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For many years, the Jedi maintained peace in the galaxy through a noble order of sworn protectors unified by their ability to use the Force for good. BlueBlackGreenPurpleAttention to detailHumilityA clear sense of justicePatienceA noncombat boots crown walking stickHelping those who can't help themselvesTeach others its power lift large objector winning a fight”For my allay is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.

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There is no try.” Plot revengeful in the authoritiesWalk away to talk to Heathrow food. Give them orders. Get snippy. Disappear for hours at a time. Family. A cause. Finding inner peace. Teaching. MeditateLaser tagVolunteeringHikingLosing trust in myselfFailureThe death of those I love mottle rise of tyranny1 of 10 You have little tolerance for bureaucracy, politicians, or people who go against the grain.

Stronger than most, sometimes you get misjudged based on your size, but you quickly prove your critics wrong. You are passionate about fighting against injustice in the world, and you detest confrontation unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Your life hasn’t always been easy, but you were lucky to have people see your potential and believe in you early on. You’re a natural leader and mentor, always ready to lend your expertise to those willing to listen and learn.

You prefer to blend into the background, yet still sometimes find yourself in the spotlight because of your leadership skills. Even though you’re a little reticent to be the center of attention, you can make a big impact by embracing your personality.

Naturally, there is a fashion to these things; certain forms are better suited to combat, thus becoming more common when the galaxy is at war, while others are defensive and thus seen in more peaceful times. No doubt the first few Jedi (and Sith) to wield lightsabers operated at a significant advantage, but they soon became far more common.

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Takashi is a graceful form suited to skilled duelists, and it relies on careful and controlled strikes instead of power and strength. Count Took was a master of Takashi, proud of his reputation as a fearsome duelist, and indeed that pride may well have been one of the things that led him to the dark side.

Only after mastering the defensive arts could they begin to study offensive techniques under the tutelage of some of the finest duelists the Jedi Order had to offer. “ The best Atari masters ricochet around their environment, launching sweeping strikes that seem to come out of nowhere, forcing an opponent on the defensive.

Unlike other forms, Vapid encourages a Jedi to embrace their emotions, using them to fuel a relentless assault. Consequently, most Jedi who have trained in Vapid have ultimately fallen to the dark side, and for a long time Form VII was banned outright.

In the Star Wars prequel era, Mace Wind became the sole known master of Vapid, developing the form to control his inner darkness and channel it into worthy goals. Tom's focus tends to be on the various superhero franchises, as well as Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Star Trek; he's also an avid comic book reader.

Over the years, Tom has built a strong relationship with aspects of the various fan communities, and is a Moderator on some of Facebook's largest MCU and X-Men groups. A graduate of Edge Hill University in the United Kingdom, Tom is still strongly connected with his alma mater; in fact, in his spare time he's a voluntary chaplain there.

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He's heavily involved with his local church, and anyone who checks him out on Twitter will quickly learn that he's interested in British politics as well. Unlike most film-set photo shoots, there are more than slick costumes and stunning locations on display in Vanity Fair’s exclusive images from Star Wars : The Last Jedi.

One of the biggest surprises waiting in the pages of Vanity Fair is the first look at Laura Dean’s magenta-haired Admiral Family Hold. Hair this color is not commonly seen in Star Wars films, but Hidalgo confirms that Dean’s character, a high-ranking officer in the Resistance, is human.

There’s a class of wealthy that have helped build all sorts of loopholes in society that will always ensure that they’ll survive or even thrive no matter what else is happening out there.” As Johnson summed it up in our cover story, Canto Bight is “a playground, basically, for rich assholes.” The Dark Side First Order leaders General Hub, Kylo Ren, and Captain Plasma, played by Dominant Gleeson, Adam Driver, and Gwendoline Christie.

And though that chrome-plated trooper suit is, by now, firmly a part of the Star Wars iconography, this portfolio is the first time Gwendoline Christie’s Captain Plasma has shown her face. “I think a big part of the allure of her character was just wondering what might be underneath,” Hidalgo explains of keeping the Game of Thrones star helmeted in the first film of the current trilogy.

Eagle-eyed Force Awakens fans may notice that Kylo Ren’s battle wound has, well, migrated since Rey slashed his face and won their lightsaber duel. “It was my decision to slightly adjust it,” Ran Johnson tweeted at a fan after the first glimpse of Men’s scar in The Last Jedi trailer raised some questions.

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Star Wars fans got to know and love Carrie Fisher’s constant canine companion, Gary, during the press tour for The Force Awakens. Driver’s Seat Daisy Ridley as Rey, at the helm of the Millennium Falcon, with Jonas Surname as co-pilot Chewbacca.

Blink and you might miss a shiny bit of bling dangling from the ceiling of the Millennium Falcon cockpit just above Chewbacca’s head. When J.J. Abrams and his team looked back at footage in order to faithfully reconstruct the Falcon for The Force Awakens, the dice made their triumphant return.

The numerous deaths across all different media in the Star Wars universe have yielded many memorable last words. Who: Lieutenant Antiwar Williams Note: Spoken to Captain Matador a moment before the Radiant VII is destroyed by a Trade Federation laser cannon.

Who: Captain Mali Matador Note: Said to Lieutenant Williams after he says his last words. Who: Ta How Notes: Said aboard the Lucre hulk -class Battleship Sultan Paley, moments before it's brought down by Anakin Skywalker.

Who: Faulty Define Notes: Said aboard the Lucre hulk -class Battleship Sultan Paley, moments before it's brought down by Anakin Skywalker. Who: Quinton Jinn Note: Character is dying of a wound inflicted by Darth Maul.

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Note: In Attack of the Clones, Quinton Jinn's voice can be heard in the scene of the transition between Anakin killing the Tusked Raiders (foreshadowing him turning to the dark side of the Force). She acted as a body double for Padre when the ship she was on was blown up by ZAM Resell.

