Peloton Wobbles When Standing

Ellen Grant
• Monday, 17 January, 2022
• 7 min read

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I have read all the threads and have a piece of plywood under my bike which sits in a carpeted room.


So it’s low pile carpet, plywood, peloton mat then the bike. View Entire Discussion (8 Comments)The world's largest Peloton community.

We exist to encourage each other in our shared fitness goals. I have had this bike for 15 days now, and I notice it wobbles.

The handles and screen wobble but also my seat and the entire base. I did notice that I only have two stabilizers in the back and two in the front (both on the end of each side).

Apparently the bike doesn't like the rubber mats on the floor. Added wood planks under the front and back totally stable.

Forum Index Diet and Exercise Search Recent TopicsHottest Topics -- Last 30 Payback to home page To get on that bike screen, Peloton's instructors have a grueling audition process that can last six months.

Alex Toussaint has a military school background to thank for his fitness discipline. The pop prince of Peloton, Cody Rigs by, keeps his rides upbeat and fun.

Ben All dis is a fan of marathons and “ultra endurance events” to push his body. “When I first moved to LA in 2008, I was so poor that I would steal apples from the Ralph's for breakfast and eat Pink berry for dinner,” she wrote on Instagram.

Kendall Toole keeps her curves with a background of cheerleading, gymnastics, dance and boxing. “I surf, practice yoga, snowboard, skateboard, hike, play guitar, read historical nonfiction, lift weights...” -- to name a few of his interests.

Erik Eager balances out his rides with weight training to become walking fitness motivation. Bike instructor Tune Opening seems to always be on wheels as she tones her legs in roller skates.

Instructor Sam To says he was a Buddhist monk before joining Peloton. Hannah Frank son was a competitive triple jumper and trained among Olympic athletes.

Described as the “cheerleader” of Peloton, Olivia Amato looks ready to win on the bike. Hannah Corbin spends time “hanging from silks” when she's not on the bike.

Emma Love well has the perfect Peloton resume, having been a dancer, fitness model, trainer and DJ. Christine D'Role is a through and through bike racer who's personal style packs a punch.

Matt Giacomo is a strength class superstar who has an affinity for bulldogs, house music, and getting in drag. Jess Sims started her athletic legacy as the captain of her college basketball team.

That said, one thing we have never been is “numbers focused.” We aren’t going to send out messages to all members trumpeting 200,000 users, or make videos touting growth rate, or mail free swag because we hit some random number. Mostly because we don’t come here to brag (and especially not humble brag); we’re here to focus on improving ourselves.

So having said all that, it is undeniable that r/pelotoncycle is growing, and as we eclipse 100,000 subscribers, we thought it might be fun to look back at where we’ve been and where we’d like to go! But, they were high quality, interesting, detailed, and best of all by people passionate about fitness and Peloton.

People from California to Connecticut, and international friends who’d “snuck” a Peloton to their homes as far as the UK, Germany, Argentina, Sweden, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Realizing that personal growth was more about looking in the mirror than shit posting selfies.

After those early days, it was clear Reddit offered a platform for communication that was very beneficial to the Peloton community. Not only could users submit high-impact posts, but the community is self-regulating via the vote arrows; bubbling good info to the top, bad info out of sight (or flagging for deletion).

We’ve set up giveaways, challenges, and an annual Secret Santa. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the time and efforts of (in absolutely no particular order) my fellow mods u/Fraukoko and u/Grafton ; and everyone’s favorite not-a-mod-but-codes-stuff-for-free u/NCBarkingDogs.

We mods pay out of our pockets for Amazon server/cloud space, gift cards for challenges, and swag for giveaways; we donate our time to moderate, to code, to answer questions, to build (and re-build) the wiki. In March, /u/NCBarkingDogs helped build the framework for these special events with creation of the Peloton (affectionately named Anton) and Automatic Flair.

Using this Automatic Flair has not only allowed us to seamlessly pull Peloton achievements to Reddit, it has allowed us to create Milestone Monday to celebrate our friends who have hit milestones with Peloton. It has allowed creation of r/pelotoncycle events, such as Peloton 2020 (HAIL THONG SONG) and Plowmen Fright Week.

Peloton and Plowmen wouldn’t have happened without the loving dreams and oversight of u/Grafton, u/NCBarkingDogs's tireless score keeping and bot-coding, and u/Fraukoko delightedly finding spooky themes. So he put together Plowmen Fright Week just a month after Peloton finished.

Kraft’s idea exploded with plenty of spooky input from our Halloween and horror movie expert FrauKoko. Beyond this, members here created the first app, r/BlueHeartApp, to broadcast Apple Watch’s HR to the bike/tread/iOS/Android and any BLE-enabled fitness equipment.

You guys and girls wrote free software that downloads your detailed second-by-second workout data from Peloton’s API and saves them in fitness-industry-standard .TAX files. We’ve seen leaks of every major and minor Peloton product plan since 2017, from class libraries, new features, marketing strategy, to the new (still unannounced) rower, the new bike and new Tread.

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As we say in the “Milestone Monday” celebration threads: This Subreddit doesn't try to make you strong, beautiful, or capable.

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