Weeble Wobbles

Daniel Brown
• Saturday, 27 November, 2021
• 2 min read

Most people may have grown up playing with WeebleWobbles or some other roly-poly balancing toy. The basic premise of the toy is that no matter how you tumble these toys, they always end up upright every time. After going through leftover Easter trinkets, I saw that those plastic Easter eggs are the perfect vessel for a little Feeble action.

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(Source: www.etsy.com)


Paint Permanent markers Stickers Adhesive address label paper and a printer (My favorite) You will need scissors or a hobby knife to cut pictures out. With the egg bottom sitting even on a level surface, put your nut or pennies down on the glob.

Put more hot glue on top, evenly, to add extra security. Make sure the egg bottom sits level, if it doesn't, try to put a little hot glue on the side tilting up to level the egg.

On the half of the egg that has the outer lip, put a ring of hot glue all the way around the edge. Now I thought about stopping the project after the egg is sealed, but the truth is that the magic doesn't begin until you breathe some life into your Feeble.

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