Thando Quits Zuba

Earl Hamilton
• Saturday, 27 November, 2021
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Sometimes, the actors working on a show quit, either because of creative differences or because a new opportunity arises. When that happens, the people running a TV show only have a couple of options.


For Zambezi magic Cuba seasons, the role of Tango was gamely played by Guam Eliana. Season 3, though, the Guam Eliana decided he’d had enough of the show, and left.

The first season of Novel Magic's Cuba comes to an end this December. Cuba starts to create a strong connection with Than do, but her relationship with her father is in ruins.

On the other hand, Charlie wants to divorce Thingie while Pamela's fears come true as her secret is exposed. Timpani and Lute have celebrations after their plan bears the expected fruit, while Cuba is in shock after learning that she has been deceived.

On the other hand, Charlie is caught red-handed with another lady while Day tries to vandalize Cuba as she feels jealous of her. On the other hand, Cuba learns surprising details regarding Than do, who later gets involved in a fight with Natasha's boyfriend.

On the other hand, Sufi and Joshua have a plan to trick Thingie into signing questionable documents. Joshua's plan is not working out as he expected while Charlie humiliates Thingie in the presence of domestic workers.

Want is impressed with the designs made by Cuba while Charlie's fiancé wants to reveal great news to him. Later, Cuba is heartbroken when Charlie comes home with his fiancé, resulting in chaos.

Timpani loses all the cash belonging to Lute while Thingie learns of troubling news concerning Pamela. Charlie tells his fiancé to go away as Cuba receives a stern warning from Want.

On the other hand, Pamela is keeping a secret while back in the village, Lute tries to make Mainz cancel Ha chi's trip. Lute tries to come up with another scheme against Cuba, while Malaya cannot get an explanation as to why Thingie is yet to chase Pamela.

Meanwhile, at the Sosa la household, people are on a spring-cleaning frenzy while Want's jealousy over Cuba makes her work harder on her plans. On the other hand, Benzene wants Thingie to tell her details about Charlie's fiancé while Cuba can hear Pamela having a phone conversation.

The Sosa la household mistakes Ha chi to be a thief while Want makes Tasha turn against Cuba. On the other hand, Charlie holds Thingie responsible for Pamela's pregnancy while Than do and his family make final arrangements regarding Want's bride price.

The Chicana mulilo is in operation while Want is not happy after finding out that Than do used Zuba's designs for their outfits. Meanwhile, Joshua is the new owner of the Sosa la Fashion House as Sufi finally gets the courage to confront Thingie.

Joshua's announcement results in fights while no member of the Sosa la has come for the Cheema. Later, Want returns home drunk, and Cuba cannot explain her feelings towards Than do.

Durban Gen Teasers for November 2020: Mali's love triangle gets more toxic On the other hand, Ha chi tries to talk his mother into accepting to reveal the truth about Cuba.

Pamela's secret comes to light as Thingie decides to stop drinking. Meanwhile, Thando's business plan starts to work out while Lute worries after learning that Cuba is set to come to the village soon.

Thingie and Tasha finally start to have a liking for each other while Lute is doing everything in her power to make sure Cuba does not come to the village. Malia is discovered as she tries to take leftovers to the guest wing while Sufi is reprimanded by Tasha.

Zuba's liking for Than do gets stronger as time goes by while Thingie and Tasha have fun being together. On the other hand, Malia is stopped from working, and Sufi offers to replace him with Day if she is willing to give out some information.

There is an attack on Cuba and Than do while Sufi gets another personal assistant to ensure her plans of destabilizing Thingie work out. Malia starts to suspect Day while Charlie lets Thingie know about his intentions to divorce her.

Tasha reaches the Malta village while Day is discovered, but she succeeds in stealing the designs for Sufi. Later, Charlie rethinks his decision to divorce Thingie, while Sufi fires Sandra and tries to vandalize the fashion show.

Sufi is shocked when her plans get out of control while Day tells the truth concerning Cuba. She works together with Joshua to vandalize Thingie and make her sign dubious documents.

She finally agrees to see the doctor after Charlie persuades her but feels insecure about her secret being exposed. Pamela continues to lose the trust of those around her as she refuses to quit her deceptive ways.

Ladies here is your favorite guy from Cuba, Guam Eliana a.k.a. Than do. Anne KatamandaCue the Lights, Camera, ActionH HappymMother's Dayto my superwoman.