Who: ZAM Resell Note: After her arm was severed by Obi-Wan Ken obi when she tried to kill him, she almost revealed who sent her to kill Padre to Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan before she was shot by a toxin dart from Mango Feet. Returning to her natural Claudine form before dying, she cursed Mango in Hottest: “Bounty hunter ...

Note: According to the events of Star Wars : Bounty Hunter, ZAM and Mango were friends, albeit in a working relationship. Wikipedia suggests he was aiming for Anakin but missed and hit ZAM instead, which would explain why she cursed him, thinking she was betrayed.

I love-- Who: Semi Skywalker Note: Said to Anakin, before dying of wounds sustained in the captivity of Tusked Raiders. As an act of revenge, Anakin then slaughters the entire village of Tusked Raiders in a rage.

Who: Mango Feet Note: Said when capturing Anakin Skywalker in the droid factory on Genesis. These were his last onscreen words before meeting his end at the hands of Mace Wind during the fight at the Georgian arena.

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Who: General Grievous Note: Spoken to Obi-Wan Ken obi during their duel on Tapas. A long chase ensues; at the end Grievous is killed by 3 blaster bolts from Ken obi to his unprotected heart, which ignites all of his organic internal organs (Ken obi had previously damaged his chest plate revealing his heart).

Who: Mace Wind Notes: Spoken about Darth Serious (Supreme Chancellor Palatine), whom he is about to finish off, believing that he will not be dealt with properly in the Republic's justice system, to Anakin Skywalker. Before he can do so, Anakin, turning to the dark side and as an accomplice to his death, slices off his hand, and Serious attacks Wind with Force lightning, throwing him out a window to his death.

He called to troopers while fighting Separatist droids on the cold world of Magneto, just before they stopped and opened fire on him. Who: Ayala Secure Notes: A Two'led Jedi Knight leading the 327th Star Corps, Ayala Secure is leading her contingent on Felicia when her clones receive Order 66.

She asks this line to Commander BLY, who simply replies “No,” and guns her down. As he attempted to do so, Yoda beheads him and a fellow clone trooper assisting him.

Who: Sons Bandeau Note: A Jedi Young ling, Bandeau asks Anakin the question during the raid on the Jedi Temple; he proceeds to kill them all off screen after activating his lightsaber. Killed by Taiwan Zeta Julissa, who tries to escape on Bail's speeder, but is shot down by one of App's men.

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Who: San Hill Note: San Hill, who is hiding on Must afar with the rest of the Separatist leaders, greets Darth Serious' new apprentice, Darth Vader, upon his arrival before realizing that he is actually Anakin Skywalker. Hill died off screen in the movie, but his death is depicted in its novelization.

Who: Rune Hawks Note: Killed by Darth Vader on Must afar. Who: Rio Durant Notes: Said to Han Solo minutes after getting a fatal shot on the shoulder by Cloud Riders.

Who: Val Notes: Said to Tobias Beckett before sacrificing her life by destroying the bridge and the 11-3K viper probe droids. Who: Demon Grimm Notes: Reporting to his boss Dryden Los that the container of coaxial supposedly stolen for him was empty.

Demon and his fellow guards are then ambushed by the Cloud-Riders led by Ends Nest, who breaks his neck. In his last moments, Beckett praises Han's actions and reveals that he actually planned to return to Glee Anselm and learn to play the valachord before dying in Han's arms.

Who: Saw Herrera Notes: Irenic has the Death Star fire upon the Holy City of Jed ha, to crush the insurgent cells on the planet and to placate his superior officers. Herrera is later crushed to death as his temple is engulfed by a flow of debris created by the force of the blast.

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Who: Galen ESO Notes: After sustaining fatal injuries due to a Rebel bombing run on the planet EAD, Galen dies in his daughter Jon's arms. Who: Colin Amelia Notes: Answering Bod hi Rook, piloting an Imperial shuttle, on whether he would like to see a cargo manifest.

Bod hi points him toward the cargo hold, where character is killed by Rebels Who: Two Stormtroopers Notes: Killed by Chirrup IME to provide a distraction.

Who: A Stormtrooper Notes: Taped by Base Albus to provide a distraction. Who: Milton Putnam (Vault guard) Notes: Character was hit on the head by K-2SO.

Regardless of whether that particular blow was fatal or not, character is killed, as Scarf is destroyed by the Death Star. Who: Edwin Gaul (X-wing pilot) Notes: Shot down by a TIE fighter, dies in the crash; The call sign Red Five would later be used by Luke Skywalker, as seen in the original Star Wars film (A New Hope).

Who: K-2SO Notes: Character is manning the controls to the vault containing archived data on Imperial military projects. While Jon and Caspian are inside, character is fending off increasing numbers of Stormtroopers.

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Who: Learn Coma (U-wing pilot) Notes: Shot down by TIE strikers. Who: Tail Sofia (Rebel soldier) Notes: Character tries to activate the master switch, but was killed by Death Troopers.

Who: Chirrup IME Notes: After Chirrup sees Delhi die, he chooses to activate a master switch allowing Rebel communication, avoiding Death Trooper fire, but is killed by a Death Trooper's grenade. Who: Bod hi Rook Notes: After the master switch's activation, Body succeeds in providing a data uplink to the Rebel fleet in combat beyond Scarf's orbit, and says the above as he does so.

He chants the above as he does so, honoring his fallen partner, and kills several Death Troopers before collapsing from his injuries. Who: Karo Quote, captain of Light maker Notes: Quote rams his ship into the Imperial I -class Star Destroyer Persecutor, sending it crashing into another one; all three ships, along with the Scarf shield gate, are destroyed in the collision.

Your signal will never reach the Rebel base, ALL your ships in here will be destroyed; I lose nothing but time. Who: Director Orson Irenic Notes: Irenic was confronting Jon ESO and mocked her attempts of transmitting the Death Star's plans to the Rebel base.

Despite the planetary shield being disabled, the Death Star has already fired on the planet, killing Irenic and sending a massive shock wave racing towards the base. With no ship available and only moments to spare, they both watch the approaching blast.

