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Some bosses are recommended to almost always be disabled based on their mechanics: Good, Elgar, Corrupt Lizard man, Chronology, and Barrel chest. Dream Mentor, Recipe for Disaster, and Desert Treasure should always be enabled when trying to maximize points per hour.

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Moss Guardian, Dad, Ice Troll King, and ARR provide increased experience per damage dealt: 7.5%(4.3x), 10%(4.4x), 12.5%(4.5x) and 17.5%(4.7x) respectively. With Power Surge, use a special attack weapon such as dragon claws or granite maul with an ornate handle.

Pets can be useful in the arena because they can block and reduce the number of enemies in melee range, saving absorption potion points. Playing on normal difficulty is also an option, however the amount of time and money it takes to earn a sustainable amount of points will increase as well as some bosses like Ice Troll King and Jungle Demon using more attack styles than just melee making it harder to survive.

For hard endurance dreams, the following bosses require special mechanics or extra items brought with you, making it far less AFK: This setup uses a mix of strength and prayer bonus and is a fairly AFK strategy for experience and Nightmare points.

Recommended equipment for Melee (Prayer)Slotted (most effective least effective) National faceguardHelm of neitiznotBerserker helm / Obsidian helmetMitreProselyte salletAmulet of tortureAmulet of furyAmulet of gloryDragonbone necklaceAmulet of powerInfernal ceasefire capeMythical capeArdougne cloak 4Ardougne cloak 3 / Capes of accomplishments (trimmed)Proselyte hauberkInitiate hauberkVestment robe tops Monk's robe top N/A Proselyte cruise / Proselyte tassetInitiate cuisseVestment robe legs Monk's robe N/A Ghazi rapier / Inquisitor's mace / Blade of sailor ©Abyssal whipAbyssal bludgeonZamorakian hastaAbyssal daggerAvernic defenderDragon defenderDragonfire shieldToktz-ket-xilRune defenderRada's blessing 4God blessing / Radar's blessing 3/2 N/AN/AN/A Ferocious glovesBarrows glovesRune glovesGranite glovesCombat braceletPrimordial bootsDragon bootsGuardian bootsRune boots N/A Berserker ring (i)Brimstone ringing of the gods (i)Ring of suffering (i)Treasonous ring (i) / Warrior ring (i) / Tyrannical ring (i)Dragon claws (damage) Sardonic god sword (prayer) Granite maul (with Ornate maul handle) (damage) Dragon dagger(p++) (damage) Ancient mace (prayer) Select customizable hard rumble and choose at least five from the bosses below. Activate Zapper and Recurrent Damage to increase points per hour, this may slightly affect experience gained.

Dark the Wretched's equipment with absorptions requires more attention than the other setups, but offers the fastest Attack and Strength experience of up to 180,000 experience per hour using dragon claws for special attacks during Power Surge, or up to 155,000 with a granite maul with an ornate handle. Drink prayer potions as needed, flick Rapid Heal on and off once every 50-60 seconds to avoid regenerating to 2 Hit points.

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If your Hit points goes above 1, feel the locator orb or guzzle the dwarves rock cake, if it is not working run away temporarily. Activate Zapper and Recurrent Damage to increase points per hour, this may slightly affect experience gained only if you normally kill the bosses before new ones take their place.

