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The sequel to the critically acclaimed shooter from award-winning studio Machinates was announced at the Bethesda E3 2017 showcase, and will be available on October 27, 2017, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Set in America in 1961, The New Colossus will take BJ (dubbed “Terror-Billy” by the Nazis) from post-nuclear Manhattan to small-town Roswell to the bayous and boulevards of New Orleans and beyond, as he leads the Resistance against the Nazi occupation of his beloved country.

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But this isn’t just the riveting tale of one man’s mission to build a movement and fight the evil that’s overtaken his nation. After barely surviving the assassination of Nazi General Deaths head at the end of Wallenstein : The New Order, BJ begins his exhilarating adventure while still recovering from his extensive injuries.

Bloody but unbowed, he soon finds himself fully restored and stronger than ever. Along the way, BJ will mow down anyone in his path using an awesome arsenal of high-tech weaponry, including the Laserkraftwerk (perfect for disintegrating Nazi goons) or the Dieselkraftwerk (built to blast a bunch of enemies with gas-powered grenades).

And he’ll need every weapon he can find, because this time it’s even more personal. Not only is BJ fighting to take back his homeland, but he’s doing it alongside old friends (including returning favorites like Caroline, Bomb ate, Set, Max Has, Fergus or Wyatt, and his now-pregnant partner Anya).

Wallenstein meets Man in the High Castle? By the way, I liked The New Order and the change of location is promising, so I'll follow this one.

I am posting right now; somebody must have left the door to the basement open. Of course, I couldn't watch the English-speaking trailer from the official Bethesda YouTube channel 'because I'm a dirty Nazi.

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I've to admit, I liked The New Order more than Judaism. It's pretty interesting that if we ignore TNO's prologue, both game basically starts in the same way: Blazkowicz wakes up after a trauma, has a big scar on his head and the first person to appear in front of him is Anya.

I still wear the Iron Cross with diamonds Hitler gave me. But today in all Germany you can't find a single person who voted Adolf Hitler into power.

They're just adventure games with stats and combat and limited simulated dialog. The end of the last game, BJ took a nuclear weapon direct to the face.

I don't care how much super secret Jewish technology the resistance has, he's dead. It's going to be super gritty and emotional.

How can my post be racist, are you assuming Jews are a different race? I am posting right now; somebody must have left the door to the basement open.

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Hopw rower né x 1 Agree x 1 Edgy x 1 Shit x 1 Nothing aggravates a delicate situation much more than a massive detonation.

I'm too old now, the magic inside me is dead like a stillborn child. As an Amazon Associate, codex.net earns from qualifying purchases.

Today is a special day, as we welcome some of the most accomplished studios in the games' industry to Xbox. We are thrilled to announce Microsoft has entered into an agreement to acquire Animal Media, parent company of Bethesda Soft works.

Like us, Bethesda are passionate believers in building a diverse array of creative experiences, in exploring new game franchises, and in telling stories in bold ways. All of their great work will of course continue and grow, and we look forward to empowering them with the resources and support of Microsoft to scale their creative visions to more players in new ways for you.

All of our work, and the foundation of our relationship with you, starts with a commitment to deliver a breadth of amazing games to discover and play on Xbox. Bethesda Soft works, our parent company Animal Media, and our many internal studios, now employ thousands of talented people working in publishing offices and development studios around the world.

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We’ve gone from one internal studio to many; from a focus on single-player fantasy RPGs to developing massive MMOs, first-person shooters, and everything in between. The world, our industry, and our company has changed a lot in the 34 years since Bethesda Soft works was first founded.

Microsoft is an incredible partner and offers access to resources that will make us a better publisher and developer. In fact, I can't wait for the three-way collaboration (you could say, a troika) between Bethesda, Inside and Obsidian, which will bring us the ultimate RPG to ever grace this sinful middle earth.

Nineteen years after the events of Wallenstein II, BJ Blazkowicz has disappeared after a mission into Nazi-occupied Paris. Now, after years of training from their battle-hardened father, BJ’s twin daughters, Jess and Soph Blazkowicz, are forced into action.

Level up, explore, and complete missions to unlock new abilities, weapons, gadgets, cosmetics, and more to complement your play style and customize your appearance. From a new base of operations located deep in the heart of the Paris catacombs, plan how and when to attack and dismantle the Nazi regime.

