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Maria Garcia
• Monday, 17 January, 2022
• 9 min read

Just wanted to warn you but otherwise I hope you enjoy the second part of the first chapter! Blood stained multiple areas of your clothing.

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You head bashed against it causing more pain for your body to take. You had no sound from all the things they made you drink.

He picked you up by the arm then launched you another time at the chair. You fell stumbling over your own feet, breaking the wooden chair.

You didn't sleep last night because they kept coming back. No matter how much you screamed they would keep coming back.

Don’t ever worry about your shyness, because Soldier is always talking, and Hanna doesn’t mind speaking for you if you need it. I've watched a lot of tf2 MPEG head canons disappear because the majority of the fandom went “EW”.

Let's all be real, we all have read some MPEG fins in our times in the Wild West called the internet. I can't say I love MPEG, but it's a funny thing to write and it's interesting to see how the dynamics of a person or a couple or a team change when babies get involved.

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Hear me out: chubby spy falls for the new mere meant to take his place bc of retirement reasons. TBH I picture Spy as the type of guy who all his life was skinny but the moment he hits 40 boom, now he's chubby (so basically a normal weight because lets be real he looks somewhat anorexic...like dude, your legs are like sticks.).

But when the new recruit lands...oh Mon died she's a girl and OMG she hot as brick.... So he, being the only semi-friendly human being, tries to befriend them (he thinks he is making blackmail but in reality he just can't.). After seeing her passing glares at a bare chested scout who although is annoying...he's young and lean.... Now, he suddenly feels very conscious of his figure, after almost a decade so suddenly Spy is hitting the Gym...until he pulls a muscle and his on bed rest because he had an asthma attack on the treadmill.

The shirt is a bit old so his Chubb is more prominent, he blushes so bad his ears turn red, and he stammers in French. Before he can't yeet himself of the room, the recruit walks up and hugs him, because she ain't blind, and he has been trying to semi-seduct her for weeks.

He can't hide how fast his heart is beating nor that he feels her squished on his belly. Scoot: mostly drive through mustangs on all those nasty fast food places, maybe some bonus mustangs with his Ma and his bros... maybe even do a cooking show with his Matilda: MRE mustangs and maybe some rambles about politics or stuff here and there. He is a surprisingly clean eater and will make some videos on his raccoons and ZhannaPyro: he's the alien behind Lunatic overengineer: he does very few mukbangs, but he mostly does engineer ASMR or solves cubic cubes and other practical puzzles satisfyingly.

His southern accent makes all the gals tingle two Demo: drunk and hangover mustangs are his thing. Probably would do a medical ASMR channel, but he comes across as a very good actor/ creative person because none wants to believe those videos are based on real medical experiments/surgeriesSniper: survival style mustang, probably huge sushi mustangs...he states that he started this channel because he wanted to fatten up a bit, but he mostly did it because he wants some fame without showing his faces: worse drive through mustangs than Scout.

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Demo is the absolute opposite; he sleeps messily sprawled across the bed and probably half on top of either you or Soldier. Solely needs to be near you guys to sleep comfortably, but Demo needs to be cuddled up to one of you to fall asleep.

The house you three share luckily is right next to a forest, so you release them all there and leave out food and water for them, so there’s constantly raccoons coming in and out of your backyard. Demo is veeeeeery physically affectionate and is constantly giving you and Solely tons of kisses, hugs, and soft touches.

You know, I’ve seen quite a lot of love for curvy people (which is amazing, never stop) but I haven’t seen much for the sticks in this world. Other than the sexy muscles, I guess.” He’s not the best at providing encouragement or comfort since it’s hard for him to get himself out of the macho mindset, but he certainly tries his best.

Whenever you say something degrading about your body or express doubt in your looks, he just quiets you with a big smooch and tells you that you look amazing. They love showing their appreciation of your body by always pulling you into those tight hugs and smothering you in kisses.

