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Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan deserves his props, but Jones has put together a surefire Hall of Fame career so far. Jones has made the Pro Bowl in six straight years and seven of the last eight seasons, leading the league in receiving yards twice during that time.

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The reigning NFL MVP, Jackson has proved many naysayers wrong with his ability to play quarterback at the highest level. White had a breakout third season in 2019, being named an All-Pro and Pro Bowler after leading the NFL with six interceptions and playing shutdown corner back for the Bills.

McCartney is one of the few running backs who are a true difference maker, leading the NFL in touches, yards from scrimmage, and touchdowns last season. Garrett was rewarded with a huge contract extension after recording 10 sacks in 10 games last season.

Miller has been the face of the Broncos franchise for several years and the MVP of their last Super Bowl win. Stafford is only one Pro Bowl appearance to show for what has been a highly productive 11-year career in Detroit.

He's thrown for more than 41,000 yards and was having a career year in 2019 before suffering a back injury at midseason. Watson has made the Texans a contender over the last two years, going a combined 21-10 during the regular season and also showing some success in the playoffs.

He made the Pro Bowl in each of those seasons, proving to be a major threat with his arm and his legs. The Jaguars are hopeful quarterback Gardner Min shew can prove he's a franchise player this year.

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Last year he helped Chart realize his potential, making the Pro Bowl after recording 73 catches for 1,008 yards and eight touchdowns in 15 games. The Chiefs have plenty of top talents surrounding Mahomes, but the team immediately became Super Bowl contenders when he took the reins in 2018.

He's made three Pro Bowls in the last four years, and has been the most consistent part of a very good offensive line. Boss was rewarded with a huge contract in training camp as one of the top defensive players in the NFL.

He has a whopping 72 sacks in his six NFL seasons, and has led the league in tackles for loss in each of the last two years. The former first-round pick finally reached his potential in his fifth season, accumulating 72 catches for 1,202 yards and nine touchdowns.

The Vikings have excellent offensive players like Kirk Cousins, Alvin Cook, and Adam Thailand, but Hunter has become an elite defensive end over the last two years. He's made consecutive Pro Bowls with 14.5 sacks in both seasons, and also recorded at least 70 tackles both years.

He led the NFL with six interceptions and 20 passes defensed, and didn't allow any touchdowns during the entire regular season. He's also found an elite wide receiver late in his career with Michael Thomas.

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While that was valid criticism, Barkley has established himself as one of the most talented players at his position in two seasons. Bell's first year performance in New York certainly didn't show the elite ability we've seen from him in the past, but his upside remains one of the highest on the team in 2020 following the trade of star safety Jamal Adams.

Bell has produced more than 1,800 yards from scrimmage three times during his career and hopes to get back on track this year after the Jets improved their offensive line. Went had another very good year in 2019 despite poor support from his wide receivers, with over 4,000 yards passing and 27 touchdowns.

The nine-year veteran returned to the Pro Bowl after a two-year hiatus, with three picks and 61 tackles while also holding receivers to less than six yards per target. He's finished with a winning record in all eight of his NFL seasons and made his sixth Pro Bowl last year.

With Sports Plus, you’ll have access to watch and record hundreds of live games and events, including: Live views of every touchdown during Sunday afternoon games on NFL Redone. With YouTube TV, you get unlimited DVR storage, so you can fill your library with as many programs as you’d like.

Add specific teams, leagues, or groups of games to your library, so they get recorded when they air. For example, add your favorite team to your library to record when their games are shown on FOX Soccer Plus.

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Note : It’s not possible to record content from NFL Redone just by adding a specific team, league, or game to your YouTube TV library. You’ll need to add NFL Redone to your library so that the full 8-hour block will be recorded.

To subscribe to Sports Plus, follow the steps to add a network to your YouTube TV membership. Last week, YouTube TV added a $10.99 per month Sports Plus package.

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. On Thursday, Google'live TV streaming service announced that it's added the NFL Network to its $65-a-month base package.