Minimum: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Win7, 8.1, or 10 (64-Bit versions) Processor: AMD FX-8350/Ry zen 5 1400 or Intel Core i5-3570/i7-3770 Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GTX 770 4 GB (Current available GPU GTX1650) or AMD equivalent Storage: 40 GB available space Darth Rotor was very excited, and the game's Kickstarter eventually raised £155,885 in funding.

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Apparently it was already pretty far ahead in development, since after a couple of short delays Neo core released it on Early Access today. Knight's Tale was initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign, and we plan to keep involving the community in the development process.

User feedback to particular gameplay elements will play a very important role for content updates and for the final release. However, the game's console ports were a disaster, and in a year when we all had enough too much free time on our hands, it was enough to generate a massive negative publicity firestorm for the company, including class action lawsuits and an investigation by the Polish government.

Several days ago CD Project published a video with CEO Marcin Wins apologizing for the poor state of the game, and a few days later it scored a comparatively pathetic seventh place in our all-important Codex GOT poll. Now would be the perfect time to publish our own official review of Cyberpunk 2077, and thanks to a surprise contribution from esteemed user Lukasz, we actually managed to pull that off.

It's a thorough examination of the game, including character building, combat, open world elements, quest design and itemization. Instead of following the quest marker on autopilot, there might be hidden objectives for you to unlock if you step off the marked path.

In that prelude, you’ll be forced to play a weakling vomiting from stress in the bathroom, while corp lines are usually about strong-handling NPCs to make them do what you want. The corp origin also gets the weakest extra quest compared to the other two (although you do get the best tech pistol in the game).

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The game has come along nicely since then and a closed alpha was released in early 2020, but I somehow never got around to posting about it on the front page. It's a thorough introduction to the game and its features, including map creation, environmental interactivity, enemies, spell casting, stealth, the character system, inventory and NPC dialogue.

It goes without saying that 2020 wasn't the best of years, but we still got a decent offering in titles like Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk, Troubleshooters and Horizon's Gate. The beta test for the game's upcoming Early Access release was originally supposed to have begun this month, but has been delayed until at least February.

According to the update, the last two tasks that need to be completed before the beta can begin are the programming for non-human enemies and initiation of combat upon failure of a stealth mission. However, the primary topic of the update is the Hydroponics Division, the last of the three locations that will be included in the Early Access build.

Their leader, Carlos Many, makes an appearance in the accompanying batch of screenshots. We hoped to wrap up everything in December and start the beta in mid-Jan, but we're still 3-4 weeks of work away from the finish line.

I wouldn't be surprised if by the time we get there, another month of work would pop up out of nowhere, but let's stay positive and hope it's the final stretch. When you enter a stealth mode, the designated infiltrator is removed from the party (provided you have one), which waits outside.

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The first chapter has 3 locations (the Pit, Armory, Hydroponics), 22 quests with multiple solutions, and 30+ fights. The Hydroponic Division was originally conceived to adapt Terran plants to the anticipated environment of Proxima Centauri.

Extensive gene-editing was employed to develop resistance to alien fungi and pests, and accelerated adaptation hacked into the plants' genetic code. The carefully cultivated flora and fauna was left on its own in harsh environs designed to propagate rapid and brutal evolutionary cycles.

When men returned to reclaim Hydroponics, they discovered an environment as wild and hostile as any Earth jungle... Tags: New World Computing ; Planet's Edge ; Ziggurat Interactive One of the major players in the classic game prerelease business these days is a company by the name of Ziggurat Interactive, who emerged on the scene about a year ago after picking up some licenses from competitor Retro ism (including the one for Dark lands).

It seems their latest acquisition is the New World Computing catalog (excluding Might & Magic which belongs to Ubisoft of course). One of three legacy NFC titles released on GOG yesterday is 1991's Planet's Edge: The Point of no Return, a space RPG I probably would not have known about if Neal Hall ford of Betrayal at Kronor fame hadn't mentioned working on it in interviews.

It's an interesting-looking game that appears to combine aspects of Starlight and Star Control with top-down exploration and turn-based combat reminiscent of Ultimo VI. When the alien craft entered Earth’s solar system, the human race was alive with excitement.

