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Ava Flores
• Saturday, 27 November, 2021
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Emergency medicine physician and Navy Lieutenant, Dr. Matt Bruce, founded Total Access Urgencies (TAC®) in 2008 to provide fast, friendly, and affordable healthcare in every community. In the ER, patients receive life-saving treatments but are often overwhelmed by unpredictable financial burden and frustrated by overcrowded waiting rooms.

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Vaccines available to eligible patients Read More Mainstream Family Care is now offering contactless registration to reduce the spread of illness for patients who would like to wait from the comfort of their own home.

Register online to become a Family Select Primary Care patient. Urgent care centers primarily treat injuries or illnesses that can’t wait for your regular physician, but aren’t serious enough for the ER.

It is much less expensive than going to the emergency room, and they take most insurance plans. “Very quick considering the busy flu season.

“I love that it is always fast and all the staff is kind, attentive and caring” “Fast service even with a full lobby.

“Back in December my daughter had an ear ache -- she was seen by Dr. Patel. The staff followed up and my daughter wasn't making the progress he expected with the antibiotics he prescribed, so they asked that we bring her back in.

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“Been to this clinic many times over great bunch here they really care about you! Close and convenient care without having to make an appointment at regular Dr. office or wait half a day at an ER.

“I used their services when I was not able to go to my regular doctor quickly, and they have always been very professional and the doctors always listen to my symptoms and treat me with respect and have provided very good treatments. “I am always tended to in a quick manner here and the staff and doctors are always pleasant and caring.

I was initially looking for a closer one to where I was but for some reason was not able to find one. Strep and flu testing conducted in the clinic with rapid results.

“Quality Urgencies has always provided top notched serviced during visits. The doctor was extremely understanding, very courteous, and I would recommend her highly to anybody needing medical care.

The whole staff was outstanding, from reception to the doctor and follow-up, was as good of care as one could ever expect. They set the standard that other emergency rooms and care centers should strive to achieve.

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At Premier Urgencies Centers of California, We are working hard to get everyone processed through with the COVID-19 Test Results. Since this pandemic started we have processed over 50,000 patients and are working hard to get every one of them their results on a timely basis.

Los Premier Urgencies Centers of California hora foremen Hay mochas personas Que SE haven la Puebla y Harmon to-do lo possible para Que leis personas entree y Sagan lo MAS rapid possible.

We have increased our cleaning and disinfecting of hard surfaces and frequently touched areas and items throughout our clinics. Every employee is tested twice monthly for Covid-19 and is checked daily for any symptoms of the disease.

If a client presents symptoms of Covid-19, they are asked to leave and reschedule their appointment. Premier Urgencies Centers of California has implemented these strict precautions from the first day of the pandemic, and we continue to stay ahead of the curve for these standards as provided by the State Health System and the CDC.

They usually get you in and out in a quick orderly fashion, where you may be waiting, but it works out great for such a busy clinic. The staff from the front desk to the back office were efficient and professional.

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I understand is URGENT CARE, and they need to treat patients accordingly to urgency. Since Dr. Was in a room with a pt, The nurse knock on door (it was emergency bleeding while putting pressure on my finger) Dr. saw it and I was immediately treated.

I was on vacation in California and had a awful ATV accident out in the desert, with a large laceration to the top of my right foot. I can't afford to go to the ER bc it would've costed thousands there for the same work.

The two men at the front desk thoroughly and considerately went through the financials and reassured me that it would be my best option to go through them..... The doctors back in my home state whom I followed up with said that the stitching and quality of the work was excellent and that it's healing better than they would have expected. If you visited our Coachella Location, Please click on logo above and give us a review.

One of the biggest benefits is the option to schedule a convenient, same-day appointment. That way, you can relax at home instead of waiting in our reception area until it’s your turn to see a medical provider.

To make your wait as short as possible, please bring your insurance information and ID with you to your appointment. We are unable to see patients under the age of 3 months.

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We do not offer intravenous (IV) fluids or medications. Virtual urgent care lets you stay home and still receive medical advice from a Salem Health Urgencies provider.

Connect with an urgent care provider on a secure video call using your smartphone or video-enabled device. All urgent care video visits are same-day appointments.

Submit your e-visit questionnaire by 3 p.m. Monday–Friday and get a response within four hours. E-visits submitted after 3 p.m. may be responded to on the following business day.

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