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• Saturday, 27 November, 2021
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From box jumps to burpees, this round up of the best men’s cross-training shoes has you covered. We rounded up the best women's cross-training shoes that give you style and functionality.

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Meet your new favorite exercise buddy with the shoes to match. MOM is a workout designed to push your body to the limit and the NATO gets...

Training shoes are designed to better protect your feet during exercise such as lateral moves, jumping and lifting weights. Reebok launched the NATO range in 2011, along with their 10-year commencement of CrossFit Games’ sponsorship.

The Nano’s only real competitor at present is the Nike Met con range (currently in its 5th version with the 6th launching this year), with the Noble Trainer also emerging as a challenger recently. All Nano’s since day one have features a wide toe box and low heel drop.

This coupled with a highly durable upper, and now (at least in my opinion) the best looking training shoe so far, is how the NATO demands it premium price tag. This lack of CrossFit branding of course continues on the design of the shoe, with no mention of it, and the delta logo being fully replaced with the traditional vector.

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It’s immediately clear from the design of the shoe that this is packed with technology and has been adapted and improved from previous models. Due to the wide toe box they feel comfortable straight away and there are no areas that rub.

This, added to the large delta logo give the NATO a somewhat retro look, which I wholeheartedly agree with Reebok when they claim this to be the best looking NATO yet. The outsole of the NATO is identical to that of the NATO 9, with the predominant feature being the Rope pro midsole wrap.

This Rope pro sole wraps all the way around the heel to the middle of the foot to protect the shoe from tearing on rope climbs. The midsole is a dual density EVA foam, with a firmer barefoot, and softer forefoot.

The firm barefoot is a feature to increase stability on lifts, and the softer forefoot to cushion landings when running or jumping. The two differently colored outsole sections are flexible, with minimal tread to further keep the feet planted solidly.

There are 3 Meta split grooves on the outsole, which also feature in other Reebok models to support toe splay and enhance the stability. It gives a little elevation on the heel to assist with lifting, but not enough to make it feel unnatural or to hinder plyometric training.

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This is a super durable overlay, on top of a thinly padded sock to which most of the tongue is attached. The Flex weave upper of the NATO is a soft woven stretch textile, with extra support and density in high abrasion areas.

The tongue is padded and raises high up the top of the foot, complemented by a curled out heel cup, both of which gave no irritation. Also, a nod to the Reebok heritage vs the previous CrossFit link in the NATO, is the text around the highest pair of eyelets reading ‘From a tradition of over 100 years’.

For workouts with high numbers of box jumps or skips, the NATO can feel its weight. For movements like mountain climbers, burpees, jumping lunges and the like, the NATO felt flexible around the toes, didn’t slip at all on the heel, and I could move around easily.

Due to gyms being closed at the moment, the heaviest I’ve managed to test the NATO with is a 16 kg kettle bell, but this shoe is PERFECT for this type of workout. The large flat sole, and deep heel cup means you feel safe and still when shifting a weight.

Out of all training shoes, the NATO edges slightly ahead for me due to its better aesthetics, better fit and marginally better running performance. These NATO shoes celebrate All Types of Love with colorful tie-dyed accents and empowering messages.

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“With over 450 gallons of different strains of Betas, we HAVE to keep our water right, keep the fish as healthy as possible, and we can only do that with a product that has proven itself. As long as we continue to religiously use the ‘Complete’, we experience minimal, if any, illnesses in our Betas.

Been using it now for the past month on new fish shipments for 3 consecutive days and my losses of instead of around to 20% is now down to almost nothing!! A range of aquariums following a 3:1:1 size ratio that are narrow in width but allow truly unique desktop, countertop, or shelf displays.

Aqua Serene Little Iconic Black Pearl BookshelfUltra Clear, Black Silicone, Black Back23.6 x 7.5” x 9.4” 7.2 GallonsIconic Shop Nowhere Ultra Clear 45 Degree BookshelfUltra Clear, Mat35.4 x 8.3 x 10.312 Gallons Hydra Aquatics Shop Nowhere BookshelfPremium35.4 x 8.3 x 9.412 Gallons Mr. Aqua Shop Nowhere Ultra Clear BookshelfUltra Clear35.4 x 8.3 x 9.412 Gallons Mr.

As the name implies, cubes have a size ratio of 1:1:1 which are great for visual depth and centerpiece type displays. Adding some spice to the NATO tank, fluorescent German silicone brightens your setup.

Large enough for most style of escapes and narrow enough to fit in a variety of places, Chic is the perfect size to bring living art to any room. Just over a 2:1:1 ratio, showpieces of driftwood and taller show plants can make the aquas cape extravagant.

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The largest of our 2:1:1 aquariums, Fortune has few limitations on design styles and offers premium quality. Just a bit wider than a cube, but tall enough to be a showpiece, Passion is designed to inspire.

Aqua Shop Now Passion Ultra Clear AquascaperUltra Clear23.6 x 17.7 x 17.732.1 Gallons Mr. A limitless design with what will be the showcase of a room, it's a customer favorite and one of our largest aquariums.

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