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Edit At a petting zoo the babies become convinced that they are going to turn into animals if they stay. / Triumphant as her stint as a flower girl, Angelica plans an elaborate wedding for Little and Chuckle.

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Stu, Has & Howard take the Rugrats to the zoo, where the employees wear animal costumes. When placed in a caged petting zoo, they think that they will turn into animals and remain there forever and ever.

Later, when Tommy dropped his trusty screwdriver outside the pen, the Rugrats call on DIL and the real animals to help him out. The end of this episode references Ice Cream Mountain “, King Ten Pin “, and The Big Flush when one of the fathers discusses where to try to take the kids next.

Season 6 Episode 7b I Original Air date August 7, 1999, VHS release I Think I Like You DVD release Season 6 Previous Episode History Next Episode The Magic Baby After playing flower girl at a wedding, Angelica tries to re-create the event at home by forcing Chuckle and Little to get married in the backyard ceremony. But when the happy couple gets saddled with their new baby -- DIL -- all is not domestic bliss.

Little tells that you don't ask a person if they want to be it, and then says that he's bad at playing tag. Angelica gives Little some flowers and puts a cloth on her head for her veil, and sticks a bow on the front of Chuckle's shirt.

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Angelica tells Phil that he has to give Lila way at the wedding. After Chuckle and Little are “married,” Angelica makes them go on a “honeymoon” (honeymoon) and gives them some tropical fruit juice boxes.

Tommy, Chuckle and the twins are getting bored in the playhouse and decide to go play outside. Angelica says that Chuckle and Little can't play outside because they have to take care of their baby (she gives them DIL), and she forces them back into the playhouse.

Did comes by and takes DIL out of the playhouse, which Chuckle and Little become saddened by. They start talking about how even though marriage was harder than they thought it would be, it was nice being together.

It's revealed that Drew and Charlotte went to Hawaii for their honeymoon and Stu and Did went to Wisconsin on theirs. / Charlotte's minivan breaks down on the way to taking the Rugrats to the Dummy Bear concert.

The Big Showdown / Doctor Susie Did introduces Goober, a goofy, gentle toy to Tommy and DIL as an antidote to the aggressive Rep tar. Chuckle immediately takes to Goober, but Tommy does not, and they stop talking to each other./When DIL destroys all the Rugrats toys, “Doctor” Susie fixes them.

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History /I Do At a petting zoo the babies become convinced that they are going to turn into animals if they stay. / Triumphant as her stint as a flower girl, Angelica plans an elaborate wedding for Little and Chuckle.

5:30pm SpongeBob SquarePants The Secret Box / Band Geeks 9:00pm 9:30pm 10:00pm 10:30pm 11:00pm 11:30pm Nick Picks Note: Blimp indicates the winning show.

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