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In this Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies Map Guide, we will guide you on different important tasks that you will need to perform in the IX map which will unlock many important features for you. IX is one of the maps included in the Zombies' mode in Black Ops 4 which is based on an Egyptian arena.

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We have curated this Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies Map Guide for you in which we have detailed the complete walkthrough of important tasks such as finding the Mystery Box, Brazen Bull Part Locations and activating the Pack-a-Punch machine. Our Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies Map Guide details everything that you need to know about the IX map in Zombies mode of Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

Go to the Odin Tower perk machine and look for the shield in front of a wooden barrel. It could spawn in three locations inside the Ra Altar Room on the top floor.

Head to the Bath House located on the first floor, and it might be sitting on the altar near the stairs. To upgrade to Iron Bull, you will again need to hunt for three more hidden parts.

To begin the upgrade process, you will first need to find and hit three Bull Heads located in the Zeus Tower Altar. Look to the opposite side of the Zeus perk machine above the purple banner and the wall buy.

The pillar in question is the one located on the second column from the left side. Once you have hit the Bull Head, its eyes will start glowing red, so you will know that you have done it right.

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For the next step, you need to find three invisible items which will allow you to upgrade the Brazen Bull. Inside the Temple, you will notice the large stone statue in the middle which is surrounded by many spikes.

Once you respawn, you can continue your hunt to upgrade the Brazen Bull. Its head and arm will be broken, and it will be sitting next to a statue of a man holding a spear.

Head to the Fallen Hero Room and check the ground near the entrance. Look on the right side of this puddle and the game will yet give you another prompt to pick something up.

Pick it up, and you will receive the third part to make the upgrade to your Brazen Bull. The new shield will give a green hue and will be more powerful than the standard one.

You can get there directly from the Ra Altar room where you defeated your previous champion. Use the Collapsed Tunnel to reach the Fallen Hero and from there The Pit.

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Here you can find the gong behind the ship, next to the stairs leading down to summon the champion. Inside the Temple, you will find four spikes in front of a pillar.

The pillar will become the Pack-a-Punch machine giving you access to weapon upgrades. In the main chamber, you will see that a corridor is splitting off in two separate paths.

Take the left one, and you will easily spot the Mystery Box sitting on the floor next to a broken statue. You must have activated the Pack-a-Punch machine before you start with unlocking the Death of Orion.

Once the Acid Trap is built, all locations where you can mount it will be unlocked on your map. Find the chains, gears and metal pot from the underground temple and one you have all three parts.

Head to the spawn room, and you will notice some banners on the wall which are rolled up with the help of ropes. Complete three of them, and you will get the metal pot and a bonus reward in the middle of the spawn room.

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You next step after the Acid Trap is finding the Scorpion Key. There, notice the passage blocked by a fence and a brazier down inside it.

Up the bridge, look down while facing the arena, and you will notice a pointer made of fire. Check which direction the arrow is pointing and make your way towards that specific tower.

Once you have acquired the Statue Head, build an Acid Trap, put it on a spot and place the Statue Head on the Acid Trap to melt it. Gold Vase is given to you as a reward when you achieve Crowd Affinity twice in a row.

You achieve Crowd Affinity by meeting the rewards you earn after completing challenges. Head to the Arboretum which is located on the lower section of Tower of Dan.

Melee this tiny hole to insert the Scorpion Key here. The box will turn green and interacting with it at this point will give you the Death of Orion.

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Before you begin this challenge, we recommend that you complete everything else explained above, have the best weapons and open all the doors of the map, so you can move around easily. This will begin your first challenge and give you three objectives on the left side of the screen.

Go to the Arena and start triggering challenges by cutting down the ropes. Your next task is to lure an axe-wielding zombie and make it throw its axe on the pyre in the middle of the stage.

During this wait, you can go back to the main Arena and ask one of your teammates to run through the flames and collect some negative affinity. Having a red thumbs down meter will make the crowd throw stuff at you.

Once you find the skull, equip your special weapon, and it will fall down. Find a skull grinder located in the Flooded Crypt.

Place the poop, crush skull and the wood inside this bow. Interact with the bowl to make it mix all the ingredients together until it starts to smoke.

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Once your offering is ready, pick it up and head to Dan Tower Arboretum and put in on the ground. Once the smoke starts appearing, fill up your ammo, elixirs and everything else.

Once it is done, equip your special weapon and stand on top of the offering to teleport to an unknown arena. Destroy all of them and reach the end to complete the Dan’s Challenge.

Find three more heads and kill three more such zombies to collect their souls. Once you have four souls, the Ra statue will automatically shoot a beam at the Obelisk.

You will need to kill the specific type of Zombies as shown in the order of the symbols. Check the image below for symbols and what type of zombie they represent.

Kill these special zombies in the order listed according to your symbols. Kill all four zombies and return to the Obelisk to complete Ra’s Challenge.

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Now you need to kill some zombies inside the electric circles with the Kilowatt to fill the rods up with their souls. Once all are fully charged up, check the central pillar for four electric balls.

Each player must take up position on each one of them and keep interacting with the balls to turn them red. This is very easy if the party is full as one player can charge each ball.

For this challenge, find three symbols located in the Dan’s Temple, The Pit and The Crypts and charge them up using Death of Orion or its upgrade the Series’s Kiss. Once the challenge is triggered in the Pit, a wave of zombies will attack.

Grab the key, kill all remaining zombies to complete the challenge. Make sure that you have completed everything else, picked up the best weapons, upgrades, elixirs and everything else.

Once you are all set, head to the Arena and interact with the big orb to start the final challenge of this map. It will be a big zombie elephant which is armored to its last teeth and some enemies on top of it throwing spears on you.

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The elephant will charge at you; stomp you while the annoying enemies on top will rain down spears on you. Eventually its armor will break down and reveal the weak spot on its forehead.

Watch the ending cutscene for a big surprise and the level will be complete for you. This concludes our Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies Map Guide.

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