Rainbow Quartz X Reader

Maria Johnson
• Saturday, 27 November, 2021
• 7 min read

As I approached the Temple where the Crystal Gems lived, I took a deep breath. I decided that today I was going to ask Pearl and Steven about fusions.

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Plus, Garnet might seem nice, but I'm pretty scared of her to be honest. As I walked inside the house that was set up against the mountain, everyone looked at me then went back to what they were doing.

I wasn’t sure where Bismuth or the others were, but I didn’t really care at the moment. “Well, I was wondering if we could talk in private,” I said while looking to Steven.

“I know just the place,” Pearl said while leading us to the warp pad. I’ve never warped before, so I held both Pearl and Steven’s hand as the teleport er lit up and sent us where Pearl said was private.

As the place showed up, it looked like an old arena that was broken down. “The training center?” Steven spoke while looking at Pearl confused.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” Pearl asked while sitting down on one of the concrete seats. “Well, I wanted to ask about fusion,” I started.

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Pearl’s face lit up and Steven just looked confused. Now, I only heard about what happened about the diamonds taking the Crystal Gems.

I was supposed to stay with Bismuth, Laps, and Period, but they left to Home world anyway. This time, it was my turn to sit down as I watched Pearl and Steven.

Pearl was very elegant and Steven was more childish about it and did what he could, but he was still somewhat graceful. Soon enough, they both met together and a white glowing light shone as a form was taking place.

I covered my mouth, for it was in a wide ‘O’ shape. “Are you catching flies or something?” Steven and Pearl’s fusion asked.

I snapped my mouth close in an instant. I knew that every fusion had a special name, so I thought these guys would, too.

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I mean, that’s an amazing outfit!” I said while throwing my hands around in excitement. Your outfitted doesn’t look too shabby yourself,” RainbowQuartz 2.0 joked while winking at me.

I took in a deep breath as my nervousness started to build courageously. I love you both separately, but it’s even better with you together as one!” I said while looking at the floor the whole time.

I finally decided to look up to see either a shocked or disgusted face of this new fusion. It was so quick and sudden, it took me a minute to hug back.

“So, how is this dating thing going to work?” I asked with a joking smile. Today, Steven and I decided to spend a day together alone.

The first thing Steven wanted to do was go out and walk around Beach City while doing fun things. I didn't like food, so I gladly passed.

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I stared in shock as this completely different looking person stood in front of me. They had four eyes, and had the clothes Pearl and Steven had on, but at the same time.

“Yeah, I guess,” I said with my arms crossed and shrugged. It was like I just saw my favorite character from a TV show in real life.

With that, I watched as they summoned a weapon from their belly and forehead. I watched in awe as they combined their weapons to make an umbrella.

I could go home and finish my homework, but I wanted to hang out with this now fused gem. Maybe I’ll be able to get a date tonight.

RainbowQuartz 2.0 aimed for the beach, so that’s where we went. I didn’t really like to go outside in general, but the beach was a place to think in peace.

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Not only was I fascinated by their existence, but I wanted to know about this person that I was gaining a secret crush on. I mean, I might not show it, but I really wanted to touch their hair.

“Well, gems don’t eat or sleep. But Steven needs all of that, because he’s half human,” RainbowQuartz 2.0 answered while looking up at the sky.

“We gems don’t age. “Okay, enough about us, what about you?” they asked while looking down with a cute, wide smile.

I couldn’t help but fall in love with the smile. “Well, I live in Beach City, I’m a student in high school, and I like all things dark,” I said while winking up at them.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” RainbowQuartz 2.0 asked. I shrugged, keeping my cool, “I guess... I’ve never seen anything more amazing.” Okay, I was trying to keep my cool, but RainbowQuartz 2.0 made me feel comfortable.

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I had an amazing day,” I said and turned around to leave. I didn't hear RainbowQuartz 2.0 move or say anything, but I knew they are smiling.

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