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A number of books on apple’s history adds even more to the full picture. The following account is accompanied by pictures in a quality, giving justice to the history of the genesis of the logo.

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We’ll later on see why it was a good idea to use an apple as company trademark. Myth tells that there were several good reasons, that the choice fell on the apple.

Many may follow up on the story on the choice of the name Apple ”, but we haven’t researched that fully as yet. Following is documented how the company name had its logo, contributing in making Apple the strong brand it is today. It was Ron Wayne who, at the company start, made this ingenious Indian ink drawing, representing Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree reading a book.

And from my pillow, looking forth by light Of moon or favoring stars, I could behold The ante chapel where the statue stood Of Newton with his prism and silent face, The marble index of a mind for ever Voyaging through strange seas of Thought, alone. According to Owen Winemaker, author of Apple Confidential”, Steve Jobs believed the logo was much too intellectual and wasn’t suited for reproduction in small sizes.

The advertising company Aegis McKenna, wasn’t picked by coincidence to design the new logo. Apple II was to be launched on April 17th 1977 at West Coast Computer Fair, so it was about time work on the new logo started.

The bite in the apple also meant the logo no longer looked like or was confused with a tomato, Jan off has told. Bill Kelley, also working for Aegis McKenna Advertising, remember the history of the bite of the apple a bit different.

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The most expensive bloody logo ever designed It appears that Steve Jobs was in charge of a large part of the work, designing the apple logo. The four color print technique, that is done in several steps, brings the risk that the different layers may be displaced and there by overlapping.

Jan off suggested that the colored stripes should be separated by thin black lines, that would solve the problem and make the printing of the logo cheaper. Steve Jobs didn’t care and decided firmly that the logo should be without the marring lines.

Jean Louis Gassed of Apple once said the following, which sums up the thoughts behind the legendary Apple logo : “One of the deep mysteries to me is our logo, the symbol of lust and knowledge, bitten into, all crossed with the colors of the rainbow in the wrong order. Apple’s new logo was used on computers, but also marked the company in printed matters, as in advertising and brochures.

In the beginning the Apple logo in printed matters were accompanied by the text Apple computer inc.” in the font face Mother Texture. This font face was designed by Other Mother of Vorarlberg Graphic in 1975 and was quite new, when Apple started using it.

On opening the brochure, the real rainbow-colored logo appeared at bottom right, as did the advertisements the Apple II was launched with. Apple over the years made the Apple logo and the accompanying text a little more stylish in advertising.

apple rainbow appear mac cites
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This section should in fact be on the Apple logo in the early printed matters, but this early light sign with the rainbow-colored logo and the Mother Texture font face had to be included: The Apple logo has since then usually been used alone without any text, and if the company name was used with the logo, it was set at a distance and with the Grand font face.

Frequently the logo was accompanied by a slogan set in the new Grand font face, for example “The power to be your best” or “Think different”: The logos on the machines are exclusive small badges, here photographed once more with a special lens.

On the computers, the logo was usually neatly put in relief on the housing on the front of the machine. If it gets scratched, it can be pinched out from the reverse side through a small hole in the gray plastic behind the apple.

To the dismay of many, the colors of the rainbow has disappeared from the Apple logo in recent years. In return, the apple has become more stylish and the “hippie” image has been dropped for a cool look.

After the introduction of Apple’s Grand font face one can hardly imagine a simpler and more clear image. If you opened the lid, you could still find the rainbow-colored Apple logo, placed below the screen.

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Here is the original packing from a Powerboat G3, which have both an all white and an all black Apple logo printed on it: When the iMacs were introduced in August 1998 (were announced in May 1998) it was the first Macintosh ever, without the rainbow-colored Apple logo at all.

In the transition of 1999 and 2000 Apple made another revision of the companies, the vendors and others use of the Apple logo. The new logos appeared slightly raised, to illustrate the apple logo in clear plastic on Apple’s new iMacs.

Apple’s vendors and other partners were only allowed to use the Apple logo in a “flat” version, either in black or red. To reflect this, we’ve made some important changes to the Apple logo and how we use it, and how we expect our channel to use it, too.

We’ll continue to reflect who we are and what we stand for as a company in the same timeless symbol: an apple with a bite taken out of it. We’ve reduced some clutter in the original design, however, and updated the way we use color and light.

In other words, we’ve taken the same standards of style and innovation that make our products and our design unmistakable and applied them to the company logo. The replacement of the rainbow-colored apple logo was a long process, starting prior to these expressions from Apple.

apple rainbow 3d hd brands
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On their website, you could still find the rainbow colors in the navigation bar in April 1998, but the logo was probably replaces by the launching of the iMac. In addition, the apple logo on the new iMac with flatscreen, introduced in 2002 and later on, the new 23” flatscreen, the EMAC, and the Serve, appeared in shining silver.

Many feel to day that the rainbow colors creates psychedelic associations, that fits the alternative, a little flipped and creative image, that Apple acquired over the years, among others with their “Think different”campaign. Others have suspected a quite clear comment to the IBM company that, at the creation of the Apple logo was archenemy a competitor to Apple.

The poly chrome Apple logo sets a creative and anarchistic distance to the monochrome and more boring IBM logo, representing a company that Apple regarded as stiff and conservative. • Normally you wouldn’t associate an apple with computers, and therefore the logo is easily remembered.

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