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Compelling or requiring immediate action or attention; imperative; pressing: an urgent matter. Insistent or earnest in solicitation; importunate, as a person: an urgent pleader.

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Necessary, crucial, indispensable, persuasive, pressing, vital, immediate, compelling, important, imperative, critical, demanding, serious, essential, weighty, burning, capital, chief, claimant, clamorous “Agencies recognize that there’s an urgent need to envision themselves as a group that values diversity, but they’re not there yet,” said Randi Welch, co-founder and head of business strategy for the brand consultancy Rupture.

Is there anyone who thinks the urgent problem we need to solve in Washington, D.C. is how to allow more spending on campaigns? We need to strike a balance between creating false alarms and letting any urgent medical matters fall through the cracks.

I was interrupted, while reading, by my servant who announced that a gentleman wished to see me on urgent business. This ground had been M. DE Peyrehorade's property, but he had given it to the public at his son's urgent entreaties.

Exigent and pressing suggest an urgency that requires prompt action: “When once disease was introduced into the rural districts, its effects appeared more horrible, more exigent, and more difficult to cure, than in towns” (Mary Shelley). “The danger now became too pressing to admit of longer delay” (James Kenmore Cooper).

Adjective 1. Crucial, desperate, pressing, great, important, crying, critical, immediate, acute, grave, instant, compelling, imperative, top-priority, now or never, exigent, not to be delayed There is an urgent need for food and water. 2. insistent, earnest, determined, intense, persistent, persuasive, resolute, clamorous, importunate His mother leaned forward and spoke to him in urgent undertones.

urgent overload really
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Copyright © 2013, 2014 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Dringend urgent naléhavý fringed preference , urgente fire(limousine) kiireellinen urgent Titan surges Mendes Armand urgent skulls stadium; neatliekams pending dringendtvingende, preference, NAD-, haste-pilny.

Dringendheid urgency naléhavost die Dringlichkeit nødstilfælde; meet preference urgency pavilions kiireellisyys urgence shitpost surpassed deadpan Mendes Bryan morph/nausea urgent , , suburbs stage; steidzamba; neatliekamba memerlukan Indian Segura urgentienødstilfelle, tinged nødvendighet pianos urgency urgent naliehavos nuns shitpost vi kt, angelägenhet, brådskande nature scilicet, ivedilik , SU Khan cap English-Spanish/Spanish-English Medical Dictionary Copyright © 2006 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

“No power hath he of evil in himself; But should some urgent fate (untimely lot!) Bring thee to meet his shadow (nameless elf, That haunted the lone regions where hath trod No foot of man, ) commend thyself to God! My kind friends here are most affectionately urgent with me to prolong my stay, but their hospitable and cheerful dispositions lead them too much into society for my present situation and state of mind; and I impatiently look forward to the hour when I shall be admitted into Your delightful retirement. It is good also, not to try experiments in states, except the necessity be urgent, or the utility evident; and well to beware, that it be the reformation, that drawer on the change, and not the desire of change, that pretended the reformation. As the green and white lady took leave of the Princess she gave her a nut, desiring her only to open it in the most urgent need. And when after gaining his own deck, and his own pivot-hole there, he so vehemently wheeled round with an urgent command to the steersman (it was, as ever, something about his not steering inflexibly enough); then, the already shaken ivory received such an additional twist and wrench, that though it still remained entire, and to all appearances lusty, yet Ahab did not deem it entirely trustworthy. Naseby sat brooding in his study, that there was shown in upon him, on urgent business, a little hectic gentleman shabbily attired. The first lines contained an urgent entreaty to keep the circumstances connected with the loss of the five hundred pounds the strictest secret from everyone in general, and from Handyman in particular. They had the men, impatient and urgent, who would use the guns.

What's causing its rise among the young is one of the most urgent questions facing the medical community today. While their concern is admirable, there's an urgent need for a unified approach to the economic decline of the south suburbs.

In the longer term, urgent reforms are needed in the electoral framework, campaign and party finance, media transparency and women's participation. But this year, the end of federal stimulus money and a glacial economic recovery have lent a more urgent tone to the empty-pocket message.

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Information from unconventional sources not related to the industry carries the extra burden of having to be proved relevant or urgent. At the same time, the need for careful linguistic description is as urgent as ever, for the dual purposes of scientific inquiry and clinical application.

Whatever the interpretation, the cumulative research and survey data since 1978 suggests an urgent need to took at the justifications, dynamics and effectiveness of grouping. Select My UPMC to access your UPMC health information.

Offering care for patients ages 8 weeks or older. To better serve the community and our patients in the urgent care setting, Capital Region Physicians is directing patients with respiratory illnesses to its Edgewood Urgent Care location at 3308 W. Edgewood Dr.

Sore throat Cough/cold/flu Fever Sinus pain and congestion Diarrhea and vomiting Bronchitis Mild asthma exacerbation If individuals have a respiratory illness including cough and fever and/or believe they may have been exposed to or infected with the novel coronavirus, they should call ahead to the emergency room, urgent care clinic or doctor’s office before arriving.

This will ensure health care staff are prepared for the individual’s arrival, and they will provide instructions to limit exposure to others. Any illness or injury that would prompt you to see your primary care physician.

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Open seven days a week, Edgewood Urgent Care allows you to see a provider without making an appointment or without going to the emergency room during the weekend. In addition to urgent care patients, the clinic serves many corporate clients with work-injury, drug screens and workers' compensation needs.

Located in East land plaza near Gerbes' grocery store, the clinic serves patients 8 weeks and up for a variety of illness and ailments from colds and coughs, to rashes, allergies and other mild illnesses. Open seven days a week, East land Urgent Care allows you to see a provider without making an appointment or without going to the emergency room.

Frequently, patients seek the services of the hospital emergency department for ailments or injuries that could be treated more economically, and just as effectively, at an urgent care facility. It is not always easy to determine when you should choose urgent care over the hospital emergency department.

At Premier Urgent Care Centers of California, We are working hard to get everyone processed through with the COVID-19 Test Results. Since this pandemic started we have processed over 50,000 patients and are working hard to get every one of them their results on a timely basis.

Los Premier Urgent Care Centers of California hora foremen Hay mochas personas Que SE haven la Puebla y Harmon to-do lo possible para Que leis personas entree y Sagan lo MAS rapid possible.

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We have increased our cleaning and disinfecting of hard surfaces and frequently touched areas and items throughout our clinics. Every employee is tested twice monthly for Covid-19 and is checked daily for any symptoms of the disease.

They usually get you in and out in a quick orderly fashion, where you may be waiting, but it works out great for such a busy clinic. What a wonderful service they offer the medical community, and it's valued patients.

I understand is URGENT CARE, and they need to treat patients accordingly to urgency. Since Dr. Was in a room with a pt, The nurse knock on door (it was emergency bleeding while putting pressure on my finger) Dr. saw it and I was immediately treated.

I was on vacation in California and had a awful ATV accident out in the desert, with a large laceration to the top of my right foot. I can't afford to go to the ER bc it would've costed thousands there for the same work.

The two men at the front desk thoroughly and considerately went through the financials and reassured me that it would be my best option to go through them..... The doctors back in my home state whom I followed up with said that the stitching and quality of the work was excellent and that it's healing better than they would have expected. If you visited our Coachella Location, Please click on logo above and give us a review.

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