Undertale X Rainbow Soul Reader

Carole Stephens
• Saturday, 27 November, 2021
• 7 min read

The sudden light faded and where your soul had once been been now a rainbow gun of some sorts. It dropped right into your hands, and it was surprisingly light, as if it weighed nothing.

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Chart had a look of complete shock on her face, but it was gone in a flash, and she charged at you with her knife raised above her head. You pointed the gun at her, and it shot a beam of rainbow light, very much like Sans' master blasters.

'Chart: HP: 20 / 50' She growled and charged at you again, her knife raised once more. You raised your left hand and Chart was suddenly surrounded by a rainbow aura.

He threw you against a wall, and you slid down and got back to your feet. He lunges at you but you stop him midair surrounding him in a rainbow aura.

You threw him against a pillar and lifted him up again and were about to rip him apart before an image of Sans telling you not to do something that you would regret flashed through your mind. You set Flora down on the ground, your gun turning back into your soul, your eyes turning back to normal and rushing over to Chart.

You look at her with a sad expression and sit on your knees. “I already killed Ashore because I thought that I could get Frisk's soul.

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You look at her with a worried expression before lifting her up and placing her in your lap. Flora climbs up onto her shoulder and wraps his vines around it.

She looked up at you with her beautiful ruby red eyes, they weren't the same color as Frisk had when she had done those horrible things. I just want everyone to see the surface, to feel the sun, to see how blue the sky is, and to see....

“Chart...” You start but then notice that you feel very exposed. Chart asked, getting off your lap, Flora still on her shoulder.

You stood up and took her hand before beginning to walk. “Frisk doesn't have the reset button anymore, you do,” she said, looking at you.

It was glowing rainbow, and it had a four point star and the word 'SAVE.' You look at her and Flora, both were nodding, telling you to press it.

“That's new, never seen that before,” Flora said, tilting his little flower head to the side. You were about to press it but turned to face Chart and Flora.

They looked at you confused as you knelt down to Chart's height. You let go and stand up, looking down at the small child and Flower you pressed the 'Save and Restore' button.

He'd just stolen taken some codes from undercurrent and had gone to look in on the original timeline and check in on you when, right smack dab in the middle of the multiverse, was the rainbow -faced bane of his existence with his (Y/n). It was I -I//N K. fumed on the inside and externally glitched with rage.

And yet there he was, you on his lap (probably wishing you weren't there) and a color wheel of bright hues painted across his cheekbones. 's attention snapped from you to Ink when Ink carefully clasped your arms and moved you off his chest, allowing him to wriggle his legs out from underneath yours.

He appeared dangerously unstable with the constant static jerks of his figure and the fluorescent blue codes streaming out from his fingertips, ready to be used as weapons. You peered at over Ink's shoulder to see his slumped posture, dilated pupils, and the unbalanced hatred that radiated off of him.

His focus shifted between you and his colorful archenemy, and you could tell he was trying to question you with his gaze when his eyes met yours. You could see hurt and confusion mixed into the hatred and malice as he questioned about what you were doing out of the main timeline.

Ink backed up slowly, the big paintbrush now gripped under his right arm as he took a defensive stance in front of you, ready to fight back if the need arose. You were pressed up against Ink's back while his other arm flung in a backwards position as if to shepherd you away from the glitch before you.

noticed Ink's movements and his eyes narrowed even more. With every step Ink took backwards, yours matched exactly, and so did 's.

With a hiss, tore more blue codes from his face and static buzzed in the air. Dangerously fast codes flew towards Ink and, with lightning speed reaction time, he grabbed you, tucked, and rolled away.

Ink then turned and, with one fluid motion, threw you onto his shoulder and started running as if his life depended on it. It probably did seeing as had gone straight for his soul. You were surprised that such a Sol skeleton like Ink was able to lift you and actually run at a decent speed too with your weight on his back.

You could move just fine, but no matter how much effort you put into making a shout or a big movement, the action would compute into your brain as a tiny whisper or the twitch of a hand. He started to give chase, now aiming ahead of Ink to stop the fast-footed skeleton.

looked irrefutably sad and desperate as he failed to latch onto Ink with his string without harming you in the process. Unbeknownst to Ink, you were the only source of companionship and comfort that had come from his own corrupted timeline.

You hung limply across one of Ink's shoulders, but your head was looking upwards, your eyes meeting 's dully as he ran after you. You refused to even struggle or shift against Ink even though it appeared you REALLY did not want to be handled like a bag of stolen loot. It was an uncomfortable ride for you to say the least.

Ink had a bony shoulder that dug painfully into you stomach as he bolted across the barren plain. With a grunt, Ink began to jump over 's codes, huffing and trying to keep balance with much difficulty.

With his unoccupied arm he swung his paintbrush, cutting through several strands of upcoming codes. quickly got sick of the game of tag and glitched directly in front of Ink.

While Ink tried skidding to a stop, wrapped his strings securely around you and tugged sharply to get you out of his enemy's grip. Ink toppled over from the sudden jerk and the imbalance from the weight being lifted off his shoulders.

A pained groan was emitted from sharp breathes as he got up slowly with the help of his paintbrush. pulled you into his arms and only smiled briefly at the crippled Ink before examining you.

If he'd though that you would've been fine after a day or so of recovery then he would've gotten you and had you stay with him in the 'database' gathering or stringing together codes. He didn't realize that he'd started stroking your hair creepily while pretty much having a staring contest with you the whole time.

This had gone on long enough for Ink to recover and use his scarf as a sling for his injured arm. He was clueless as to why had pretty much ceased his attacks and minimized the static buzzing in the air but one thing was for sure in his mind.

was snapping out of his trance just as Ink snatched you out of his arms and hauled a** away from the enraged glitch whom now had new motivation to tear him to shreds. It held codes and portals and different variables, but it was pointless to run in because it never ended.

After about five minutes of running, Ink suddenly skidded to a halt and turned around. He had to stall somehow to get you to a safe place where he wouldn’t find you.

Ink couldn’t seem to get it through his thick skull that he wasn’t going to harm you. Pulling at the string again, tried to ensnare Ink once more.

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