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• Monday, 17 January, 2022
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But this time, I really took it to heart because my two little ones truly looked disappointed that they couldn’t actually play with their bubbles. After three years and thousands of man-hours of research & development, we’re excited to bring you the amazing Bubble bubble ball.

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Use the battery-operated air pump (included) to inflate your Bubble bubble ball in just two minutes and when you’re finished playing, just deflate the Bubble with the deflation tool (included) and stick it in a drawer for next time. The best part is that the Bubble is fun to play with indoors or outdoors, all year round.

I’ve been wanting to create more opportunities for us to spend quality time together as a family by setting up game nights and making sure that we eat dinner together as often as possible. I was excited to be given the opportunity to review Bubble Ramblers because I knew they would be a really fun addition to our family activities.

They are made for good old rough and tumble fun which is perfect for our family because I have two teenage sons! Also, Bubble Ramblers are very durable and made to withstand hours of play fighting fun.

Our family will enjoy hours of big bopping fun as we get our rumble on this upcoming holiday weekend! Bubble Ramblers are recommended for ages 6+ but I can tell you that my teen loves them and was so excited to have the chance to have some fun with them.

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Advertising Accessories Carry Bags Glue Repair Kits Air Blower Certificates Written by Pam Published on October 30, 2020It’s almost the holiday season.

Whether they are for your own children or for friends or relatives’ kids, it can be hard finding a gift for the active child. They’re soft-so no one will get hurt-and made of “squishy, squashy, super soft” plastic.

They’re 400 times more elastic than a typical inflatable, so they can be punched and kicked. To avoid disappointment, it’s important to remember that these are designed with soft, self-sealing valve to ensure no one gets hurt with a hard plastic part.

The Bubble Ramblers Wrestler and Air Ninja aren’t weighted, so they are easy to pick up, toss around, or carry. Fuzzy Bubble Jugglers are smaller versions and come in 6 styles, like Sparkle the Unicorn, Chloe the Kitty, and Sprinkles the Narwhal.

Fuzzy Bubbles can be deflated for storage when not in use or used as comfy pillows to decorate a child’s room. Fuzzy Bubble Jugglers are 4 inches in height, width, and diameter.

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Fuzzy Bubbles range in size, but most are 8 1/2 inches in height, width, and diameter. The idea behind these balls was when a dad witnessed his children’s disappointment that their bubbles popped, and they couldn’t play with them.

If you have seen advertising about the Bubble ball you know it’s like a giant bubble that you can play with. It takes about 5 – 7 minutes to pump it up to the maximum height.

You can measure the maximum size by using the tape provided that can be attached to the adaptor and when it hits the floor, you need to stop pumping the ball with air. It is translucent and feels like a rubbery bubble.

You can bounce it although because of it’s size it is hard to maneuver. I think it is best if you don’t pump it up to full capacity.

You can punch it and bounce it (you may find this a bit difficult if it is full size) or play catch. To deflate it, just insert the adaptor and let the air out.

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The children love the Bubble ball. The concept is excellent, and it is something that appeals to all children, but it is not very durable and our first one popped while my son was playing with it.

Since it is so huge one tends to pinch it to catch it and I think he may have caught his nail on it, and it made a tiny hole in it. We received a replacement, and we play with it indoors and haven’t as yet taken it outside as I don’t want it to get a tear.

I think the material could be a bit thicker to ensure that it doesn’t tear so easily. The Bubble Bubble ball from Vivid Toys and Games is priced at £19.99, and it provides a lot of entertainment for the children.

Happy Fun Ball contains a liquid core, which, if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at….” And the best warning of all… “Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.” It’s a similarly dangerous ball, made from some form of plastic not fully definable by NASA.

We discovered that for a measly $19.99…you can buy one for your child and expose them to the highs and lows of human emotions…in a matter of minutes. My 12-year-old daughter wanted the Bubble Bubble Ball immediately after seeing the commercial.

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In my morning pre-coffee haze, I made the rookie mistake of asking what the Bubble Bubble Ball was again. Being the complete schmuck I am, I made getting the Bubble Bubble Ball my top priority today.

Finally, I walked away and left her wailing about the goddamn Bubble Bubble Ball. Once she lost her audience for the dramatics, she quickly realized crying alone was no fun.

I highly recommend this as an advanced tactical strategy for ninja parenting. Well, not to be defeated by the Bubble Bubble Ball, we packed up the defective one, returned it to Target and bought a new one…because…we are incredibly, horribly stupid.

This time, Lily enlisted the help of her dad to blow up the Bubble Bubble Ball. I informed them that if anyone cried about the Bubble Bubble Ball I was checking into a hotel for the night.

This massive, flexible, ooze-like ball brought great, nah, unparalleled delight to my daughter. It felt amazing, like the softest, most wonderful plastic money could buy from sweatshops in China.

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In case anyone is keeping score…the Bubble Bubble Ball is not to be blamed for her deep and endless disappointment. Yes, the person whose only part in the Bubble Bubble Ball Greek tragedy was buying it twice in one day, is to blame for all the pain brought upon her.

The sad, deflated, very scary, red plastic shell of a ball sits on our kitchen counter mocking us with its power to determine the mood of our entire family. Yes, we will make our way to Target, demanding a second refund, buying another Bubble Bubble Ball and inflating it, once again, with all the foolish hope that it will be different this time because like all addicts, we want the high so much, we are willing to risk the low.

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