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In addition to the regular controls, X2Soccer lets you pull off special dribbling moves by double tapping on the field while you have the ball. The trick moves end up being both cool-looking and useful in-game, making this unique feature a standout among other soccer games in the App Store.

x2 football iphone
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X2Soccer offers a few different game modes including Exhibition, Tournament, Penalty Shootout, and Dream Team. X2Soccer, like most games in the genre, lets you easily make substitutions and shows key stats for all your players.

If you want a fairly fast-paced soccer game with special dribble moves and the ability to create your own dream team, this is the best choice of the genre. X2Soccer2010 brings improvements to graphics, controls, computer AI, new game modes and more teams.

The six game modes are Quick Match, Penalty Shootout, Training, Tournament, Dream Team, and Multiplayer. You start out with poor quality players and work at improving them by competing in Multiplayer, Tournament and Quick Match modes for tokens.

These tokens can then be used to scout and recruit quality players from across the globe, to help create the ultimate Dream Team. The online option works surprisingly well, but obviously depends on your internet connect for best results.

You’ll find the virtual floating joystick on the left and the three ‘ X2 S.M.A.R.T.’ buttons in the bottom right corner. Of all the soccer games, this layout is my favorite, rather than the traditional “A” and “B” buttons offered in the others.

x2 football iphone
(Source: x2-football-2010-lite.en.softonic.com)

Each button has its own ability depending on if you're attacking or defending, with options of pass, lob, cross, one-two, through ball, and shoot on attack and pressure, slide tackle, switch player, and goalkeeper charge on defense. When a button is pressed, a power bar appears above the player signifying the level of strength to be used.

You have full customization on the settings from what is displayed on the screen while playing, weather, rules, stadium, commentary, replays, favorite team, team/player names and more. X2Soccer2010 runs super smooth while playing on my iPhone 3GS and there are also 3GS-specific optimizations that were made to accommodate the faster hardware.

Last week we posted details and screenshots of X2 Games’ upcoming X2 Football 2010 (“ soccer to us yanks). People love to play this astonishing game, which arouses the senses.

The game PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) 2010 is the heartthrob, and we are very keen to get the best graphics soccer game even on our mobile phones. FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer and both of the department are doing very well.

PES has been a great hit offer player to get the soccer going on their smartphones. Though the previous version of PES could not hit the market well, and there were loopholes in the game, the graphics were also not up to the mark.

x2 football iphone
(Source: x2-football-2010-lite.en.softonic.com)

But, with these PES 2010 for Android version, we have seen a major re-shift in the designing, controls, and gameplay. After two years of not so good news, the season 2010 of Pro Evolution Soccer is back.

Team tactics are really managed well this, which was overlooked in the last season. The graphics were focused immensely, and the soccer experience is realistic.

In this soccer game, you will not be playing as you in school, and the previous version was the same as that. For a real soccer lover, PES 2010 is the game one must install on their smartphones due to its features and variety.

X2Soccer2010 out now!---------------------------------------From the masters of handheld sports, you've found a soccer game that allows you to play according to your rules. X2Soccer lets you experience the highs and lows of taking more than 50 National teams through a number of tournaments, leagues and cups, and gives you total control of the action with the revolutionary floating analogue stick and X2 S.M.A.R.T buttons. SEE THE GAME+ Full motion-captured player animation for incredible realism and game play. FEEL THE GAME+ X2 control system, comprising the revolutionary floating analogue stick and X2 S.M.A.R.T buttons, mean fluid soccer action, the way that it should be. HEAR THE GAME+ Authentic in-game commentary that adds to the atmosphere and keeps you at the moment.+ Or, if you prefer, use the integrated media player to create a playlist and listen to your own music library in game. RELIVE THE GAME+ Multiple camera angles and full, savable 3D replays under your total control, so you never miss a trick.---------------------------------------------------------------------- X2's superiority to Real Football is apparent from the moment you start playing.

www.newsshopper.co.uk You can't fault its controls, which make good use of the touchscreen you'll actually find yourself slipping between passing, shooting and tackling with little fuss. We could go on, but X2 claims to be working on an update with a tentative release date of July.

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Thanks to the X2 control system its easy for a beginner to pick up and play, but to master it takes practice and skill. Take complete control of team management and see how the decisions you make in the dugout translate into success (or failure) on the pitch.

I want to buy a good soccer game for my iPod, don't care about the price, but I want to make sure I get a good one so which one do you think is better? Of course, the benefit of the footballing elite being in such rude financial health is that developers are jumping over each other to translate that same beautiful game into bright, shiny new titles.

Using a series of digital buttons that initially seem complex, you'll actually find yourself slipping between passing, shooting and tackling with little fuss. These action buttons are located on the right side of the screen, while a virtual analogue stick pops up on the left wherever you place your thumb.

The stick responds well, giving you an easy handle on the speed and direction of your players: the further out you drag your thumb, the faster they sprint. Though club sides are a no-no (the developers thankfully sidestepping the need to include High bury FC and Manchester Reds as a result), a comprehensive line-up of national squads complete with their full roster of licensed players make the package.

Superficially, there's also fun to be had with flowing moves kicked off by seamless passes leading to a solid strike on goal or two. Of particular note is the behavior of rival players who are often content to stand around and watch while you fly past them on anything other than the game's expert level of difficulty.

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In this way, even successful tackles against a rival can result in them coming away with the ball, possession literally switching between the two players three, four, five or more times. Sliding in and winning the ball often causes the game to freeze up for a split second or two, interrupting the flow of play on an alarmingly frequent basis.

In fact, generally hectic play as a rule doesn't seem to go down too well: a particularly close match of ours that was packed with three red cards and a couple of penalties finally caused the game to crash when a defender poked the ball into his own net. Pro Evolution Soccer2010 Developer(s) INAMI Computer Entertainment Tokyo Publisher(s) INAMI Series Pro Evolution Soccer, Winning Eleven Platform(s) Wii Release date(s) JP December 10, 2009, NA November 10, 2009, EU November 20, 2009, AUS November 26, 2009, Genre(s) Sports, SoccerMode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer (4), Online (2) Input methods Wii Remote + Lunch, Classic Controller Compatibility 4Playable Game IDs SUXYA4, SUXEA4, SUXJA4, SJWJA4, SUXPA4, SUXXA4 See also...

Pro Evolution Soccer2010 does not disappoint and this year, the voices of fans world-wide have been heard. Based in Japan, Winning Eleven Productions has instituted a host of anticipated changes that make PES 2010 the best yet.

In PES 2010 you'll find yourself on the largest stage in digital soccer : The Champions League. The TouchPad was a great bargain and now that you’ve figured out webs, try Android.

While webs is not completely dead and the TouchPad is still supported by HP for its software and hardware, a $100 tablet that can run two operating systems is always better than just one. Ever since HP announced the fire sale, multiple groups vowed to port Android to the discontinued tablet and there was even a $2000 bounty for the first team to successfully do it.

Some things to note before running Android on your HP TouchPad. There has been a newer version posted in the forum link above.

You can download this by installing the webs SDK free of charge. Boot the TouchPad in webs and plug it into your computer with a microUSB cable.

When the TouchPad is plugged in, tap to share device in USB Drive mode. Before you go any further, make sure you have at minimum 2 GB of space available on your TouchPad’s media drive.

Cyanogen will require 2 GB for system files and will resize your media partition. Next, turn on the TouchPad and immediately push the volume up button until you get a big USB symbol on your screen.

First you need to download the Google Apps package from the Cyanogen wiki found here. Plug your TouchPad into your computer and browse to the cm install folder we created earlier.

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