Twilight X Rainbow Dash Lemon

Daniel Brown
• Sunday, 09 May, 2021
• 7 min read

The two were currently in a pillow fort, talking about Dash's favorite books. Twilight Sparkle nodded and hummed absent-mindedly.

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Rainbows had grown wary of Twilight's spells but there was something that made her lower her guard. Twilight's eyes lit up, and she smiled widely.

Instead, she walked down the stares in a full bondage outfit and most noticeably an 8-inch dick. The baby batter just kept coming and coming- or rather, coming- and Dash pulled away, gagging.

But the man juice kept flowing. Eventually, the semen filled the house, killing its inhabitants. It flooded the world, killing all the bizarre, pastel ponies of the MLP universe and even the OCS.

Twilight froze when she had hands cover her eyes and someone giggled behind her. Twilight shouted and everyone in the hallway, which was pretty much EVERYONE and everyone looked surprised.

Rainbows has improved on her attitude, her “Cool factor” has tones down a bit. Twilight shouted and started to walk away before she felt someone grab her hand.

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Rainbows said, as she tried to hold back any more tears that threatened to fall. Twilight swished around and threw a straight light purple fist and Rainbow's face.

Tears were creating ribbons on her face as she looked at her crush just simply walk away. She slammed the door and hugged her knees to her chest and cried.

Rainbow yelled and hugged her best friend, who has been in the same situation with Flutter shy, but they are together now. Rainbows avoided eye contact with everyone except Pinkie Pie and Flutter shy.

Rainbow tried to ignore the fact that her crush, who punched and slapped her yesterday, was right on her tail. “ Rainbow ....” She heard Twilight say, but it is the cafeteria was loud enough for Rainbows to act like she didn't hear her.

Twilight then spun Rainbows around and looked at her straight into the girls eyes. Rainbows felt her jaw and cheek start to hurt again.

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“I'm honestly smart and dumb at the same time, I should've paid attention to you and you're feeling and not just mine. Hell I didn't even pay attention to mine...” She trailed off and sighed.

Twilight's cheek was a light red now, and she looked at Rainbow surprised as she saw her lover in front of her smiling. Once they pulled away, Twilight brought Rainbow's face down and their lips touched.

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