Telecharger Zombiewood

Daniel Brown
• Monday, 17 January, 2022
• 14 min read

Older versions Zombie wood is a third person shooting game in which we will play the role of a Hollywood actor that is the main character of a series of horror films in which he must kill hundreds of zombies and blow up dozens of vehicles and other things. There’s only one problem, maybe he takes it a bit too seriously. With this delirious approach, Zombie wood offers a two stick shooter in which, with the left thumb we control the direction in which our player goes while with the right one we will have to aim with our gun or whatever other weapon we might have picked up.

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In each one of the different levels (organized as though they were films) we will have to fulfill some objectives. Carrying out these objectives, just as killing zombies will provide us with an amount of money with which we will be able to acquire improvements for our actor, like the twenty weapons that are at our disposal.

There are hundreds of zombies at some points in the game that just seem to come at you for no apparent reason and from the middle of nowhere. If killing zombies isn't enough while playing Zombie wood, you can also blow up a few vehicles, such as military trucks and cars on the street.

There are numerous challenges that you will face with each film that you must get through before moving on in the game. It seems simple enough, but with the onslaught of zombies hiding and coming toward you, there are times when you think that you can't escape fast enough to get away from them.

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