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These are the stats of the Zombies, that are a fundamental factor to making you lose the game. As of the table below, “Health” means “Pea Damage Worth”, as 1 pea results in 1 damage, or -1 health for the Zombie.

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He refuses to consume carbs, downing nothing but high-protein brains for every meal. He will advance to the 7th column when spawned and will crush any plant with his treadmill.

After reaching the 7th column, he will throw brains at his fellow zombies, significantly increasing their health and speed. Advances to a set spot on the board, then tosses buffing brains at other zombies until he's chased away or retreats on his own.

He refuses to consume carbs, downing nothing but high-protein brains for every meal. Advances to a set spot on the board, then tosses buffing brains at other zombies until he's chased away or retreats on his own.

He refuses to consume carbs, downing nothing but high-protein brains for every meal. Since Cardio Zombie has an extremely high amount of health, he will reward a lot of points in Arena.

He can also crush underground plants such as Spike weed, Cactus, and instantly destroy the Spike rock. Depending on your Arena league, defeating Cardio Zombie may or may not be possible regardless of your plant's levels.

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Step 2: Choose plants such as Moon flower (only if you aren't playing the Goo Peashooter Tournament Practice), Kernel-Pult, Squash, Celery Stalker, Bonk Chop, and/or Crocodile (if you have it, you can use Parsnip instead of Bonk Chop and/or Crocodile). Step 3: Plant 2 or 3 Kernel-Pults on the third row, then wait for Cardio Zombie.

When he arrives, plant a Celery Stalker behind him, a Bonk Chop just in front of him, and several Crocodiles on him. Tip: Bonk Chop's, Parsnip's, Crocodile's, and Kernel-Pult's Plant Food effects are very helpful.

Mastery Repeaters combined with a napalm Torch wood along with a Tile Turnip will eliminate the threat quickly. Just make sure there is enough sun and no Jesters or Excavator zombies to block the peas.

Note: This strategy is most likely to help you defeat Cardio Zombie in Goo Peashooter's Tournament Practice. If one listens closely, when Cardio Zombie enters the lawn, he makes a low wheezing noise.

This glitch can occur even if he appears for the first time in the lawn in a match. A glitch could occur if too much damage is dealt to the Cardio Zombie, his head will disappear, leaving himself headless.

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Cursed Treasure Level Pack Cursed Treasure Level Pack Plants that do not shoot projectiles such as and Plants that fire non-physical projectiles such as and (stops deflection) (except the small berry) (when hiding or when given Plant Food)Installs such as and (non-powered or at close range, powered) (only applicable in Chinese version) (only the projectiles directly backwards) See more...

Heck, he's been on stage with some of the finest classical theater companies this side of the lawn. He has the ability to deflect physical projectiles from plants, such as peas, plasma balls, bulbs and many others, which allows him to damage plants with them and cause a lot of trouble when not dealt with properly.

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In addition, while deflecting, he moves at 1.1x of his normal speed and his contact damage will not trigger plants that have effects when eaten, such as Sun Bean He is based on a jester, an entertainer during medieval and Renaissance times.

The eccentric hat he wears extends up to his neck. His attire presents a simultaneous shift of two colors, blue and yellow to be specific.

The chest portion presents a vertical placing of colors in a simultaneous manner also with two red buttocks attached to the middle portion of it and a red-colored strap is attached to his tummy line. The pants, much like the sleeves of his torso counterpart also presents the same designing of colors.

Finally, the shoes he wears also present the same color with his eccentric hat especially the circular portion that serves as tips. Jester Zombie is dressed as a chef in the Food Fight parties.

For his footwear, he simply wears a pair of brown leather shoes. Jester Zombie is dressed like a birthday clown, complete with a cupcake hat and cake in the Birthday event.

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Heck, he's been on stage with some of the finest classical theater companies this side of the lawn. Heck, he's been on stage with some of the finest classical theater companies this side of the lawn.