They also love affectionately running their hands over your arms, shoulders, and sides when you two cuddle. When you tell him how you feel about your body, he smiles and calmly assures you that he thinks you’re gorgeous, then pulls you close for a big kiss to show you that he’s serious.

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He thinks it’s better for him to not make a big deal out of it, but that doesn’t stop him from showing his support and adoration for you. He always tells you that you look great, especially if you’re in a new and/or fancy outfit and always accompanies his compliments with a big, sloppy kiss on the cheek, forehead, or lips.

He honestly thinks you being in a relationship with him is kinda funny; here’s this huge, muscular, 6’3”, 400-something man with his skinnier partner who’s MUCH smaller than him. When you tell him how you’re feeling, he holds you gently and assures you that you are perfect as is, and probably makes a point about how unrealistic body standards are because he’s struggled with them himself.

He shows most of his support verbally or through soft touches cause honestly he’s afraid of hurting you with a big bear hug. He stands you in front of a mirror and tells you how absolutely gorgeous you are, cuddling you closely while he describes what he loves about you.

He mainly shows it through physical affection; he loves gently putting his hands on your hips, waist, or arms when cuddling. He insists that every body is different; some are long and thin, some are short and thick, and some are a bunch of other things, so you shouldn’t feel bad about yours.

You can’t help but laugh as he talks to you; he has a way of saying the sweetest things but sounding like an asshole when he says it since he has such a hard time being sincere. The main way he does it is by bringing you all sorts of cute clothing, and is good at guessing what fits on you well.

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So we have this absolute fluff of a scene were the recruit has her face on spies chest, and he awkwardly holds her for a minute, while he has a mild stroke. The recruit for some reason is looking not in his eyes but his face...and then it hits him, he forgot to wear his mask.

In an instant he puts his hands to cover his face and yells at the recruit to fuck off while he lists all the horrible ways he can and will torture them. The recruit just backs off and slams the door shut and walks through the hallway muttering swears.

He is a gentleman and what he did was just being a huge asshole to someone who showed him kidneys... He hasn't apologized in years, but he feels guilty... So he pulls up a simple jacket and a new mask and nervously walks down the hall to find the recruit.

He doesn't make any comment just walks inside and closes the door while flipping a scout who's dying of laughter from overhearing their conversation. Mon AMI you have spent way too much time with these brutes to find me handsome.

He never believed he was pretty, he just dressed nicely and tried to charm by his words and his fancy french than his face. She stands in her tippy-toes and gives him a small slouch... He holds her by her waist and almost lifts her up...he's in heaven.

Well...till go out the way it came in (Medic is a man of science and he didn't only implant baboon uteri...×it'll come out from their butt, ouchie*) As a man of science (beyond morality or common good) he'll insist much to his teammates dismay to go through it the natural way.

He has a low pain tolerance compare to others, but he's beyond excited to catalog how his body reacts to the birth. Heavy is the only man brav-allowed in the med bay and he's basically his emotional support and helper.

Engineer is allowed outside just in case something awful happens but quite weirdly the process is quite smooth. Once the baby is clean and healthy he becomes a puddle of mush and cries while Heavy is bear hugging them both.

He doesn't care what medic says, he'll take every drug known to mankind to not feel the pain. So basically he's high as a kite the whole process and passes out cold once his done pushing.

After medic shocks him back to the living, he snuggles his bee and is down to bite anyone who tries to take it away from him. He doesn't trust medic neither his teammates to help him during the worst tortures known to mankind.

I'm normally Uber late because I take so long to figure out what to ask but uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh This dude definitely loves studying monsters and cryptids, it’s like one of his main hobbies.

He’s actually also written a few popular books on cryptozoology, but it’s going to take him a little longer to work up the courage to tell you which ones they are, because he’s quite hypercritical of them. Every couple of years he spends about a week trying to find and kill the Loch Ness Monster, so he might try to bring you along.

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