The festive season must have exposed you to some of the most interesting soap operas and movies, and you might easily get hooked to these shows. Cuba 2 teasers for January 2021 highlight some snippets of the show and what to expect in the oncoming episodes.

The highlights in Cuba 2 teasers for January 2021 will fill you in on what to expect in the oncoming episodes. A mysterious caller bothers Sufi, and Cuba manages to run away from Want and Than do.

Later, Cuba realizes that her actions interfered with her father's position at his place of work. Than do worries about Thingie's health condition, and she tries to seek a doctor's opinion.

Later, Cuba reaches out to Means to consult about the idea of going to meet with the mysterious caller. Cuba implements the plan that Maize cooked, and she asks her father to go back to the Sosa la mansion.

Sufi ruins Want's plan to seduce Than do, and Cuba and Maize discuss the final phase of her new identity. Cuba shows up at the Sosa la mansion and introduces herself as Zara Salvador, and no one recognizes her.

Dr Maya emphases the seriousness of Philippe's illness, and she encourages her to open up to the members of her family about her feelings. Zara befriends Amelia to find out more information about Day's absence, and Yerba realizes that she is falling for Cuba, and the feeling makes her uncomfortable.

Pomona teasers for December 2020: Hell breaks loose for Mani Zara finds out about Thando's efforts to bail her out of jail while she was there, and she gets confused and reacts as Cuba.

Zara goes out to look for Day, and in the process, she gets trapped in a van alongside Than do, and they share an affectionate moment. Luanda shows up unexpectedly and ruins Sufi's attempts to seduce Joshua.

Thingie realizes that she made a mistake to slap the wrong girl, and to worsen the situation, the press finds out about the story. Luanda's imposter mother shows up, and her presence causes a commotion.

Zara is disappointed by Luanda's exit; hence, she tries to put Sufi on the spot, although she dodges the bullet. Mainz refuses to heed to Thando's nuggets of wisdom, and Zara receives a message from the mysterious lady, and it changes her facial expression.

Tasha goes on a mission to locate Want's ring and find out the man's identity in her pictures. Luanda troubles the caregiver as he insists on getting a particular haircut and the tussle leads them to Maize's salon.

Tasha and Zara insist on knowing why Sufi lied about Luanda's whereabouts. They agree to go on a mission to unveil the truth, although Tupelo forewarns Sufi, and she takes precaution.

Yerba leaves the Sosa la house on a bragging note, and Charlie turns down Thingie's dinner proposal because of the date with Zara. Channel spots Cuba spying on Maize's salon, and the sight shocks him.

Meanwhile, Zara manages to get away with a snare, although she encounters another life-threatening experience that nearly exposes her mission. Sufi's quest to unveil some of the secrets that link Cuba and Zara land her to her true identity.

Shingle collapses before agreeing to Zuba's confession, and Sufi wishes Philippe dead, and she is willing to murder her. Want takes advantage of Thando's sour mood to get close to him, although the move backfires.

The members of the Mono household worry as the mob camps outside the house seeking to destroy them. Thingie's delusions stir Thando's curiosity, and Yerba shows up on time to rescue the Mono family members and even invites them to his house.

Tasha stops Sufi's attempts to blackmail her mother, and Than do discovers that Yerba betrothed Cuba, and the realization leaves him heartbroken. Sufi makes the insensitive move of not stopping Cuba from informing Joshua about Luanda.

Cuba reaches out to Maize to raise the issue about her marriage, and Tasha lets the cat out of the bag regarding Want's secret. Want declares her loss of interest in Than do ; hence, she throws the ring on the bed.

Cuba and Yerba see a wedding planner, and they realize that they do not have a lot of time to prepare for the big day. As Than do drives home, he finds out the damning information about the accusations levelled against him on mainstream media.

At the hospital, Jaden advises Thingie to stop stressing and focus on her health. The Paramilitary Police force shoot at Than do, although he manages to get away, and luckily, he gets a ride on a truck.

Mainz squashes his bad blood with Than do and helps him take his medicine, and Member gives Maize and Cuba hints on where to find Yerba. She joins forces with Maize, an old friend, and they agree that she should go to the Sosa la mansion to find out more details.

If you wish to find out more details, you ought to tune in to Novel Magic from Mondays to Sundays at 19h00 and 19h30. Check the highlights to find out what Jesse's fate will be now that she has lost her job, boyfriend, and family.

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