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In a burst of electromagnetic energy, the entire planet Earth disappeared, leaving its gravity well and the moon behind. In this open world, sci-fi role-playing game, you are part of the Moon base team on a desperate mission to bring Earth back.

You must assemble and equip your crew, customize your ship and set out in search of unique parts to create the Centaur Drive, a device your team hopes will reverse the electromagnetic phenomenon that swallowed Earth. Travel between dozens of stars, harvest resources to repair and upgrade your equipment, meet and negotiate with friendly (and hostile) aliens, and do whatever it takes to stay alive and bring Earth back.

An open-ended story driven by the player Dynamic, real-time spaceship combat Mining, trading and puzzle solving Turn-based ground combat Customize and upgrade your ship for any situation Select your crew (or clone a new one) and equip them for success Tags: Dark Crystal Games ; Deep Silver ; Encased, the promising-looking post-apocalyptic isometric RPG from Russian studio Dark Crystal Games, has been out on Early Access since last September.

During that time the game has received three majorcontentupdates, but it's become clear that the final release will not be coming this year, with some players citing an overall lack of content in the available build. Today Dark Crystal announced that Encased has been picked up publisher Koch Media AKA Deep Silver (apparently a deal that was finalized as early as October).

The Koch Media Group will support the global launch of the game on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, as well as PC within one of its publishing labels. Encased will now feature full voice acting, additional language localization, and will be released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at the same time.

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Fighting enemies, exploring an anomalous wasteland, and leveling up a character while joining one of the forces ruling a ruined world. In the meantime, the game's Early Access build will be getting its fourth content update next week.

Today they're finally ready to unveil their next project, StarCrawlers Chimera, a cyberpunk dungeon crawler set in the same universe. In the StarCrawlers tradition, Chimera will feature turn-based combat and procedurally generated levels, but unlike its predecessor it's a single character game apparently set in a single dungeon, the Chimera BioPharma complex.

Being a morally-ambiguous mercenary type with a unique skill set and a need for credits, this seems like a good idea. Build your character from a variety of skill trees inspired by the StarCrawlers universe, grab some gear, and jump in. Grow your power and level up to unlock new abilities, gear, and secrets as you fight your way into the Chimera building.

20+ different enemy types and rare spawns with unique abilities and loot. 20+ weapons of different rarities ranging from plasma rifles to carbonite blades to scintillating donuts.

Tags: Focus Home Interactive ; Necromancy: Under hive Wars ; Rogue Factor Necromancy: Under hive Wars seems to have been a disappointment for fans of Rogue Factor's previous game Fordham. One might have assumed that the studio would abandon the game quickly and move on to new projects under their new owner Bacon.

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Alongside yet another major update focusing on community feedback, developer Rogue Factor and publisher Focus Home Interactive are excited to present the Van Saar gang, members of a technological powerhouse that bring their brand-new set of skills, unique House perk and high-tech looks to the violent gang conflicts of the under hive! The Van Saar bring a new twist on the signature freedom of movement, tactical depth, and verticality of Necromancy: Under hive Wars.

Clad in their signature suits of armor, they are ranged specialists with a penchant for trading movement for further firepower. They’ll blast their enemies away without a second thought, crushing them beneath a wave of leisure, improvised explosives, bolter shells and automated turrets.

Recruit, customize and grow fighters to create a truly unique and dangerous gang through your own choices of careers, traits, skills, equipment pieces, offensive and tactical consumables, color schemes, and much more! This represents the next step in Under hive Wars’ live support, which has already included months of updates and patches to bring community-driven, post-launch improvements to the game.

Tags: Broken Lines ; Portable You might remember Broken Lines, the Frozen Synapse-inspired pulp WW2 tactical RPG released early this year and memorably reviewed by esteemed community Strange Fellow. By all appearances, the game was another also-ran in the ongoing glut of isometric RPGs, which is why it was a surprise when developer Portable suddenly announced a free expansion earlier this month called The Dead and the Drunk.

If crash landing behind enemy lines was already a challenging experience for our squad of vagabonds, they sure as Hell didn’t sign up for this kind of insane, supernatural encounter, a three-sided fight for survival against both the living and the undead. Yet now it is upon them to discover the source of this occult magic in the war-ridden land that they find themselves in, and hopefully eliminate it before hordes of zombies spread all over the world.

