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OliverZompro is a German biologist who is credited with the discovery in 2002 of a new suborder of carnivorous African insects, Mantophasmatodea or “gladiators”, which was originally considered to be a new insect order but was later relegated to subordinal status. “Mantophasmatodea: Our Entdeckung anger been Insektenordnung MIT anger fossilen Art AUS them Belgium UND relented Arden AUS Africa”.

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“A new genus and species of Mantophasmatidae (Insects: Mantophasmatodea) from the Brand berg Massif, Namibia, with notes on behavior”. Al's Consequent Eben She bitter BEI Seder Shrift Ire Kontaktdaten in anger Email an.

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While other people around him did crossword puzzles and drank lattes, he explored the world, one animal at a time. Animal species are named every day, but finding another new order would be equivalent to discovering bats having not previously known they existed.

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Bats constitute their own order, as do primates, beetles, flies and rodents. It is filled with dead animals and so a good place to begin.

There, in the collection, was a male very similar to the one he had found in his native Germany, but with one key difference. He found another specimen in the Museum fur Naturkunde, Humboldt University in Berlin, this one a female from a 1909 collection in Namibia.

Quickly, Romero, his advisor and other colleagues wrote a paper on the new find in which they named the new order “Mantophasmatodea.” Later the group would be given the common name, “heel walkers,” which makes one think of other beasts of lore--yetis, Sasquatch, and the like.

Each of the individuals Romero had discovered was named as a separate species. In the meantime, Romero and colleagues needed more specimens; they wanted to find these animals alive.

The choice of sites was key, but little information existed on which to base the decision. In fact, the most recent specimens that turned up, one from 1991 and another from 2001, both came from the same place in Namibia, the Brand berg Massif.

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In such faraway places, they imagined, living fossils like the one for which they were looking might survive. It is a circular plug of granite that rises straight out of the flat desert.

The Massif, formed by the extrusion of lava, looks as though it were dropped on to the landscape. It is formidable, unique, and isolated, just the kind of place where one might find a yeti, or the ghost of an ancient animal.

The good news about the Brand berg Massif is that it is remote enough to preserve ancient and fragile life forms, away from humans. Romero and colleagues decided that they would need to be flown in by helicopter to the massif.

And so, in January 2002, after much planning and many signs that the expedition would never come to fruition, seven scientists were dropped off with great quantities of gear of cameras, collection devices and food. The venture had gone from a cheap collecting trip to an expensive “expedition,” funded by Conservation International.

They poked, prodded, chased, ran, and generally did everything they could to look everywhere a small, rare animal might hide. Someone turned a leaf and under it was, lo and behold, a single individual (see photo).

(Source: xn--schdlingszentrum-xnb.de)

By the end of a week, thirty Mantophasmatodes had been collected, observed and fawned over. One -- Eugene Marie from the National Museum of Namibia -- broke his ankle.

But no one cursed the Mantaphasmatodes, the tiny, living animals that they held aloft like kings. Not long after the expedition, Zompro's first article about the New Order was published in the journal Science.

Headlines proclaimed “Fossil Insect Found Alive.” Romero had not yet finished his PhD, but already major newspapers in a dozen countries had interviewed him.

Mike Picker, a professor at the University of Cape Town, saw photos of the Mantophasmatodes in a magazine. The Mantophasmatodes look, inescapably, larval (they lack wings, for example, and have no Bocelli) and so Picker like others mistook them for immature versions of some known creature, perhaps some weird kind of cricket.

When more than three quarters of all species of animals are not yet named, it is hard to know which ones to get excited about finding. Thirteen living species of Mantophasmatodea have now been named and placed in 10 genera and three different families.

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In other words, Romero has done something more amazing than finding a rare new order of animals. He has discovered a common order of animals that everyone else had missed, a discovery in plain view.

They are also a kind of living extended metaphor for what lurks around us unnoticed all the time. If you had any doubt about this statement, you need not go any further than the most recent episode in the story of the Mantaphasmatodes, the one involving Piotr Naskrecki and a truck stop.

Piotr Naskrecki was one of the scientists on the first expedition to the Brand berg Massif. While other people searched for the bathroom, Naskrecki looked to see if he could find any interesting insects.

So pay attention when you are walking through forests and backyards and, yes, even truck stops. As Naskrecki can confirm, if you go around truck stops with a headlamp, vials and ethanol at night you MIGHT discover a new life form, but you WILL have some explaining to do and so practice saying, in whatever language is appropriate, “Officer, the vials are for insects.

About the Author : Rob Dunn is a science writer and biogeographer in the Department of Biology at North Carolina State University. His first book, Every Living Thing, told the stories of the sometimes obsessive, occasionally mad, and always determined, biologists who have sought to discover the limits of the living world.

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His new book, The Wild Life of Our Bodies, explores how changes in our interactions with other species, be they forehead mites or tigers, have affected our health and well-being. Rob lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife, two children, and more than two forehead mites.

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American. It is a species in the order of the stick insects Phasmatodea and the only member of the genus Sunday.

The genus name refers to the locality of the logotype, i.e. the region where the insect was first identified. The species name is derived from the Latin as “inexpectatus” and means “unexpected”.

OliverZompro collected the first specimen of this species, a nymph, on 8 September 1995 in BaranggaySungay in the province of Bananas -associated township Alison on the Philippine island of Luzon. She died a short time later due to a failed molting during transport.

The first males were discovered in 2008 by Orlando L. Eugenio, SA Yap and AR Arena, also on Luzon, more precisely at Mount Cacao of the Marvels Mountains in BaranggayAlangan in of the province of Bataan in the associated township Lima. Particularly striking are females with a white vertical line over the entire body.

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Rarely, there are females in which green tones dominate the basic color. While the nymphs of the original strain, as well as their fresh adult females, are very bright, the newly hatched nymphs of sexually propagated animals are often colored dark gray instead.

The first of the adult wild-caught females captured by OliverZompro lay only four eggs before it died. In 2008 a new colony was started with males introduced, and these are referred to as the “Lowland” shape.

During the day they sit camouflage themselves on their food plants, which preferably have similar colors as the animals themselves. They primarily eat bramble, although they can also feed on Hawthorn and other deciduous plants.

For opposition, a good five inches high layer of damp humus-sand mixture should cover the ground. The eggs can be left in the ground or for better control can be transferred to a simple incubator.

^ Oliver Romero : Bemerkungen Uber philippinische Bromide, MIT anger Neubeschreibung (Phasmatodea: Heteropterygidae: Original). ISSN 0943-7274 ^ a b Dr. Irene L. Lit jr. & Orlando L. Eugenio : First description of the male of Sunday inexpectata Romero, 1996 (Phasmatodea: Heteropterygidae: Bimini), Arthropods 16 (2) August 2008, Sungaya-Verlag Kiel.

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