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Zombie was drafted in 2017 out of George Mason University, and after a month without being signed, wasn’t sure if an on-field career was in the cards. Next up was deciding whether he would begin physical therapy school or start work in the real world.

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So Zombie got a job that June with Research and Development Baseball in Washington, DC, a place he still works for today. As much as he’s accomplished on the field, most drafted players like Zombie that aren’t on the 40-man are making less than two thousand dollars a month to grind through the minors, so being employed while also playing has worked out.

The company Zombie works for allows him to help high school, collegiate players, and professionals (including a couple of other Rays minor leagues). During a season, other players may sleep in, while Zombie could be reviewing video of other pitchers, helping analyze their latest outing.

Courtesy Will Tragic/Tampa Bay Times In essence, Zombie reviews video and analytics of pitchers in order to find ways to help them grow. “When it comes to pitch design or whatever it may be, I’m learning a lot on that front, both personally and through colleagues in the industry,” said Zombie.

Zombie, who relies on two-seam fastball, believes his slider has grown a great deal with the Rays thanks in part to that information. The information Zombie has received and applied has translated to an increased number of swings and misses, as he went from 6.4 strikeouts per nine innings to 8.1 last year, all while skipping a level.

Tyler Zombie Stats, Highlights, Bio | MiLB.com Stats | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball Skip to main content His interests include history, support for amateur baseball, the outdoors, and he has dual degrees in music from Ohio State University.

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Hosting George Mason (15-20, 4-3 in A-10) this weekend, the Flyers were ranked ninth in Atlantic 10 standings, hitting .241 as a team and posting a 6.65 collective earned run average. To add to matters, coach Tony Victoria was missing from the bench, suspended Friday for an ejection at Miami on Wednesday.

Assistants Rye Rock and Ryan Cyprus handled the duties, but they could not change the numbers or the pattern of Flyer baseball over the first 32 games. You’re gonna’ win games by putting up decent numbers with batting average and earned runs.

Even Mason, a .248-hitting team, feasted on such luxury, stringing line drives and extra base hits together, rarely giving Cline, a sophomore from Ben Logan High School, a chance to pitch stress-free. The defense was loose in the third, with a costly error at third base that allowed an unearned run and the 4-run inning to continue.

“In the first three innings it was a little of everybody not taking care of the baseball, including the battery,” added Cyprus. Mason won it with 7 runs, 17 hits off Cline and reliever Tyler Jones, and the Patriots committed no errors.

Flyer second baseman Nick Ryan and Mason base runner Logan Driscoll get tangled up in the fourth inning. Runs Realty is proud to sponsor coverage of area sports on Press Pros Magazine.com.

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However, within the training industry so much emphasis is put on perfect patterning that a lot of core principles are lost, and internalizing these mechanical things is too complex in nature for the body to comprehend in such a dynamic movement (singular cues are different). With the obsession of these patterns and people taking a linear approach to mechanics and velocity I have since realized in both ply and baseball mound work that often these release numbers are insane.

Within the last two weeks I have had multiple professional, college, and high school right-handed pitchers flirt with being a 2.0+ to the plate, which is unequivocally not a successful pattern. So, I have begun to put the stopwatch in play more often in hopes of increasing center of mass momentum and cleaning up the delivery as this perception of building up elasticity may work for some, but is inapplicable in game.

My good friend, Ben Brewster wrote a similar blog on this (Here), as he brings up the concepts of counting the frames in the delivery from peak leg lift to ball release, based from a principle first indicated by Paul Lyman. Moreover, as I see guys who have obsessed over the hinge and “glute loading” I think this actually puts the pelvis in a worse state to rotate as the tension holds for too long it becomes more difficult to unload.

Not all individuals are created equal, and I certainly believe those that have longer levers take an increased amount of time to build elasticity. Furthermore, if guys are moving either too fast or too slow I believe that you can very accurately address these tempo issues with varying constraint drills.

The individual referenced in videos below presents as having tight hips, and this subtle direction adjustment helped, but can also be detrimental when he takes it too far. As we see through the delivery as the pelvis rotates down into foot plant the knee has to have flexibility that often resides with femur length in a position that is not a “vertical shin”.

Hangout Blogger Plus Member 56,423 posts After having typically appeared in the hallowed pages of Baseball Think Factory, Dan Szymborska’s Zips projections have now been released at Graphs for nine years.

