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• Monday, 17 January, 2022
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I had just signed my record deal and moved out to L.A. and I was just wilding out, partying… The chorus is the conversation between Jesus and me, and him essentially telling me to get some (expletive) water.” Virginia Beach native Matt Mason has been singing his sins for years.

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His 2019 debut album “Bank on the Funeral” is packed with songs that hint at struggles with addiction, brushes with the law, religious questions and family tragedies. 1 singles on the alternative airplay chart (“Cringe” and “Hallucinogenics,” which just got a rework and feature from Lana Del Rey), making him the first solo male artist to achieve the feat in 15 years.

His name is on a short list of others who have done the same, including Elvis Costello, Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed and Morris. After digging even deeper into his past, Mason has returned to the booth to turn more of his battles into song.

Teaming up with another Beach native, Ross Fitzgerald, aka Roswell, the two are prepping to release a collection of songs under the name User. Their first single, Waterman, ” debuts Wednesday, and Mason’s lyrics rehash a night on tour where he caught himself slipping into old ways.

I had just signed my record deal and moved out to L.A. and I was just wilding out, partying,” Mason said in an interview over the phone from his home in Austin, Texas. It’s Mason at his most tender, a swirling three minutes punctuated with disappointment and a basic realization capable of igniting kindred emotions in listeners.

Sonically, the record is thin at its onset, using only acoustic guitars behind Mason’s beaten-down vocals. Employing ethereal synths and a simplistic drum beat, the song flourishes into the comforting hug Mason might’ve needed in that hotel room.

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Virginia Beach natives Roswell, left, and Matt Mason have teamed up for a new project they're called User. It also features some of Virginia’s biggest names in the industry, but Mason and Roswell are holding onto those details for now.

The luxurious design and iconic silhouette of Carlene makes for a stylish statement of individuality. Taking subtle cues from Paris's emblematic rooftops, Emblem brings a sophisticated French elegance into writing.

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Combination of rich gold trim and black lacquer, it contrasts strikingly with the innovative and visionary world of today. Amazing angles interacting with clean lines and constructed from the finest and most modern materials, the design element is very powerful and is a symbol of elegance, efficiency, and excellence, all embodied in a single product.

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If found defective within the warranty period, Waterman would either repair the writing instrument or replace it altogether with a new one of the same type without any cost to the user. It has been manufactured with very fine materials which serve to expose the executive persona of the user and creates an aura of creativity around the person carrying it.

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Modernity, as seen today, combines with elegance which is never time bound to produce a chemistry that is unmatched whether the pen is used by an individual or if it is used in the executive boardroom. The pen is normally warranted for 3 years whereupon as a result of the limited warranty, the company shall either repair it upon a defect or simply replace it.

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The clean lines on the pen and the amazing angles' interplay with each other in the presence of sculpted faceted finishes. It exudes the same awe and beauty that the metropolitan skyscrapers do when they glisten in the sunlight and appear to be subliminal and fearless.

The Waterman Perspective Ballpoint lets the user fill a blank page with finesse and the control of an expert. Like the skyscrapers dotting the horizon, the Waterman Perspective pen aims to reach the sky.

The company warrants to repair the pen if found defective and in certain cases, would replace it with a new one. The silhouette is cigar-shaped and the combined use of many fine materials gives an air of an inspirational and creative executive style.

This Waterman roller ball pen combines the age-old liquid ink tradition with the comfort and convenience of modernity. The deep black lacquer elegantly merges into the golden sheen of the trim complements of this extraordinary pen.

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The purest of the timeless tradition of the use of liquid ink which gives an aesthetic element to one’s handwriting, the pen succeeds in combining this heritage with the convenience and comfort of modern life which demands urgency and speed in expression and writing. It is ideal for those very special occasions when the user is graduating, celebrating an anniversary, or perhaps a promotion in his/her career, etc.

Waterman warrants the pen with a 3-year warranty which is extendable to 5 years in case the purchase is made directly from the manufacturer. The pen is manufactured in France with an expertise that has been polished and refined over years of fine work and searching for just the right materials to convey the right persona of the user at the most important moments.

The silhouette of this pen is shaped on the pattern of a cigar which gives it a unique and luxury look and feel. These elements are further emphasized through the use of a matte black which is very novel and unique and the trim which is palladium plated.

The pen is hand-crafted for highly precise writing and is sold in a gift box that epitomizes luxury and elegance at their best. For this transformation to take place, Waterman has made very good use of a wealth of the finest possible noble materials available in the world to enhance the richness in the design of the pen.

The Expert Collection and its Rollerball-technology enabled pens are a mysterious mix of the compulsions of modern urban living and lifestyle and the age-old and proven traditions that have developed and strengthened over the years giving humanity its experience and wisdom. While a solo businessman or woman would simply love to make use of the elegance of this wonderful blend, the boardroom executive would not be far behind in wanting to use this amazing mix to his/her advantage and create an aura around himself/herself that would reflect a blend of tradition and modernity in a single writing instrument.

The Ballpoint Technology from Waterman ensures a silk-like smoothness and precision like that of a scalpel when it comes to writing with this pen. The Waterman Ballpoint nib lets the user produce beautiful and flawless lines of writing, the appearance of which would be no less elegant than the fine words used by the writer to capture planned or spontaneous expressions.

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The Waterman Expert Ballpoint brings together the business executive’s world of fine and sophisticated tastes along with their traits and behavior under the compulsions of the business and general contemporary urban and metropolitan environment and the Parisian sophisticated and artistic styling that has developed over a long time. With a calculated blend of fine noble materials and its beautiful cigar-like silhouette, the Waterman Expert Ballpoint shines as a writing instrument with a smart blend of age-old tradition and timelessness on one hand and the contemporary requirements on the other.

IT does not matter whether the user is decorating the paper with the finest form of calligraphy or simply penning down a business agreement clauses, the immaculate performance, sophistication, and elegance would match or exceed the highest of the expectations. The pen produces strikingly clear and clean lines which allow the user to write precisely and smoothly.

This combination is effective in conveying a sense of timelessness in terms of the simplicity involved in the writing. Waterman has indulged in attempts to blend together d. design excellence à la tradition with creativity and innovation.

The slim clip and the broad ring enable a sleek design which is empowered by an engraved nib which exudes an expert touch in manufacturing. Backed by a 3-year limited warranty, Waterman can increase the coverage to 5 years for pens directly purchased from the manufacturer.

The inspiration of this pen is from the metropolitan architecture and more specifically the glistening skyscrapers standing tall as seen on the horizon of modern cities. The Waterman Perspective Roller ball is a symbol of unmatched beauty and a presence that cannot be resisted like that of a skyscraper.

Its writings are reflective of the contemporary metropolitan and urban designs and include the sleekness of the pen’s barrel and the amazing and precise nature of the nib.

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