Pillow Talk Chords Wild Child

Maria Johnson
• Saturday, 27 November, 2021
• 23 min read

The piano player was singer Perry Blackwell, but I can't find anything one bay or any other sites. *taken from the song Rock Hudson sings in Pillow talk Pinterest is great.

wild child lyrics song
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Before, I would have to endlessly search google, YouTube, or ask a Lowe's or Home Depot employee, only to get little/no results or blank stares. The last week I was feeling pretty good, my hips weren't hurting as much, and I had a little more mobility.

So my #1 project was to re-arrange the kid's room because it is ALWAYS a disaster, and it drives me crazy. At the time we had two hand-me-down doll houses looking things, one that would hold all their books (barely) and one, if you tried really hard, and if you're good at Tetris, you could get all their stuffed animals to fit.

However, with Reese and Everett's need to try and fit themselves into small places (I'll get back to THAT), they always dumped all their books and animals out just to sit in the doll houses. I searched Pinterest for 'stuffed animal storage', and I came across a few options, however, I found a problem with each one.

My kids would dump out animals and wear this as a hat, or a tiny fort. Problem: $58 baskets, $250 bookcase. Problem: too small, awesome price $4.99 or something, but with my kid's animals, I could maybe fit one in each chubby.

The kid's can't climb in, they can put their toys back easily, they can all fit, it's perfect. Then I tried to get a DIY on this thing... and it wasn't happening. Some husbands put a DIY explanation, and I thought he was too 'thorough' (not really, he listed parts and said nonsense).

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It will match, not be too tall (R&E's room has vaulted ceilings, like a barn shape), and it will be able to fit all their animals. Drill: $0 (husband's) Bookshelf: $15 Walmart (Click to go to Walmart website)Bungee Cords: $2.50/2pack- I bought four... ($10 LOWES)1/2 inch Spade Drill Bit: $3.00 (or if husband already has one $0 LOWES)So here it goes (sorry for the lack of pictures...

According to Home Depot and Lowes, I am a crazy person for asking for Bungee String. I wanted to have the 'bars' be tight, but stretchable, since the kids have some larger animals.

The wooden dowels will break and the camping string will become loose. Thread the cord under your bookcase (it will be hidden by the small panel on the bottom).

If you are feeling adventurous you can always paint the bookshelf and add molding to make it all fancy-shmancy. The app window allows a tab to be scrolled horizontally across the screen at a speed selected by the user.

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