Whac-a-mole Jogo

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• Saturday, 27 November, 2021
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Report downside is it only has two levels of play, but then it IS made for younger ones...lol Report January 5, 2013My 1st grader enjoyed beating heck out of the moles, but it's totally not worth it.

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© Provided by Vancouver Sun Up in Smoke Cannabis Shop co-owner Matthew Greenwood. When Harrison Stoker notices a big spike in daily sales volume at one of the 20 Dutch Love cannabis shops he oversees, he invariably gets the same explanation when he queries store staff: There was a raid that day at the illegal pot shop nearby.

At Dutch Love’s Kitsilano location, for example, Stoker has noticed daily sales nearly double on days when there’s enforcement action at Anna Clinic, the long-running unlicensed pot shop on the next block. When an illegal cannabis store is raided and its product confiscated, the operator usually restocks inventory and is reopened within hours, Stoker said.

Other industry figures reported similar experiences, saying this provides a glimpse into how much the continued proliferation of illegal operators costs the government in lost tax revenue. The provincial government says it has no estimate of how much potential tax revenue is lost due to the illegal cannabis retailers’ continued operation.

whac mole game arcade whack games custom
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Launched a new organization called the community safety unit, or CSU, to police illicit cannabis sales. But while legal cannabis operators criticize the CSU for its apparent lack of enforcement, the unit has received public backlash on some rare occasions when they have taken action.

NDP's government might feel that the potential blow back from cracking down on illegal dealers outweighs the public appetite for such enforcement, Photo said. Vancouver’s chief license inspector, Kathryn Hold, acknowledges the number of unlicensed stores in the city has not been decreasing in the two years since legalization.

New illegal stores keep popping up, Hold said, so the number fluctuates in “a dynamic ebb and flow.” City hall representatives this week from Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby and North Vancouver said they were aware of zero unlicensed cannabis storefronts inside their borders.

Matthew Greenwood’s licensed Mount Pleasant cannabis shop, Up in Smoke, had been running since 2014. The licensing took almost two years, during which time Greenwood and his partners borrowed money from family members to stay afloat and keep paying rent to their landlord for the empty space.

But during the 21 months Greenwood and his partners waited, an unlicensed storefront kept selling pot across the street. That store, which was known as Herbs R Us until Toys R Us got a Federal Court order last year forcing them to change the name, is still running.

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Then, shortly after Greenwood’s shop was finally licensed last year and started selling legal weed, a second unlicensed competitor opened down the street. Greenwood said the city has told him his $33,958 annual license fee helps cover enforcement and administration of cannabis bylaws, but his unlicensed competitors keep running.

Greenwood, who’s also president of the Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers, believes his store could beat its illegal competitors on quality of product, value and customer experience, if only he were able to tell the world what he offers. But those figures suggest that almost half of those visits did not prompt stores to stop selling illegal cannabis.

That penalty was paid by Trees Cannabis in Victoria, which director Alex Rob described as a “gray market compassion club.” When Trees received the penalty in January 2020, Rob said, they were awaiting a provincial license, were in compliance with the City of Victoria’s bylaws, and had already been running for four years. After the penalty, Trees shut down, in the hopes of eventually entering the legal system, Rob said, and they recently obtained a provincial license.

Rob said he doesn’t know if the “new breed” of illegal retailers popping up in the years since legalization pay taxes, but he doubts it. © Jason Payne Illegal cannabis store Herbs on West Broadway in Vancouver.

The Vancouver Police Department, too, has for years consistently said cannabis is not a priority, and now it is in the CSU’s jurisdiction. Although the CSU has conducted some raids, it seems the province is hesitant to really crack down with force on illegal retailers, Brown said.

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The government could make changes to help the legal operators compete, Brown said, including loosening restrictions around online sales and advertising. Recently I was bothered by a lot of cartons in the house.

To mount the arcade buttons, we should cut 9 holes on the box. First, place the button shell on the proper position on the box, and trace the outline of the shell on the box with the pencil one by one, then cut out the holes with the knife along the lines.

Next, mount the button shells in the box, and mark them with numbers 1-9 (matched with key values set in the code). The LED is fixed in a white shell with a resistor connected to the anode.

After connecting wires, insert the core to the button in order. Note: Align them before inserting, and rotate the cores to fasten.

Then connect the leading wires to the pins on the back of the Multi-Control board as follows: Connect the Multi-Control board to the computer with the Mini USB cable.

(Source: greenhillszone.com)

Go to GitHub page and download the code for Multi-Control, and unzip it. In the Arduino IDE, click Kama.h to modify the key values of the ten buttons.

Here I define them according to the pin’s position on the board (designed previously and will be marked later). Then select the board type (Leonardo) and port, and upload the code.

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