Activate Power Surge, switch equipment and use your special attack weapon, it lasts 45 seconds. Recommended equipment for Melee (Absorption, AFK)Slotted (most effective least effective) National faceguardObsidian helmetInquisitor's great helmet of national / Berserker helmJusticiar faceguardAmulet of tortureBerserker necklaceAmulet of furyAmulet of glory N/A Infernal ceasefire capeMythical cascades of accomplishments (trimmed)Obsidian wavebands chestplateObsidian platebodyFighter torsoInquisitor's hauberkJusticiar chestguardBandos tassetsObsidian platelegsInquisitor's plateskirtJusticiar legguardsDragon platelets / Dragon plateskirtGhrazi rapier / Inquisitor's mace / Blade of sailor (c)Toktz-xil-akAbyssal whip (Attack or Defense) / Abyssal bludgeon (Strength) Abyssal dagger / Sardonic swordDragon scimitarAvernic defenderDragon defenderDragonfire shieldToktz-ket-xil N/A Radar's blessing 4God blessing / Radar's blessing 3/2 N/AN/AN/A Ferocious glovesBarrows glovesGranite glovesCombat bracelet N/A Primordial bootsDragon bootsRune boots N/AN/A Berserker ring (i)Brimstone ringing of suffering (i) N/AN/A Select customizable normal rumble choosing bosses that attack with melee, are attachable with melee, and have no special mechanics.

Count Dray nor, Sand Snake, King Roald, The Kendal, and Me are the usual selection because they have lower defense but not extremely low Hit points. Using a locator orb or a dwarves rock cake is optional but allows for longer sessions, minimizing the amount of absorption points used to tank damage (especially using obsidian armor).

The toxic blowpipe is the best weapon use, but this is not recommended due to its significantly higher cost compared to other options. The magic short bow (i) with amethyst or rune arrows offers a slower but much cheaper alternative.

Players who need more defense can use a one-handed Ranged weapon (such as crossbow with broad bolts, or Mikhail darts) along with a tank shield, although this offers slightly less experience per hour. Recommended equipment for Ranged (Absorption, AFK)Slotted (most effective least effective) Void ranger helm / Armada helmetBlessed coifJusticiar face guard (defense) National face guard (defense) Slayer helmet (i) (defense) Necklace of anguishAmulet of furyAmulet of gloryAmulet of power N/A Ava's assembler Ava's accumulatorRanging cape Ava's attractorInfernal cape / Fire capeArmadyl chest plate / Elite void blessed body / Void knight black d'hide body N/AN/A Armada chain skirt / Elite void robeBlessed chaps / Void knight comeback d'hide chapsBandos assets (defense)N/A Toxic blowpipeMagic short bow (i)Armada crossbowDragon hunter crossbow / Dragon crossbow / Rune crossbowMithril dartTwisted bucklerDragonfire harmonium wardDragonfire shield (defense) Book of lambada's blessing 4 / Amethyst arrow / Amethyst broad bolts God blessing / Radar's blessing 3 / 2 / Rune arrow / broad bolts N/AN/AN/A Barrows gloves / Void knight glovesBlessed embraces / Black d'hide embraces N/AN/AN/A Persian boomeranged bootsBlessed footstools of brimstoneSnakeskin bootsArchers ring (i)Brimstone ringing of suffering (i)Archers ring N/A Select customizable normal rumble choosing bosses are attachable with ranged and have no special mechanics.

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Count Dray nor, Sand Snake, King Roald, The Kendal, and Me are the usual selection because they have lower defense but not extremely low Hit points. Using a locator orb or a dwarves rock cake is optional but allows for longer sessions, minimizing the amount of absorption points used to tank damage (especially using void knight equipment).

Recommended equipment for MagicSlotItem (most effective least effective) Ancestral hat / Void mage helmAhrim's hoodFarseer helmMystic hat3rd age mage hemoccult necklaceAmulet of furyAmulet of gloryAmulet of magicAmulet of powerImbued god cape God capeArdougne cloak 4Fire cascades of accomplishments (trimmed)Ancestral robe top / Elite void Tarim's robetopDagon'HAI robe top3rd age robe infinity ancestral robe bottom / Elite void robeAhrim's robeskirt3rd age Robertson'HAI robe bottomInfinity bottomsKodai wand / Harmonized nightmare staffEldritch nightmare staff / Volatile nightmare staff / Nightmare staff / Staff of balance / Staff of light / Staff of the dead / Muriel's staffAhrim's staffMystic smoke staff N/A Arcane spirit shieldAncient wyvern shielding's bookMalediction wordbook of darknessRada's blessing 4God blessing / Radar's blessing 3/2 N/AN/AN/A Tormented bracelet / Void knight glovesBarrows glovesDragon glovesInfinity glovesAdamant glovesEternal bootsInfinity footstools of brimstoneWizard bootsMystic boots / Boots of darknessSeers ring (i)Brimstone ringers singular ring / Beacon ring N/A Volatile nightmare staff (Damage) Eldritch nightmare staff (Prayer) Sardonic god sword (Prayer) Ancient mace (Prayer)N/A Select customizable normal rumble choosing bosses are attachable with magic and have no special mechanics. Count Dray nor, Sand Snake, King Roald, The Kendal, and Me are the usual selection because they have lower defense but not extremely low Hit points.