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Who: Unknown Rebel soldier Notes: Spoken while handing a companion the Death Star plans through a jammed doorway; he is killed by Darth Vader moments later. Who: Captain Ray mus Antilles Note: Darth Vader and his Imperial Stormtroopers had been trying to find the plans to the Death Star.

He tries to extract information from Captain Antilles, who was being lifted off of his feet by the neck. After failing to give the whereabouts of the plans, Antilles's neck is crushed by Vader, killing him.

Who: TK-9091 Note: While searching for passengers aboard the Rebel ship, a group of Stormtroopers comes across Princess Leia. Well, he better have those droids in the south range by midday or there'll be hell to pay.

He is killed off-screen, and his death is evident by his and his wife Peru's burnt corpses when Luke Skywalker, their step-nephew, rushes home in concern about the Stormtroopers searching for C-3PO and R2-D2. Who: Greed Note: Says to Han Solo in alien language that Jabba the Hutt may take Han's ship as punishment for not paying his debt to ABBA.

Who: Shane Children Note: While Han Solo and Luke Skywalker go to the detention area to free Princess Leia, they get in disguise and put Chewbacca in handcuffs. They give him a cell number, and the officer says this, before Luke and Han set Chewbacca free of the handcuffs and begin killing everyone in the room.

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Who: Obi-Wan “Ben” Ken obi Note: Spoken to Darth Vader moments before he cuts Obi-Wan down with his lightsaber. Obi-Wan later returns as a Force spirit, having made good his declaration to Vader.

Who: Jon “Dutch” Wander (Gold Leader) Note: Shot down by Darth Vader. Who: Davis “Pops” Rail (Gold Five) Note: Shot down by Darth Vader.

Who: Theron Next (Red Ten) Note: Shot down by Vader's wingman. Who: Garden Draw (Red Leader) Note: Says this before being shot down by Darth Vader.

Who: Biggs Dark lighter (Red Three) Note: Shot down by Darth Vader. Accidentally collided with Vader's TIE Advanced upon being shot at by the Millennium Falcon, and crashed into the side of the exhaust port trench of the Death Star.

Stand by... Who: Tenn Granted (Death Star officer) Note: Feeling remorse for the earlier destruction of Alderman, this officer says this while unwittingly aiding Luke Skywalker in the Death Star's destruction. Lord Vader, the fleet has moved out of lightspeed, and we're preparing to... Who: Kendal Nozzle Notes: Reporting to Darth Vader, who Force-chokes him to death for coming out of hyperspace too close to Both, thereby giving the Rebels advance notice of their presence.

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Who: DAK Walter Notes: Said to Luke Skywalker during the Battle of Both, before he is killed by a laser shot. I shall accept full responsibility for losing them and apologize to Lord Vader.

Who: Captain North Need Notes: While pursuing the Millennium Falcon, it escapes from the Imperial II -class Star Destroyer Avenger's view by hiding behind its ship head. Luke... there is... another... SK... Sky... walker... Who: Yoda Notes: Yoda is dying of natural causes, while he says this to Luke, and vanishes after he dies, becoming one with the Force.

Who: Velar Yong (Y-wing pilot) Notes: Shot down by 2 TIE fighters Who: Admiral Firms Paint Notes: Said as he sees the aforementioned A-wing hurtling towards the command bridge of Vader's Executor -class Star Dreadnought Executor, before the A-wing slams into the bridge and brings the ship down.

Who: Ariel Crony (Green Leader) Notes: Character's A-wing was shot down, and crashed into the bridge of the Executor, fatally crippling it Who: Sheep Palatine/Darth Serious Note: Said before Vader picks up Palatine by his back and throws him down the reactor of Death Star II, no longer baring to see his master electrocute Luke.

Who: For San Tea Note: San Tea was the leader of the Church of the Force settlement on Jack who gave Poe Cameron the map coordinates to Luke Skywalker before the First Order attacked. Men dismissively replies “You're so right” and then strikes San Tea down with his lightsaber.

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We have an unsanctioned departure from Bay 2. Who: First Order Petty Officer Hanson Note: First Order officer reporting the theft of a TIE/sf fighter by Poe and Finn (aka FN-2187) in their attempt to escape the Resurgent -class Star Destroyer Finalized. Possibly killed when the TIE/sf fighter fires into the hanger command center.

Possibly killed when the stolen TIE/sf fighter fires into the hanger command center. Who: FN-2199 (Nines) Note: Finn, fighting First Order Stormtroopers on Adana using Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, eventually faces off against one equipped with a baton designed to combat lightsabers; the previously mentioned trooper, who knew Finn before he defected from the First Order to the Resistance, says the above line, and they fight until Han Solo knocks the trooper away with blaster fire, killing him.

Who: FN-9330 Note: Shot down by Chewbacca before infiltrating Star killer Base with Han Solo and Finn. In the script, this Stormtrooper was waiting to board transport until he was killed.

Who: Han Solo Note: Before leaving for Star killer Base, Leia asked Han to try and bring back their son, who turned to the dark side and became Kylo Ren. Han confronts Men on a catwalk over a huge reactor shaft in the base and tries to convince him to renounce the dark path and come home.

He says the line above when Men seemingly agrees when asks, “Will you help me? “, and hands Han his lightsaber, only to suddenly ignite it through his chest, fatally wounding him.

Han then fell off the catwalk into the abyss to his doom; his dead body was later destroyed with the base as the planet it was on collapsed into a new star. Who: Hello Hasty Note: Shot down by a turret emplacement in the trenches of Star killer Base.

Who: Admiral Akbar Note: Akbar commands the main bridge of the Radius when attacked the First Order, while 2 TIE/sf fighters shoots the main bridge of the Radius, killing the Resistance High Command, leaving General Leia as the only survivor. Suddenly, Kylo uses the Force to ignite Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, bisecting him.