The game looks a bit more interesting in the seven-minute gameplay video released today by publisher Bacon. Narrated by game director Julien Desourteaux, it offers a good look at the abilities of the protagonist's three forms as he raids various Enron facilities.

The combat system has a focus on stances and special abilities that require building up rage and frenzy. The Wolf form will help you navigate through vents and move rapidly between cover to avoid being detected by the guards.

A Chinos is the ultimate combat machine, and if infiltration fails, it’s time to go big or go home. Brutal, fast-paced combat Werewolves are not known for their patience, and your inner Rage will raise as you silently take down enemies.

For our first foray into the action genre, we really wanted to design impactful, brutal fighting systems. We went through lots of iterations, balancing the different moves and enemies, with a focus on strength, power, and aggression.

Every move, every animation needed that “snap” and “crunch” to ensure each strike feels heavy and satisfying. In Agile Stance, you can perform fast attacks and move quickly between enemies.

Heavy Stance sacrifices agility for better strength and resistance, but it’s a chance worth taking to quickly dispose of basic foes and break the guard of tougher enemies. Frenzy is a double-edged sword: while active, it increases the speed and power of your attacks and allows you to unleash spectacular, dedicated combat moves.

But in return, you can’t block, heal or use any other special move until the Fury gauge empties. Earth blood is now available for preorder at the Epic Games Store for $40 with a 10% discount. Today's end-of-year Winter Update from Tactical Adventures looks like it should beef the game up a bit.

As Muzzy explains in the accompanying video, the update includes a new quest line with multiple new areas, new enemy types, the ability to hide during combat, new looting, shopping and travelling quality-of-life features, a revamped lighting system that adheres more closely to the tabletop rule set, and much more. Wood for sneaky dastardly deeds, chivalry is for dumdums with negative intelligence modifier.

Hiding requires you to break line of sight with all enemies before doing so Creatures can see in a 180 degree arc in front of them, instantly revealing you if you step into their vision range (no Stealth Check) Otherwise, you will have to roll a Stealth Check under the following conditions: You end your turn too close to an enemy (distance depends on many factors, such as your Stealth score and armor type) You take an action such as attacking or casting a spell. Note that Hiding in Combat is a very contested rule on Tabletop, so we invite you to give us feedback if you think the current system can be improved.

Simply go to them whenever you drop by Car Cycle, and they'll send their best to go loot the areas you cleared (including random encounters). All Kickstarter backers have been sent GOG keys even if they already have the game on Steam, which is pretty awesome.

It's a more distinctly retro-flavored project than some others, having been programmed for original Apple II hardware, though it does work on Windows and includes some modern innovations. The creators are a group of vintage hardware enthusiasts called 6502 Workshops, led by one Mark Lemme rt.

Here's its release trailer, which includes the obligatory Richard Marriott Twitter endorsement: As befits such a consciously old school title, NOX Archaist is only available from the developer's official website, where the digital edition can be purchased for $25 (currently with a 20% discount).

It'll include a new area, new characters, and a set of new “political vision quests”, not to mention full voice acting. The only other noteworthy RPG studio to make an appearance at the event was none other than BioWare, who are seemingly trying to reboot after years of turmoil and the recent departure of their last few veteran leads.

It appears that the game will be set in our galaxy following the events of the original trilogy, abandoning the unfortunate Andromeda spinoff. We'll call it a comeback when they finally have some gameplay to show, not to mention actual titles for the games.

It achieved that status not merely because it was a rare turn-based RPG in an age of consoled cinematic petamole, but because it was genuinely well-designed. During most of its decade-long development, the biggest concern about Knights of the Chalice 2 was that its abstract, tabletop-like visual style lacked appeal.

Since its release in July, the inaugural Augury of Chaos module for Knights of the Chalice 2 has become notorious for its outlandishly high difficulty level and generally poor balance, issues which subsequent patches appear to have only scratched the surface of. Then you have the monster spawns out of nowhere, which can include cannon fodder as much as horrible abominations of terrible doom.