Using a locator orb or a dwarves rock cake is optional but allows for longer sessions, minimizing the amount of absorption points used to tank damage (especially using void knight equipment). Recommended equipment for MeleeSlotItem (most effective least effective) Dark's helm / Obsidian helmet N/AN/AN/AN/A Amulet of torture / Berserker necklaceAmulet of furyAmulet of glory N/AN/A Infernal ceasefire capeMythical cascades of accomplishments (trimmed)Around cloak 4Dharok's plate body / Obsidian platebodyBandos chest plate (for special attacks) Fighter torso (for special attacks)N/AN/A Dark's platelets / Obsidian platelets N/AN/AN/AN/A Dark's great / Toktz-xil-ak N/AN/AN/AN/A Acerbic defenderDragon defenderRune defenderDragonfire shieldToktz-ket-xilRada's blessing 4God blessing / Radar's blessing 3/2 N/AN/AN/A Ferocious glovesBarrows glovesDragon glovesGranite glovesCombat braceletPrimordial bootsDragon bootsGuardian bootsGranite bootsRune bootsBerserker ring (i)Brimstone ringWarrior ring (i)Ring of the gods (i)Ring of suffering (i)Dragon clawsGranite maul (with Ornate maul handle) Dragon dagger(p++) N/AN/A Follow the boss kill priority list provided to maximize points gained.

The nightmare zone is hands down the best place to train AFK in old school RuneScape. In fact, it’s so easy to get max combat here that many players truly despise it.

At the nightmare zone any player can get 99 attack, strength and defense while watching Netflix, training on another account or working. Let’s get started with this complete OARS Nightmare Guide.

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Many oars players come to the nightmare zone to train their melee and ranged. On top of the fact that you can safely AFK train at the nightmare zone, players also come here for the rewards.

The nightmare zone is located in Vanilla, the easiest way to get here is by using the mini-game teleport menu. In order to access the nightmare zone, you must complete a minimum of 5 quests from the list below.

The only real reason to use practice mode is if you need to recharge your dragon fire shield. You can recharge your dragon fire shield by selecting practice mode against Elgar and turning your auto retaliate off.

This is where people come to train their stats, AFK and gain nightmare zone points. You’ll want to use a super potion or overload depending on your combat style.

Absorption and other potions can only be bought with reward points from the nightmare zone. So you first need to play a couple (or one good) game in order to rack up the points, so you can afford the potions.

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Ultimate Force (white): wipes all bosses in the room, you get no points or experience Power surge (yellow): regenerates your special attack for 45 minutes.

This can be used to effectively increase your hourly EXP rates by using dragon claws, granite maul, dds or other spec weapons. These items will be spawned inside the nightmare zone room but that would just slow you down so you better turn them off.

Count Dray nor King Roald The Kendal Tree Spirit Hazard Warlord Bouncer These have low defensive stats and don’t hit very high to maximize your AFK time with absorption potions.

The full obsidian armor setup will give you a 10% boost in melee accuracy and strength and the necklace will give your weapon an extra 20% damage boost. Absorption potions with 5 overloads (or preferably super combats) and possibly 1 spec weapon.