He informed Vice Admiral Family Hold of this development and wished them good luck just as the ship was completely destroyed, killing him. Who: Vice Admiral Family Hold Note: Said to a Resistance pilot as the First Order destroys the fleeing fleet, moments before sacrificing herself by flying the Radius into the Mega -class Star Dreadnought Supremacy at light-speed, destroying the First Order flagship and several Resurgent -class Star Destroyers.

Plasma then falls to her doom as the floor of the hanger collapses underneath. Who: Luke Skywalker Note: Was using the Force to project himself on Craft to buy time for the remaining members of the Resistance to escape by distracting Kylo Ren.

He helps Finn, Poe and Chewbacca escape from the ship but stayed behind to continue his role. This effectively kills Kylo Ren, and allows Ben Solo to return to the light.

Who: Remain “Snap” Wesley Note: Shot down by Sith TIE fighters. Who: Allegiance General Eric Pride Note: Said as he noticed a massive fleet made up of people that Land and Chewbacca rallied from across the galaxy.

She uses two lightsabers to deflect the lightning back at him, disintegrating him along with the Sith Eternal cultists. This was in fact his last on-screen words as he stays silent for the remainder of the film to help Rey defeat Darth Serious, though he does say “ow” when jumping to a crevice.

Can't hold out for long- General Grievous is hunting us- Must hurry! He comes out of hibernation long after the Empire's defeat and becomes a member of Luke's Jedi Order.

Who: Carr Sears Source: Chapter 20 Note: A Cereal Taiwan accompanying Ki-Adi-Mundi during the Battle of Hyper. In the duel against General Grievous, he was killed when the Aneesh cyborg used his foot to slam him face-first into the ground and break his neck.

Who: SHA'a Hi Source: Chapter 20 Note: One of the Pathways alongside Ki-Adi-Mundi in the Battle of Hyper. Don't... you... dare... Who: 4-A7 Note: Beheaded by Asoka.

Who: A Clone Naval Officer inside a Senator -class Star Destroyer Note: A vulture droid suicide attacks the Senator -class Star Destroyer, forcing the Naval officer to call Anakin and Asoka to abort the landing before he is killed in flames. Who: Kronor 327 Note: After failing Zero on an off screen mission, he is taken away to become spare parts.

Who: Clone Pilot Matchstick Source: Shadow of Malevolence Note: Ship damaged in an attempt to navigate across a shortcut suggested by Anakin to reach a medical station before Grievous could destroy it. We have to warn-- Who: Sergeant O'Nine Source: Rookies Note: Said before he gets shot by Commando droids.

Who: Clone Trooper Heavy Source: Rookies Note: Said this after a battle droid says, “Do we take prisoners?” Now I suggest-- (yells) Who: GHA Yacht Source: Duel of the Droids Note: Said to Grievous, whom he planned to sell R2-D2 to before getting stabbed in the back by the general's lightsaber.

Who: Senate Commando Traitor Captain Faro Argus Source: Cloak of Darkness Note: Said to ASAP Ventures, who in response stabs him in the back and says, “I'll tell him myself.” Who: Clone Trooper Nine Source: Lair of Grievous Note: Said to fellow clone trooper Be before a Vanguard destroys their ship with a missile launcher, killing them.

Who: Senator Harris Source: The Gunman General Note: Said to Commander Stone as the ship they were aboard was being fired at by a pirate, who shoots it down, killing Harris. Who: Unnamed Wee quay and ally of Turk Also Source: The Gunman General Note: Said before Count Took uses the force to make Turk choke and shoot him.

It won't be long before Honda figures out what's happened-- Who: Turk Also Source: The Gunman General Note: Said before being choked by Took. His words regard to the fact that he betrayed Honda Dhaka's pirate gang.

Who: Chairman Chi CHO Source: Sphere of Influence Note: Said to Senator Rico Chukchi when she is given the power to negotiate with the Talk as he dies from a wound he received from them. Who: Blue Squadron Member Slammer Source: Storm Over Cloth Note: Said to fellow Blue Squadron member Axe before he is killed due to being caught in his ship’s explosion.

Who: Tactical Droid TX-20 Source: Innocents of Cloth Note: Said as Two'less were about to dismantle him, before getting beheaded. Who: Jedi Master Bella Royal Source: Cargo of Doom Note: Said to Cad Bane, before he is electrocuted by a battle droid.

Who: Clone Trooper Deal Source: Cargo of Doom Note: Said to Cad Bane before the bounty hunter kills him off screen and later disguises as him. Who: Clone Trooper Buzz Source: Legacy of Terror Note: Said to Jedi Master Luminary Unduly before entering the Probate Temple, only to be killed by Georgian Zombies.

Who: Clone Trooper Gearshift Source: Legacy of Terror Note: Said before getting killed by Georgian Zombies. Who: Queen Karina the Great of Genesis Source: Legacy of Terror Note: Said to Obi-Wan Ken obi and Anakin Skywalker, as Toggle the Lesser attempts to possess Luminary Unduly with a Georgian brain worm.

Kali, SE norm'IIM... Who: Death Watch bomber Source: The Mangalore Plot Note: Said to Duchess Satire Prize after jumping off a balcony to escape being captured by Obi-Wan. Satire reveals to Ken obi that he was speaking in a language native to Concordia, but does not translate it.

Who: Clone Trooper Mixer Source: Voyage of Temptation Note: Said to Redye before being killed by another assassin droid. If you shoot me, you'll prove yourself a hypocrite to every pacifist idea you hold dear.

Who: Tail Merrick Source: Voyage of Temptation Note: Said when he was taunting Obi-Wan and Duchess Satire before he was impaled from behind by Anakin Skywalker. Who: Anaconda Far Source: Senate Murders Note: Said after he was poisoned by Solo Pure.

If that creature is as powerful as they say, what good are these rifles going to be? Who: Clone Trooper Cosmos Source: The Zillow Beast Strikes Back Note: After the Zillow Beast was brought to Coruscate, Cosmos and multiple other clones were stationed to keep an eye out on the creature.

