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Learn more My students were able to make a year's worth of progress in their writing in one term, as a result of their involvement and enthusiasm for Night Zookeeper. Emma Cotton, Langham Village Primary School Night Zookeeper has helped over 1 million children aged 6-12, to develop their writing, reading and creative thinking skills.

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This is the first video in a storytelling series produced by Night Zookeeper. Each video takes children through the process of writing a great story.

This first video in the series specifically addresses the issue of creating a rich fictional character with depth. It does so by introducing a number of characters from the Night Zookeeper story.

A True story, Science Fiction, Fantasy or a Fairy Tale? This next video introduces children to the concept of a story setting.

In the video you will be taken on an adventure through the Water fly Woods, home to the Spying Giraffes. Throughout this video, children will be asked to listen carefully to the detailed descriptions of some settings from within the Night Zookeeper story.

At this point, you can also ask children to make notes on some of their favorite adjectives used within the descriptions. The third video in this series focuses on creating a problem to address within a story.

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Students are given a variety of examples of problems that could occur in stories set in the Nightie. They are then asked to transfer these ideas and place them in stories that they are drafting.

The fourth video in this series highlights the need to solve the problem created during the previous lesson. Students are given examples of solutions to problems faced by the Night Zookeeper and his friends in the video and are asked to participate in an active game towards the end of the clip.

At the end of this lesson, students will be ready to write their first draft of the adventure story they have planned throughout the series. How could a Night Zookeeper solve the problem of being surrounded by evil monsters?3.

Can you think of a solution that you will use in your story, based on the problem you created in the previous lesson?4? Visit writingsparks.com for free, instant creative writing challenges.

Each writing challenge is unique and perfect for your early morning or afternoon activity time. Design the dance floor and lighting, mix some drinks, then strategically place thumping speakers and unique posters on the wall to complete your nightclub nirvana.

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Please note that NIGHTCLUB STORY ™ is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items with real money. To delete this feature, on your device go to Settings Menu General Restrictions option.

Good Nightie features gorillas, kangaroos, elephants, tigers, giraffes, wolves, birds, zebras, bears, lions, hippos, monkeys, rhinos, penguins, and more. If you feel our books deserve five stars, please take a moment to review us on Amazon by clicking the link below.

Indie Highlighters Max 4 days ago Star dew Valley has long been a fans favorite farming game. Super History aims to capture the spirit of Star dew Valley with its charming pixel visuals and life simulation / RPG elements sprinkled in.

Your job is simple, build a thriving, beautiful Zoo and make sure animals are happy. Build a home for new animals and add some trees, ponds and other natural elements they need to stay happy.

The life simulation and RPG elements in this game haven’t been discussed much by the developers but according to the images released, there is plenty to do outside of Zoo Keeping. The open world will possibly function as a means to gather resources needed for the crafting and building system.

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MyPotatoGames was founded out of our huge love for Animal Crossing, besides spending a lot of time taking care of my virtual village I enjoy painting, creating things or looking up funny and cute dog pictures on the internet. Come learn about these fascinating creatures that are awake when we are asleep through stories and a visit with a few animal friends from the Henson Robinson Zoo.

Story Time is designed for preschool children ages 3-5 and their caregivers. On the second Tuesday of each month, visitors will enjoy picture books, a craft, and objects from the Museum’s collections.

Taillights, which transforms the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens into a colorful and festive winter wonderland, returns next week for its annual holiday run. Strolling performers, carolers, hot chocolate, s'mores and warming adult beverages are also part of the experience.

Now in its ninth year, Taillights, kicks off from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 17, and continues at the same time Dec. 18-20; Dec. 26-31; and Jan. 1-3. Programmed lighting will be synchronized to holiday music in Palm Plaza.

Admission includes unlimited rides on the Wildlife Carousel for children ages 12 and under. The History, written by Edward Albee, shows that everyone has to be emotionally affected in one way or another.

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At the beginning of the short play, Peter seems to be listening to Jerry rambling on without putting much thought into it, but after the story about the landlady's dog, Peter starts to show his irritation. As much as Peter may appear like the existentialist in this play because he seems to want to be separated, he still cannot afford to get unaffected at all.

The animals in the “Westville Zoo were all built by Bill -- from car parts, farm machinery, and scrap metal. Bill is a soft-spoken man with a ready smile, and totally self-trained when it comes to his creative pursuits.

Bill started creating metal creatures in 1985 -- a shovel-beaked bird with bicycle frame body, “just a hobby that became more than just a little.” The stubby yellow and white turrets and drawbridge of a “castle,” the Sets' home, stand near the entrance to the Zoo.

There are little, bread machine-sized imps standing next to large mechanical contraptions -- cartoon train engines, towering dinosaurs and futuristic spaceship vehicles. A bright red motorcycle equipped with jet propulsion looks like it could be taken out for a spin.

Though the Zoo doesn't quite surpass the other-worldliness of the Forever tron, or the scale of some roadside scrap metal dinosaurs we've seen, Bill's unique comic sense is pervasive. Most of the sculptures convey his admittedly “twisted” humor -- a metal golfer aided by a dinosaur caddy, a hitchhiking creature holding a boombox to his ear with a prisoner's ball and chain on his ankle.

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A few of Bill's sculptures comment on political or current events -- a Monica Lewinsky reference or the first Gulf War. Bill admits to slowing down in the new creature department when his wife Sandy became ill in 1996.

Bill built the castle facade in 1997, then “it burnt down in June 1998, so I rebuilt it.” A flood from the Pure River took its toll in the area, but the zoo held on.

We asked about the other collection of folk art at Westville -- a series of weird alien dioramas, “The Bungled Jungle,” in several rooms. Bill climbs into his Apatosaurus II -- a drivable half-animal, half-machine with the 351 Ford engine in it.

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