Van Wobbles When Accelerating

Carole Stephens
• Saturday, 27 November, 2021
• 8 min read

Michelle Obama shows off her natural curls in birthday selfie (GMC panel Van) The problem started when I pulled up to a light and came to a complete stop, when the light turned green I tried to accelerate but pressing down the pedal made the whole van shake pretty violently, and it barely accelerated.


The wobbles and cutters while accelerating could very much be the balance is off and your car is sitting quite funny on your wheels and thus making it shake. Possibly your crankshaft has offset somehow or become unbalanced causing your entire engine to shake.

Also, could be your lower gears in your transmission have been worn or even broken so they aren't grabbing right as you speed up. With age and less periodic maintenance, any car will shake and vibrate at the time of riding.

A bent axle could cause serious shaking. Even the slightest bend can be the reason for serious shaking, especially when the car speeds up. The surprising fact is even a minor fender-bender or a small bump in the road can lead to the twisting of the axle.

Sometimes, the problem could be the result of a worn out CV joint that you will find at the end of the axle. A loose tire not only causes vibration but can also lead to major accidents.

Tires that are out of balance or misaligned due to worn out tread or bad installation won’t let the vehicle to run straight on the road. Lots of components could be in question if the vibration comes through the wheel. If the tires are fine, the wheel is the next item that should come on your diagnosis list.

Loose or damaged wheel bearings could give your vehicle a good shake at higher speeds. You may find damaged bearings in cars that have been driven extensively for many years.

He owns a car repair shop at downtown Osaka, and he put all that experience to good use in his sharing posts. Tsubasa’s blog is one of the best resources for information about keeping your favorite imported car running smoothly.

Moreover, because of being passionate to learn about the recent happenings in auto industry, he doesn’t only provide great car maintenance tips, he also always updates the latest trends in among car brands and share them in his own interesting viewpoint. Caravan 2006, shakes the front (up and down) sometimes when Caravan 2006, shakes the front (up and down) sometimes when accelerating ; after release accelerator it stops.

This time my question deals with a shimmy in the front of the van. 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan sport: front end.all joints, bolts. Tires I have a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan sport that has a wobble in the front end upon acceleration.

2000 dodge caravan sport: rotors put.rear end.shocks.tires I have a 2000 dodge caravan sport with a 3.8 motor. I had new drums and rotors put on and now the rear end is shaking like hell.

The steering wheel of my 2005 Grand Caravan wobbles between The steering wheel of my 2005 Grand Caravan wobbles between 40 and 50 MPH and is then smooth at higher speeds. Caravan: front end.4 tie rods, balanced the tires.brakes.alignment 2001 Mini- van Caravan/Voyager.

1992 caravan: horrible shudder when I accelerate.struts.exhaust I have a 1992 caravan with 3.0 I have horrible shudder when I accelerate..... It has new axes, struts, and motor mounts and exhaust.

2002 Dodge Grand Caravan....steering wheel shakes at low ... 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan....steering wheel shakes at low speeds, sometimes when braking, sometimes not.....just replaced struts, had all 4 tires spin balanced, alignment has been checked, brakes are g… read more 1996 Grand Caravan LE: 3.8L.you accelerate.faster.speeds I have a 1996 Grand Caravan LE 3.8L front-wheel drive.

My problem is a severe shaking (side to side) at approximately 35 mph on acceleration and continues whenever you accelerate even up to 75 mph alt… read more 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan: acceleration.35 mph.50mph.steering wheel I own a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan SE.

1994 Dodge Caravan: vibration.new tires.front end.motor mounts Just got a 1994 Dodge Caravan, had a vibration, had new tires, front axles, front end aliment, new motor mounts put on & it still vibrates. Posts are for general information, are not intended to substitute for informed professional advice (medical, legal, veterinary, financial, etc.

The site and services are provided “as is” with no warranty or representations by JustAnswer regarding the qualifications of Experts. JustAnswer is not intended or designed for EMERGENCY questions which should be directed immediately by telephone or in-person to qualified professionals.

Worn front end parts I. E Bad wheel bearings Separated tire belt Bent or out of round rim. First, let us start off by educating you about what a wheel bearing is and what role it plays in a vehicle operation.

So what you have to do is raise the vehicle of the floor and take your hand and rub it along the tire’s surface and spin the wheel at the same time. The best way to find out if your rim is bent is to take it to a shop that solely specializes in fixing and diagnosing this condition.

All of your car’s electronic systems use fuses to protect against over voltage situations. If there wasn't a fuse in place, a power surge could destroy an accessory.

If the check engine light is flashing, you need to stop driving the car. It's best practices replacing the entire clutch pack...

The first thing I would recommend doing after seeing a warning like that on your vehicle is to check the engine oil level. On a manual car, a defective clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, or worn clutch can make it difficult to go in gear.

If you can only turn the ignition cylinder to the ACC position, then yes, this will drain the battery. Leaving the switch in the ACC position provides constant power to...

The timing belt needs to come off to replace the water pump to prevent coolant from leaking into the timing belt rubber which will cause it to fail. If it is a whining sound, then you may be low on power steering fluid caused by a leak in the system or a defective power steering pump.

No wobble whatsoever when coasting out of gear at any speed, (or with clutch depressed). Wobble felt through seats, floor, but not really through the steering wheel or gear stick.

Wobble happens only when accelerating straight ahead or turning left (worst). The only way I can get the wobble to lessen (though it's still there) is to carry a passenger (or presumably a heavy sack of something) in the cab with me.

The added weight on that side of the front of the van seems to quell the shaking. Wheels (original steel) and tires all thoroughly checked, tested, balanced.

More than one garage has inspected all visible suspension/steering bushes, joints, links etc and can find no wear. N/S driveshaft inner CV tripod joint replaced by independent Fiat specialist.

The van turns in tight circles in both directions, backwards and in reverse with no clicks or knocks from the CV joint area. No one I've spoken to seems to think that the shock absorbers are likely the cause, and there are no nasty squeaks when I bounce the corners.

It did occur to me that the upper suspension mountings or shocker bushes may be the culprits, but would they be capable of causing the shake/wobble? In wet weather (and only when I'm traveling passenger-less) I sometimes get a metallic click or tap coming from the passenger foot well area when I step on and off the accelerator.

I hoped that the new lower gearbox mount would cure this, but a drive today in the rain confirms its still there. The gearbox people say they don't think that the problems in the diff as the wobble's there when accelerating straight ahead.

The van passed its MOT back in December with no advisories (the wobble was evident at that stage and I had a local garage inspect the front underside prior to the MOT test). If anyone has managed to take all of this info in, and has any idea where I should investigate next, please chime in, and I'll try to get this van back on the straight and narrow.

Likewise, if anyone can recommend a good logical thinking intelligent motor mechanic (in or around NW London) who might be able to troubleshoot the problem, my ears are very much open.

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