After remarking that their rifles wouldn't do much good against it, the Zillow Beast killed Cosmos and his companions. Who: Clone Trooper CT-1477 Source: Death Trap Note: Said to Bob Feet, who tricked him into letting him hold his blaster.

Bob used it to stun the trooper despite his objection and to destroy the reactor core of the ship they were aboard, killing CT-1477 in the explosion. CT-411) Source: Lethal Crackdown Note: Said when Aurora Sing demands his name before he was executed by her when Bob Feet becomes hesitant to pull the trigger.

Who: Casts Source: Lethal Crackdown Note: Said to his friend Long Do via hologram. After overhearing Casts insulting and attempting to betray her, Aurora Sing shoots and kills him.

Who: 99 Source: ARC Troopers Note: Said before he was shot and killed by battle droids. Who: Clone Captain Keel Source: Supply Lines Note: Said to Jedi General Image Di before getting killed by Separatist droids.

Who: Image Di Source: Supply Lines Note: Dies while fighting Separatist droids. Who: Feral Source: Monster Note: Said before being strangled by his brother, Savage Press, who is transformed into a monstrous brute by the Night sisters.

Who: Clone Commander Trauma Source: Monster Note: Said before foolishly running into Savage Press' blade. Who: Jedi Master Halsey Source: Monster Note: Said to his apprentice, Knox, before engaging in a fight with Savage, only to be killed by him.

Who: Jedi Taiwan Knox Source: Monster Note: Said upon seeing his master's death. Who: King Katsuki Source: Witches of the Mist Note: Said before being Force choked by Savage.

Remember this, and see to it that the information I'm about to give you should be told to no one, but... the... Jedi ... Council. Who: Even Pill Source: Citadel Rescue Note: Said after being fatally injured by the Aquinas.

His actual final words were the coordinates he gave to Asoka. Who: OSI So beck Source: Citadel Rescue Note: So beck grabs Captain Although Tar kin, who shared half of the information about the coordinates with Even Pill, by the throat.

After quote, he lifts Tar kin and attempts to throw him into a lava river nearby, only to be stabbed through the back by Asoka's lightsaber. Who: Captain Room Carpals Source: Shadow Warrior Note: Said after General Grievous stabs him and says, “How does it feel to die?”.

Who: Minister Irish Loo Source: Shadow Warrior Note: Irish Loo had fled to Count Took's hideout with Anakin Skywalker following him as part of a plan. Who: Hay EU Source: Nomad Droids Note: Said before he was crushed by R2-D2.

Who: Clone Trooper Hard case Source: Plan of Dissent Note: Said to his friends, ARC Troopers Fives and Jesse before dying in an explosion caused by himself. (coughs again) But it was... you... Who: Clone Trooper Water Source: Carnage of Knell Note: Said to Captain Rex before dying of gunshot wounds.

In distress and agony, Across then flew his power chair into a bank of monitors and was electrocuted. Who: Try la Source: A Friend in Need Note: Said to Asoka after being stabbed by PRE Villa, referring to the Ming Po people.

Who: Kari's Source: Massacre Note: Said to ASAP Ventures after being crushed by a statue that fell when shot by a droid bomber. Who: OKed Source: Bounty Note: Said to Ventures, who then impales him with her lightsaber.

Who: King Sanjay Rash Source: Tipping Points Note: He is shot and executed by Alan after Took told him to retreat from Anderson. Who: Steel Herrera Source: Tipping Points Note: Said to King Ramses Dengue.

As the rock they were on began cracking, Steel shoved the king back to the cliff before trying to jump to safety collapsing rock, only to catch herself hanging on the cliff. Who: Black Sun Leader Omit Transit Source: Eminence Note: He is decapitated by Savage Press after refusing to join the Shadow Collective.

Who: PRE Villa Source: Shades of Reason Note: Accepting his defeat in the brutal hands of Darth Maul for the control of Mangalore before being beheaded with his own dark saber. Who: Duchess Satire Prize Source: The Lawless Note: Said to Obi-Wan Ken obi, her longtime friend and lover, after getting choked and stabbed by Darth Maul.

Who: Jedi Master Pillar Source: The Unknown Note: Said before unexpectedly getting shot by an insane Clone Trooper TUP. Who: Clone Trooper TUP Source: Conspiracy Note: Said to fellow clone trooper Fives before dying of medical complications after his malfunctioning biochip (the cause of his insanity) was removed.

The mission... the nightmares... they're... finally... over... Who: ARC Trooper Fives Source: Orders Note: Said to Captain Rex as he dies in his arms after being shot by Commander Fox, referencing TUP's last words. Who: BEC La wise Source: Crisis at the Heart Note: After La wise protests Count Took's order to arrest Padmé Amidala, Took uses the Force to make Padre shoot and kill him.

Who: Clone Commander Thorn Source: Crisis at the Heart Note: Dies while fighting Separatist droids. Because... because... Who: Oilman Source: The Lost One Note: Said to Obi-Wan and Anakin before being Force choked to death by Count Took.

Your nobility-- Who: Admiral Trench Source: Unfinished Business Note: Said to Anakin Skywalker and referring to his belief that the Jedi Knight would not kill him. His actual last words revealed the final number to the sequence for dismantling a bomb that he planted on the ship aboard, which Skywalker was demanding for.

After Anakin informs Mace Wind via com link, Trench attacks him but is stabbed by the Jedi Knight. Who: Clone Captain Vaughn Source: Old Friends Not Forgotten Note: Said to Asoka Tank before succumbing to a blaster shot to the chest.

Who: Prime Minister Alec Source: The Phantom Apprentice Note: Said to Asoka while being questioned by her. When Tank, Commander Rex and Powhatan Prize interrogate him, Alec resists telling them whom Darth Maul wanted to come to Mangalore until Powhatan forces him to.

