Stardew Valley Wizard Ink Quest

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Information Source: Witch's Hut Sell Price: Cannot be sold Once obtained, it can be found in the wallet in the Player's Menu on the Skills tab.

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StardewValley, the indie hit released earlier this year has received a sizable update today. Update 1.1 introduces a bunch of new things for players to experience in the game.

End game content has been added for players who have finished with the Community Center or Tojo Mart. This guide is also applicable to those who are playing StardewValley on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

In order to trigger the new endgame quest in StardewValley, players must head to the north area which has the hot springs in it. The cutscene explains that the Wizard lost his magical ink, and it seems his ex-wife now has it.

The problem is, there is some sort of magical barrier blocking the path to the witches house. To remove the magical barrier, the Wizard mentions that a Dark Talisman is required.

Robust, StardewValley’s resident sewer merchant is believed to be in possession of the Dark Talisman we need. Talking to Robust reveals that he dropped the amulet in an area on the left side of the sewer.

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Enter the hole and head follow the path north. All paths lead to the chest containing the Dark Talisman, so chose whichever you wish.

Collect the talisman and head back to the magic barrier. The Dark Talisman will trigger the barrier to move, allowing you to access inside.

Inside you will find a few things, but most important is the Wizard’s magical ink on the table. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support.

Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within StardewValley. You can give the Wizard up to two gifts per week, which will raise or lower his friendship with you.

The wife of the Wizard resides in a cave guarded by a goblin. While they were together, the Wizard cheated on her and she for anger became green and started to fly, became a witch and was locked in this cave with a strange stone to close the entrance. One of the quests we're going to see is about her. During the cutscene, Mayor Lewis unlocks the building and leads the player inside, where strange creatures called Junior appear and quickly disappear before Lewis can see them.

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The cutscene ends with Lewis informing the player that he will leave the Community Center unlocked in the future. Viewing the cutscene unlocks the “Rat Problem” quest.

To fulfill the “Rat Problem” quest, the player must re-enter the Community Center and interact with a Golden Scroll located in the lower left room. The morning after reading the scroll, the player will receive a letter from the Wizard saying he has information about the “rat problem” and that the player should pay him a visit.

Reading this letter unlocks the “Meet the Wizard quest. The wizard wants you to descend into the mines and fetch him a Void Essence.

Void Essence is a Monster Loot item which can drop from Shadow Brutes, Shadow Shaman, and Serpents. Krobus also sells 10 a day for 100g.1,000g, 1 Friendship heart. The Wizard asked me to retrieve the magic ink from his ex-wife's house... but to gain access I'll need a dark talisman.

Enter the sewer and ask Robust about the Dark Talisman. Railroad cutscene (after completing Community Center or JOJ Warehouse tasks).

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To make it happen you need to Speak to Robust and then venture through to the Mutant Bug Lair to retrieve the Talisman. Return to the cave at the Railroad with it once it's collected. The passage inside The Sewers which Robust opens.

To know what the gift is and how to make that gift, read the step-by-step instruction below : To get the ink from the hut of Witch, you need to first pass through the Goblin that is blocking the passage. The first way involves getting the Void Mayonnaise by fishing in the Witch’s Swamp.

After you have the void egg, take it and then place it inside the mayonnaise machine. Go inside and then take the magic ink that is sitting on the table to your left.

Once you have the ink, go to the portal behind you and then take the stairs to your left, you will directly reach the tower of the Wizard. There is some work involved in completing the quest, and you must have to gift the Void Mayonnaise to the Goblin to get access to the hut.

The Junior Hut is a type of building purchasable from the Wizard at the Wizard's Tower after finishing the Goblin Problem Quest. The hut houses Junior, who live on the player's farm and harvest any fully-grown crops that are within the hut's vicinity. It's not necessary to have 9 Starfruits of the same quality in order to build a Junior Hut.

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The game will count the total number of Starfruit that you have in inventory. Junior continue to gather while you're not at the farm, however if you end the day before they finish gathering then the remaining crops within the vicinity of the hut are not automatically retrieved.

You do not gain any Farming experience skill points when Junior harvest your crops for you. Its companion building, the Water Obelisk, can also be purchased from the Wizard.

Interacting with the obelisk transports the player to the warp totem location in the mountains. Its companion building, the Earth Obelisk, can also be purchased from the Wizard.

Interacting with the obelisk transports the player to the warp totem location at the beach. When placed, the clock prevents debris from appearing on your farm.

