally found in the blood of Rosalie Rossini by Cumberland College professor Albert Sartre.

Sartre and his son attempted to use the virus to cure all disease, but instead found that it could not be used for positive means. Rosalie's blood splattered onto nearby flowers, which monarch butterflies fed upon, acting as vectors that caused a second outbreak.

Symptoms can include a loss of higher brain function, growths of Ultracite protruding from the victim's skin, and a connection to the Scorch beast Hive Mind. Additionally, all Scorched victims have a set lifespan, at the end of which they stay in a single position until their bodies petrify from the inside out.

They retain enough mental faculties to operate smaller firearms and various melee weapons, as well as wear armor for protection. SCP-610 SCP Foundation A highly infectious skin disease which was first reported by the Russian government in the 1970s.

But then searing temperatures increase the infection and spread it through the body, causing skin to rot and mutate. The victim is then declared clinically dead and reanimates after a while, and will attempt to infect anyone else they encounter.

Skull shivers Borderlands Stigma Trauma Center: New Blood A virus accidentally created by Markus Vaughn and Lloyd Wilkes. It comes in six strains, named after body parts it resembles or attacks (Char, SOMA, Ops, Onyx, Fraction, Cardiac).

The virus crates zombies and Bows who are strongly linked with water, and have numerous aquatic features such as tentacles and crab-like shells. It is encountered in the game when 'Velcro' threaten to infect the world's oceans, hoping to exact revenge for the loss of much of their forces during the bio-terrorist attack on the floating techno-utopia Terragrigia.

It is encountered during exploration of three research vessels, where it has transformed the crew and several sea creatures into zombies, mutants and Tyrants. T-Veronica Virus Resident Evil series A powerful strain of the Progenitor Virus, created by combining it with a rare retrovirus found in the genetic make-up of ant queens, discovered by unstable scientific genius Alexia Ashford, the result of an advanced cloning experiment.

It is encountered in Code: Veronica, when it is being used by Alexia Ashford in her attempt to take control of the world. Manuela uses her developing powers (similar to Alexia Ashford's abilities before transforming into her insect form) to defeat the mutated Javier, and is then evacuated by Leon Kennedy and Jack Krause.

If Manuela survives at the end of the game, it is said that she is cared for by the US government, but her ultimate fate is left unknown. In mammals, the results include aggressiveness, physiological changes of varying degrees, and an extremely increased evolutionary rate.

However, it is shown that some humans can bond with the T- Virus and its variants and gain heightened speed, strength and strange powers while retaining their personalities, as in the case of Albert Weaker and Alexia Ashford. These skin crystals eventually force their way through the persons vital organs, killing them.

If the infestation is in a certain proportion, the victim mutates into a living bag of rotten skin and organs, called a asteroid. Turbo Cancer Borderlands Unicorns October: Deadliest Catch A disease made up during a story told by Tommy and Stacy in the bonus episode “Medical Mess”.

Symptoms include a bright pink unicorn horn magically sprouting from the forehead, and the ability to fly. The only individual known to survive the process was Albert Weaker, which was more than likely due to the fact of his previous exposure to the T- virus.

Thought to be just a natural plague, it is later discovered that it was magically created and unleashed upon the city. Yellow Death 1213 A deadly virus which contaminated the entire planet Earth and certain parts of the Tessa Life Orbital.

When 0916 got a large dosage of the virus he mutated into a yellow, four-armed monster with two retractable spines and tentacles. It is widely passed among the local tribes and is believed to be the cause of the zombie outbreak.

Doctor West also believes that people with O Negative blood are insusceptible to the infection Tuurngait Virus Penumbra: Black Plague The Tuurngait Virus is a disease that can affect humans and animals, it was later discovered by the Archaic led by Philip's father Howard Levesque and his crew members in Greenland. Having a long incubation period and being highly contagious, an outbreak can start before the first case is even detected.

Free League Plague Plan escape A plague created by the Lady of Pain to keep the swelling numbers of the Free League in check, which grew to an overwhelming size after a conflict called the Great Upheaval amongst the factions, where the Lady of Pain decreed that there could only be fifteen Factions in Vigil at one time. Very little is known about this disease, but any member of the Free League stood a chance of becoming infected with it simply by entering Vigil.

Magical Diseases Dungeons and Dragons The setting has several of varying degrees of lethality, most of them affecting one or more Ability Scores. Serbian Language Virus Scarred Lands This odd affliction can infect anyone who tries to use magic or even rudimentary means to decipher the language of the Serbian, an extinct species of evil sorcerers, if the work they are trying to decipher has this specific taint.

Armenians, the denizens of Black Marsh, were immune to the disease, leading to speculation about its source, but it did not take long for it to sweep through the rest of the continent. Early symptoms of the Flu include “general malaise, loss of appetite, and fatigue,” followed shortly by aching muscles, sharp pain in the shoulders, chills, and watering eyes.

Late-stage symptoms include wracking cough, high fever, and blood flowing out of the nose, eyes and eventually the mouth. Virally-Induced Toxic Allergy Syndrome (VITAL) Shadow run Caused by a highly lethal and communicable airborne virus, VITAL is the disease responsible for many of the changes that led to what became the Sixth World in the Shadow run universe, having killed a quarter of the world's population after its outbreak in 2011.

Blobs Mario & Luigi: Bowler's Inside Story A mysterious disease that causes a toad to grow large and round rendering them mostly immobile and can make roll uncontrollably. Green Poison (Dollar Flu) Tom Clancy's The Division A bio-weapon created by Dr Gordon Amherst, as a mean of controlling population.

Due to its rapid mutation, it is extremely difficult for antibodies and drugs to identify the virus and exterminate them as well as creating vaccine to this disease. “Om killkompisarna pick red PA DET skull Han do av Sam” (PDF).

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