In the final chapter, every encounter has at least 4 supercharged mages, sometimes even more, sometimes it even keeps spawning more, all of them are rebuffed to the point of stupidity, and if you don’t manage to somehow shut them down immediately, you just get nuked to oblivion. The way all those enemy mages come rebuffed with a mix of blur, mirror image, mind blank, foresight, good fortune, dispelling buffer, stone skin and contingent break enchantment is depressing.

The fact they stand on freaking towers and can’t be reached by melee characters is depressing. Prior to chapter 4, the enemy casters are not yet high level enough to have access to all those spells, and they aren’t as numerous and omnipresent in every fight.

Either you win initiative and can obliterate the enemy first (or at least shut down his most important characters), or you get blown up to hell. If there is even a single mage who gets to act before you, he will open with a double cast of Prismatic Void (a cute massage version of Prismatic Spray, courtesy of Pierre’s unhinged home brew experiments), and remove at least 75% of your party from the game.

It’s a never ending slaughter fest established by a sadistic game master, who would have otherwise been quickly abandoned by his players in a real life situation. Eventually, one of your sole motivations for pushing on will be this morbid curiosity what kind of sadistic punishment the deranged game master prepared for you around the next corner.

Because beating those ridiculously overpowered encounters often isn't even satisfying when your only reward is just more forceful violation to come, without even as much as a broken penny in return. You can tell by the Kickstarter gameplay preview videos, where he fails to beat each and every single encounter presented.

Perhaps it's appropriate in that respect that the game's final launch trailer takes a more melodramatic tone than previous ones: We've mentioned before that expansions will be coming, and while we're not ready to talk specifics just yet, we will say that we've learned a lot from out work on both Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine.

Our planned expansions will take you even deeper into the world of Cyberpunk 2077, offering substantial story-driven content that'll give you tough choices to make through impactful narratives you won't soon forget. Just like with The Witcher 3, expect an assortment of free DLC packs to begin hitting Night City, dropping a bunch of cool stuff that’ll inject even more life into the world of the dark future.

Seven very different factions vie for control over the cataclysmic aftermath left behind by Ardor Dragon’s defeat. Pick up your blade, prepare your spells, check your daggers and ready your bow, for you are about to enter the ominous Caverns of Chaos.

Fight for a mercenary's glory and a hefty coin purse, for the justice of a community in decline, for the light of purity, or even for chaos itself. “To be the person who originated a game with an active and dedicated community since 1994 makes me unbelievably proud,” said Thomas Bishop, Creator of ADAM.

The Internet is already inundated with leaked gameplay footage, and today the review embargo officially lifted for the PC version. I won't bother trying to exhaustively summarize them, but in short, Cyberpunk 2077 is a massive game with tons of content, including a few stand-out side quests with a more humane touch.

However, it's also somewhat Jacky and despite the hopes for an “open world Zeus Ex” is not really an immersive sim, and a few of the reviews have penalized it for those reasons. It appears to be the game's biggest patch yet, the first to include significant gameplay changes based on player feedback.

Marian have added experience rewards for non-violent quest solutions, the companions have been overhauled to make them less overbearingly nitpick, dialogue skill checks have been made less punitive, companions will now automatically jump across gaps when following you, the number of short rests available per long rest has been doubled, simple can trips no longer create Divinity: Original Sin-style elemental surfaces, and the user interface for up casting spells has been streamlined. This patch is the first to invalidate existing save games (though there's a solution for that if you're in the middle of a play through) and the first to come with a Seen Vince video.

Patch 3 introduces rewards for avoiding combat situations, whether in dialogue or through exploration and environmental puzzle solving. We’ve taken steps to move away from frequent nitpicking, so that they’ll start focusing more on the bigger picture.

Fire Bolt, Ray of Frost and Acid Splash no longer create surfaces on impact. Fire Bolt still ignites flammable surfaces, and Ray of Frost still freezes water and blood puddles.

You’re now able to select updated versions of spells via a separate widget to declutter the hot bar UI, see today’s update video for how that looks. After a while, this led to tons of icons cluttering up the hot bar and players having to tediously rearrange it on level up.

The update also includes details about Marian's implementation of cross-saving across different platforms, the game's support for the latest Macintosh hardware from Apple, and of course a full change log for the patch.

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