Both moves come right on time for football fans with the NFL season officially set to kick off on Sept. 10 when the Houston Texans take on the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs. Next week's season opener will air on NBC and the first full Sunday with games is set for Sept. 13.

Get editors' top picks of the day's most interesting reviews, news stories and videos. Host Scott Hanson will be delivering every touchdown from every game on Sunday afternoons during the NFL regular season beginning Sept. 13.

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“The opportunity to give NFL Network and NFL Redone the broadest distribution as possible to our fans remains a top priority for us, so we're pleased to bring our lineup of exclusive live games, informative shows and award-winning content to the YouTube TV channel lineup.” “Sports fans have been some of our most passionate members since we launched YouTube TV, so we're thrilled to introduce NFL Network to our line-up of more than 85 channels, plus NFL Redone as part of our new Sports Plus add-on package,” YouTube TV global head of partnerships Lori Conking said.

That’s good for base subscribers; as one, I always felt it odd that I couldn’t tune in for various Thursday night games throughout the NFL season. YouTube, meanwhile, hasn’t yet announced anything is coming, and indeed as of yesterday their support team was asked that question directly.

That tier or package offering is an interesting development for YouTube TV, which has so far resisted that more traditional bundling-style of programming. Still, just having the ability to offer Redone could be enough to boost subscriptions through the rapidly approaching NFL season.

That rapid approach also means that announcing the new channels and packages is likely to come very soon, as they’ll presumably want to build some kind of promotional push to get people on board ahead of the season. It’s always good for subscribers to have options, too, though considering a subscription+ Redone will cost people at least $75 per month, cutting the cord and going with YouTube TV for sports is getting to be less and less of a pure value proposition.

Viewing Picks We start NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend tonight with an NFC/AFC doubleheader on Fox and NBC plus ABC's first UFC card airs this afternoon Maybe you want to watch that player you targeted on draft day for your fantasy football team.

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You’ve probably even moved a second or third TV into your living room to solve some of these problems. The channel, offered by NFL Network and hosted by Scott Hanson, shows viewers live look-ins of games in which teams are about to score inside their opponent’s 20-yard line or reach the end zone, which means you won’t miss Le’Vein Bell punching in that much-needed goal-line touchdown to win your weekly matchup.

It also provides highlights and statistics geared toward fantasy owners while showing as many as eight different games (all hail the October) at once. Oh, and it’s 100 percent commercial-free from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m., or whenever the final Sunday afternoon game comes to an end during the regular season.

The only thing is it does not air during Thursday Night Football, Monday Night Football or any other days or playoff games, and has aired a limited amount of times in preseason games. For a more comprehensive comparison of the two, Awful Announcing put out a pretty detailed one.

So you don’t want to just watch one game on NBC, CBS, FOX or ESPN. Whether you want to watch how your fantasy team is doing on your smartphone, tablet or PC, you’ll most likely need a streaming service to get Redone.

Download the NFL app and select Redone for just $5 per month as a standalone streaming service. For just $35 per month, you could select the Sling Blue “Sports Extra” add-on that features the coveted channel plus a number of other good ones.

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However, that was not the case for Dish Network and Sling TV subscribers as of June 2020, meaning Redone hopefuls have to turn elsewhere. The “Core” package and the Sports Pack add-on that comes with Redone and a bunch of other extra ESPN channels used to make customers as happy as Patrick Mahomes with a bottle of ketchup.

Sony has since shut down its PlayStation Vue service in early 2020, meaning the gaming console isn’t a viable way to watch Redone this season. The two sides reached an agreement for the 2020 season, meaning NFL fans that are YouTube TV subscribers will now also be able to tune in to host Scott Hanson, whose coverage is Hall of Fame-worthy.

Here’s the deal: NFL Network will be part of YouTubeTV’s base package, which costs $64.99 per month. NFL Redone will be available for those who purchase the service’s add-on package, Sports Plus, which costs $10.99 per month.

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