Who: ARC Trooper Jesse Source: Victory and Death Note: Jesse leads an entire army of clone troopers in an attempt to kill Asoka and Rex, as a result of Order 66 and Rex defending Asoka. Those are his last words spoken onscreen before he dies in the crash of the Senator -class Star Destroyer they are on.

Who: Taskmaster Myles Print Source: Call to Action Note: An Imperial officer stationed to keep order in the Lethal system, he is beheaded alongside his co-officer Areas by the Inquisitor on Grand Off Tar kin's orders after failing multiple times to incapacitate the Rebel forces of Ezra Bridger and his friends. Before he died, he questioned Tar kin when he mentioned Rebel outposts scattered throughout the galaxy.

Who: Cumberland Fresno Source: Call to Action Note: See above. His last words refer to their encounters with Kazan Harris, a former Jedi during the Clone Wars and the leader of the Rebel forces in Lethal.

Who: The Grand Inquisitor Source: Fire Across the Galaxy Note: An assassin hired by Darth Vader to hunt down any surviving Jedi in the galaxy, he crosses paths several times with Kazan and the Rebels before finally capturing Kana non a mission the Rebels embarked on to hack into the Imperial Communications tower on Lethal. In their final fight aboard the Imperial I -class Star Destroyer Sovereign over Must afar, he is eventually overcome by Kazan and warns him of the effects the rise of the Rebellion will bring before committing suicide by falling into an exploding reactor.

Her last onscreen words were spoken to Ezra Bridger, who ordered her to get to her escape shuttle. Who: Darla Source: The Future of the Force Note: Grandmother of Flora, a Force-sensitive child who was abducted by the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister.

After being fatally wounded by the Inquisitors, Darla is saved by Asoka Tank and informs her of the abduction in her dying words. Who: The Seventh Sister Source: Twilight of the Apprentice Note: One of three Inquisitors appointed by Darth Vader to hunt down the fugitive Jedi that survived Order 66, she faces off with Ezra and the former Sith Lord Maul on Malachi to obtain the Sith Holocrine that rests inside the Temple.

Maul goads Ezra into fighting the villains, wearing her down before choking her with the Force. Who: The Fifth Brother Source: Twilight of the Apprentice Note: One of the four known Inquisitors trained by Darth Vader to hunt down the remaining Jedi.

His last known words were referring to Ezra after it has been discovered by him, the Seventh Sister, and the Eighth Brother that he is possessing a Sith Holocrine. Who: The Eighth Brother Source: Twilight of the Apprentice Note: One of four known Inquisitors trained by Darth Vader to hunt down surviving Jedi.

During the mission to Malachi, his last known words were to Jedi Apprentice, Ezra Bridger when he threatens to kill him if he does not hand him a Sith Holocrine he has. The Eighth Brother fell to his death after attempting to flee Maul, Kazan Harris, and Asoka Tank.

Who: Unidentified rebel trooper Source: The Holocrine of Fate Note: Said to Ezra and referring to Maul. Who: Rake Three Source: The Antilles Extraction Note: An Imperial Pilot Cadet who defected to the Rebellion.

He was killed by Captain Cult Ferris while attempting to flee Sky strike Academy in Montrose. Who: Moral Sugar Source: An Inside Man Note: A citizen of Lethal who was forced into making vehicles for the Empire.

He was tricked by Grand Admiral Thrown into testing an Imperial speeder he had built and sabotaged. The speeder overheated and exploded, killing Sugar in the process.

Saxon was eventually defeated in combat with the young rebel Mandalorian Sabine Wren on Brownest, but she chooses to spare his life instead of killing him. As Saxon was about to shoot Sabine from behind, he is himself shot and killed by her mother, Countess Ursa Wren.

Like Obi-Wan, Maul became a ruined exile as a result of Palatine's machinations. By manipulating Ezra Bridger, Maul eventually hunts down Obi-Wan, but once more loses to him in combat, and this time, Obi-Wan mortally wounds him.

He then speaks the aforementioned line (referring to the person Obi-Wan is watching over, Luke Skywalker) and dies in Obi-Wan's arms. Who: Jun NATO Source: Zero Hour Notes: In a space battle above the planet of Atoll on, the Rebels are ambushed by the fleet of the Empire, which manages to deal a heavy blow to most of the Rebel star fighters.

To buy Ezra time to find help, NATO demands for the crew of his ship to fly directly into an Interdict or -class Star Destroyer as a sacrificial movement. Who: Admiral Cassius Constantine Source: Zero Hour Notes: During the Battle of Atoll on, Constantine commanded the Interdict or -class Star Destroyer, dealing a heavy blow too much of the Rebel's fleet.

As NATO commandeered his ship to fly towards Constantine's, Thrown demanded for the Interdict or -class Star Destroyer to hold its position (believing NATO was approaching in surrender), only for Constantine to defy his superior's request. Who: Tiber Saxon Source: Heroes of Mangalore Pt 2 Notes: Said before getting electrocuted.

Who: From Titus Source: In The Name Of The Rebellion Notes: Titus did not fail to notice the proton bombs, ordered the Acquires -class command cruiser Marauder to chase after Saw Herrera's U-wing. Who: DT-F16 Source: In The Name Of The Rebellion Notes : Head of the Death troopers on the Khyber Crystal transport ship.

The vessel was later destroyed due to an explosion of the Khyber crystal, which killed her. Who: Captain Slavic Source: In The Name Of The Rebellion Notes: Said after being informed that the Khyber Crystal was going critical before being killed when the Khyber crystal in the vessel blew up, destroying the Imperial I -class Star Destroyer he was on, killing him in the process.

Who: Tradesman Worker Preach Source: Crawler Commandeers Notes: Fell to his death after he lost grip from his weapon. Who: Tradesman Worker Senior Source: Crawler Commandeers Notes: Character slipped on Ezra's lightsaber and was crushed by a smelter.