Chinese-exclusive: Radish (if leveled up), Fire Gourd, Bamboo-shoot, Oak Archer, Acidic Citrus, Lotus pot, Raffles, Torn acorn, Asparagus, Saucer Squash, Amateurism, MC Glory, Primal Raffles, Dino nip, Master cane, Pyro-shroom, Cryo-shroom, Aggro Rocco, Lord Bamboo, Chest-nut, Zorro, Magic-shroom, Pumpkin Witch, Snowy Cotton, Guerrequila, Monkey fruit, Dragon fruit, Angel Starfruit, Match Flower, Fire bloom Queen, Cob Cannon Jester Zombie's main weaknesses are area-of-effect attacks from plants like Lightning Reed, Fume-shroom, Laser Bean, and Snapdragon.

These types of plants work since they do not have solid projectiles to hit Jester Zombie with. Magnifying Grass' projectiles are not considered solid and can therefore defeat Jester Zombie.

If you are having trouble with Jester Zombie because of the lack of area-of-effect attacks, you can use instant kills. Beware, however, when the Jester is spinning, he is immune to Shadow-shrooms, Chili Beans, and Hypno-shrooms.

Because a Ghost Pepper does not shoot projectiles, Jester Zombie will be affected by its screams. Iceberg Lettuce and St union can temporarily immobilize the Jester, preventing it from deflecting the projectiles, so using it with Winter Melon is a good idea, especially its Plant Food upgrade in Arthur's Challenge.

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However, Winter Melon's normal projectiles will be thrown back, so a Wall-nut or any other defensive plant should be used as well. Although Jesters can deflect Crocodiles' pits, Crocodiles will rush immediately when the pits hit them, and their rush attack can deal great damage on Jester Zombies, ultimately penetrating their deflection cyclone.

Lava Guava can be also a good idea against Jester Zombie, as it can deal great damage against him. Phat Beets don't use solid projectiles, so they can kill Jesters with ease with their shock waves.

In addition to that, avoid using Torch woods against Jester Zombie, as the flaming peas (including the napalm ones) can deal so much damage to your plants that even an armored Tall-nut will not be able to absorb all the projectiles. Placing Grapeshot near Jester Zombie where it will instant-kill him is a must in order to prevent him from deflecting the grapes.

Additionally, Jesters can't deflect Spike rocks or harm them, as they are a melee plant. Jester Zombie serves as among the biggest threats due to his constant deflection of projectiles from powerful plants, leaving you no other choices than using others that do not shoot projectiles such as Magnifying Grass to deal him.

If you see Jester Zombies along with other Dark Ages zombies in large numbers, these combinations will cause you to lose the game, thus, causing you to risk spending money on Power Ups and Plant Food. You will need to have Cherry Bombs, Jalapeños, Iceberg Lettuces, Power Lilies, and their Imitate versions.

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Iceberg Lettuce and St union will significantly help here, especially with Plant Food. Jester Zombie cannot deflect projectiles from behind him, except those fired by Homing Thistle.

It will attack the whole row of plants but the Boomerang will grab it, nullifying its damage. If the plants are attacked by a Snow Pea's or Winter Melon's projectile, they will not be chilled.

Also, he can be chilled by Snow Pea's Plant Food ability. In the Almanac, Jester Zombie had a bone sticking out of his arm prior to the 2.5.1 update.

This makes him the only zombie that has an unusual standing animation and when he moves, he just jumps. A bell's sound will be played when just one Jester Zombie enters the lawn.

Spring Bean and Chard Guard are the only plants that can cancel all of Jester Zombie's projectiles. Prior to the 4.7.1 update, when a Jester Zombie was hit by Dusk Lobber's projectile, he would deflect it off of the lawn, and do no damage to any plants.

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Chewier is a pun on Julliard, which is a real school in New York City. If one looks very closely during Jester Zombie's walking/jumping animation, his right leg detaches from the rest of his body for a split second.

When Jester Zombie loses part of his arm while wearing his Thanksgiving costume, the rest of the arm will change color from white to blue (the same blue seen on his usual outfit). He cannot deflect Primal Peashooter's rock peas in the Chinese version.

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