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Paul Gonzalez
• Saturday, 27 November, 2021
• 7 min read

Just like Pro Evolution Soccer did on consoles and home computers, X2Football has gained cult status among iPhone gamers. In fact, the game even looks and feels a lot like Pro Evolution Soccer, only a little scaled back, of course.

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The control system in X2Football2010 will feel very comfortable and familiar for anyone who has played a football game on their console. On the left of the screen is an analog 'stick' which controls the movement of the players, and which houses a skill move that can be activated by double-tapping the stick.

On the right of the X2Football2010 screen are a series of three buttons for passing, shooting, lobbing, tackling, changing player, etc. The sound effects and commentary have been lovingly implemented too, making for an absorbing and enjoyable football experience.

I also love the fact that all the teams in X2Football2010 have real player names and authentic kits. There's a decent selection of international sides to choose from and X2Football2010 now includes loads of club teams, something that was missing in the previous version.

This Lite version of X2Football2010 is frustratingly limited, only allowing you to play in training mode or take part in a penalty shootout. Expecting an iPhone soccer sim to play like a FIFA or a Pro Eve is asking a bit much I guess, but X2Football2010 comes very close to getting it right.

Excellent graphics and animations Comfortable, natural control system Superb sound effects and commentary Wide selection of teams, with real player names In addition to the regular controls, X2 Soccer lets you pull off special dribbling moves by double tapping on the field while you have the ball.

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The trick moves end up being both cool-looking and useful in-game, making this unique feature a standout among other soccer games in the App Store. X2 Soccer offers a few different game modes including Exhibition, Tournament, Penalty Shootout, and Dream Team.

X2 Soccer, like most games in the genre, lets you easily make substitutions and shows key stats for all your players. If you want a fairly fast-paced soccer game with special dribble moves and the ability to create your own dream team, this is the best choice of the genre.

Don't let the diminutive size of iPhone and iPod touch fool you, though, because UK-based developer Extent has crafted one of the biggest upsets in football gaming history. From an underwhelming first effort to a blockbuster follow up, this is a game that proves that it's often those who don't have the benefit of the license that do the better job.

As such, the slower pace of proceedings allows you to play the kind of attractive football that would give Messi and co. a run for their money. The virtual analogue pad is a triumph, rarely getting stuck during even the most the complex of moves.

Cleverly pressed up against the edges of the screen, these simple buttons combined with the finely tuned analogue stick afford a wide range of moves that put you in control of the action. The fact that Extent's second run on iPhone excels when it comes to the matches themselves and the sheer breadth of play on offer helps put any faults firmly in the shade.

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Summary: X2 Soccer is the NUMBER ONE worldwide, top-rated action Soccer experience for the iPhone. Comprehensively updated and enhanced, the 2010 version represents the most complete, realistic and addictive version to date.

The return of X2 Soccer’s genre defining floating analogue Comprehensively updated and enhanced, the 2010 version represents the most complete, realistic and addictive version to date.

The return of X2 Soccer’s genre defining floating analogue controls, the launch of the all new Dream Team mode, the addition of over 150 club teams, 10 national leagues, additional commentary, improved visuals and online multiplayer have combined to create the ultimate iPod touch and iPhone Soccer experience for the summer and beyond. In addition to this year’s host of improvements and added extras is the introduction of the all new Dream Team mode, where players must use all of their Soldering knowledge to create their very own ‘Dream Team’.

Gamers start out with an initial team, poor in overall ability; they then compete in multiplayer, tournament and quick match modes for tokens. Which can then be used to scout and recruit quality players from across the globe, to help create the ultimate Dream Team.

• Play Faster: With refined controls, improved visuals and 3GS optimization. • Play Smarter: Against enhanced defensive and attacking player AI.

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• Play Anywhere: Connect with friend or foe over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or online! X2 Soccer’s exclusive soundtrack is provided by Trouble Over Tokyo.

All four instrumentals included are taken from the bands forthcoming album ‘the Hurricane’ which is due for release later this year. To all of our loyal fans for providing great feedback and helping us to create the best Soccer game on iPhone and iPod touch.

Alongside online multiplayer, 3GS optimization and smarter artificial intelligence, developer Extent told us that Football2010 will feature a slightly ambiguous Dream Team mode. Starting out with an initial team of players, poor in overall ability, users will compete in the multiplayer, tournaments and quick match modes for tokens.

The studio has since released a teaser trailer video that features in-game action of the upcoming title. Of course, the benefit of the footballing elite being in such rude financial health is that developers are jumping over each other to translate that same beautiful game into bright, shiny new titles.

Hot on the heels of Game loft's gold award-winning Real Football 2009 comes X2Football 2009 (or, X2 Soccer 2009 to our cousins across the pond), handled by the team that had much success with FIFA on the DS. Using a series of digital buttons that initially seem complex, you'll actually find yourself slipping between passing, shooting and tackling with little fuss.

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These action buttons are located on the right side of the screen, while a virtual analogue stick pops up on the left wherever you place your thumb. The stick responds well, giving you an easy handle on the speed and direction of your players: the further out you drag your thumb, the faster they sprint.

Though club sides are a no-no (the developers thankfully sidestepping the need to include High bury FC and Manchester Reds as a result), a comprehensive line-up of national squads complete with their full roster of licensed players make the package. Superficially, there's also fun to be had with flowing moves kicked off by seamless passes leading to a solid strike on goal or two.

Of particular note is the behavior of rival players who are often content to stand around and watch while you fly past them on anything other than the game's expert level of difficulty. Sliding in and winning the ball often causes the game to freeze up for a split second or two, interrupting the flow of play on an alarmingly frequent basis.

In fact, generally hectic play as a rule doesn't seem to go down too well: a particularly close match of ours that was packed with three red cards and a couple of penalties finally caused the game to crash when a defender poked the ball into his own net. The Aura Pro X2 SSD gives you up to 16x more space and up to double the speed to keep up with your imagination today and tomorrow.

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