Who: Cult Ferris Source: Rebel Assault Notes: His TIE Defender Elite's shields were destroyed by turbo lasers by the order from Thrown, Hera's X-wing's shields were also destroyed. Though the Elite's shields were able to withstand the barrage, they were disabled as a result, leaving his ship just as vulnerable as Hera's. She then fired on the Imperial I -class Star Destroyer Chimaera's scanning array, damaging it and sending up a cloud of smoke, before closing her S-foils and flying through the narrow gap.

Thrown specifically warned him that this was a blatant trap that she was leading him into of which he had this to say. Due to the Elite's larger profile, Ferris flew around the structure, and realized too late that he had played right into the Two'led's hands as she fired on his now unprotected ship, blowing off two of its wings.

Helpless, Ferris could only scream as his disabled fighter spun out of control and crashed into an Acquires -class command cruiser, killing him instantly. When Imperial Stormtroopers approached Mart's crashed fighter, intending to arrest him, R3 defended the injured and disoriented pilot.

The Stormtroopers wanted to take the droid captive, as his memory banks would be valuable intelligence. Who: LS-261 Source: Jedi Night Notes: Said when he saw that Kazan Harris was killing Stormtroopers and calling command before getting forced pulled by Kazan and thrown out of a window, sending him falling to his death.

Who: Caleb Due/ Kazan Harris Source: Jedi Night Notes: Said during his final conversation with Hera during which she said she loved him, and he responded that it came from her due to the truth potion she had earlier been forced to take by Thrown. He sacrificed his life to save Ezra, Hera and Sabine by Force Pushing them into the Ghost after Governor Price ordered AT-AT drivers to shoot the fuel pod, the subsequent explosion vaporizing him.

Who: CC-5576-39/Gregor Source: Family Reunion-and Farewell Notes: Said in Rex's arms after getting fatally shot by an Imperial weapons technician. Who: Rush Source: Family Reunion-and Farewell Notes: Grunted whilst fighting Web one final time.

During the fight, Web tangled Rush's foot in the generator's wiring, causing Rush to be caught in the electric current as Callus activated the shield generator. Who: Governor Ariana Price Source: Family Reunion-and Farewell Notes: Stated that she will be loyal to the empire after being offered a chance to leave and live by Ryder ALADI (a former friend).

Who: IG-11 Source: Chapter 1 Note: Droid had strict orders to kill The Child. Who: IG-11 (second time) Source: Chapter 8: Redemption Note: Said to Stormtroopers before self-destructing, killing the Stormtroopers and allowing Din Darin, Carinthia Dune, Green Karma and The Child to escape.

Who: Bib Fortuna Source: Chapter 16: The Rescue Note: Said to Bob Feet before getting shot by him. Who: General Rom MHC Note: Character was an Imperial general and veteran of the Clone Wars obsessed with personal combat, who developed a new kind of Stormtrooper known as the “Dark Trooper”.

He says this as he faces off against Kyle Atari onboard the Arc Hammer, the mobile factory that produced the Dark Troopers, while wearing an advanced Dark Trooper battle suit. Who: 8t88 Note: Character was a droid who had helped Marc obtain the map to the Valley of the Jedi and expected to be paid.

However, as he says this, he sees the Dark Jedi Gore and Pic, who decapitate him and mount his severed head on top of his neck by the time Kyle catches up with them. Who: Pic Notes: Character and his brother Gore ambush Kyle, but are killed.

I had the honor of taking his head and THRUSTING IT on a spike for all to see... Hee he ha ha... Who: Maw Note: Character, a Dark Jedi, attempted to anger Kyle Atari into killing him after losing in a duel with him. Atari finishes him off with his lightsaber as he breaks out in insane laughter.

However, Run is cut down instead after rising to deflect the blow, and Saris asks him this before he dies. He is a Jedi ... he deserves a battle... Who: Run Note: Line in response to Saris' previous question.

Who: BOC Notes: Kyle has found and freed Jan, joking with her about how it will cost her a lot of money that she doesn't have. BOC emerges, having been disguised as a statue, and fights Kyle, but is killed.

Who: Reel Bark Notes: Spoken while sitting on a turret and prepared to shoot down Land's Lady Luck. Who: Deann Notes: Spoken after Atari attempts to convince him to seek redemption.

Who: Calo Word Note: Infamous bounty hunter hired by Darth Malay to kill the protagonist. Dies in the subsequent battle after uttering line to several of his hirelings (who vary depending on which planet he is encountered on).

Who: Master Vandal Notes: Character says this about Admiral Madonna's refusal to retreat if the player chooses the dark path. Shortly afterwards, the Sith fleet destroys his and Admiral Madonna's command ship.

In the light side path, he survives the battle, but is presumably killed on Atari in the events between the game and its sequel. Who: Darth Sion Notes: The player has defeated him after rendering him vulnerable by breaking his will through persuasion.

Joke's on me... hurts when I laugh... hurts... Who: Anton Rand Note: In the cut ending of the game, the character dies after hours of torture at the hands of Darth Sion. In the released version of the game, he survives (evident in Darth Tray's prophecy).

Who: Kenton Marek Note: Force-choked to death by Darth Vader after being beaten at the start of the game. Yells this to his son (Galen Marek) when Vader sees the boy.

Who: Unnamed Imperial Commander Note: Killed by Darth Vader as he defends the son of the Jedi he had recently killed at the start of the game; said boy is holding Vader's lightsaber at the Sith Lord as the officer and his Stormtroopers enter the scene, causing them to perceive him as a threat. I've failed you again... Who: Kazan Parts Note: A beam of light bursts from his chest, killing him.

Please... don't... Who: Darth Phobos Hologram (PS2 and Wii versions only) Note: A shape-shifting Sith Lord who tried to find the fear within the Apprentice, constantly morphing into his love, Juno Eclipse. When he defeats her, she morphs into Eclipse one more time, and makes this plea before being stabbed in the chest.

She had two alternate deaths in deleted scenes of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, but both were non-canon. Who: Captain Ozzie Turn Note: Said this before Star killer destroyed his modified AT-KT.

