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• Monday, 17 January, 2022
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Epic falls and incredible challenges entertain viewers during every episode of Wipe out. If you’re searching for ideas about what to watch after Wipe out, these TV shows and movies are a great place to start.

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Maybe you're a fan of Jackass, a movie that features hilarious pranks and dangerous stunts. If you’re looking for more comedic competition, Floor Is Lava is a great TV series to dive into.

Teams compete to navigate rooms flooded with lava by leaping from chairs, hanging from curtains and swinging from chandeliers. The series began on December 12, 2009, in Los Angeles, with the top 10 competitors moving on to compete at “Mount Midoriyama” in Japan.

Dan Burt Lambert@DanBurtLambert Summer is typically the time when networks drop their wildest, trashiest, most ridiculous reality programming, from hot-people-on-a-beach dating shows to gimmicky competitions.

And of course the big four major networks have their own tent pole summer reality programming. Six amateur bakers head to “Takeaway Camp” to compete in outdoor camp-themed challenges, with the opportunity for private mentoring in Martha’s (inside) kitchen.

Penn & Teller bring a fun gimmick to this stage-magic competition show, now entering its seventh season. Rather than competing against each other for a grand prize, magicians simply have to trick Penn & Teller.

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If the duo can’t figure out how the trick is done, the contestant gets a trophy and a trip to Las Vegas to open for Penn & Teller. It’s a lot of fun to watch Penn & Teller try to indicate to the contestants that they know how the trick was done without giving the secret away, but even more fun to watch how delighted the two master magicians are when they’ve genuinely been fooled.

Like Wipe out meets American Gladiator meets, well, the game of tag, Ultimate Tag has everything that makes summer programming so fun: dumb stunts, flashy aesthetics, and celebrity hosts who look like they’re having a blast. There’s no better way to describe Holey Money than the way host Rob Wiggle introduced it during last year’s premiere: “Yes, this is literally a mini-golf competition.

If you have a Clare Crawley-shaped hole in your heart after ABC postponed the 39-year-old’s season of The Bachelorette, Fox’s Labor of Love might help fill it. Hosted by Sex and the City’s Charlotte herself, Kristin Davis, the dating show follows Bachelorette format: 15 men are matched with one woman, with various dates and challenges designed to test their compatibility.

This 41-year-old bachelorette is ready to have kids immediately and the challenges are designed around sussing out who will be a good dad. Hosted by popular YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki (aka Laurie), this crafting competition show from HBO Max tasks 9-to-15-year-old Differs with creative challenges.

The fifth season of the hit drag competition’s spinoff show is headed to Showtime this summer, bringing back former contestants to compete for the Stars crown. Hosted by Rutledge Wood, the show sees teams of three attempting to move across a room where they must avoid falling into the titular lava.

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Hosted by The Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond, and co-hosted by Amanda By ram, on the surface the show is very similar to its American counterpart. Four rounds, including the Qualifier and the Wipe out Zone, and featuring the Big Red Balls.

Completely different graphics and music, a slightly slower pace since it was on the BBC and didn’t have to allow time for commercials, and the humor is very British. Continue scrolling to keep readingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.

However, here in the United States, it may be best recognized as MAC which is short for most extreme elimination challenge. With games and events like Sinkers & Floaters, Log Drop, and Wall Dangers, MAC is five seasons of madness and available to stream on Tube.

With a more serious tone than MAC or Total Wipe out, you can watch real physical prowess on Netflix’s Ultimate Beast master. Similar to American Ninja Warrior, the show takes teams of athletes from all around the world to compete in the ultimate obstacle course in an effort to become Beast master.

Executive Produced by Charlize Theron, Hyperdrive trades the human body for custom-built cars. You’ll hear the same enthusiasm in his voice commentating the runs on Hyperdrive as he has on Floor is Lava.

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Both only lasted one season (Canada for 14 episodes and Australia for nine) and each is available to stream on both Amazon Prime Video and Tube. While we wait for that second season of Floor Is Lava, these shows will help fill the obstacle-course void in your singeing for the time being.

90 Day Fiancé: Molly Hopkins' Shocking Before & After Weight Loss Pics Now Netflix has another streaming reality TV and game show hit with Floor is Lava.

Inspired by a children’s game, the rules are simple: don’t fall into the lava. Floor is Lava is one in a long line of competition game shows that take a classic concept and make it into an extremely entertaining series.

It’s reminiscent of classic series like Legends of the Hidden Temple and (to a lesser degree) Double Dare. American Ninja Warrior is a series where athletes, everyday people, and even actors complete an obstacle course that tests their physical strength, bravery, and endurance.

Each episode gives a little of the history of the person, and then shows them complete the obstacle course. Floor Is Lava and American Ninja Warrior are also both shows that make you wonder if you could really complete these complex courses.

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Several countries are represented, including the United States, Mexico, France, and South Korea. Ultimate Beast master and Floor is Lava combine humorous commentary with real suspense.

For example, the mother and twin siblings who competed in Floor Is Lava appealed to me more than the triplets featured on the same episode, and despite everything, I usually root for the American team on Ultimate Beast master. Total Wipe out is another series that uses comedy more than the “triumph of the human” spirit style to provide entertainment.

Total Wipe out and Floor is Lava both are goofy series that involve obstacle courses. Comedian James Davis and Netflix torture the Awake: The Million Dollar Game contestants by making them stay up for 24 hours.

That final player then has to make important decisions based on the accuracy of his or her own counting and guessing skills. Floor is Lava and Awake: The Million Dollar Game both have simple concepts that are made much more complicated by tiny barriers.

For Awake, the barriers are the sleep deprivation, and for Floor is Lava, it’s the design of each obstacle course. Minute To Win It puts teams of contestants through a series of 60 second tasks.

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Both shows force the contestants to use physical and mental skills in order to complete their challenges. In Minute To Win It, they only have 60 seconds to finish each task, and in Floor Is Lava, the longer they take, the harder it becomes to reach the end.

There aren't any real prizes, except bragging rights, but both series kind of understand their ridiculous nature. Yes the prize money is nice, but both series put a heavy emphasis on having fun and enjoying the journey.

The second round involves a general series of trivia knowledge questions. If you enjoy watching everyday people complete tasks, then both shows should work for you.

Don’t is a new summer series hosted by Adam Scott and narrated by Ryan Reynolds. Each round, the family can bank a certain amount of cash to add to their grand prize fund.

In Theme of Life series two teams of families ride around a digitally simulated board game to answer questions to determine if they continue on to the next section. This UK series is quirky, enjoys making fun of the contestants, and actually has really challenging tasks.

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Floor is Lava is a lot more big budget compared to The Almost Impossible Game Show. But they definitely have similar styles, especially in terms of the witty commentary and joy of poking fun of the players.

Supermarket Sweep is a classic game show that has three sets of contestants answering grocery product related questions to accumulate points that will be converted into time. One half of the team then runs around a grocery store to gather as many high-priced items as possible.

The team with the most points then goes to the final round where they can win $5,000 by following riddles to the location of the prize money. Floor is Lava and Supermarket Sweep are both fun concept game shows that’s appealing enough to work in any decade.

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