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Although a full Tarot deck has 78 cards, the Major Arcane is made up of only 22 of these (sometimes considered 21, The Fool being separate). In the 18th century, Tarot decks began to be associated with divination, card reading and the occult.

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Each of the Major Arcane cards has a series of meanings and implications, which differ dependent upon whether they are drawn upright or reversed. The symbols in this category are entirely new, having been constructed to represent the core images and themes of the original tarot illustrations.

They have been translated into a brand new symbolic language, unique to the Symbolic project. Upright KeywordsReversed Keywords change, cycles, fate, decisive moments, luck, fortune, unexpected events bad luck, lack of control, clinging to control, unwelcome changes, delays Skip to Upright MeaningS kip to Reversed Meaning The Wheel of Fortune is one of the most highly symbolic cards in the deck, filled with signs that each have its own meaning.

The Wheel of Fortune turns evermore, seemingly to communicate that life is made up of both good and bad times, and that the cycle is one that we cannot control. When you have good moments in your life, make sure that you enjoy to the fullest, for what comes up must always go down.

The same forces that govern the changing of the seasons, or the rising and setting of the sun is also the master of luck and the fate of individuals. The same forces that govern the changing of the seasons, or the rising and setting of the sun is also the master of luck and the fate of individuals.

The commitment you have with your partner may be tested now, and both of you may have to put in some effort or sacrifice in order to remain together. Should you choose to make the choice, your partnership may become closer than ever as the two of you learn to navigate the ups and downs of life together as a team.

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It is important to understand that whether the changes are positive or negative, they are not forever, for the wheel is always turning. Sometimes, the changes that are coming your way may be difficult and challenging, but these can actually be blessings for you to develop your skills and get you ready for future growth.

Order at DK Books When the wheel is reversed, it means that luck has not been on your side and misfortunes have been following you. Reversed Love MeaningReversed Career MeaningReversed Finances Meaning external events affecting relationship, love life out of control failure to adapt at work, forcing past solutions unexpected financial changes, preparation There are times, that no matter how much we try, the world will not bend to one’s will.

It is likely that some external factor may be affecting your relationships right now, and you may have to adapt to it, and accept it with patience rather than attempting to control this situation. You may keep trying to make a past solution work, instead of flowing alongside the events that are unfolding right now.

It is important to not cling to the past or your expectations, but instead remain flexible and ready to change your plans. Be wary of taking risks when it comes to your finances, as this card can suggest unexpected and unwelcome events.

It may be wise right now to build a small emergency fund; even if nothing does happen, having something stowed away can help relieve anxiety about what comes next. Introduction to the Wheelbarrow Card Meanings: As a whole, the Tarot system focuses on personal responsibility.

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Meaning, the underlying persuasion of each card places the responsibility of life events squarely on the individual. With that said, even the most ancient of philosophies have to sometimes admit “things just happen” and there’s no way to trace back a cause.

Sometimes things take place in our lives that appear to be pure happenstance …” dumb luck” some people call it. The Wheel of Fortune card represents those events in our lives that come out of nowhere.

When what may appear as an unsavory event showing up unexpectedly in our lives we must try our best to recognize some potential good from the situation. Although we’ve recognized that sometimes “stuff happens” this card also addresses the cyclical nature of life.

This is an important concept to grasp when we're contemplating this Tarot card meaning. When we approach our lives with this in mind, we tend to invest more quality time in our thoughts and actions.

This section focuses in on a few select symbols that can help us further define the Wheelbarrow card meanings. In this case, the clouds are a symbol of a higher power at work in the events of our lives.

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Since ancient man, the Wheel has been a symbol for mobility, revolution, and cycles. When we consider the ease of the Wheel turning and flowing in motion, we are reminded of how our own lives move in much the same manner.

Source: Courtesy of Holly Foley: copyright free, Pamela A version, 1909. Against a background of a blue sky and big, puffy cumulus clouds are superimposed the winged images of an angel, an eagle, a lion and a bull.

These figures occupy the four corners of the card and each is holding and reading a book. However, if you read AE Waite’s description of the card, he says it is, in fact, divided into seven radii.

The inner circle contains the alchemical symbols for sulfur, water, air and salt. On the left side of the wheel, a snake with a head at each end appears to descend downwards.

On the bottom and right, a red human figure with the head of a dog is ascending. At the top of the wheel sits a blue sphinx holding a sword.

After the stillness and mindfulness of the Hermit’s teachings, the Fool begins to encounter challenges upsetting and confound him. His new-found sense of peace is disturbed, and he must find ways of putting what he has learned into practice.

Of course, the ego is unable to recognize that it cannot control all things and ties itself in knots, causing great distress to the poor Fool In the image below, I have attempted to show some main spiritual components of the cartwheel, hopefully illustrating how it is always possible to choose another way.

The center branches of the Wheel are where peace, serenity and stillness lie (essentially the teachings of the Hermit), from there we can choose our actions/reactions; going out on a limb for better or worse, and continually returning to the hub to replenish our spirit. The Wheel of Fortune appears when there is the likelihood of big changes in the quaint’s life.

In a health reading, the appearance of the Wheel could indicate mood swings or other mental problems. The reversed Wheel may well show resistance, self-limiting beliefs, constantly trying to control, obstructions, karma (what goes around, comes around), instability, repetition, scattered thoughts and missed opportunities.

The Wheel of Fortune is a highly important card with each sign representing a distinct meaning. In the top left corner is an angel symbolizing Aquarius, next to it is the Eagle representing Scorpio, Bottom right is the lion for Leo, and the last one is the Bull representing Taurus.

Written on the wheel are the Hebrew letters IHVH, meaning God. The book each hold in their hands is Torn, a sign of knowledge and wisdom.

Sitting atop the wheel is a Sphinx and emerging from the bottom is Anubis. The inner wheel contains symbols of four building blocks of the life on Earth namely, Mercury, Salt, Water, and Sulfur.

Eight spokes across the two rings represent the eternal energy that binds the entire universe and the Sabbaths. The ruler of this card is Jupiter, the planet of growth and success, similar to what a moving wheel represents.

The most significant interpretation of this card with respect to one’s life is the change that’s about to take place. An upright Wheel of Fortune suggests that you should not just settle for what life has to offer; instead, you should put your hand up and go for more.

In an upright position, you are enjoying the fruits of your labor, but when the wheel is down, you are serving for all the wrongdoings. Stay focused on what you wish to achieve and remember the wheel keeps on rotating and times change.

THE WHEEL OF FORTUNETAROT LOVE MEANING The most prominent element of this Tarot are the wings, possessed by all four symbols at the corner.

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