Who: Star killer/The Apprentice/Galen Marek Note: Said before he attempts to stop Emperor Palatine's attack on his friends. In an attempt to cover the Rebel leaders' escape, he unleashes a massive Force-blast, killing himself.

His death serves as an inspiration for the Rebel Alliance's formation. However, in the game The Force Unleashed II, a clone of the Apprentice is created to replace the original Star killer.

Who: Paul Note: An Amended engineer and scrapper who is the best friend of Cal Testis during his time on the planet Branch. After Cal inadvertently uses the Force to save Paul from falling to his death in a salvaging accident, the Inquisitors are summoned to the planet and threaten to execute all the workers unless the suspected Jedi turns himself over.

To protect Cal, Paul steps forward and proceeds to call out the Empire for robbing the workers on Branch of their livelihood and adds that the Empire sees the workers' lives as mere collateral before the Second Sister impales Paul with her lightsaber and kills him. Who: Trill Suburb/The Second Sister Note: The former apprentice to Jedi Knight Car Junta, who was left psychologically broken by the Empire after her master abandoned her, and trained to become an Inquisitor.

In Cal Testis's quest to find an important holocrine that contains information on force-sensitive Jedi survivors, she pursued and antagonized the heroes until a final confrontation on the planet NFL. When Trill breaks free from the dark side and makes amends with Car, she is then executed by Darth Vader, who suddenly appears before the group and cuts her down.

Jacek... Who: Nolan Inn Note: Killed by Jedi Knight Jacek Solo to prevent her from revealing Lucia's return to Luke and Mara Skywalker, as Solo believed it would erupt in Skywalker's death. Who: Allyn Del Note: Spoken to Jacek Solo, while being tortured during an interrogation.

Her subsequent death becomes one of Solo's first steps toward the dark side, and earns him the wrath of Del's father Bob Feet. Who: Thracian Sal-Solo Note: Spoken to his cousin Han Solo, after he allies with Bob Feet and his granddaughter Marta GEV to assassinate Sal-Solo.

Solo has ambitious minions who'd be temporarily blind and deaf in exchange for promotion, I think. Who: Due Geffen Note: Assassinated by Ben Skywalker, after meeting with Cal Omar to discuss the fates of Colonel Jacek Solo and Admiral CIA Nathan.

But Luke will crush you...and I refuse...to let you...destroy the future...for my Ben... Who: Mara Jade Skywalker Note: These words are spoken to her nephew Jacek Solo, now a Sith apprentice, when he makes her his Sith sacrifice. Later, her body is found by her son Ben Skywalker, on the planet of Kazan.

Who: Lucia Note: Spoken to Luke Skywalker, who believes her to be responsible for the death of his wife, Mara. Go Ben, and forgive me... Who: Cal Omar Note: Spoken after Omar sacrifices his own life to give Ben Skywalker a better chance of getting close enough to Darth Campus to kill him.

Sir...can't...loyal... Who: Lieutenant Petra Debut Note: Character, an officer on the flagship of Jacek Solo/Darth Campus, says this to him as he starts choking her with the Force after she accidentally let a Jedi strike team on board, costing Campus his daughter, Allan. However, her protests only make Campus lose his temper, and in his rage, chokes her harder until her neck breaks, killing her.

Who: Glad Ellen Note: Character was the Imperial Remnant's leader throughout much of the Expanded Universe/Legends continuity. While trying to rally the Remnant to his cause, Darth Campus sent Tahiti Gala, his Sith apprentice, to negotiate with Ellen.

When Ellen refuses to support Campus, Tahiti shoots him in the chest, and he tells her off with the above line as he lies dying. Who: Prince Solder Note: Killed by Darth Campus, in order to prevent an Imperial nanotorus from being unleashed upon the prince's daughter and granddaughter, the latter of whom was Campus's daughter.

Only after killing him does Campus discover the nanotorus has already been made from Solder's blood. Who: Jacek Solo/Darth Campus Note: Spoken to his sister, Jain Solo, during their final duel.

Campus was trying to warn his one-time love interest Tenet Key DJO that their daughter Allan was in danger from an Imperial nanotorus, but Jain did not believe him. After being injured beyond fighting capacity, he drops his guard to warn Tenet Key via the Force and as he does so, Jain kills him, realizing too late that he was telling the truth.

Who: Santos to Quinton Jinn, his former mentor, in Star Wars : Jedi Apprentice, immediately before killing himself. Santos turned from the side of the Jedi and became a ruthless villain (though not a Sith) for the first eight novels of the series after a failed test of both his and Quinton's spirit, Quinton passed the test, where Santos failed.

He was killed while trying to oppose the militant faction of the Order led by Jedi Master Saga Debate. If I'm clear on one point, it's this: I want no part of whatever new order is in the making.

Who: Not Nor Source: The Unifying Force Notes: Not Nor chose to die upon the realization that the Yuan Long had lost the war. The role of the Jedi is to lead and guide, and to destroy all threats.

Who: Verger Source: Destiny's Way Notes: Spoken to Yuan Long War master Saving LAH, right before sacrificing her life to save Jedi Knight Jacek Solo. Who: Manner Rhode Source: Traitor Notes: Sacrifices his life to ensure Jacek Solo's escape from Yuan Long captivity.

Upon the death of his puppet Chimera Jamaal, Anime is confronted by Jacek Solo, and the two engage in a battle of the Force. In the climatic battle of the series, he engages in a duel with Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, reminiscent of Skywalker's father's duel with Darth Tyrants nearly fifty years before, in which Jamaal is decapitated.

Upon Jamaal's death, Anime reveals his true nature. I've got you right where I- Who: Vent Source: Marvel Comics' Star Wars : Princess Leia- Part V Note: A male captain in the Empire who was sent to hunt down survivors from the destruction of Alderman.

On an enclave to Aspirin (where the survivors made base), his Star Destroyer confronted Leia, Luke and the other Rebels, including Evan (an Alderamin who served as a pilot for the Alliance) before it was destroyed.

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