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This isn't easy, because changing your patterns can disrupt the comfort zone of a relationship, but it can also result in some pretty awesome outcomes. By stepping way out of your comfort zone and, at times, addressing fears head on, you set yourself up for big payoffs.

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You're constantly outside your comfort zone, never alone, and the experience is filled with moments of ambiguity and uncertainty. Never accept the dealership's first counter offer, much as you might like to end the negotiation because you are outside your comfort zone.

‘The trip is an attempt to take the students out of their comfort zone ’ 1.1 A settled method of working that requires little effort and yields only barely acceptable results.

Trump reportedly considers forming his own party So far I have “reaching beyond oneself” and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Strive hard, make great effort, take pains, go the extra mile... I meant to express the idea that Tom is always not satisfied with current status and looking for new challenges.

“To push oneself out of one'scomfortzone = To place yourself in a position in which you feel very unsure of your capabilities; to move into an area of which you have limited knowledge and no expertise. The usual phrase is “to be out of one's comfort zone.” “To push oneself beyond the boundary of something” = To force/make/cause yourself to innovate; to think beyond the limits of (i) endurance or (ii) capability or (iii) the usual or accepted restrictions.

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The “of something” can be implied by the context or be stated, and will give the context that will determine whether the phrase is positive or negative. Tom is always not satisfied dissatisfied with the current status of something and looks for new challenges.

'I am also looking forward to my first extended period of independence, being challenged and facing reality, both socially and academically.' I never did anything too crazy in fear I would get hurt, I would upset my parents, or that I would embarrass myself.

Life was constantly school, sports, eat, sleep, and maybe the occasional hanging out with friends. I then made the impulsive decision to move to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to attend Coastal Carolina University as a student and as a part of the Women’s Volleyball Team.

I soon started doing more and more things outside my comfort zone and I eventually became the person I have truly always wanted to be. All it took was one leap of faith, one step outside my comfort zone, to completely change my life forever.

It is a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress. It is our everyday life from the route we drive to work, to the foods we eat or the people we know.

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Comfort zones are naturally established and unique to each person. They develop by a repeated doing of one thing until it becomes comfortable enough to not induce stress.

Thus, called a comfort zone, because it provides a state of mental security which leads to lower anxiety levels, steady well-being, and of course, reduced stress. Stepping out of your comfort zone can induce stress and anxiety so being able to return to that normal mental state will allow you to process your benefits and/or losses from your new experience.

If you already train your mind and body to constantly challenge itself on a frequent basis, then unexpected changes in your life will be easier and a breeze to handle. You’ll find it easier to tap into your own creativity and knowledge.

Thus, when facing a new problem you’ll be able to efficiently brainstorm and find a solution based on experiences. When you’re constantly challenging yourself and learning new things, you begin to find your true self and grow your love for life.

You suddenly increase your drive to keep expanding your horizons and to learn more about yourself. Everyone’s comfort zones are different from others so there is no ‘one way’ to start but rather to experiment yourself.

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Here are some activities to help break free from your comfort zone and to start experiencing all the benefits listed above. If you don’t like talking to new people then make it a goal to smile and say hi to someone new throughout your day.

There’s nothing worse than wishing you would’ve said something or holding back due to the slightest idea of being embarrassed. They could be the new outlet to a job you’ve been wanting, or they could give you helpful information on where to buy things.

Your friends want to sign up for a painting class, but you’re not really a painter? Doing something you’re not familiar with requires the brain to operate differently and allows for an expanse in knowledge.

The amount you learn by simply immersing yourself into another culture is insane. Being somewhere completely new forces you to step out of your comfort zone through foods, languages, experiences, and the atmosphere.

Finding ways to get out of your comfort zone are limitless, it’s up to you to start incorporating them into your life. Being able to adapt to change on the dime is a valuable skill for most, but also learning how to return to your optimal comfort zone is important for balance and mind growth.

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Once your trialing experience is over, it is good to come back to your ‘normal’ and process what has happened. You don’t want what is new and exciting to become normal and boring too quickly.

If you normally lift weights and run, maybe try incorporating a yoga or swim class into your schedule. It’ll broaden your workout horizons and maybe even make you aware of some physical weaknesses you didn’t know you had.

Many teas have unbelievable health benefits and can either wake you up or help you relax. These are just a few suggestions that I personally like and have helped me stay on my toes.

(Now I’m not suggesting that you pick up and move halfway across the United States to get out of your comfort zone, that just happened to be the easiest for me to explain.) I truly found myself in this beautiful country. The sport that allowed me to go to school halfway across the United States.

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