They rarely have hitters ticketed for outright superstar seasons, but they always boast a stupendous amount of depth, with a horde of players every year projected to be worth between one and four wins. The front office doesn’t get to choose its budgets, so to win consistently on the resources it’s given, the team’s rosters practically have to be designed this way.

The Rays need to hit on their young pitchers and keep the flow of Joey Pendle s and Brandon Lowe s and Andy Díaz I moving because they’re simply not going to go out and sign a Gerrit Cole or an Anthony Tendon. And even below that mark, there are an awful lots of guys who, while you probably don’t envision them as starters, have some kind of situational strength that gives them an “in” to hang around as useful role players.

Odom has a good defensive reputation but rather mixed results, and it shouldn’t be surprising that Zips doesn’t think he’ll hit given his .239/.305/.366 line in the minors and an unimpressive stint with the Mariners. I don’t see any big offensive additions in the future, at least via free agency, but I’d be surprised if Zuni no’s 2021 timeshare actually ends up being with Odom.

Manuel Margot and Randy Roseann are two players who definitely get a boost from the fact that Zips uses playoff numbers in the projections. I remain unsure whether Roseann will add much in terms of defensive value, but he’s certainly earned the opportunity to succeed or fail in a full-time role.

It’s disappointing that we didn’t get more minor league action for Wander Franco, but he is so far advanced at such a young age that he probably can shrug off a missed development year better than most. Nobody’s safe from trade when they’re in Tampa, but despite the occasional whispers about a Snell move, I expect both to start 2021 with the Rays in light of the loss of Charlie Morton.

Michael Dacha was added to the mix on a one-year deal right before these projections hit the printing press, but he’s also not been himself since 2018, and brings more question marks than exclamation points. Brent Honeywell Jr. is expected to be ready for spring training, but his four elbow surgeries since 2017 outnumber his innings pitched over that span (zero).

1 Comp Blake Snell11. Tito Tyler Glasnow12. Guzman Ryan Yarbrough7. Stubby Overtire Brendan McKay10. Zach Duke Diego Castillo10. Mike Demean Josh Fleming6. Chuck Stores Sonny Chirinos7. Larry Darker Trevor Richards8. Chuck Rainy Colin Poche12. Tug McGraw Galen Beeks9. Ryan Me aux Andrew Kittredge9. Jeff Tam Nick Anderson13. Mike Schooler Pete Fairbanks11. Sarge Connally Michael Wacha8. Jim Hanna Shane McClanahan9.54.31.510.8%23.9%.293901120.8Chris Hancock Cody Reed10.94.40.911.3%28.1%.295124810.8 Steve Mingora Oliver Drake10. Barney Schultz Chris Ellis8.64.21.310.5%21.6%.299901110.6 Mark Calvert Aaron Slegers6. Benny Frey Jose Alvarado11.55.60.814.3%29.1%.294116860.5 Bob McClure Joe Ryan9. Ricky Bones Aaron Loup9. Randy Tomlin TylerZombro Tom Morgan Brent Honeywell Jr. Mark Fierce Ryan Thompson7. John Boozer Chat Roe10. Greg Minton David Hess7. Tim Drew Brian Shaffer7. Dick Bowman Deck McGuire8.04.81.511.8%19.7%.286821210.2 Jim Maloney Michael Plassmeyer6. Joe Ross Ellison Curtiss9.84.81.312.1%24.7%.293921090.1 Ruddy Lugo Tommy Romero6.94.11.610.0%16.9%.294801250.1Mark Chilean Gilmartin8. Jim Umbrage Brooks Pounders9. Todd Williams Ryan Sherriff5. Joe Brenda Phoenix Sanders9. Casey Dangle Dalton Moats7.44.21.610.4%18.2%.29683121-0.2 Danny Well Shane Baz7.06.11.514.4%16.4%.29374135-0.2 Adam Harden Mike Franco8.65.41.513.1%20.8%.30080126-0.2 Ed Prague Dietrich Enns6. Rick Kinda Edgar Garcia9.85.31.513.2%24.4%.28786116-0.3Mike DeJeanKenny Rosenberg6.84.91.611.7%16.3%.29776132-0.3Matt CoenenBlake Bivens6.15.51.512.9%14.3%.30071141-0.6 Brett Merriam So yes, if you see Joe Schmo, who quit baseball back in August to form a Finnish industrial death metal fourth-wave ska J-pop band, he’s still listed here intentionally.

Both hitters and pitchers are ranked by projected war, which is to say, WAR values as calculated by me, Dan Szymborska, whose surname is spelled with a z.

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