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An animated preschool comedy series that takes the daily routine of a young child and finds humor and fun in every part of it. WibblyPig is a comedy series that takes the daily routine of a young child and finds humor and fun in every part of it.

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From daily activities, like getting into bed or climbing a tree, to fantastic adventures, such as meeting a giant, the character behaves as children do. Some of Wibbly's efforts include putting on an itchy sweater, drawing a picture of himself, and learning about clouds.

The kids discover a discarded snake skin and, carrying it like a Chinese Dragon, go around scaring other bugs. They think it's all great fun until Miss Spider catches them.

When the real snake shows up, it's up to mom to save the day. Miss Spider talks to the real serpent which turns out to be pretty polite.

Bug-a-boo Day's approaching and all of Miss Spider's little bugs have their costumes. JP's treasure box buries itself and leaves a map for him to follow.

/ JP's helper watch arrives just as a robot on a rampage attacks Spark side. In the Undersea Maze, the group must save the crystal ball from Mega Bug / In the Super Racecar Track, the group must save the racecar toy from Mega Bug.

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/ Kate sees a falling star shoot across the sky and wonders where it landed. Messy monster has accidentally dropped his super stacked jam sandwich snack / Messy monster hears a chirping song bird outside his window, but he can't understand what the bird is saying.

/ Messy discovers that things just don't taste the same when he has a cold, especially his favorite chewy green socks Dragon Coaster Ride-testers Chirp and his friends use a Frisbee to save themselves, when they find themselves caught in an amusement park ride that has come to life.

Really, Really, Really Deep Under the Sea Chirp, Squawk and Tweet use packing tape to fix their broken submarine and fend off a half-crab, half-penguin creature. Rainbow Ruby becomes a shoe designer and creates a pair of fast shoes / when Ling's group portrait gift is ruined, Rainbow Ruby secretly takes photos and surprises him.

Episode 19: The Disappearance Bubo, Biel and Bone are playing with a ball that ends up rolling down into the forest. When Bone takes a while to return, Bubo and Biel decide to go after their little sister.

While Bubo and Biel are on their way home to tell Mother and Father that Bone has gone missing, they stumble upon a porcupine burrow. Biel discovers that Bone has disguised herself as a porcupine pup In order to play with them, I The trio hears Father Owl's whistle and when they return to the nest, they tell him all about their new discoveries and the animals living underground.

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Episode 21: Rescue Operation When the little owl trio spies a bird in a crocodile's mouth, they hatch a plan to try and save it. Bubo and Biel start to argue about the differences between crocodiles and alligators.

As they practice, they find that each of them has a different learning style, which FICO can use to teach them the skills. When a day at the carnival makes the Team feel small, Funds muses about what it would be like to be a giant.

When he goes missing they look in all the small holes they can find, but he is nowhere to be found... a few days later Wobbly wonders if this butterfly knows where he has gone... He tries to show us why they are such good friends, but it seems elephant can't really do any of the things Wobbly can do.

When Jane eats some berries and passes out ill, she reawakens with amnesia. When a fire starts in the forest they are too busy trying to out do each other to realize they are in danger.

Quantum Ray poses as the school bus driver for Robbie and the Science Club's field trip, however the bus winds up captured at Area 52, where government agents intend to imprison Team Quantum! 109 Vote for a Goat Pablo and Zoe are running against each other in their school's student council election and Cuba has had enough of their election posters crowding his pizza parlor.

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There's only one thing to do: bring to life Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, to run against the da Vinci and defeat them once and for all! 110 Big Thumbs Up It's the Planet's Texting Championship in Venice, Italy, and Pablo is determined to win the competition.

In search for only the best partner, Pablo finds a fellow “students with the fastest texting thumbs in the school: a disguised Dr. Meanie! While everyone else must wait in line, including Pablo, Cuba uses his Spray Alive on the Quadriga at Brandenburg Gate to trample the competition and be the first to get the video game for Cherie.

Wild mine cart ride / Becoming lion dancers for the Chinese New Year celebrations. / Franklin and Beaver are inspired to take piano lessons after a touring musician gives a concert at their school.

A friend takes the blame after Franklin breaks a globe / St. Valentine's Day. / Franklin would rather spend the day playing with his friends than helping his Granny clean her attic.

Fortunately Hamilton has an inflatable wading pool they can play in, but the Beast is too big to fit into it. The Moo Sisters think Hamilton has a beautiful voice and egg him on to sing a song.

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