Marriage: No Best Gifts: Purple MushroomSolar EssenceSuper CucumberVoid Essence “ “ Wizard studies the spirit world from his tower in cinder sap forest.

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Is this some kind of joke?” “ “Ahh, this is imbued with potent arcane energies. Quartz A clear crystal commonly found in caves and mines.

Chantilly A tasty mushroom with a fruity smell and slightly peppery flavor. Common Mushroom Slightly nutty, with good texture.

Daffodil A traditional spring flower that makes a nice gift. Dandelion Not the prettiest flower, but the leaves make a good salad.

Ginger This sharp, spicy root is said to increase vitality. Holly The leaves and bright red berries make a popular winter decoration.

Magma Cap A very rare mushroom that lives next to pools of lava. Players gain access to the basement of the Wizard's Tower, where they can change their character's appearance at The Shrine of Illusions for 500g.

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I have predicted your arrival a long time ago, young . I have much work to do.” “ “It takes years of study to understand the language of the elementals.

To actually speak their language requires a lifetime of devoted effort. It is unfortunate, but I suppose it is human to be afraid of the unknown.” “ “Beware, you are standing above a potent magical field.

I built my hut right here on purpose, you know.” “ “Have you made any headway with the forest spirits?” “ “I sometimes observe the local villagers in secret. Some day I will leave this mortal plane, but my arcane pursuits must continue.” “ “I trust you enough to allow you in my basement.

After my wife and I split, she began flying around the countryside, cursing everything she saw. It's not a very mature way to express one's anger.” “ “You must't tell anyone... but I have reason to believe that one of the locals is actually my daughter...

It's rare, but it does happen.” Events Note: The Wizard is not always accessible at festivals. “ “Hmm... And what about raw lizard egg sprinkled with blackened marrow?” “ “You shouldn't be up here.” “ “The people are curious about your festivities.

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They possess an unusually potent magical aura for an aquatic life form.” “ “Warwick and I have known each other for a long time... she is a remarkable diviner, and a good friend. “ “The affairs of mundane folk matter little to me, but the elementals like a chance to see you up close.

It was for them that I created this silly maze.” “ “Sneaking off to visit my weird tower? One of the reasons I chose this valley as the location for my... research.” “Meet the Wizard : The morning after examining the golden scroll in the Crafts Room of the Community Center, the Wizard will send you a letter saying he has information for you.

Visit the Wizard's Tower, and he will give you a potion that allows you to read the language of the Junior. “A Dark Reagent” : The Wizard will send you a letter on the 12th of Winter requesting that you bring him a Void Essence.

“Staff of Power” : The Wizard will send you a letter on the 5th of Winter, year 2, requesting that you bring him an Iridium Bar. “Dark Talisman” : After completing the Community Center Bundles or the JOJ Community Development Form, trigger a cutscene at the Railroad, where the Wizard will request that you find a Dark Talisman.

Speak to Robust in The Sewers, who will remove the force-field blocking the entrance to the Mutant Bug Lair. Obtain the Dark Talisman from a chest in the Mutant Bug Lair, then bring it back to the Railroad area and place it on the artifact blocking the cave.

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Inside the cave is a teleportation rune which leads to the Witch's Swamp. He will only allow the player to pass if he is given Void Mayonnaise, which completes the quest Goblin Problem and gives access to the Dark Shrines inside the Witch's Hut.

The Wizard may request that you slay a certain number of Monsters or bring him a random item at the “Help Wanted” board outside Pierre's General Store. Because the door to his house is locked at the start of the game, the Wizard does not count towards the introductions quest.

Introduction to the Wizard normally occurs at his invitation to see him about the Junior, a part of the preparation for unlocking the Community Center bundles. Although the bundles are still unlocked, friendship and communications with him will not occur until you go to him another time to record the meeting.

The Wizard's Tower is unlocked upon purchasing a JOJ membership. After that, the player must speak with him at any time (including during Festivals) to commence friendship.

The Wizard mentions being married for years until he “made a mistake that drove her (his wife) away”. The mistake is not specified, but it was enough to turn her “green” out of anger and envy, presumably explaining how she became a witch.

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There is also some minor evidence that it could be Emily, based on dialogue with Haley, her hair color, and her interest in the spiritual side of the occult. 1.3 : Added unique blue stationery used exclusively for letters from the Wizard.

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