Orbeetle Vmax

Ellen Grant
• Monday, 17 January, 2022
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The core strategy of this variation of the OrbeetleVMAX deck is to significantly weaken the opponent's Pokémon by using Eerie Beam as often as possible, then take Knock Outs using G-Max Wave. Searching the deck for Or beetle V and OrbeetleVMAX is made easy by the inclusion of Capture Energy, Turf field Stadium, Quick Ball, and Evolution Incense.

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Even more protection comes from hiding behind Lillie's Poke Doll, allowing OrbeetleVMAX to avoid taking any damage from attacks at all. The deck includes Crushing Hammer to delay the opponent's attacks by discarding their Energy, and Reset Stamp to reduce their resources after an OrbeetleVMAX is Knocked Out.

Players could also include a Wondrous Labyrinth Prism Star to encourage the opponent to attach more Energy to their Pokémon. This will add more firepower to G-Max Wave, but the universal effect means OrbeetleVMAX will also require an extra Energy to attack.

Previous iterations of the Weeping deck were slow to begin spreading damage counters and relied on the opponent having Basic Pokémon. By proactively spreading damage counters with Eerie Beam, OrbeetleVMAX enables Weeping to use its Splattering Sludge attack to maximum effect.

If an opponent's deck includes cards that block Eerie Beam or remove damage counters from their Pokémon, this could make the path to victory difficult for OrbeetleVMAX. Eternal MAX decks use Scoop Up Net to maximize the damage counters placed on the opponent's Pokémon by Malaria Zigzagoon's Headbutt Tantrum Ability.

Pokémon MAX Evolves from Or beetle VGigantamax Card name OrbeetleVMAX Type Grass Hit Points 310 weakness×2 resistanceNone retreat cost English expansion Vivid Voltage Rarity English card no. 021/185 Japanese expansion Amazing Volt Tackle Japanese rarity Japanese card no.

orbeetle tackle electrifying card rarity secret rare
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009/100 English expansion Vivid Voltage Rarity English card no. 186/185 Japanese expansion Amazing Volt Tackle Japanese rarity Japanese card no.

Once during your turn, if this Pokémon is in the Active Spot, you may put 1 damage counter on each of your opponent's Pokémon. G-Max Wave 50+ This attack does 50 more damage for each Energy attached to your opponent's Active Pokémon.

Diamond & Pearl principles. Ken Suitor This article is part of Project TCG, a Bulbapedia project that aims to report on every aspect of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Or beetle V-MAX from Vivid Voltage didn’t make my personal list, though I could at least had one as my honorable mentions. It’s ability, Eerie Beam, states that once during your turn, if this Pokémon is in the Active spot, you can put 1 damage counters on each of your opponent’s Pokémon.

For the underwhelming part, it may not OHIO any MAX Pokémon due to their attack cost needing between 1 and 5 energies. The amazing part is that it can return fire to OHIO any Tag Team who just invested extra energies for their GO attack.

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As a Pokémon MAX, OrbeetleVMAX gives up two extra Prizes when KO’d, is excluded from certain beneficial effects, and is included in certain detrimental ones. All this baggage may be balanced out by the benefits, however; there are VMA X-specific pieces of support, Pokémon MAX have the highest HP scores in the game right now, and they tend to be able to do more relative to costs.

Another bonus is that MAX isn’t just a specialty mechanic or class of cards, it is also their Stage of evolution. There isn’t a lot of Weakness to exploit, but you’ll crash into Resistance because of Racial V. Neither Grass support nor counters are prominent right now.

310 HP is low for a Pokémon MAX, but still has a good chance of surviving a hit. Your Weakness means they do double damage, but 160 isn’t that low a threshold.

No Resistance is typical, so moving on, we see a Retreat Cost of ; easy to pay and recover from having paid. “Eerie Beam” may only be used while OrbeetleVMAX is your Active Pokémon, and each instance of it you have in play may only be used once during your turn.

Its actual effect is you place a damage counter on each one of your opponent’s Pokémon. For , it can use “G-Max Wave” to do 50 damage plus 50 more per Energy attached to your opponent’s Active.

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To OHIO something like your typical, Basic Pokémon V, you’ll need it to have four Energy attached, or three if you’ve pulled off enough Eerie Beams for a pseudo-OHKO. Fellow Pokémon MAX are going to need to sport five or six Energy for G-Max Wave to score a OHIO.

With smaller targets, there are times when the numbers work out in your favor without Eerie Beam placing damage counters, but many times when you either need the Ability to help and somewhere even with Eerie Beam, you’re whiffing. Consider the entire package; this is a three-Prize target with more HP than any TAG TEAM but the next-to-lowest for a MAX, and its Ability means it needs to be up front, but its attack is niche.

I’ll also add that Or beetle V doesn’t do OrbeetleVMAX a lot of good. It is a 180 HP Basic Pokémon V; that’s Croat V levels of fragility… but without the killer Ability.

“Strafe” leads my inner-Johnny astray: it is a hit-and-run attack for just , and that could help with Eerie Beam usage. So good, in fact, that it creates possibilities with damage spread decks, or beat down decks that hit harder based on the damage counters already present on the target.

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Yet, the reason I believe this card stands a chance in the Standard format is due to OrbeetleVMAX’s Ability Eerie Beam. The current format has limited damage modifiers, and we are stuck with Vitality Band as the best option for the time being.

While Vivid Voltage has Leon, Eerie Beam’s option to place upwards of six damage counters on your opponent’s Pokémon each turn, per each OrbeetleVMAX in play without attacking, is one of the strongest Abilities in the game and joins the rank of Racial V’s Intrepid Sword and Dedenne-GX’s Exchange. We saw this effect see huge success in the combination of Roxie and Weeping / Offing CEC, even winning the last American Regional Championship in the hands of Hunter Butler in the Expanded format.

Being able to have a high HP, Stage-1 Pokémon that has this effect is extremely strong as it can be added to any deck with lots of switching cards and an extra four slots. If your deck needs a few extra damage counters to be viable, I would consider OrbeetleVMAX as a solution.

If you had asked me what the number one piece of advice I would give regarding deck building, I would say that obtaining high consistency in achieving your strategy should come first and foremost, rather than any awesome combinations. My second piece of advice would be to rethink your strategy and take it from obvious to nuanced as this will help you decide what cards are essential.

This deck’s strategy is not to simply Knock Out everything with Crazy Claws, but to take six Prize cards before the opponent. Beast Game GO allows us to avoid this and take the fewest Knock Outs needed to win.

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Since it does not put itself to sleep with its Dream Oracle Ability, it can be paired with U-Turn Board to retreat, not to mention Scoop Up Net will fetch both cards to your hand thanks to its secondary effect. Bird Keeper, though it seems it fulfills what we want each turn in a Supporter (switching our OrbeetleVMAX and Karachi around as well as drawing some cards), it doesn’t do enough.

These cards can do nothing other than shine in this deck; they allow Karachi and Malaria Zigzag to be reused and switched and Or beetle Mass to be rotated. Karachi VIA does help with this since it can get any card from the top two, but it doesn’t fully patch the hole.

There isn’t room for more than these cards, but I don’t feel the need to cut anything to add more search options. Since we do not have a heavy inclusion of Dedenne-GX and Croat V, a high amount of Energy is needed to get an attachment every single turn.

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