Check out Spelled OARS’s video on Asking the nightmare zone below. Remember: if you want to AFK the nightmare zone you should go for a full obsidian outfit and choose a customizable NORMAL rumble.

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To be able to partake in this mini-game, you need to have completed at least five of the quests that are listed in the table below. Once you’ve done any five, you’ll unlock the mini-game teleport to the Nightmare zone which is the fastest way there.

You can play Practice which is free, and you don’t get XP or points. Endurance will end once you kill all the bosses you’ve unlocked.

Normal gives a standard amount of points and the bosses are the same level as they were in the quest. Hard mode gives more points per kill and the bosses are far higher level with a lot more hit points.

You need to store OARS gold in the coffer nearby in order to enter a dream. Players with a quest cape will find that the prices of dreams in the Nightmare zone are reduced by 10K OARS gold.

The most expensive dream is the customizable hard Rumble which is the only game mode that I really recommend playing. In order to effectively play the Nightmare zone, it is recommended to have at least 70 Combat, so that’s around 70 Attack, Strength, and Defense.

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Ultimate force (White): Kills every boss in the room (no XP /PTS) Using this is extremely useful for fast XP because it generates you special attack constantly for 45 seconds.

Depending on your combat level, it should take you around 30 minutes to 1 hour to get enough points for absorption potions. You should aim to get at least 70K points using prayer potions and be sure to make good use of Zapper, Recurrent damage, and Power surge.

By using a Dwarves rock cake or a Locator orb, you can lower your hit points down to so that the monsters attacking you can only hit 1 on your absorption, making the damage lasts very long. Even when you are trying to get the maximum points you, should deactivate the Corrupt lizard man which hits through absorption.

Your inventory should consist of your special attack weapon, a Rock cake or a Locator orb, 4 overloads, 4-8 prayer potions, and the rest should be absorptions. Upon entering, you’ll want to drink your overload potion and wait until it lowers you down.

To stay at 1 Hotpoint, you should be double-clicking the Rapid Heal Prayer every 40 – 50 seconds. It is good to use Zapper and Recurrent damage again to speed up your kills, as well as Power surges with your Special attack weapon.

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If you see bosses like the Gelatinous mother or Fareed, you should use an Ultimate force power-up to clear them out. Keep in mind that the number of bosses affects how many points you get.

So, if you can, take a look at the list of Nightmare zone quests that is showed before and try to complete more bosses. There are four bosses in the game that give more XP per damage point.

ARR gives a 17.5% XP boost when you damage him, and the other 3 on this list work their way down to 7.5%. For the best XP rates, you’ll want to use Prayer all the time, as well as Absorptions and Overloads.

Bands or Obsidian works for a lower level with Melee, or Ranged through Chinning or using a Blowpipe is very effective. To get the maximum XP, you should not get the Zapper, Recurrent damage, or the Ultimate force power-up.

With Ranged, Dragon knives are now extremely OP in the Nightmare zone, as well as the Magic Short bow special attack. Choosing the correct bosses and using Dragon claws, you can get over 150K Melee Combat XP per hour.

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With Ranged, you can reach similar XP rates with a Blowpipe and Chins. Since you are healed 50 Hit points when the Overload runs out, you will get damaged a lot by the monsters around you since their max hit is no longer 1 or low.

You can AFK far longer if you take Super combat potions instead of Overloads because you won’t get that 50 Hotpoint boost after 5 minutes. Although, over time, you’ll gain your hit points back, and you will still be able to AFK around 10 minutes before you should lower your health again and re-drink Super combat potions.

If you are choosing to do Nathans, you are much better off going to Bandit camp with a Sardonic or Zamora item for much cheaper and much more AFK training. You can imbue the Black Mask and Slayer Helmet as well, which adds a 15% damage and accuracy boost for Magic and Ranged.

You can imbue Crystal items to keep their stats at maximum even as they are degrading. Each day, you can collect a maximum of 15 Herb boxes, costing 9.5K points each.

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